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Long term partners [m/m]

Started by Dabi, July 02, 2017, 04:37:18 AM

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Welcome to my 1 to 1 search thread.

My name is Eternal0snow92, but that's a bit of a mouthful so you can call me Snow or Eternal. I'm in my mid-twenties and I'm on a hunt for a new role playing partners after coming back from a hiatus. After amusing block and now it's time to wake up my creativity as it's been asleep for far too long.

I work full-time and work the graveyard shift. Weekends tend to be the busiest time for me but most of the time I will be active. As I reply in the day time.

What I can offer you as a roleplayer.

⦁ I can play seme, seke, uke. But my preferred role is bottom.
⦁ I can control more than one character.
⦁ I can reply every day.
⦁ I tend to write from 5+ paragraphs. Walls of text.
⦁ Realistic character development.
⦁ I tend to do research on unfamiliar territory.
⦁ Consistency with character information throughout the RP.
⦁ Contribution to the story line.
⦁ Story Driven 80% 20% smut.

What I would like to have a RP partner:

⦁ Someone that is a seme/Switch/Dom  * I will happily top for you if you'd top for me*
⦁ Someone that is capable of writing frequently.
⦁ Someone that can write walls of text.
⦁ Dedicated and committed. Will inform me of any absences or simply not interested in the story line anymore.
⦁ I will look at your previous  post to see if our styles and length match. If you have a habbit of writing just 3 lines you may be declined. I'm a very lengthy poster.


Male pregnancy.
Assassins creed.
Black dagger brotherhood J.R ward
Dark series Christine Feehan.

Side note: I will be pursaded to write against a female character it's not completely out of the question but please never F/F.



Laws were meant to be broken

Character 1 is an ex-Assassin. To put it bluntly he was kicked out of the Brotherhood because of his ignorance and the way that he thought. His experience and being a bit too big-headed for his boots. When he was close to finishing his own vendetta, a personal matter that has long haunted his heart. And some say tainted his mind and made him lost mind. Some say.

Character 2  is a rookie Assassin. He still yet to earn his mark, however, what really impressed him was an Assassin that has still whispered his name and was very intrigued. The mentors at the Brotherhood were too busy to teach him how to kill his targets and errors that need to be improved on. When he gained interest in character 1 he is trying to persuade character 1 to return to the brotherhood and the council to mend their ways. As they are short on numbers. But he never encountered on the idea that character 1 would be ungrateful and out of shape after being out of it for so long so it's up to character 2 bring him back.

Information: Based on the Assassins Creed games I'm thinking that Character 1 is out of shape, get fatter and stubborn as hell. [Love and hate relationship.]

Let me in, you crazy fool.

Character 1 is a century old vampire. He has been losing his mind over the last season. His family and friends, more importantly, his Prince are growing concerned with his trail of thoughts and his current affairs. So to distract him the Prince sent him on a mission to warn a group of people who were infamous and in a band. To warn them that a group of humans were going to raise an attack.

They were vampire enthusiast who were obsessed with vampires. Taking in anyone and everyone who were copying or trying to be vampires. Mainly because they want to learn the secrets of long life. Thinking how wonderful it would be vampires themselves.

Character 2  is a bodyguard of the famous band. He had looked after his small unit for a very long time he had long since given up hope on the factor of his people coming to their aid and now considered the law. Made his own way of life without the helpful ancient traditions of the vampire. When character 1 came into the light, he never expected to find his mate within the crowds of their performance.