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Author Topic: The Musings of Omega's Trinity  (Read 957 times)

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The Musings of Omega's Trinity
« on: June 17, 2017, 03:45:51 PM »
Table of Contents
My RP Statuses and Links
About Me
My Tolerances
What I'm Looking For

Do not reply or post in this thread. If you're interested or have any questions please PM me.
My Discord ID can be handed out to partners at request via PM. I don't really use my Skype anymore.

⋖ ⋅ ⋄ ⋅ ⋗

My Current Solo RPs ⇢
8/8 Slots - CLOSED

A Trinket to the Past with LamentingQuill
Alice in Terrorland with Blissy - HIATUS
In way over her head with LamentingQuill
The Bride of a Vampire with Fatedxx - HIATUS
The Goddess of Fortune and Luck with Fatedxx - HIATUS
They That Holds the Leash with ElCapitan - HIATUS
To Kidnap a Demon with Kiari03
Wendy Dearest with ZoneyGirl

⋖ ⋅ ⋄ ⋅ ⋗

My Current Group RPs ⇢


⋖ ⋅ ⋄ ⋅ ⋗

Finished RPs ⇢
Stories that have finished successfully
Currently there are none but I hope to fill this section more than the Inactive section!

Inactive RPs ⇢
Stories that have stopped for one reason or another

About Me ⇢
I'm one of many people on here who's been RPing since the good ol' AOL chat room days. Since then my writing has only improved and my love for creating characters, worlds, and stories grew. However, I also have less time to RP than I used to have. Because of such I reply when I can on the weekdays seeing as I don't have that much time to myself when I get off work to begin with. Sometimes I just don't feel like RPing and I just want to hang out with my boyfriend and play some video games. However, the weekends are usually much better and I can can be more active then.

As for my posting lengths I'm what you would call a mirror-poster or a chameleon poster if you will. If my partner's posts tend to be on the shorter side my posts will be on the shorter side as well. If my partner writes lengthy posts then my posts also tend to be lengthy. This can, and has happened, relate to detail as well although I still put in detail where it's needed. That being said I do like detailed posts more than posts that are lacking detail.

My Tolerances ⇢
I only RP heterosexual main couples.
Male and female characters, but I prefer to play males.
Romance, action, adventure, supernatural, mythological, divinities, fantasy, comedy, cute and cuddly, drama (though not the soap opera kind please), and horror genres as well as a mix of many of the above!
Endless racial types—be it fantasy or modern.
Multiple and single character RPs.

Heavy/Extreme sex scenes (Heavy BDSM, sex dungeons, violent rape, and things of this nature.)
One liners
Slice of life themed RPs
Modern settings if they include nothing magical
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Re: The Musings of Omega's Trinity
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2017, 03:46:11 PM »
What I'm Looking For

⋖ ⋅ ⋄ ⋅ ⋗

OC/OC Pairings ⇢
Bold is the role I'm playing. If you can convince me otherwise, you can try~
You’re more than welcome to suggest something other than what I’ve listed.
You're also welcome to be whatever character you want to be unless some traits are otherwise requested.
Those marked with " " means I really want to play them.
Pairings or plots that have a strike through them are ideas where I'm either not interested in them at the moment (but they may surface again in the future) or they've been taken.
If a particular plot is taken and you would like to approach me for it, I regret to inform you that you're better off coming back when the plot is open again. I don't do the same plot with multiple different people no matter how convincing you are.

Pairings ⇢
Vampire / Human || MxF || Plot Below
...(Medieval or Victorian)

Assassin / Princess || MxF || Plot Below
...(Medieval or Victorian)
Werewolf / Human || MxF || Plot Below
...(Modern Cyberpunk)

Phoenix, Demon / Human || M, MxF || Plot Below
...(Medieval and Modern)

Phoenix / OC || MxF || Plots Below
...(Any time period or genre; flexible professions for my character i.e. thief, guardian, mercenary, magic teacher, master, etc.)

