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January 20, 2021, 08:13:49 PM

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Author Topic: Two Very Different Story Ideas (M Player Seeking Anyone For F Character)  (Read 578 times)

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I have two very different story ideas, and I would very much like to explore both of them. I am very flexible about both story ideas. Both stories as written have incest themes. The first one does not have to be incest-themed, though that is my preference. The second one... well, that's more or less inescapable. I'd be willing to do a Lesbian Love Story that was not between siblings, but I don't know. I'm a little hung up on the game that inspired it, and this seemed like a good way to clear it. PM me if you're interested. I'm subscribed to this thread, but I may not answer quickly, if at all if you post here.

Pleasant Valley
Somewhere in the backwoods of the Pacific Northwest, there's a road, off another road, off another road, off a highway. Along this road, nestled into the surrounding hills is the small town of Pleasant Valley, quite content to ignore, and be ignored by the world around it. It seems not to be found, except by accident, and by those who live there,
 and already know where it is. Despite the modern world, the way of life is quite different from the way the rest of us live our lives. They say there's something in the water that flows from the Earth near the town, which is the source of all the town's water, for drinking, bathing, bottling. In Pleasant Valley, all the men are tall, muscular, attractive, and well-endowed. The women are also tall, fit (some are muscular), attractive, and well-endowed. But the women are an enslaved class. From the day they turn 16 (or 18 if the age is something that worries you) they wear only collars in private and in public, and are bought and sold as slaves.

Men who arrive in Pleasant Valley become like the men in Pleasant Valley, they grow taller, lose fat, gain muscle, gain back hair they may have lost, and gain inches to their cocks. They also become more dominant, more willing to force women to submit to them. The women who come to Pleasant Valley have similar transformations occur. They become taller, more fit, their breasts get bigger, and they become more willing to submit to men. Both transformations are merely a matter of days.

The idealized story for this is that the car that a man and his two teenage drivers are traveling in breaks down just outside Pleasant Valley. The father is a little bit fat, balding, fairly weak. His daughters are rebellious, if rather plain-looking girls. They're only passing through on their way to a vacation home or some such, but they're stuck in Pleasant Valley until their car is fixed. Over the next few days, the father and his daughters are transformed by the water in Pleasant Valley.
 Before their car is fixed, the daughters (who are now exceptionally busty with hourglass figures) give themselves to their father (who has become a muscular, powerful, dominant man) as slaves, and he can either keep them for himself or sell them, but they will live in Pleasant Valley from then on. This doesn't have to be an incest story, it doesn't have to be two daughters, it could be a solitary businesswoman, but the basic idea is that I want someone to play the woman (or women) who is (are) transformed.

I would play the townspeople, and any male characters in the family.

Sibling Love Story
This is in inspired by the Visual Novel "Love Ribbon", available on Steam. In the story, two sisters who didn't know the other exist live together, and develop a romantic bond. In my story, I'd actually prefer that the sisters know each other well. They could even be twins. They both happen to be going to college in the same town, perhaps to the same college, perhaps to different colleges. The two gradually begin to develop feelings for one another. After some romantic scenes and some sex, perhaps staying vanilla, perhaps graduating to more extreme ideas, depending on my partner's preferences,
 the sisters are found out. Perhaps a professor, perhaps a fellow student, perhaps even their parents. The story deals with their struggle to remain together, as sisters and as lovers, when the whole world tells them that they simply cannot be both.