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A Whacky BESM Idea: Queer Looking for Whoever

Started by RedstreakW, July 05, 2017, 10:26:11 PM

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Hi! I'm Red. I'm biologically male, and quite confused gender-wise. I tend to play all variety of males, females, futa, femboys, etc.! I don't tend to make multi-prompt request threads, so this will be relatively focused on a BESM idea I've had recently.


  • I'm happy to play with literally anyone, playing literally anyone.
  • Combat-intensive sessions for this game will be scattered. Preparing sessions for BESM is a difficult and messy process, since it lacks any real monster manual.
  • I really, really prefer IM or Roll20 for this sort of game. I feel it keeps the pace going. You may be able to convince me to play PM or Thread, however.
  • I have a few Ons/Offs. Here they are!

So, my idea is somewhat vague. I'd like you to play as a character who is able to collect either other characters who are made to be living weapons, or other characters who can turn into weapons. I would be playing as these weapon characters, and they would wind up being something of a "harem" for your character. This will have heavy anime overtones, since we'll be playing BESM.

A few possible options for this idea include...

  • A setting with men/women/whatever you like that turn into weapons to add to your arsenal.
  • A setting with men/women/whatever you like who are living weapons, perhaps cyborgs, androids, animated armor or elementals.
  • A medieval setting.
  • A sci-fi setting.
  • A fantastical modern setting.
  • The classic anime trope of a modern person dropped into a fantasy world.

I know this is a slightly weird idea, but I hope you're interested!