Assassin / Target || MxF || Plot Below
Pirate / Mermaid || MxF || Plot Below
...(Medieval, Renaissance, or Victorian)
Thief / Princess, Queen, Civilian, or Guard || MxF
...(Medieval, Modern, Steampunk, or Sci-fi)
Human / Vampire || MxF
...(Medieval, Victorian, or Modern)

❖❖ Kemonomimi / Owner or Friend || MxF
...(Medieval, Victorian, or Modern)
Vampire / Human || MxF
...(Medieval, Victorian, or Modern)

Demon / Contractor || MxF
...(Any time period or genre)
Your Requests || MxF
...(Any time period or genre)

Plots ⇢
The Vampire’s Bride
Vampire / Human

Vampires and humans have been warring with each other for centuries. Countless human kings and soldiers have fallen during the wars while the same vampiric families engage in the never ending war. At first the two races were simply at odds with one another. Vampires would feed off the outcasts of the human civilizations or murderers or thieves. People that wouldn’t be missed outside of the diseased. However the humans were weary of this. What was to stop the vampires from spreading their pallets to some of the more respectable citizens of society, or worse, start taking slaves? There was nothing to suggest the vampires have done such acts before but they were perfectly capable of doing such things with little to no effort. Humans never socialized with them, thinking them demons or monsters. Vampires scared them. So they decided to act first before the vampires even could.

Every harvest moon the vampire nobles and aristocrats would gather for what they called a Blood Ball. A ball much like anything else with music, drinks, and food. It was a grand party that would make most jealous to not be invited. However, what made this ball worthy of its name was the fact that the guests the vampires all brought with them were all humans. By the end of the night the vampires would all feast on their guests. It wasn’t unheard of to have a guest be turned by the end of the night but it was looked down upon as vampires found it indecent to turn a human in front of others. A bride or two was also said to be found at such events and sometimes not by their own patron. This event was where the humans made their strike.

Humans managed to carefully hand select the guests that would be attending the upcoming Blood Ball. It took many years to try and become the suitable humans vampires tended to select, and finally, they’ve managed to get a large enough number in to move forward with their plans. With 90% of the guests being part of the suicide group, lacing their blood with traces of silver before the fated night, a group of hunters waited outside of the manor to storm it at the opportune moment. When the feast began the silver managed to weaken most of the vampires that were inside, Dracula himself included. During this time the hunters waiting outside made their strike and killed as many vampires as they were able. The ball turned into a bloodbath and a massacre, but by the end of it, many vampires were still left alive. That’s when the last hunter standing, waiting outside and not participating in the fighting, set fire to the manor that killed most of the survivors left inside.

Yet still, a small group still survived. Dracula, mourning the deaths of all three of his wives, starved himself into an endless sleep, or coma if you will, that left the vampires without an active ruler. Eloisa Ambrose, the daughter of the head wife to Dracula, who survived the massacre stepped up and made herself the active ruler in her grandfather’s stead. None contested this and as revenge against the humans she declared war on them. It was one of the bloodiest nights in recorded human history and was the start of the endless war between the two races.

What the humans feared most began to happen. The vampires spread their hunger and no longer fed solely on the outcasts. It didn’t matter who you were anymore, if you were unlucky enough, you would be eaten or taken. Those who were taken were turned into slaves. Slaves were kept alive to feed on, entertain with, and take frustrations out on. Slaves were nothing but toys so nothing was off limits. At first the humans were little to stop what transpired, but over time they began to learn more about vampires and their weaknesses. The humans were finally on even grounds with them but still they were not strong enough to stop the bloodshed.

Over the years of war Eloisa Ambrose had a child she named Faustino. Faustino, going by the shortened name Faust, was brought up as a fighter but a ruler first and foremost. Faust participated in many battles and ruled over his own kingdom given to him by his parents. He was never questioned and his ruling and laws were sound. He was as well respected as his mother was. What would people say when they found out he took the human princess as his bride? What would his subjects, nay, his parents do when they found out he’d fallen in love with her and that was the reason his assassination attempts on her parents had failed? Above all else, what would the girl he kidnapped do after being forced into such a predicament? Would she plot to kill him or would she find herself falling in love with him as well…


I’m looking for someone to play the princess in this, and if you’re interested in the story and want to find out more about my character, Faust, I would be more than happy to discuss that along with plot points. As for the princess you are free to make her however you wish. Faust fell in love with her beauty, not her, so as time goes by it will be interesting to see if he falls in love with the woman instead. One thing I will tell you about Faust is that he’s not completely understanding especially when it comes to humans. He is difficult to be with when he is not in complete control and can be cruel but he won’t use outright violence against his beloved beauty.

