Cosa Nostra (F Seeking Mafia Games - MF and others)

Started by LtRipley, June 11, 2017, 08:52:35 PM

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Before contacting me, please read my o/o's they're linked in my signature. Thank you! :)

Just a quick thing about how I like to play though:
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I tend to play female characters, every so often I will play a male character but usually in an MM pairing or as a side character.
I prefer playing more submissive characters, but they're submissive with some spunk, never spineless. I can play dominate characters just as easily if the characters and plots are good
I have also recently been playing around with more complex relationship dynamics than just monogamy or adultery, such as open relationships or polyamory. Usually this would entail MFM or FMM so a partner into both MF and MM would be awesome.
I average two to five paragraphs a post, but generally try to match my partner's style (I just can't consistently do one para posts over and over, it drains me)
I don't care about the gender of my partner, whether it's a guy playing a girl or a girl playing a guy, whatever.

So I recently got done watching a documentary series on the Italian American mafia and now I'm craving a mafia game! I've played mafia stuff before but it was years ago. I'd love to do something with it again, feel like that kind of environment is rife for good stories and good sex haha

There are two eras I'm interested in, the 1920s which would be the bootlegging Prohibition years, and the 1970s which is kind of the golden years of the American mafia, quickly followed by their downfall in the 80s.

What does Cosa Nostra mean? In Italian, it's translated as 'our thing', but it's basically the mafia's name for itself, and means not just the mafia organization but the code of honor and silence they operated by.

I've got a couple of very bare ideas, mostly revolving around the characters, so I'm just going to list out a few possibilities and most of them could work in either era.

My Character (female character) - member of a mafia family (including being married to someone in the mafia), employee at a mafia hot spot or mafia business (including strip clubs/whore house), a police officer (would be in the 70s since there were no female officers in the 20s), a member of the mafia herself (this would require tilting reality a bit as women weren't generally actual made members of the mafia but eh this is for fun), someone completely unrelated and ignorant to the world of organized crime, or something else entirely.

Your Character (male character) - the list is actually fairly similar with a few tweaks, he could be a cop, someone completely unrelated to the mafia, or a member of the mafia. The last one has several options though, as he could be just a wise guy (someone who is kind of a thug in the mafia), a made man (step up from wise guy), a capo (captain, in charge of wise guys and made guys), an underboss (basically like a general, usually two of them), or a boss (in charge of everything).

Here are just a few ideas from the list above, a cop and a mafia member (either position could be either gender), two mafia members from different 'families' (they're not really all related, though some are) and are therefor actually rivals, a mafia member and the daughter of a higher up member (so basically like a 'commoner' and a 'noblewoman' in terms of status), or the opposite and a higher up member of the mafia and the daughter/sister of a lower member, a male cop and a female member of the family (but not actually a member of the mafia organization), a stripper or prostitute and a mafia member, a citizen (probably female, maybe the wife of a cop) and a mafia member (probably male), and a few others. Basically all of these would focus on the drama of the relationship and the conflict of them generally being in two different positions within society. The mafia had/has a lot of rules about how members behave and who they can and can't interact with and how, etc, toeing the line could be dangerous, crossing lines could be deadly. Lots of forbidden territory.

And I am always up for having multiple characters going on. We could have a game about a married couple who are in the mafia and the wife is sleeping with a cop investigating her husband and her husband is chasing tail elsewhere too, for example. If my character is up for MM it would also be really interesting to have an MM relationship in the game, the mafia is of course uber macho, being bisexual or gay would be a huge no no.

I'm not looking for an expert on the mafia so if you're not super informed about them no worries, I'm not either I'm just a nerd and watch documentaries and read wikipedia pages for fun.