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November 25, 2020, 05:03:58 AM

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Author Topic: Seeking long term ERP partner for various ideas -closed again for now-  (Read 1217 times)

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Offline rhevTopic starter

Greetings friend, stay a while, and listen....

To paraphrase an important point that's written on my "All About Rhev" thread:
I don't care what your real life gender is ... I don't confuse the characters in the game with who's behind the screen.

 I am very comfortable writing male heterosexual characters and female heterosexual or female bisexual characters.  I'm not great at writing futanari to be honest ... but I can do it passably I think.  Strictly homosexual characters of either gender and bisexual males are difficult for me to write.  [Also] I tend to write dominant males and submissive or switch females fairly well, but not so much the opposite.  Don't ask me to explain why that is, my muse is what it is. 

All of that being said I do not care if, in real life, you're a man, woman, trans-gendered, or someone who sexually identifies as a "pan-sexual squirrel-kin vampire methuselah with a foot fetish for your anime waifu" in real life, just so long as you can write whatever character you are playing in our game well.  Who you are behind the screen is probably going to be fascinating to me, but I do not confuse character with author.

I write this because I don't want someone to see that I am male IRL and automatically think that I am not interested in playing or writing with them.  I ask you kindly to read on friend.  :)

Simple.  I'm just looking for someone interested in a long term role play that has both smut and story.  No one is wrong when they say they want a long buildup to sex, nor are they wrong for wanting a quick wham back ERP thank you ma'am.  But that being said, I want neither of those things.  I am here on Elliquiy because I like to write ERP.  My story should have both aspects, the eroticism and the role playing.  I want stories that feature both, sex that drives story and story that drives sex.  Not to say they need to be equal in ratio, but they should be in importance.  Any prospective fellow co-author should be willing to settle in for a long term ERP.  I'd like someone who can post a few times a week, and usually within 48 hours of the last post.  BUT the flip side of this is someone who understands that real life happens and from time to time one or both of us may need extra time for whatever reason.  I personally try to post to my games every single day monday through thursday, but fridays and the weekends are rough for me.  In regards to post length, I'm not one for quick posts.  A good solid two paragraphs should be a minimum in almost every case.   Even if you feel like there's not a lot that you want to respond to (that's going to be rare if you're writing with me) then you should bulk up your post with character thoughts or emotions, even if little 'action' takes place in your post.  I tend to write a LOT at the outset of any game, and when really inspired, but settle into an average of a few paragraphs per post.

Long story short?  If our ons / offs match up?  I'm open to almost about anything YOU want to play.  But personally I like high fantasy (think D&D esque) settings.  Swords, Sorcery, and Sex.  I enjoy elements of magic, corruption, and domination.  You can find my Ons/offs in my "all about Rhev" in the On/Off section.

But if you'd like to take a look at my story well, let me link to the section in the 'all about rhev' in the Desires section, which is where I hold my story well.  Any of these ideas might interest you, or might be something similar to what you have in mind.  Lets talk.  I'm very open, I like setting up a story idea before we start, and I'm very flexible.

Feel free to post here, or PM me if anything I've said interests you.  But one caveat, I'm interested in finding a parter or two who is going to be a good fit for a long term RP.  So I'll be doing a little research on anyone who's interested.  PLEASE don't take offense if we end up not writing together.  You might be amazing, it might not be the right time for us at the moment for one of a dozen reasons.

In conclusion thank you all VERY much for taking the time to read this post, and even greater thanks if you're interested enough to reply or PM.  Have a great day!

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Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Seeking long term ERP partner for various ideas
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2017, 10:12:25 AM »

Offline rhevTopic starter

Re: Seeking long term ERP partner for various ideas
« Reply #2 on: July 20, 2017, 08:45:45 AM »
I had some good feedback to this thread.  But one player has gone mysteriously silent after starting our game.  Two others have vanished before our game could start (but after/during the planning phase).  And worst of all, one of my games that was running when I first posted this has decided he's no longer interested in our game.  So when I locked this thread and stopped looking I thought I'd be up to a good 3 new games, but now I'm starting to realize that I'm actually down one more game then when I first posted this!   I currently have 4 active games I play in and would like to make that at LEAST five, preferably six, depending on how frequent my writing partner is.

I have a few new game ideas, and will edit them in a little later when I have some more free time.   But I wanted to unlock this thread and say that I am again looking.  I'm craving ideas that revolve around corruption, sexual debauchery or even uncontrollable sexual desire (nymphomania?), and always enjoy the fantastical elements, like magic, or sci fi.   Also, lately, I've been sort of craving something in the vein of magical 'breeding' of some sort.  Not full on 9 months normal pregnancy, but something that gets magically accelerated.  Probably with non human spawn.   This isn't a sticking point, but something that's just got my interest up.

Just to avoid this seeming like a bump  (even though it's been almost a month since original post)  I do have time to throw out a few one shot ideas in VERY rough detail of some of the new ideas I've been working on:

The facility - Sarah awakens on a hospital bed, an empty IV bag hanging above her.  Pulling the needle from her arm she rubs hands across her eyes and looks around.  Cold flourescent lighting above, featureless drab concrete walls, ceiling, and floor are the only things in the room other than her bed.  A windowless metal door stands out as the only feature in the room.  But where is she?  How did she get here?  Why is she naked?

The Demon pits - Everyone knew that the demons occasionally raided out from the cursed lands and took slaves back to their kingdom.  But Eiona had never thought they'd raid so deep into her lands.  Of course as she was thrown into the slave pits with a half a dozen other scared naked women, she realized that she recognized the 'woman' who had tossed her in.  Though woman was a misnomer.  Mialanna had been of the same village, but had disappeared almost six months ago.  But the creature who had tossed her into the pits looked nothing like the waifish farm girl that Eiona had known.  Mialanna now was much more feminine of face, her tits had grown from spider bites to massive melons, leaking cream.  Batwings protruded from her back and a pair of tiny horns graced her forehead, which was now reddish in color.  What had happened to Mialanna, and would it happen to her?

The bargain - When Ama wished to escape her life, she'd thought that selling herself into indentured servitude to a wizard that was passing through her town would be the perfect plan.  She'd heard the rumors of his lusty nature, but figured that was just to scare off innocent farm girls like her.  How wrong she was, and by the time she found out, the contract had already been signed and a magical portal had whisked her across the lands, who knows how far away from her home.

Locking this thread again until I need it.
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