As another note about the princess, while I give you complete control over who she is, I will request one thing out of her: I don’t want to play against a “yes-man” in this. I don’t want her to be so submissive, if that’s the route you want to take, that she doesn’t fight back or question what Faust does. I expect her to say no at times and try to stand her ground. Whether Faust listens will be another story, but I don’t want to play against a character who listens and agrees to everything that’s thrown at her despite her own beliefs and morals. That gets dull very quickly. If she pretends to agree and listen to Faust as a means to an end then that’s different and I will accept that, but after some time if nothing changes, I would expect she would get tired and begin to lash out, right?

Go ahead and send me a pm if you’re interested in this. I would love to discuss some finer details with you.

...Kinks: Possessiveness, kidnapping, forced marriage, non-consensual, binding, story, drama, violence, and bloodplay.
...Possible Kinks: Romance, consensual, forgiveness, branding, corruption, and more.
- Taken

Cursed Princess
Assassin / Princess

Maiden of Pestilence
There have been stories of Sleeping Beauty where a princess was cursed into a never ending sleep unless woken by a true love’s kiss. There have been versions where the ending is not so happy and versions where the ending ends happily ever after. However, what if the story wasn’t quite as it was told and it actually happened?

There was a king who did in fact insult a witch some point in his life. Upon the christening of his first born child, a girl, the witch made her way to the ceremony and placed a curse upon the princess to spite the king. The first of the curse was that no matter how many times he would try he would never bare another child. He would become sterile and every wife or lover he would take would become barren. The second of the curse was that when the princess would come of age she would spread pestilence and disease to all who would come in contact with her. Ironically enough, her blood would become a syrem to any and all diseases.

At first the king denounced the witch’s claims for the curses and banished her from the kingdom for insulting his daughter’s ceremony. However, as the years passed he began to realize the first part of the witch’s curse rang true. No matter how many times he tried, no matter who he slept with as he grew unfaithful to his wife in pursuit of a child, he gained none. He became mad in his lust for a child and soon began to blame his daughter and wife for such curses. Then came the time his daughter started making the changes to becoming a woman. Any who came in contact with her soon grew very ill and died. The sickness spread from those who were not careful and managed to make its way outside the castle and into the kingdom. The princess seemed to be immune to the disease and any other sickness. As the townspeople began rioting for the king to find a cure for their sickness the king hired doctors and sorcerers to experiment with his daughter’s blood to see if a cure really could be found in that. The tests and experiments all proved positive and soon the princess found herself in a situation where she was confined and her blood harvested.

The princess became feared as the mother of disease and soon, whether it was spread by her or natural causes, whenever someone became ill they would blame her. Finally, a baron of the land became tired of all the sickness that spread around, and even though the princess was the cure of it all, many including the baron found her to be the cause too. He wanted to put an end to it so he hired an assassin to kill the princess and be done with it all. What he didn’t know was the assassin turned out to be the son of the very witch that cursed the princess and her father all those years ago. As it turns out, the son is immune to any and all curses and magic laid out by his mother which included people who were cursed or blessed outside of himself. When the assassin goes to kill the princess and finds that he does not get sick he understands the situation and immediately changes plans. He does not approve of his mother cursing people but he especially hates it when she curses an innocent to get back at the guilty. Instead of killing her he takes her back with him and hides her away to prevent the spread of disease. At the same time he decides to try and help lift the princess’ curse to allow her to live a normal life.
Invisible Princess
There have been stories of Sleeping Beauty where a princess was cursed into a never ending sleep unless woken by a true love’s kiss. There have been versions where the ending is not so happy and versions where the ending ends happily ever after. However, what if the story wasn’t quite as it was told and it actually happened?

