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Author Topic: PAC's Desires. F for M. Vicious/Dark  (Read 1294 times)

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PAC's Desires. F for M. Vicious/Dark
« on: June 17, 2017, 10:32:22 pm »


I came to E so I could explore some new themes that I crave in a roleplay.  So in general I am looking for stories that involve sexual content and more specifically, non-consensual sexual content.  However I do like a good plot.  A story about a Sorceress who defeats a Lich is fun, but a story about a Sorceress who defeats a Lich after being manhandled and abused by his Orcish guards is more what I am craving.

I have a fair number of systems that I haven't used much, I also am interested in freeform.  In general I prefer Fantasy, Modern, or Modern Fantasy.  I don't mind Science Fiction but have found most of the systems and settings fall a little flat for me.  Star Trek is fun to watch but I struggle to make a character for it.  Warhammer 40k is grimdark and interesting, but I never feel like my character properly fits.  Still I am happy to at least talk about Science Fiction ideas.

A single short event/scene could be fun but I would still like some sort of plot for it, and probably wouldn't want to use a system.  A longer drawn out story is a big plus, even if it is heavy or even focused on sex.  I've never had a chance to full on explore a slavery story for example, and I think it could be made to be fun and interesting. 

A few systems I have are:
Fantasy: Pathfinder, Dragon Age, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of
Modern(ish): Shadowrun, World of Darkness (New/Old), Dresden Files, Urban Shadows
Science Fiction: Star Wars (Fantasy Flight)

I don’t have any specific limits that I can think of other than underage, though I am certain there are things I wouldn’t want to write that haven't come to me.  I am looking for rough, mean, and vicious content in a nonconsensual style.  For example I would like to explore the fall and abuse of a character and the potential aftermath.  For non-adult content I am open to almost anything.  A straight hack and slash.  A more social style game.  A mystery.  etc.
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Re: PAC's Desires. F for M. Fantasy/Modern. Vicious/Dark
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2017, 04:27:15 pm »
June 27: Completely revamped with a mix of new and old ideas!
July 3: New system cravings added!

A few cravings and short ideas!  None are fully fleshed out (most are just a sentence or two) so we can come up with a take that works for both of us.  I am also open to other ideas.  These were just to try and get inspiration going!


In the Old World of Darkness (20th) Setting I would like to play a Fera, probably a Bastet though a Mokole or Guralh could be fun, in a fight against Black Spiral Dancers and Pentex.  I am thinking an environmental or anti-corruption theme, maybe inspired by the Secret World.  i would want to include at least non-consensual content, and potentially up through Extreme by way of the Black Spiral Dancers.

In the Gods of the Fall (Cypher) Setting I would like to play, well, anything.  I would like to explore the Nightland and all the horrible things that go on there.  So non-consensual to Extreme. 

Predation (Cypher) is another setting I would like to explore but don't have many specific ideas in mind quite yet.

Numenera is also high on my list. 

Star Wars (Fantasy Flight or maybe Saga) also has numerous opportunities for plot, intrigue, and adult content.  Anything from a Twi'lek Colonist/Performer who is just trying to make a living to a Rebel Pilot, Bounty Hunter, or just straight Explorer.

I would like to play a Pathfinder character who is less combat focused or intentionally flawed.  A social skill focused Rogue who gets by through charm.  A Wizard or Sorcerer with a focus on Divination or other non-combat spells. 


The Siege (Fantasy): The city has come under siege by *insert specific or various monsters here*.  The war is lost, but surrender is not an option. 

This scenario is focused on exploring the fall of a city from various viewpoints.  I see it as being a series of shorter scenes, each one focused on a specific character and her fate. 

Non-consensual Exotic or Extreme

Bad Business (Modern): She was the boss from hell.  A know-it-all, superior, sexist, bitch.  The staff hated her, the management loved her.  She got results they claimed, and the employees were just complaining about having to do their job. 

I have two different ideas for this one.  The first is that her staff arranged for her to be sent to a business negotiation that turns out to be a cover for something nefarious.  For example a negotiation for mining rights with a Warlord who is sexist, anti-Western, etc.  The second is that her staff directly take their revenge.  They lay a trap at night or infiltrate her house.  Maybe IT has discovered her browsing habits and they blackmail her. 

Non-consensual Human or Extreme

Livestock (Fantasy): The *insert specific monstrous humanoid race* are largely devoid of women or livestock.  They are a warrior culture, and survive by raiding and bartering with others.  When they capture a woman, her fate is rarely pleasant.

