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Started by Arlyn, January 04, 2009, 12:55:07 AM

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    I've decided that it's time, once again, to redo my ideas thread.  Many of these I would find interesting both as one x one and as group ideas.  And this time, I'm going to attempt to flesh the ideas out a bit more.  Here goes.

High School... Odd?:  His school used to be normal.  Really!  Though he wasn't quite the same as most other students, being unable to speak, after a winter vacation all sorts of unusual people and things started showing up at school.  Since when was there being renovation taking place in the gymnasium?  And since when did the cafeteria workers have four arms?    Though he figured it was some sort of stress making him see things, as time went on, the city itself made it clear that there were aliens living amongst humans for the first time, the city being a testbed to see which species were compatible to live with humanity in relative peace.

  • Wanted: Study partner/classmate that isn't human to interact with a slightly disabled human male.  The guy's mute, but that's the limit of his disability.  Also, this can be modified to work with fantasy characters (elves, dwarves, naga/lamia, nymphs, etc) or just about any kinda holy or unholy creatures.  This could be Light-H, NC-H, or NC-E, depending on the species involved.  I'd love to have either sci-fi or fantasy elements in this as well, though not too high on the scale.  Classes regarding advanced tech or basic magic would likely be offered (and I'd love to see ninjas, mages, witches that can be clumsy at times, yuki-onna, and others, in a fantasy-themed modern high school.  I kinda got this idea from an anime called Rosario + Vampire).  We could also adapt sci-fi races from Star Wars, Star Trek, etc into this setting as well.  Though this is also the MHS in NC-Small Groups, it seems to be mostly dead right now.  So, I'm looking either for a 1x1 or a smaller group (max of five people) to see if it can still work at all.

World of Naruto: This would be for non-canon characters- make 'em up as you like.  I rather enjoy the world of Naruto, though not necessarily the main characters portrayed within the series.  There's many opportunities, so let's come up with some ideas through our characters.  This is likely to be NC-H or Light-H. 
     Update: I am not in any Naruto-styled RPs, though I would like to be.  PM me if you're interested, please.

  • Plot: Let's say that this takes place during a timeframe about 200 years before Naruto- that way, you Sharingan and Byakugan fans can have characters and not have to worry about making them relatives of Sasuke or the known-Hyuuga characters.  We can come up with a new village, or perhaps this could be the beginning of the Hidden Leaf Village (I have no idea how old the village is), before it became a major power in that part of the world.  I like the idea of the village struggling to make ends meet, rather than simply being a ninja-version of a mid-population town.  The characters would likely be young adults or elder teens, but hey, this is a sandbox idea to begin with.
  • Wanted: No damn demons, thank ya.  Let's just say they aren't attracted to the area yet, and leave it at that.  Don't go overboard, we don't need anyone with god-like abilities to take out any adversary that might be conveniently thrown their way.  I'm willing to play during the time of Naruto, but keep in mind that I don't really know much of what goes on shortly after Shipuuden takes place- I know they're older (but let's keep site rules in mind- 18 and older only!), but that's pretty much it.  I'm still not interested in playing as a canon character, however, but I am willing to play with canon characters controlled by you.  Also, there won't be any active Akatsuki events as a result of the no-demon rule.

Macross Life: Forget Lynn Minmei.  Don't worry about Robotech.  This takes place during the same times as Macross Plus, with Humans and Zentraedi living more or less peacefully as humanity spreads amongst the stars in an effort to find inhabitable planets.  Possible ways to work this would be messengers between the various colonies (Mega-Road class ships, usually with anywhere between half a million to over a million colonists in them), fighter pilots, forward scouts, and other stuff.  Yeah, sue me, I'm not being too detailed, but I figure that this would be a good Light-E setting.

  • Wanted: Somewhat standard, sci-fi type RP.  My character would be a quarter-Zentraedi (unable to become Zentraedi-size as a result).  Looking for some alien (take your pick, I'm sure that there's a bunch out there.  You can import them from Star Wars, for example, if you want to), a full-Zentraedi, or just a run-of-the-mill human character.  Could be fun to RP this in a group as well.  Mecha is optional, but could be fun.
  • Plot: Characters could be any sort of person, from a factory technician, welder, to a farmer of hydroponic crops, or even mecha pilots.  Zentraedi could also be pretty much anything- they are like humans, but with slightly pointy ears, a penchant for being aggressive, and the ability to be either human size or about 10 times bigger than their human size.  Basically, life on board one of the Megaroads goes on, with one million and more people on each of these giant ships sends humanity and zentraedi alike off to the distant stars in search of hospitable planets to colonize.  What happens when they do finally arrive on a planet?  What if the search continues for years?  This is the kind of setting I'd like to try roleplaying in.