There was a king who did in fact insult a witch some point in his life. Upon the christening of his first born child, a girl, the witch made her way to the ceremony and placed a curse upon the princess to spite the king. The first of the curse was that no matter how many times he would try he would never bare another child. He would become sterile and every wife or lover he would take would become barren. The second of the curse was that when the princess would come of age she would disappear without a trace and prevent the king's lineage to continue, making his royal reign end with him.

At first the king denounced the witch’s claims for the curses and banished her from the kingdom for insulting his daughter’s ceremony. However, as the years passed he began to realize the first part of the witch’s curse rang true. No matter how many times he tried, no matter who he slept with as he grew unfaithful to his wife in pursuit of a child, he gained none. He became mad in his lust for a child and soon began to blame his daughter and wife for such curses. Then came the time his daughter started making the changes to becoming a woman. She soon disappeared...without a trace...just as the witch has foretold. However, she didn't really disappear or cease to exist. She became invisible to all who were near her; they couldn't hear her or feel her but she was the same as she always has been. She could touch, feel, and hear everything all the same, but everyone around her couldn't perceive her.

Whether she decided to run away, the castle staff now thinking it was haunted by the princess' ghost for fearing she was dead, or by random happenstance she came across a man who was finally able to see her and hear her--as well as touch her. The two would come to realize that the man was the son of the witch that placed a curse on her but the old woman's magic didn't work on him. He agreed to helping the princess lift her curse so she could finally be seen and heard again, but lifting such a curse would prove to be difficult and tedious. As time went by the princess started following the man to his odd ended jobs, curious about what he did, and when she realized he was an assassin she strangely wasn't appalled to it, but rather, she began to help him out. People couldn't see her or hear her so she was a perfect spy. She could find the targets and assess the situation without putting anyone's lives in danger.

...Possible Kinks: Story, action, adventure, violence, kidnapping, revenge, age-play (no younger than 17), consensual, and romance.

The Werewolf Condition
Werewolf / Human

It's a mixture between fantasy and cyberpunk themes. The world as we know it is still the same but we have far more advanced technology through the use of magic called magitech. Cars are smarter but don't hover, there are cybernetic A.I. systems to enforce the law without putting lives in danger with the job itself, better medicine, possibly some small scale teleportation stations, advanced weapons and armor, and things of that nature. No space or aliens or the like. Think of the movie Kingsglaive if you've seen it minus the mage-like magic like fire. Something related to that.

Now the idea for the plot itself is that there are werewolves, or shifters if you want but I'll say werewolves for the sake of ease, that walk around knowingly among humans and vice versa. They interact normally through society and have jobs, families, friends, but they are heavily regulated. They live in their own sections of cities that's surrounded by tall walls and magitech checkpoints for the entrances and exits around the perimeter. There's no way in or out of these sectors except through the checkpoints by either race. An entrance or exit by any other location other than the checkpoints is heavily punishable if one is caught sneaking in or out. There is curfew times as well. None of the werewolves are allowed outside the walls and in the main cities outside of curfew times. The only ones who are allowed outside the walls after curfew are employed by the human government. These particular werewolves are called regulators. They wear advanced armor, have communicators and tracking devices on them that are used to keep their own location on file by the government at all times, and carry various types of weapons. Their job is to make sure no one sneaks outside or inside of the walls. They'll either patrol the wall or the outside cities. They'll use whatever force they deemed as necessary during the moment against the violator to keep the peace--tranquilizing or death to the werewolf in question--in order to bring those sneaking out back behind the walls and to send the message to others to stay behind the walls.

Now werewolves are still dangerous people to humans, including regulators, which is why they're so regulated and most humans are still wary of them, some even holding a bit of a prejudice against them. Werewolves can still be hostile and uncontrollable when left unchecked. Most of the time it's not by their own choice. They are enforced to take daily medicines through various different substances to keep their more primal instincts in check. They can still transform/turn by will but with the medicine they'll be in a more clear state of mind when they do so. The more they start to skip out on taking their medicine and the more they'll revert back to their old nature during the dark ages and become extremely violent and difficult to deal with. That's why the regulators are werewolves themselves; it's too dangerous for a human to do the job and an A.I. will not be able to socially degrade a situation if it's possible. Not only that, but a werewolf gone hostile would most likely rip the robot apart anyway and thus having the government lose a lot of money in replacing the destroyed units.

