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July 24, 2021, 08:48:23 am

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Author Topic: Of Sin and Virtue (Non-con/Fantasy/Lbqt+/M/M) Interest Check  (Read 911 times)

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Hey there, I'm Zach. I'm not technically new to Elliquiy (I just received my one year anniversary email, in fact) but I got busy over the past year, and mostly lurked in the forums silently. I've been roleplaying for approximately twelve years, and would describe myself as lazy literate. I have a tendency to write twenty two paragraph posts, but I try to shorten them when I can. I definitely do not expect twenty two paragraph responses; I'd settle for two paragraphs, as long as I can read and understand them. Anyway, read on, and either reply here or PM me if you're interested.

The Roleplay, sort of

This is going to be fairly vague, since I don't have my heart set on an exact setting for the rp to be in. I'd like it to be fairly modern, but it doesn't necessarily have to be restricted to our reality. I.E Swordplay and holograms may both be commonplace in the world; I'm open to other humanoid species such as elves, fairies, etc. The setting will be open to discussion if any one finds the plot interesting. 

The plot, summarized, is that the fourteen sins and virtues that once made "God" separated, and are reincarnated in human(oid) form. They each have powers which correspond (at least vaguely) with their sin or virtue. For this RP the virtues are: Chastity, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Humility, Temperance, and Kindness. The sins are: Wrath, Lust, Pride, Gluttony, Greed, Envy and Sloth. Their powers do not have any effect on other sins on virtues, only humans or "humanoids."

The Specifics

So, I am looking for specific pairings/situations for this roleplay. The scenarios are as follows:

Slave/Prostitute (M, My Character, Sub, ((LUST))) x Bordello Owner (M, Human/Sin/Virtue, Dom) x Other Characters (M or TM)

Setting: A bordello owner purchases a sixteen year old blind boy who was sold into slavery at a young age and puts him to work. The man finds that he has interest for the boy. Thinking it might help him get out of slavery, the boy enters perilous relationship with the man. The bordello owner doesn't necessarily have to be a bad person. But, Lust's power is obvious, in that he makes people lust after him in an eerie and perverse way, so keep that in mind. Being Lust, the boy does have many people interested in him, so I am also open to any other characters that enter into this scenario.  The bordello can also be used as a setting for any other character (sin, virtue or human) that you would like to make.

Patient (M, My Character, Sub, ((WRATH))) x Psychiatrist (M, Dom, Human/Sin/Virtue) x Other Characters (Any gender)

Setting: An mentally unstable eighteen year old runs away from an abusive home to live with his manipulative psychiatrist. He starts college and meet a few people (perhaps a lover) who he learns to trust. Wrath can project his emotions onto other human beings, so whenever he isn't around his psychiatrist struggles with psychopathic ideologies and sociopathic tendencies, most of which he has learned to hide from the world by studying psychology. Do what you want with this role, but he is gonna be dark. (Think Hannibal Lecter, maybe??) If he is not a sin or virtue, however, his feelings would be influenced slightly by Wrath. This may, of course, require some OOC communication.

Anyway, those are just the things that I am really looking for right now. I am open to other (similar) suggestions if anyone has any! I look forward to hearing from everyone.