This scenario is focused on an adventurer being turned into a brood mare and/or living livestock.  So breeding and pregnancy, pet-play or livestock-play (being milked, etc). 

Non-consensual Exotic or Extreme

Tavern Troubles (Fantasy):  It is rarely safe for a woman to adventure alone.  With no one else to keep watch at night, with no one to keep an eye on drink or food, it rarely ends well.  She was too stubborn and naive to listen though, and set out into the world with dreams of great deeds.

This scenario is focused on a want to be heroine basically having a misadventure in the first tavern she stops in.  She could be attacked, drugged, or something else. 

Non-consensual Exotic or Extreme

African Warlord (Modern):  He had carved out his little fiefdom through violence and blood.  She was a freelance reporter at the top of her game.  The interview was arranged through an intermediary, and was going to make her career.  He had no interest in the interview though, he just wanted revenge for the last story she had published.

This scenario is about a reporter, and maybe her staff (a single intern as camerawoman or something similar) being taken prisoner by the worst kind of despot. 

Non-consensual Human or Extreme

The Gym of Horror (Modern): They said he went insane.  They said the experimental steroids had broken his mind.  He’d show them. 

This scenario is a bit odd.  The basic idea is that an insane serial rapist/killer/something has built a gym to torment people.  It would probably be a mix of pure torment and competition. 

Non-consensual Human or Extreme

The Gamer Gangbang (Modern): She loved to play games.  Even more, she loved to play games competitively.  There was nothing like the rage-filled tears of those she beat.  The threats of violence, of rape, and the insults to every facet of her character. 

This scenario is rather simple.  A woman is playing games, maybe at a LAN party if that is still a thing, maybe just at a friends house.  The men she is playing with get pissed, or just see an opportunity, and decide to fuck her. 

Non-consensual Human

The College Porn Star (Modern):  It was a dream of hers, a strange dream, but still a dream.  She wanted to try porn.  She heard through the grapevine of a local place that operated under the guise of a modeling agency.  That took advantage of women looking for their big break.  She couldn’t resist.

This scenario is focused on a woman knowingly going into a situation with the intent of sex, however my desire is for her to get in over her head.  Maybe they do human trafficking.  Maybe they run a brothel.  Maybe they just specialize in more extreme videos.

Non-consensual Human or Extreme

The Willowwood Stabber (Modern):  It is said in local legends that under the full summer moon, in the heart of the Willowwood, that the Stabber walks.  A murderous spirit of a long dead serial killer. 

This is another odd scenario.  The basic idea is that one or more women are camping.  A group of men decide to torment them by pretending to be the Stabber, maybe taking things too far (or intending to take things too far).  Only for the actual slasher to appear at some point. 

Non-consensual Human or Extreme

The Family Camping Trip (Modern):  It was a chance to bond after the divorce.  The mother and her daughters (one or more, 18ish years of age) out in the wild with no one around.  They didn't know that the woods were prowled by poachers, hillbillies, or worse.

A simple scenario.  A group of women are out camping, a group of unpleasant men show up and decide to have some fun. 

Non-consensual Human or Extreme
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Re: PAC's Desires. F for M. Vicious/Dark
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2017, 01:16:50 am »
Character Catalogue
Edge of the Empire, Chiss Colonist Performer
Colonist – Performer

BR   AG   IN   CU   WI   PR
 2    2    3    2    2    4

Wound Threshold: 12
Strain Threshold: 12

Obligation: Debt (base+10)
Motivation: Place of Origin

XP: 105XP Spent, 5 XP Unspent
+10XP - Obligation
90XP – Presence
 5XP – Kill with Kindness
10XP – Congenial

X = Rank Upgrade
O = Ability
* = Class Skills
Astrogation (INT)         OOO
Athletics (BR)            OO
Charm (PR)*               XXOO
Coercion (WILL)           OO
Computers (INT)           OOO
Cool (PR)                 XOOO
Coordination (AG)*        XO
Deception (CUN)*          XO
Discipline (WILL)         OO
Leadership (PR)*          OOOO
Mechanics (INT)           OOO
Medicine (INT)            OOO
Negotation (PR)*          XOOO
Perception (CUN)          OO
Piloting – Planetary (AG) OO
Piloting – Space (AG)     OO
Resilience (BR)           OO
Skulduggery (CUN)         OO
Stealth (AG)              OO
Streetwise (CUN)*         OO
Survival (CUN)            OO
Vigilance (WILL)          OO

Brawl (BR)                OO
Gunnery (AG)              OO
Melee (BR)*               OO
Ranged – Light (AG)       OO
Ranged – Heavy (AG)       OO

Core Worlds (INT)*        OOO
Education (INT)*          OOO
Lore (INT)*               XOO      
Outer Rim (INT)           OOO
Underworld (INT)          OOO
Xenology (INT)            OOO

* = current number of ranks for per rank abilities
Infravision: Remove 1 SETBACK due to lighting conditions.
Kill with Kindness: Remove 1* SETBACK from Charm/Leadership checks.
Congenial: May suffer 1* STRAIN to downgrade difficulty of Charm/Negotiation checks, or upgrade when targeted.

