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August 12, 2022, 07:03:19 am

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Author Topic: ~~~Desert Warlord~~~----------------M/m, M/f, M/? ...BDSM CLOSED  (Read 736 times)

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Thank you all for your interest! Since this was such a popular idea I may have it available again sometime later.

This RP is open to M/m, M/f, or ambiguously gendered individuals/intersex individuals.

The roles I will be looking for: Warlord/captive slave. I am willing to play either role but have a preference for playing the warlord (unless someone really wants to play him).

Things this RP will most likely include: Master/slave, BDSM, size/age(18+) difference, spanking (there are several types of pleasure and punishment so as one of my more favorite kinks this might have to be discussed), large cocks, non-con (I can play our rape scenes but I would like my partner’s character to come to enjoy it. If that’s not your thing then you might want to walk away now) Romance; I want our characters to build a relationship even if it is rocky at first, The possibility of group sex and double penetration may come up, also taking virginity could be fun too.

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Warlord: (if you would like to play the warlord then you can come up with whatever you like) If I play the warlord his personality will be a tough but fair, no-nonsense, everything his way kind of guy (you step out of line and you will regret it). He will be a deceptively complicated man, balancing his responsibilities as a leader with his own deeply held feelings. In his softer, quieter moments he is surprisingly gentle and kind. However, he is a leader and warrior first.

Captive slave: I will leave it up to you what your character will be like. Are they a prince/princess captured in an unlucky accident while crossing the desert wastelands? Perhaps they were a pleasure slave in a caravan bound for the rich markets? I would like to see a size/age difference between the two as my character will be around 6’2” and in their late thirties.

Plot/smut: I like smut, not going to lie. It’s a big part of why I am here. However, as much smut as I like I also want to play with the psychological aspects associated with it and character development. I typically like to have a story and context as its kind of boring without that. I like creating relationships between the characters and yes sex is part of that but so is the setting, the other supporting characters and the world its self.

Plot: The warlord will belong to a fantasy world in which he and several other clans rule a vast desert of rock and sand. These people are skilled in guerrilla warfare and can easily launch successful raids against caravans trying to cross the desert. It is typically not much of an option to go around the desert as it is so vast. These nomadic people are seen by outside governments as lawless, thieving, morally corrupt, wild people and can do little to stop them. Others tell of them, describing them as ghosts, shadows, and demons thus making them partly legend. While these nomadic people are quite fierce, cunning and deadly, they are also in tune with nature and deeply spiritual.

There won’t be any guns or high-tech stuff. I am not opposed to limited magic.

Some plot points that will happen in the RP: The warlord will have to deal with the death of his close friend and convince his close friend’s clan to follow him (easier said than done when his close friend’s younger brother starts to have ambitions of being the clan’s leader) meanwhile their enemies are gathering. Their enemies clan (the warlord's half brother) has managed to secure the allegiance of two other clans, making them a very formidable enemy. Without banding together they might not have the manpower to defeat their enemy. That is to say, nothing of the outlander’s campaign to eradicate them all to make the desert safe for passage. Will the Warlord be able to unify his warring clansmen and face the threat of the outlanders or will they break each other’s fangs and be helpless before the threat that looms over them all?

If you're interested then give me a PM with your ideas and desires. As stated before I am up for M/m or M/f and I would not be opposed to ambiguously gendered individuals/intersex individuals. I would like at least a once a week post with at least two to three paragraphs.
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