An interesting thing of note for the universe they live in is that werewolves are not contagious. If they bite or scratch a human that human will not turn into a werewolf. There is no danger of that and it was just a superstition all those years ago. Another interesting note is that all werewolves are male. How do they come into existence then? By breeding with human females. This is a difficult process though. It's as if the universe keeps itself in check of over-population of werewolves by making it near to impossible for a human female to give birth to a werewolf. It's a 1-10% chance of it happening and one out of 1000 people is a werewolf. The werewolves are able to sense which female is able to reproduce, either by scent or some other feeling, just the same as they're able to sense which person is their "soul-mate," although this doesn't necessarily mean the human will reciprocate those feelings or that she can give birth to a werewolf. This causes a lot of internal fights to break out even among families.

For this particular plot I wanted my character to be one of the regulators and for your character to be his "soul-mate," but the interesting part, is that she's also one of the females who can reproduce. This would mean there would be a lot of werewolves that have their eyes on her. They'll try to court her, try to take her by force, or any other means necessary to reproduce. My character would be on the courting side of things.

Let me know if you're interested and if you have any questions. Hope to hear from you!

...Possible Kinks: Story, action, kidnapping, non-con/consensual (non-con not being from my main character), romance, possessiveness, etc.
- Closed / Hiatus

A trinket to the Past
Phoenix, Demon / Human

Feral is an immortal being. Well, immortal in the sense of not naturally dying and is reborn a lot. He can die, however, if someone manages to kill him or if he gets gravely ill, which can be very easy if anyone actually knew how to do it. He's a smart cookie though, and a tough one to boot, so he lives for a looooong time. So long, in fact, that it's the modern world and not times where kings ruled and people lived in huts and traded livestock, jewelry, and clothes or fabric--anything of value really--as currency if they didn't have coin. There are very few societies throughout the world that house the magical beings that still exist. Feral has it pretty good since he's able to hide what he actually looks like, but some aren't as fortunate. That's why they have these societies, hidden within sight of all humans.

A long time ago there was a war that enacted genocide on anything and everything magical. Witches, werewolves, fairies, unicorns, dragons, demons, anything that wasn't human--you name it. Few were fortunate enough to go into hiding but the world has most definitely become a "human only" living space. That's why the secret societies in the modern world exist, mostly seen as "high class" apartments where only the "invited" could live there. Humans think it's very prestigious because of that and often times try to get in if they're wealthy enough, but are vastly disappointed when they've been turned down.

This is where the heroine comes in, your character. During the modern age, Feral actually makes himself a friend, which doesn't happen often, and she's human as one would expect during these times. One day she happens upon an artifact that has the ability to time travel. She doesn't know it yet and she takes it to Feral to show it off. He doesn't know what it is either and they start to mess with it to see if it did something. It's only when it's too late does Feral understand what the artifact does and they're back in the middle of the great war that destroyed anything magical. This is where Feral is forced to show her what he is, since he'd never tell her in the world she currently lived in, as he has to protect her from an oncoming attacker.

This is where we meet the demon, Micah. He attacks your character because she's human, and when he finds out she still has the artifact because he actually knows what it does, he steals it from her. That artifact is the only way home for the two but it's also the only object that can stop the war from succeeding. When Feral and your character find Micah again they learn that he's sold it on the black market and has no idea where it's gone or who has it and he makes it very apparent that he really doesn't care where it is or who has it. Feral somehow makes Micah agree on helping them get that object back (probably threatening to burn him alive or something of the sort) since he's the one who forced them to stay in their current situation. It's been a very long time since Feral has lived in this time era and he has made a bad habit of mixing up times in front of people, undoubtedly confusing the people who live in this time, and they're going to need help fitting in--especially with terms of money...and Micah obviously has a lot of that now.


