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April 21, 2019, 05:14:00 AM

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Author Topic: This or That? (F for M or F - changing cravings)  (Read 3151 times)

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This or That? (F for M or F - changing cravings)
« on: June 12, 2017, 09:13:13 PM »
Hello and welcome to my bland little search thread. I'll probably jazz it up eventually. Okay so first the basics of things, no? Yeah really not liking the layout thing on this site as much as I liked the other one so we'll have to just...see how this goes...

1. I'll do both male/female pairings and female/female pairings. You might get me to do male/male depending on the fandom because lately that's the only way I do it and please understand that I spent most of my younger years doing the male/male thing and it really has sort of burned me out. But I'm still open to it for the right thing!
2. I like to do just about every genre but horror has to have a good plot to really get me interested.
3. I'm open to playing more than one character however I'm not interested in writing a sex scene with myself for your character to just watch. If I wanted to do something like that then I wouldn't be looking for a partner now would I?
4. I'm not a grammar junkie but please, we're adults. Type like one. Full sentences.
5. I won't get mad if you drop me. I might get a little upset, especially if I was really into it but I won't rage on you. I get it. I've done it a few times.
6. I'm not into scat/waterworks/vore/etc...but it seems most aren't...not interested in necrophilia, pregnancy, dismemberment unless it's plot related, or super controlling partners. Seriously I had a guy who designed my entire character for me then got mad when I didn't play her the way he "envisioned" it...
7. Please feel free to suggest things to me...I'm shite at making lists.
8. Yes I do fandom things. If I don't know it then I'll look it up and try to see what we can do.
9. I am not interested in playing an older woman to your young man/woman so please don't even ask

So some things you can expect from me

  • 2-3 paragraphs unless it's an opening post then there will more likely be more
  • I'd like to say I'm a decent writer with a firm grasp of literature and the writing process
  • An open minded partner
  • Hopefully a creative partner
  • And I'll try to be as active as possible however life and my own muse often can step up and cause difficulties
  • I have ginger pride so my characters are all redheads (with varied exceptions)
  • I'm all right with "taboo" relationships and have a few ideas for them
  • I have practically no experience being a dominate anything in a sexual manner so...yeah...please don't ask for it
  • I will play in any medium from forums, PMs, google docs, and discord

Here is a page of various faceclaims and such. So if you see a girl you like let me know and maybe we can come up with something for her. The Ladies Illusion Plays

If I've gone missing then please take a look here and see if I've said something! Apologies for Sudden Absence

Current Cravings:I've had the urge to do something in the Fallout world because I've started playing that one again and I even have a bit of a plot...and yes it's a romantic based one as well. And I'm back on the Dragon Age train again so if we can come up with something for that...I'd be a very happy camper.

AND I've been inspired by this lovely lady so if someone would like to work something with me regarding her I'd be very much appreciative~


Plot Ideas:

"And You Are?"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Slice of life...probably...with a balance of smut and plot
Notes: This plot is very basic...I mean really basic...Just something to get us started...more or less

YC is famous. Super famous in one way or another. Maybe in music, maybe YC is infamous for being that horrible person, maybe an actor. Regardless YC can't go anywhere without being recognized until they end up in Small Town, USA, where everyone knows each other and no one locks their doors, for one reason or another. Maybe they were stranded, maybe they're on vacation, maybe they just ran to get away from the pressure. They run into MC who, for once, doesn't recognize them immediately. In fact most people in this sleepy little town don't really seem to know who YC is.

"Other World"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Fantasy
Notes: Heavily based on the other world concept from Coraline but has nothing to do with the actual movie/book or characters

So C1 is in a bland place...hates their life, job, school, whatever, and somehow ends up in like...a parallel world where their life is perfect and they meet C2. C2 is like a fresh breath of air and things are perfect or so they seem. Then things take a darker turn and C2 struggles to convince C1 to leave. Where it goes from there is open for discussion.

"Project S.Soldier"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Fantasy-ish I guess
Notes: This is not a Captain America thing. I don't know shite about him and I'm not really super interested in that coming into contact with this.

So C1 is a super human/special somehow/etc and was created by the government to be a super soldier. C2 is a scientist who just came onto the team and something happens. C1 and C2 form an instant psychic bond leading C2 to suddenly become forcefully part of the expiraments now. Where is goes is up to the partner.

"Doll on a Music Box"
Pairing: MxF or FxF
Theme: Fantasy, balanced plot and smut but can be more smut than plot
Notes: Heavily inspired and based on the story of Pygmalion. I'm willing to play either character.

