Chelsea Dagger's Story Lines and Wish List (F seeking M partner)

Started by ChelseaDagger, July 08, 2017, 08:02:49 PM

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One day a woman was poking through the internet aimlessly feeling as though something was missing. This was an ordinary winter afternoon, when she crossed paths with a friend who just had a feeling she could write. This friend invited her and with much coaxing convinced her to join an online community that today she is posting a request thread in.

She poked around the site nervously and has had a few mixed experiences here and there, however, has always truly loved the creative outlet of the community and the sensation of her awakening muse.  One evening she was feeling particularly curious and hungry for interaction so she strapped on some leather and lace and ventured into the Red Light District. Once there she dawned a bikini and slipped into a bath, she was thrilled with what she found there and spent some time in the company of a few lovely gentlemen.

Out of all that, one chance meeting after another, she found her first writing partner on E. She truly felt as though she had struck gold with her partner and they quickly crafted an entire fantasy world that their characters raced across on horseback.  There was magic, villainy, deception, well thought out characters and intrigue, all the makings of a great story. Things were off to a great start and she for a long time was happily invested in that story as well as some of the other opportunities that arose as a result of the epic tale. Alas, though it was not to be. Her incredibly talented writing partner was forced to let the real world creep into their land of fantasy and thus had to step away from their story (hopefully only for a short time).

She quickly came to realize that partners come and go, some return and some just leave you hoping they’re well. While she completely understands all of this, her muse is screaming at her once again.  She misses the challenge of writing and craves the process only writing can provide. Therefore, she is now available and actively seeking new partners to go on the next big adventure with. Surely her story is not unique!

Chelsea Dagger, Me! I am a bit of a free spirit brazen type of gal who loves to work my creative muscle.  I love sinking into a good story with a writing partner who is willing to be flexible and creative.  I am generally good for a few posts a week but rarely bother a partner who is slow to respond. I get it, life happens. Communication is the key to successful writing partnerships.

I am also good for anywhere from long posts to single paragraphs. If a story needs to move along I can write pages. If we’re busy having a discussion, interaction or dialog it may be more appropriate to only post a paragraph or two in order to give my partner a chance to interact and respond. I am absolutely NOT one of those “if you aren’t responding with a post of equal length as mine I’m mad” type of people. I trust you to write as many words as you think you need, in order to accomplish whatever your goal is with that post.

I am a fan of smut and sexy fun but I won't write it just to be writing it. I prefer plot driven stories/RPs that allow for plenty of smut, teasing and sex.

Finding a good writing partner and getting a story off the ground can be so damn difficult! I am looking for a partner who is flexible. If every inch of your story needs to be carefully mapped for you to be happy writing it I am probably not a good partner for you. My characters are almost always “free range” and occasionally wander off the farm, never in a bad way and never without warning but maps aren’t always for them.

If you can only post once every two weeks, that’s probably not enough frequency to keep me engaged in the story. Please be able to post at least once a week or so. I understand completely busy periods of time that pulls you away from a regular schedule.

Most important please be creative, relax, have fun, go with the flow! Words can always be erased and rewritten if they don’t work for either/both partners but please don’t be afraid to toss a curve ball now and then. I’m easy to work with and enjoy the collaborative process.

I love characters, my stories often include several who are unique, have their own histories, thoughts, feelings and personalities. They are rarely the same and while I certainly don’t mind writing to a plot, my characters tend to lead the way on their own adventures. Characters who take on a life of their own tend to tell the author where they would like to go, and I am generally happy to oblige them. My main character is generally female and strong with a bit of a submissive streak, for the right male counterpart, but that is about the only commonality they tend to share. The need not always be that way though. I do prefer writing females, I have enough experience with that to make it believable  ;) occasionally she'll be dark and demanding, sometimes brooding and other times light and effervescent but always a lot of fun.

I have a few below that I would like to write on at some point. The are broad general ideas and can be changed and adapted with pleasure. Please feel free to message me with your ideas, I am up for just about anything.
In no particular order...