From there we would go with the flow or any ideas that pop into our heads in terms of adventuring and action and drama...things that keep a story going. We could start the RP when your character shows Feral the artifact or a little bit before to establish their relationship if you'd like. Not too far though, maybe just a couple days.

Maybe later on we can introduce another lady friend for Micah or Feral depending on who your character decides to go with (if she even does), or if you're into it, we can have a love triangle thing going on. I'm mostly looking for story on this, but I would love a healthy helping of smut on the side~

If you're interested in this idea go ahead and send me a PM!

...Possible Kinks: Story, action, adventure, kidnapping, consensual, romance, friends with benefits, possessiveness, love triangle, light "male harem" situation with the two, etc.
- Taken

Various Phoenix / OC Plots
An idea I'm actually interested in playing out is that my character is part of a circus. More particularly in the freak side show. Normally the people who populate this section of the circus are woman with beards or male genitalia, conjoined twins, people with birth defects. The circus found that the phoenix was a treasure prized far more than the "ordinary freaks" and kept him in a special section that needed special tickets. After your character meets him for the first time and sees the cruelty thrown at him by the circus caretakers and customers alike she decides to help break him out and set him free. However, it's not that simple, since he doesn't know what to do with money, what cell phones are, how to use a car or tag down a taxi, nothing about the real world. So she takes him back to her place to teach him how to live in the world today. Along the way they grow feelings for each other, and eventually, he wants to stay with her.

A different idea I have is that the phoenix race is worshiped by people and temples are made for each one. There are plenty of priests and priestesses appointed to each temple, but out of them one is chosen to work closely with the appropriate phoenix. Your character could be a priestess chosen to stay him, but since he was never around before for all the previous chosen priestesses, he has no idea what he's supposed to do with her or even what she's supposed to be there for. After that it's up for discussion.

Some other possible ideas to help get some creative juices flowing is that your character is a princess and he is her adviser or personal guard. Your character could also be a witch and my character her teacher. Perhaps she's a normal woman and hires him to protect her from someone. In fact, we could probably have it where he's a thief who is stealing something from her family, and upon being caught, kidnaps her in the heat of the moment. If you're looking for something more modern your character could be his new roommate, and after discovering what he is, makes a deal with him in order to keep it a secret. The details of the deal can be discussed if you like that idea.

We can almost literally have anything happen, so if you have any ideas, feel free to send me a PM! I would love to hear them!

...Possible Kinks: Story, adventure, action, kidnapping, consensual, romance, possessive, etc.

The Assassin's Apprentice
Assassin / Target

Your character is my assassin's target. Maybe she's done something another fellow didn't find favorable or maybe she's actually done something illegal. Either way, something has caused someone to acquire my character's assistance. Now, the catch is, he doesn't follow through with the contract. This could be because she's a childhood friend he hasn't seen in years, an old girlfriend, or something along that nature--you can decide. Maybe she's a new friend or lover. I'll leave that up to you. As a note, he wouldn't know who his target is by name and only by location, so he won't know it's her going in.

Where it goes from there is somewhat cloudy to me. I haven't really made up my mind on what could happen since I have a few ideas. He could put her under his protection, stage her death, make her 'disappear', and a lot of other things. However, recently I've been thinking about the idea that he brings her in under his apprenticeship. Teaches her how to be an assassin--keeping her hidden in plain sight. He could always have her wearing a disguise so that no one would notice--but then again--would they even want to question it? This is the part I mostly want to discuss with you.

PM me if you're interested and we can figure this thing out.

...Kinks: Story, violence, and consensual.

A Pirate's Treasure
Pirate / Mermaid

I'm imagining a scenario where a pirate captain finds a mermaid and captures her, looking to add her into his collection of treasures. Whether he wants her just because she's exotic or pretty is up for debate, as well as any other reasons as to why he's captured her. Perhaps he just wants something pretty to look at after a hard day's work; beating people up, stealing from ships, running from authorities, etc. Maybe it's a companion thing, someone to give him comfort or someone talk to.

