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Author Topic: Molly's Mattress (Story Requests) (F for M)  (Read 1883 times)

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Molly's Mattress (Story Requests) (F for M)
« on: June 19, 2017, 11:34:59 PM »
Change Log
Change Log
version 1.1.2 (10/22/19)
+Story Added: Dropping Out of School
version 1.1.1 (10/7/19)
+Stories Added: Sorcerous Sabotage, To Tame A Fox, Her Secret Weakness
version 1.1.0 (4/1/19)
+Story Added: The Prisoner
=Old Stories category Created
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+Story Added: Defiling Mother Nature
-Multiple Old Stories Removed
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+Story Added: Untitled Blackmail Idea
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+Stories Added: Dominating A Deity, Hunting A Heroine, Hunting A Heroine DX, The Deprogramming Chamber

Hi, thanks for looking at my thread. If you see a game idea you'd like to play with me, please contact me by PMs rather than post in this thread.

I decided to make a single thread for all my game ideas so that I can add them freely and mark ones that are still open and such.

I usually play female characters who submit to male or female characters. Occasionally I feel like being dominant, and I play male and female doms.

About me:
-I'm a 30 year old lady living in the Eastern United States.
-Lately I average about a post a week, sometimes more when I'm less busy.
-I try to write a few paragraphs each post, but will usually fall into a rhythm based on the length of my partner's posts.
-I like to chat and discuss stuff outside of the game. I particularly like using Discord because it's a lot more convenient than E's PM system.

Currently Craving

Dropping Out of School
A Magical School Girl themed game. I'd play a small group of outspokenly feminist young women who also happen to be magical school girls. You'd play a man who has been granted infernal powers of seduction, as well as fueling a deep misogyny within his soul. He is compelled to dominate my characters and show them their true place in the world, not as badass, confident magical school girls, but as submissive, obedient sex slaves for their master.
-The game would be set at the school. I think my girls would live in the dorms there, but your character could live off campus in his family's mansion, for example. Then, since he's supremely anti-feminist, he would think it's wrong for women to pursue an education as my characters are doing; He would use his powers to seduce and dominate the girls, and force them to drop out of school and serve him as a harem.
-As his dominance over the girls increases, he can force them to publicly renounce their feminism, as well as other public sex acts and such.
-Your Win Condition is to enslave and impregnate all three girls.

[Currently Seeking A Partner]

Sorcerous Sabotage
Our characters are academic rivals, vying for the top spot in their class at a university of the arcane arts. Over the last few months they have been competing in a class-wide contest where each student must present new feats of magical ingenuity to solve a given task. It has come down to the final round, with our characters being the last two remaining. Your character has realized that he is not going to win playing fair, so instead he turns to sabotage. Using some shady contacts, he's gotten his hands on a magical item that will lock the wearer into a submissive state, allowing him to control her with ease. All he has to do is find a way to get her plugged up, and she'll be helpless for him to get his revenge.

To Tame A Fox
This story will follow my character, a kitsune girl living in the wilds outside human lands, through a few months/years of her life. The story would begin when she is captured by a bounty hunter. He takes her to a black market for sex slaves where she is treated as a product awaiting a purchaser. Eventually she is bought by a wealthy noble and taken back to his estate as his new toy.

Her Secret Weakness
My character would be a feminist superhero. Your character would be an anti-feminist supervillain. They have done battle many times before, but she has always come out on top; However, your character has recently learned my character has a weakness that will render her completely powerless; A man's cum. All he has to do is fill her throat, pussy, and ass with his cum, and she will be defeated once and for all.
Once she is defeated, we can do scenes where your character shows off his conquest and humiliates her and such.

Old Story Ideas
The Prisoner (NC Human, F for M)
I'd like to do a bondage heavy game about a woman imprisoned by a man. I do not have a particular plot in mind, but a few elements I'd like to propose as starting points;
-My character would be a Heroine of the land, known far and wide as a powerful force for good. Your character would be her nemesis, someone she's thwarted in the past, but this time he was able to get the upper hand on her (We can play that scene or not, up to you) and now has imprisoned her in his (sex) dungeon, where he is using her as his plaything.
-I'd like to do a series of scenes where your character is breaking mine down over time.
-I've developed a pretty large cum fetish over the last year, and think it would be fun if the heroine's powers were inhibited by the villain's cum, such that she is helpless as long as he coats her inside and out with cum each day. They both know that if he fails to do so, she'll regain her powers and be able to at least escape, if not kick his ass handily.
-Assuming I can find a partner who likes this idea and I feel comfortable exploring it with, I'm interested in playing with Feminism and Misogyny as themes in this story; In particular, I'd like the villain to carry the perspective that women are inferior to men, and exist primarily to be controlled and cherished as sex objects, while my heroine would believe women are... y'know, people. It'd be your character's goal to get her to change her mind.

Defiling Gaia (NC Human)

Defiling Gaia
Category: NC Human
Genre: Action, Superhero
Plot: Gaia has been a superheroine for years now, protecting her country and nature from the forces of evil in the hearts of men. Her success has brought her her share of fame and adulation, but it's also made her something of a target, and now that threat is about to manifest. A Supervillain (your character) has discovered the heroine's weakness; By pumping her full of his cum, he can render her powerless. He is now going to test his discovery in a confrontation with the heroine...
My Character: The Nature-Themed Superheroine Gaia, Faceclaim above.
Your Character: A Supervillain, the details are up to you!
Additional Info: Defeating Gaia will require cumming in her pussy, ass, and mouth. With each orifice defiled she becomes weaker. And I'd like her arms bound please.  O:)

The Deprogramming Chamber (NC Exotic)
The Deprogramming Chamber
Category:NC Exotic (Includes Sex Robots/Machines and maybe tentacles if you want)
Genre:Sci Fi
Plot:Special Agent ______ is infiltrating a corporate research firm for a mission for the anti-corporate resistance. She expects to find the plans for a secret weapon the corporation is developing, but is captured during the mission and taken to a 'deprogramming chamber.' There she is dominated by a corporate Sexual Deprogramming Specialist whose task it is to reduce her to a drooling, quivering mess.
My Character:______, special agent for the Resistance.
Your Character:The Sexual Deprogramming Specialist. Can be a man or woman.
Additional Info:
-Sci Fi Sex Toys *swoon*
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Re: Molly's Mattress (Open Story Requests) [UTD 6/30/17]
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 11:28:57 PM »
version 0.1.2
+added story The Ahe~Grl Trading Card Game
-removed story Untitled Blackmail Idea
=Separated stories into Actively Seeking and Inactively Seeking categories
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Re: Molly's Mattress (Open Story Requests) [UTD 7/25/18]
« Reply #2 on: July 25, 2018, 06:01:17 PM »
version 1.0.0 (7/25/18)
+Story Added: Defiling Mother Nature
-Multiple Old Stories Removed

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Re: Molly's Mattress (Open Story Requests) (F for M/F/Other)
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2019, 07:17:35 PM »
version 1.1.0 (4/1/19)
+Story Added: The Prisoner
=Old Stories category Created

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Re: Molly's Mattress (Story Requests) (Closed)
« Reply #4 on: October 06, 2019, 10:14:11 PM »
version 1.1.1 (10/7/19)
+Stories Added: Sorcerous Sabotage, To Tame A Fox, Her Secret Weakness