Collar-Amp: Amplifies voice
12 Defender
      Ranged (Light)
      5 Damage
      5 Crit
      Short Range
      1 Encumbrance
      Inferior, Limited Ammo 2, 2 setback to locate when being searched, cannot be reloaded
12 Defender
      See Above
Blaster Pistol
      Ranged (Light)
      6 Damage
      3 Crit
      Medium Range
      1 Encumbrance
      Stun Setting
53 Credits

Iari was a child when her family left the Chiss Ascendancy on a diplomatic mission to Coruscant.  She has only the faintest memories of her homeworld and parents.  The ship had a run in with pirates and Iari was ejected in a lifepod.  She was found, and taken in, by a small group of Colonists in search of a new world to call home.

As the only one of her kind that any of the Colonists had heard of or seen, Iari was an outsider.  They were kind, but they could offer no aid.  At sixteen Iari hopped on a freighter headed towards the planet she had been rescued from.  She found nothing.  She continued to wander the galaxy in search of any word on her people, paying her way by working as a waitress, singer, and dancer in various Cantinas. 

Iari was able to determine that she was a Chiss, but little else.  The best information she was able to gather was that her homeworld was in a specific sector of the galaxy.  She borrowed a fortune from an admirer to fund an expedition that found absolutely nothing.  Heavily in debt to a man that seemed to have particular ideas for how he wanted to be repaid, Iari went in search of a job that could earn her lots of money in a short period of time, legally or not.

Masks A New Generation, The Legacy
The Legacy
Legacy Name: Templar
Real Name: Arthelia
Abilities: Magic Weaponry, Divine Armour, God-Like Beauty
Danger:  -1
Freak:    0
Saviour:  2
Superior: 0
Mundane:  2

The Templar Legacy began with the Silver Templar, a symbol of justice and order who spent most of his time battling the mob.  He rose to prominance when he helped overthrow a corrupt Mayor, a villain in the pocket of organized crime.  The Silver Templar had two children, twins, who followed in his footsteps.  The Crimson Templar and the Golden Templar.

The Crimson Templar was Arthelia’s uncle, the Golden Templar her mother.  As members of the Silver Generation they battled a range of foes, but their main nemesis was the Dark Spirit, a powerful magic user who was determined to save his soul from a pack with the devil.  To achieve that, he needed ultimate power.

Arthelia wasn’t even alive when the Crimson Templar gave his life to seal the Dark Spirit away.  The battle cemented the Legacy’s reputation, and in the years that follow the Golden Templar would take a leading role in the battle against numerous other villains.
Arthelia, the daughter of the Golden Templar and, supposedly, a god was raised with the expectation that she would follow in her mother’s footsteps.  It didn’t matter that she never really developed powers.  She had training, an enchanted sword, and impervious armour, that was enough.  The rest would come and, anyway, people did plenty with less.

The Legacy, in modern days, is well viewed.  Arthelia’s grandfather is still remembered fondly, and Arthelia’s mother, the Golden Templar, is one of the city’s leading heroines.

Arthelia has always had a bit of a rebellious streak.  A streak that is a source of constant annoyance to her mother.  The family honour, she often says, is at stake. 

The Golden Templar is still active and prominent in the city.  Vastrad, the greatest opponent the legacy ever faced, is still at large.  Vastrad, an ancient god released by the Dark Spirit, is not well known.  Arthelia has never heard of him, and few outside of the Golden Templar’s inner circle have either.  A powerful telepath, or something similar, he has proven capable of sensing the use of his name and extending his power over those who use it to some degree.  A handful of those in the know wonder if he isn’t Arthelia’s father, though none would dare ask the Golden Templar if that is the case.

Arthelia’s sword and shield are said to have been forged from the heart of a star.  She doesn’t buy that, but certainly they are unbreakable, the sword is sharp enough to cut nearly anything, and both can transform into a set of rings.

I edited into the last post several systems (and a couple of related ideas) I would like to explore.  The ideas are generic but I would be happy to discuss more specific potential plots and characters with anyone interested!
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