Space Swept

  • Plot: Aliens have come to Earth!  The problem is... they come in peace?  The goal of the aliens is to share worlds with the humans of Earth, and those who have wanted more space to breathe and live jump at the chance.  The problem is that it can take years to reach the destination of known habitable planets that are nearby, and can take even longer to arrive at a newly discovered habitable one.  But for many human families, the ability to start over is always a strong urge... This would probably be a Light-Exotic RP.  What I'd like is to have my human character meet up with and befriend one of the aliens.  It doesn't have to become sexual, but the Light-Exotic would cover that possibility anyway.
  • Wanted: The aliens could be just about anything, but I would recommend having them be humanoid.  Possibilities could be any of the more human-looking aliens from Star Wars or Star Trek type series or anything in between.  There could be more than one alien race, but first contact would likely be made by aliens that more closely resemble humans.


  • Wanted: I'd like to play as a guard in training (fantasy setting) to become a guard for a person of some importance: nobility, a person of a shrine or church, etc.  When the one to be guarded must go upon a mission for the kingdom or the church, they must choose someone to guard them on the trip... and only one person, for some odd reason.  I'd like this to take place in a fantasy setting, with my character as a human or some sort of halfbreed, and the other person as a female of another race.  We're looking at Light-Human Solo or maybe group if it becomes interesting to more than one person (which would be fun).
  • Plot: The mission could be to enforce a treaty, but there'd be all sorts of issues along the way.  Personally, it might be interesting to see the female lead traded-off with a rogue female lead (of perhaps yet another race), with some sort of issue between the two women and/or my character.  I would think that the second female would be against the mission that the first is on, and we could go from there.

  • Possibility #2- Somewhat like the above, except that my character would be a human from a kingdom or town that was captured during the last war by the army of non-humans.  As a result, he would be at best a minor guardsman or one just learning to fight in some manner... or perhaps he is a slave and chosen to serve at some post by a noble.  Looking for a female if we're talking anything sexual, but as far as races, just about anything is fine as long as they are not halflings, dwarves, or drow (dark elves are fine, but drow are annoying to me.  And yes, to me, there is a difference between the two).  Elves in general, kitsune, nekojin, Avariel, anthro-dragons (or dragons capable of shape-shifting), Orcs, Trolls (whom I typically see as being far more intelligent and possibly attractive than ogres in general), and other human-sized races would be fine.  Hill Giants or larger... well, it'd be interesting to see how they'd deal with all these humans underfoot in places that they've taken for themselves.


  • Plot: Welcome to Earth, 2025.  In the past five years, the population of the planet has declined quickly.  With only 50% of the earth's population as of merely 25 years ago (somewhere around 3.3 billion now), research is ongoing to see what is behind the sudden decline of the species... While around the world, there is a string of evolutionary starts that are making humans face the fact that perhaps evolutionary mutations of other species are actually possible, and not just from humans, like in the comics.
  • Wanted: Well, this is about as furry as I'm getting.  Basically, we could have it be so that the animals themselves have evolved into near-human forms, less fur, more humanoid with a similar intelligence... but their primal instincts would be closer to the fore of their minds, often taking over if one isn't careful.  The reason for this sudden evolution is from the re-animation of a species from before the dawn of humans, one that was merely hinted at in legends at best... (and this is where we figure things out).  This'll likely be NC-Exotic.

Favorite series that I would RP in (as a non-canon character):

El Hazard (What if Ifurita's dimension-jumping the three students and a teacher wasn't just limited to those four?  It'd be fun to see how another earthling would survive in this setting.)
Please Teacher
Crest/Banner of the Stars
Outlaw Star
Record of Lodoss War
Fate/Stay Night (Not completely familiar with the setting, but the premise is great)
Shin Megami Tensei/Persona (P4 would be perfect)
Suikoden (the video game series, namely #1-3 or 5)
Naruto (again, just to make sure that it isn't completely overlooked from above in this post)

Other settings of Interest (also, not interested in RPing as a Canon character in these):

Star Wars (Jedi and Sith are done to death.  If the force is involved, let's try something different, okay?)
Superheroes & Villains (Willing to RP with canon and original heroes and villains)

Additions:  various pics of characters I wouldn't mind RPing as.  Granted, I prefer not to use a canon character to any series, so these would be 'original' characters that just have the appearance of the character in the pics.  Just makin' sure that's understood.



Bump, altered layout and included some additional details.


I really like the first idea, about the motley high school- more so if it were just a collection of odd folk rather than aliens.  One on one is fine with me, but a group would be especially fun I think. 


I also admit the first idea seems interesting.  Kinda like the Melencholy of....Haru something or other :P  Big fan of that show, by the way.  Of course, since this is E, this game could have a considerable more sexual nature to it.


Since you two are interested in it, I'm going to make a thread over in Group RP Wanted to take advantage of your interest.  I'll be expanding the setting somewhat as a result, so if you'd like to see something tossed in, message me and I'll see what we can do.


<bump>  Now that I'm back, I'm looking for RP again.


Felynna Celeste

Apprenticeship interests me, I'd also be interested in doing something with Non-canon characters in an Outlaw Star setting. I've got an idea for that one, if you're interested. Feel free to PM me if you're interested.
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Bump.  Added Guardian, and both Apprenticeship and Take-over are still available for interested parties at this time.


Updated a few minor things, fixed a few issues from after the move (mostly the bold stuff).  Oh, and bump.


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Added a new pic.  Also, found RP for guardian (several, in fact), so no more for that one.