I've also thought of the idea that he steals her to sell her off for a very good sum of gold, something that is very common among the piracy market. However, along his way he decides that he's going to keep her for himself, finding her far more valuable than any amount of gold he could receive (whether romantic or just selfish reasons). This leads to the people he promised her to going after him at every turn they can.

As for your character, the mermaid, she can be however you want. She could be submissive, dominant, somewhere in-between, or switch. She can look however you want and behave however you want! She could be the shy mouse who does whatever the captain says or the lioness that fights him at every turn. (Not speaking only, of course, of smut related events but all events that will take place.)

Although, speaking of her species, she can either be the type who keeps her tail at all times, forms legs once dry, and so on. The only thing I would ask of you in this regard is that she breathes air. Like whales she can hold her breath for lengthy amounts of time and swim pretty deep if she wants, but she needs air to survive. Having a mermaid who only breathes water gets a bit...stale and boring.

Both story ideas above can mesh together but the second certainly gives a firmer base to make a lasting story with. So, go ahead and let me know if you have any ideas (should you want to RP with me) or what you want to do and don't.

Looking forward to meeting you!

...Kinks: Story, adventure, violence, kidnapping, possession, and non-con/consensual.

Alice in Terrorland
"Alice in Terrorland is a gang of murderers, thieves, con-artists, extortionists, and more. Their goal is to sew chaos wherever they go and expand the Queen of Hearts' borders to ultimately rule over everyone who stands against them. However, they’re not ordinary humans. Every one of the main core members has died at some point in their lives and were brought back with a special power. This power deals with either how they died or who they were before they died. The only exception of this is Alice, who is a normal human being. However, the Queen of Hearts—the leader of Terrorland—wants Alice for something. Maybe she just wants to fill the void based on the books or perhaps it’s something much greater. Whether Alice wants to or not, she will either join Terrorland, or become it’s savior."

...Kinks: Story, kidnapping, violence, corruption, non-con/consensual, and dark themes. I can do a version without sexual themes on this one as well.

- More Info
- Taken
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Bumping my thread after a long stagnation to present a couple new plots! The Vampire's Bride and Cursed Princess made their way into my potential plot lists and I am also open and looking for another partner. Right now I'm only looking for someone who is interested in The Vampire's Bride plot. Give it a read, look through my rules and my O/O's, and if you're interested, feel free to shoot me a pm. I look forward to working with you! ;3

As usual, if you're interested in anything or have a question do not reply or post in this thread. Send me a PM.
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Re: The Musings of Omega's Trinity
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Looking for female counterparts: kemonomimi / human (MxF)  ||  assassin / princess (MxF)  ||  pirate / mermaid (MxF)

Hello my lovely potential future partner! Here's another bump for you guys!

I'm looking for another partner on my quest to unveiling lots of delicious stories and character development! At the moment I'm craving something kemonomimi related. This could be a myriad of different plots ranging from angsty and gritty experimentations on the loose, to slaves of varying kinds in a civil war against their masters for freedom, to light-hearted and fun slice of life sort of stuff. I don't have any particular plot in mind but I would like to play a kemonomimi male against a human female. I would love to discuss any ideas you have for this, but if you're looking more for something from me, I do have something loose formed out that I can tell you about if you're interested. Some development will need to be discussed on it since I don't have anything solid or concrete for it yet.

However, if kemonomimi characters are not your cup of tea I do have a couple of plots I've been wanting to try out for a while too that you can find in the second post of this thread. One of them deals with a cursed princess and an assassin who's the son of the witch that cursed her. He agrees to help her break her curse if that's what she decides she wants or he helps her take revenge. I also have a plot dealing with pirates and mermaids but this one I'm willing to do a plot that you want to do if you don't like the one I have above for it.

Take a look at my thread, at what I do and don't roleplay with, and take a look at my O/O thread that you can find in my signature to get a better idea of the type of scenarios I like getting into when things get hot and sexy. ;3 If you're interested in anything I'm offering give me a PM and we can discuss characters and any changes/modifications to plots if necessary--as well as any questions you may have.

See you soon! <3