C1 is a struggling artist who one made one masterpiece and that is a beautiful/handsome music box doll (C2). The doll is the only companion and often C1 talks to the creation, growing more and more attached as they struggle to make a name for themself in the artistic world. After a particularly brutal day the artist returns devastated and defeated to find that C2 has come to life. Has C1 gone mad? Were they blessed? Or is there something darker possessing the beloved creation?

"You Belong to Me Now"
Pairing: MxF or FxF
Theme: Darker erotica, futuristic-modern...I promise you'll get it when we discuss. I will not be playing the dominant partner in this.
Notes: I've had a lot of interest in this particular plot and I've had a few drops of this plot so I'm still looking however I'm being selective as things are starting to get repetitive with it.

The world is a darker place where your word is your bond, no matter what it is, and things that were once outlawed are now fair game. MC's father has a gambling addiction and doesn't know how to stop, especially when he's winning. While he's on a winning streak he says something stupid and puts his daughter, MC, up for grabs in front of several people. And loses. And she ends up in YC's grasp one way or another.

"Reflections in the Water"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Fantasy
Notes: I really wanna be a fucking mermaid so I made a damn plot!

The city Aquarium has a new show, a mermaid show actually. Nothing like this has ever been done before in YC's sleepy city. But now here it is and everyone gets a free ticket for one night and one night only. Why the hell not, it's free. Days after the show YC meets MC and realizes that she's the mermaid in the show! But what sort of secrets are being hidden and why is she staying so close to the owner of the Aquarium all the time?

"Living Forever?"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Fantasy
Notes: Inspired by the show Forever which was eventually canceled because prefer stupid shows instead of ones that make you think.

C1 is an immortal. But they haven't always been obviously. However they don't know why they are immortal. They were killed, or so they should have been and yet they were cursed instead to keep reawakening in random places that pertain to how they died. C2 is someone in their life who doesn't know the secret. Has no clue that their extremely intelligent friend is actually hundreds, possibly thousands, of years old. However things are going decently well enough until someone shows up who is also immortal...and has been for much longer.

"You're Here? - kinda craving at the moment"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Slice of life
Note: This can be altered to have an incest twist

The two were close as can be growing up. But MC was known as the one who always got away. The feelings were there between them but never able to be acted on for one reason or another. They were going to be together forever, YC was convinced that this was going to be for life. Then one day MC was gone with no warning and no way to contact. YC looked, honestly looked for her but she had just seemingly vanished. MC's mother wasn't worried at all and said MC had just run away. YC went on with life, grew up and continued forward but never forgot the best friend. But now MC has shown up out of the blue in the worst way possible. She's in YC's bride's wedding party. The blushing bride had no idea that there was history...Where do they go from here?

"Best Friends"
Pairing Type: MxF or FxF
Theme: Slice of Life, erotica
Notes: This will NOT become a threesome with the bitchy-girlfriend! MC hates the woman completely. On another site I tried this I had too many people suggesting it so I'll state it right now and stop any attempt. NO F/M/F or F/F/F!

MC and YC have been best friends for years, together through it all thick and thin. Hell or high water where one was the other was right there. But now they live together and things are a little shaky. MC has been in love with YC for years, willing to drop everything at the drop of a hat for them, and the opportunity was never right. Life had it's way of keeping things from happening so confessions were never made. YC has a girlfriend already and yes, she's pretty and probably a good lay but her personality leaves a lot to be desired. A mutual friend brings up that the girlfriend is a bitch and controlling and YC could do much better...or maybe they assume our people are dating. But something comes in to change that dynamic and YC starts to see MC in a new light.

"Oi, Save Me from My Family"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Slice of life, fake dating
Notes: An idea that's been bouncing around in muh head for a bit

C1 loves the family, it's great and wonderful if only mom/dad would STOP trying to hook C1 up with someone! Yes they are the only one in the family left not to have a significant other but really why does it matter? Still however C1 is desperate for an out when they get an invite to a major family event (wedding, birthday, etc) because they know what'll happen if they show up alone. So in a fit of desperation they go online and hire a professional. C2 is the perfect dating experience and they are more than willing to help a client through any issues, for the right price.

"Paradise Island"
Pairing: MxF, FxF, or MxFxF - one time only
Theme: Slice of life, erotica
Notes: In this if I will play two females there will not be a threesome. The two girls will not have any sexual relations between each other.

Welcome to Paradise Island! That's the banner that greets all the visitors to the private island resort. YC has come to the island, for business or for pleasure, and decides to stay at the luxury hotel. It has everything that anyone needs and actually contains it's own small village on the property. Everyone who lives on the island are members of staff and everyone else is a visitor to the island. However things are special on this island and nearly anything can be fulfilled. There are parts of the island where rules are very, very laxed. What sort of things will people get up to?