  • Oden and the Mead of Poetry - Oden and the mead of poetry type story. Magic wine, gives magical powers, wisdom etc, a god wants it for himself and to get it has to seduce the woman who guards it. She was at one point impoverished and begged the ruler of the land for help. The ruler had just stolen a flask of magic wine from a god. A wise man told the ruler that the flask must be guarded by a woman, who would be bound to the flask by her being pious. So the king told the woman that as long as she remain sexually inactive she would have a home in the castle guarding the flask. She may have or do anything she like so long as she does not have sex. The more sexually aroused the woman becomes the more vulnerable the flask becomes. The god finds the flask and spends some time disguised in the castle trying to figure out which woman is bound to the flask and then attempts to seduce her.

  • The Rebuild - TAKEN Post apocalyptic world. A struggling nation has been decimated by plague and war, and is rebuilding. The nation has imposed a law that everyone not married by the age of 25 will be assigned a spouse of the government's choosing and must produce at least 3 children. A young woman turning 25 in just a few months begins the process of being matched to a husband, who she eventually finds out is much older than she. He had fought many battles that lead to the destruction of the planet and is considered a war hero. But he's emotionally unstable, aggressive and fights his own demons. She's reluctant to be with him but she risks slavery or worse if she refuses the marriage. This has some potential for extremely reluctant sex bordering non con.

  • How Time Flies - At birth your people are given a stop watch that counts down to the moment you find your soulmate. You have met yours years ago and settled into a happy life. You're a high powered official where you live and admired by all. Your wife is lovely and your kids are the light of your life. You and your wife have long since forgotten about your stop watches, after all your life is perfect. One day you stumble upon your stop watch only to see that its once again on and ticking down time. Only a few weeks actually. You look at her watch, her's remains off. I'm open on the way this one plays out, does he have an affair? Does something tragic happen to the wife? Does he tell his wife that the stop watch is ticking again? There is plenty of room for interesting conflict, characters and interactions. The setting on this one is also wide open.

  • The Dreambender - The Dreambender, a man who can manipulate someone's dreams. He's paid by people far and wide to manipulate their dreams, make them better, show the future, end nightmares etc. His own dreams though are haunted by the vision of a woman, he has no idea who or where she is only that she has to be real. Every night he tries to find a way to creep into her dreams but its difficult for him to do that since he's not sure who she is. Unknown to him its been working and she begins to search for him. At some point through various twists and turns, which are totally adaptable, they find each other. When she finds out that he's been manipulating her with her dreams she becomes angry and refuses to speak with him further. He continues to send her dreams desperately trying to get her to desire him once again. Who knows how it ends but it has a lot of potential, maybe their dreams aren't always happy, maybe when he's angry with her he sends her nightmares, maybe they both have an affect on each other's waking life. Possibilities are endless and completely open, roles could even be reversed.

  • The Cost of Love - You cost me my greatest love now I'll have yours a thousand times... A young man is forced into a death match with an enchantress' lover. He comes out the victor, she is heart broken and curses him to live forever with a catch. He falls madly in love with a woman though they're never together for long before something tragic happens and she's ripped away from him, only to be reincarnated for the process to begin again. He spends ages waiting for her in torment, trying to figure out how to break the curse this time, though he'd rather have her however briefly than not have her at all. He could posses magical powers, perhaps there may be room for some magical fantasy type characters or some horror.

  • Keep Me Dancing with the Devil - Taken This woman is dark for those she lets in. To the world she seems fairly normal, she holds a normal job is relatively successful, attractive enough but not royally striking, she's married to a somewhat demanding man who is less than inspiring, however deep down inside she has dark desires. She's looking for a partner who can keep her kinks satisfied. She comes to the realization around her 35th birthday that it's time for her to thrive, to be who she wants to be, to change it all. She wants to be seductive, push a man to his limits, be the dominating woman she's always dreamed of and unleash the devil inside of her. This can go so many places, does she gain confidence in the arms of a lover and leave her husband, maybe she turns the table on him, maybe he has a small part all together and the reap story lies in her lover(s). The ending to be determined and a world of possibilities ahead...

If you made it this far, thank you for reading through all of that!


Gone for a while, back now and actively seeking partners. A few updates made.



Who's in the mood for a dirty fairy tale?

Maybe Belle is being ravaged by the beast in his dungeon, maybe Cinderella was prostituted until the prince saves her, maybe Ariel is part of king trident's harem.... who knows but I'm so ready to sink my teeth into a dirty fairy story. What's your story, and how do you want to twist it around?

Shoot me PM if this intrigues you at all, I'm just ready to sink my teeth into some naughty fairy tale fun.