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July 18, 2018, 11:43:49 AM

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Author Topic: Male Seeking Female ~ Broken and Lost ~ Healing Each Other *Taken at this point*  (Read 269 times)

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Offline Rog the RakeTopic starter

Male Seeking Female ~ Broken and Lost ~ Healing Each Other


     One of my favorite authors is Tom Clancy and in one of his books he has a tragic tale at the start that well frankly does not get a happy ending. Not at least for the main character and not with the young woman he finds on the side of the road on his way out of town.

     The story is this MC (John Kelly) was a former Navy Seal, in his early to late thirties he retired from the service and went to work doing underwater demolition work or repair on oil rigs in the gulf of Mexico or wherever he was needed.

     His wife Trish was expecting their first child, a daughter when tragedy struck. He was out on a job in the gulf taking down an oil rig that had been hit badly by a storm and twisted up so badly that they could not repair it. He along with the two men hired to assist set the charges and brought the rig down, he even earned a bonus as he finished the job two weeks early.

    Happy to have it done, he headed back into port only to be met by friends and family who were heading out to get him. His wife Trish had been in a terrible auto accident and was dead. Killed on impact when a Semi truck hit her broadside rolling up and over the vehicle crushing it. It was not the drivers fault his breaks had gone out and witnesses say they heard him sounding his horn screaming out the window but the light was green and Trish had just rolled right out in front, there was nothing the drive could have done, witnesses say they saw him climb out rush and try to squeeze under the truck hoping and praying the woman inside was alive. But it was no good.

    When John (MC) was taken to the hospital morgue all this was relayed to him, how the man had to be sedated and was in fact in the same hospital, how he had kept saying over and over ‘ the breaks the breaks’ in shock and in tears over what had occurred.

    (MC) John Kelly was in his own private shock, his world at an end his future over. Friends and family helped and an insurance settlement as well but none of that meant a thing. John went on living, even putting on a good show, until you looked into his eyes. Dead nothing but dead eyes no spark nothing.

     That is until (YC) your character comes into his life..


      Six months later on a supply run into town he sees a woman, skinny a bit dirty , a back pack over one shoulder and older pair of shoes one the side of the road. The traditional hitch hiker look, only her thumb was not out nor did she have a sign she was just standing there the dust blowing her dirty brown blonde hair her eyes looking at the cars that passed her by.

     For whatever reason (MC) pulls over, the car he is driving is old but in good shape almost a tank really all metal and well taken care of. He thinks about moving back into traffic as he looks in the rear view mirror and sees your eyes.

     Eyes that he sees each morning in a mirror dead just like him, he is just about to put the car in drive when you shrug and walk up to the passenger side window. Before he can ask if you need a lift you ask “Where are you going?” … and thus our story would start.


     Now you may be wondering who the girl is or if the description above is who she should be and I will say NO.. however she should be between the age of seventeen and twenty-one no younger no older. Her back story is she ran away from home, she had come from a religious family and when she was caught with a boy her father was upset and she was scared so she ran.

   When she got to the east coast (Florida) she was easy pickings for men who preyed on young cute girls hooking them on alcohol and drugs and pimping them out and using them to deal drugs for them. BUT she saw one too many girls die from the drugs or killed horribly some being raped to death and they shot up and killed or strangled made examples off.. the last stray was the strangled girl who was being double teamed and as she both men came in her and she also climaxed the belt around her neck was tightened till she was dead.

    That image is what caused you to take some money and RUN, you did do not think you will get far before being found and taken back and killed. The men who own you have brought back each and every girl that had ever ran BUT still you had to try.

     Two weeks later you are out of money hunger and tired looking over your shoulder not being able to sleep , the few drugs you took with you barbiturates are almost gone you had been weeding them out of your system but still you feel the need.

     Standing on the side of the road not knowing what to do a car pulls up and over, you turn look at it ‘fuck it’ you think you have used sex before if the man wanted a BJ or something else for some food and a place to sleep a shower .. it was well worth it.

     Walking up to the car you see an older man early to late thirties? But he is well built strong looking you hope he is not into hitting girls , you have been beaten before BUT for a bed , shower and food. Before he speaks you speak

“Where are you going?” you say trying to smile and flit but your eye.. he sees them you do not know it but he sees how dead you are inside from our eyes..


Okay, there you go.. that is where we would start.. two broken people needed each other , there may be some kinks she is into some things she needs. For him it will be more gentle rough he is a big man in every way tall muscular and well-endowed but he will need help at first to become aroused.

In time I would like to see them fix each other and I plan on throwing in a bit of drama with the men who she ran from finding them. So it could get rough and nasty BUT in the end he will stop them better than he did in the Tom Clancy novel ‘Without Remorse’

Please PM me or reply back here if interested.

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