"That Witchy Woman"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Supernatural, witches, erotic

YC got a number from a girl at the club only to find out that it's a wrong number. Instead it connects to MC, a barista in a coffee shop who happens to be a secret witch. And she can make just about anything happen. I want to build this one with my partner so this is very basic.

"Legs for Miles - craving"
Pairing: MxF, possibly FxF
Theme: Slice of life, erotica

MC is a model. A very specific model that focuses on shoes and leggings. It's not a super glamorous position compared to the models who get their faces plastered all over the place but she's very happy in her job. YC can literally be anyone from her manager, photographer, stylist, even a designer who wants her to model their shoes. I know it's sorta weird but I like the idea of a girl in heels and stockings or something similar through the entire thing.
 And of course it'll go as long as we want it but I'm sort of hoping for a longer term thing.

"Only Family is What Remains"
Pairing: MxF, possibly FxF
Theme: Starting again, erotica, taboo
Notes: This one is specific in the incest department and I'm leaning toward a sort of medieval fantasy setting but that can be negotiated easily.

The revolution was a curse and a blessing. The King was killed and a new one was put in place. But the chaos left behind made the life beyond the castle a nightmare. Families had been ripped apart during the war. Fathers and sons forced into battle while mothers and daughters were left to tend if they could. Our family was one of those. YC was taken and forced into armor and to fight. When the battle was over and those who had not been killed or chose to stay were allowed to leave with honors and a hefty sum. But the home was gone, lost when it couldn't be maintained and then burned to the ground during a raid. MC is YC's only surviving relative (sister, daughter, niece - open for discussion) working in a filthy tavern hoping to get a way out of servitude. Rest of the plot is up for discussion.

"Pleasure Cruise"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Erotica
Notes: Would like this one to end up being long-term

MC got a once in a lifetime chance, or so she believes. She won a chance to go on a pleasure cruise. And when they say pleasure...they mean pleasure. Yes it had all the same features that most family friendly cruises had however this one was geared toward single adults looking for something. There are special rooms set aside for the more adventurous, the voyeurs, the dark and twisteds, the list goes on. MC is bright eyed and fresh faced and completely in over her head. She runs into YC and the two go on a crazy week filled with passion and lust. But what happens when the ship docks? Do they go separate ways or continue to see each other?

"Star Wars Fandom"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Fandom
Notes: Ideally set around the same time KOTOR

Crime runs rampant in the Galaxy and for Zeda (MC) it's a way of life. Whether she's hunting a bounty put out illegally or smuggling contraband goods, Zeda does what she does best, look out for herself.  That is, of course, until YC came into the picture. She gets sent to hunt down YC (for a reason of your own design) and that's when things changed. But for the good or for the bad? That remains to be seen.

"Dangerous Kinds"
Pairing: MxF, FxF
Theme: Erotic supernatural crime fighters
Notes: Originally had WerexVampire in mind but we could discuss if you have further ideas

Since time immemorial Vampires and Weres have been at war with each other. Recently though a shaky peace treaty was struck between the Council of Elders, all beings beyond the humans, and now the war has ended. A group of humans know about the beings in the shadows and to help keep the weaker humans safe, a supernatural police force has been formed. A Were and a Vampire have been put as partners in the force and tasked to hunt down their own kind gone rogue.

Other less developed ideas!

Batman (or anyone but you gotta bring a good plot for an OC) x Reformed!Poison Ivy - because Ivy doesn't get enough love damnit
Something based on or around the Harvest Moon series
Something band related
School settings

So I know I said fandoms and such and there are so many to list but these are I faves in no particular order.

  • Fatal Frame series
  • Ephemeral Fantasia (another one that would surprise me if people know what it is)
  • Skyrim
  • Gundam Wing
  • Bioshock (I've only played 1 and infinite)
  • Some of the classic 90's know what I'm talking about
  • Sherlock (this one would need some serious discussions)
  • The Dragon Age series
  • Tolkien universe
  • Kingdom Hearts (1 & 2 mostly)
  • Uncharted
  • Tomb Raider
  • Blue Seed (if you know this omg I would love you forever!)
  • Classic Disney and a few newer ones
  • Dynasty Warriors & Samurai Warriors game series
Ehh tons more but I can't think of ones to list at the moment.

So there you go. Please remember that the things listed are just the tip of the iceberg that's all I can think of at the moment. If you have any questions please feel free to post or PM me. If you PM you'll probably get a faster response time.

Hurry back! Hurry back. Be sure to bring your death certificate if you decide to join us. Make final arrangements now. We've been dying to have you.
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Re: This or That? (F for M or F - changing cravings)
« Reply #1 on: January 27, 2019, 08:01:48 PM »
So I've cleaned up the mess of my bumps and such and I've decided to start adding craving images or we've still got Flora up because I'm still craving doing something with her.

And now I'd like to do something with her