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September 23, 2018, 09:30:32 AM

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Author Topic: Easygoing roleplay cravings{F or M for Any gender  (Read 328 times)

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Offline ladybugTopic starter

Easygoing roleplay cravings{F or M for Any gender
« on: June 11, 2017, 03:19:48 PM »
Hi there! I'm looking for some new roleplays! I like sexual roleplays with plot but i'm up to trying ones with less sex!

I'll try to match what you post, but I do not enjoy having to write something lengthy every time. I'm looking something fun, and more lightweight. I like to chat ooc, but that is not needed if you do not wish to talk. My character's are on the submissive side, and I enjoy many kinks. I enjoy porny one shots but I'm really craving something with plot something that could be long term.

Character wise I like to play teenagers, twinks, and bigger girls.

I would like the roleplay to occur over email, over a messenger or pm's.

A zombie apocalypse long term roleplay. Extreme craving right now.
Werewolf x Human

Offline ladybugTopic starter

Re: Easygoing roleplay cravings{F or M for Any gender
« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2017, 03:20:35 PM »

Jurassic park/world
The walking dead (show)
Harry Potter
The hunger games
Lord of the rings
Spartacus (show)

Stargate SG-1
Animal crossing
Monster hunter 3? (I'm not sure what game but in that world)
Grimm (Going to rewatch)
Percy Jackson (the universe)
Falling skies (like the first/second season)
Avatar the last airbender
The strain
Dog soldiers

Sky high- Based on the movie where everyone gets put into certain classes if they're deemed a hero or sidekick. Would like to try a Dom/sub feel on this.
Pitch black- Crashed on an alien planet. Anything can be changed but I like the idea of having a guard and prisoner on board. MC willing to do anything to escape.
Alien-Would like to try where they're trapped on a ship, or something like the second movie with the soldiers and the settlement(with survivors). Could be xeno x human.
Predator- Could be a small town under attack and isolated. The hunting planet, being hunted by humans and predators alike. Could be predator x human.
Pokemon- Trainer x team rocket grunt (or another team). Being captured and used by them and/or their Pokemon.


Inmate x Inmate
Runaway x Runaway
Cop x Runaway
Vampire x Human
Werewolf x Human
Older brother's friend x Younger sibling
Truck driver x Hitchhiker
Stalker x Stalked
Brother x Younger Brother

Offline ladybugTopic starter

Re: Easygoing roleplay cravings{F or M for Any gender
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2017, 03:21:43 PM »


Monster of the week- Cryptozoology team searches for Bigfoot and monsters, and one member seems to always stumble across them when they're on their own. Much to the creatures delight. Beast/non-con/dub-con (Rough sex, excess cum, feltching)

Little red riding hood- Petite amateur porn star who wears a wolf mask and uses a big red wolf dildo in their videos. Could be a sibling, or school mate who's a fan or a local werewolf(werewolves) who finds out who they are. Possible beast, blackmail, incest. (Rough sex, alpha male, size difference, rimming/oral, dub-con)

A camping we will go-
Oblivious parents pick up a hitchhiker in their r.v who convinces them to let him tag along until a certain town. Somewhere that will take weeks to get to even without the sight seeing. Could be a runaway, on the run convict (who looks like the boy next door type), juvenile runway, or murderer. Parents treat the trip like a huge date, leaving their moody teen behind to entertain their new guest. Non-con/dub-con, public sex, somnophilia.****

Pirates love their booty- A young male born to a wealthy family, has been summoned to the Caribbean to learn under his uncle who oversees the navy. He hoped for adventure and he got it in spades. Kidnapping, dub-con, blackmail/ransom. (Rimming, filled with cum, spanking)

Where the wild men are- Stranded and scared this small group of survivors were happy to be found by some natives instead of what ever was stalking them and leaving those giant footprints. Until they weren't. (Cannibalism, non-con, breeding.)
Or could be more Tarzan like with animalistic breeding, and naivety. ***

Anyone out there?- With only his walkie talkie and what he could carry in his duffle bag, he was alone. Since he got split up from his group two weeks ago he checked his walkie every morning and night. Then he heard someone through the static. Dub-con, public sex, breath play. (Being watched from a distance or on cams.)

We come in pieces?- Watching the stars from the roof made moving to the country easier to bear. His parents boasted there would be more family time once they moved but he hardly saw them. With his dad working on the military base and his mother joining every club in town with gossiping old ladies. So he had no one to tell him not to go looking for what just crashed in the forest surrounding the house. Dub-con, xeno, size difference.

Who's a good boy?- A world where people with animal characteristics (neko or anthro) are deemed lesser beings and thus are deemed pets or manual labor workers for their owners/government.  MC gets one as a gift for doing good in school. (16-21 ish for their age). They take them everywhere, and let's them stay in their room at night. (Could be they become friends with the pet wanting them as a mate. Or one that resents humans and is a former worker who was given to them as a guard by rich parents. Only it's not MC who's in charge anymore and is used more like a pet.)

T-t-touch me- Affection snubbed by scientist parents MC craves contact friendly or otherwise. Touches that last a little to long from one of lab techs in their parents lab, shoves where bully hands linger on his body, brotherly back pats and hugs with roaming hands from their college aged neighbor. MC's eagerness is noticed and well received.
(Lab tech could be added with creatures, and testing what they would do to MC.)

Sister oh sister- You love your big sister so much you decide that you're the only one who can have her affection. Started off innocence enough with just wanting to spend time with her, cuddle her and making sure everyone knew that she was HIS sister. But with her starting to go out on dates you realize that you need to show her that you can be everything she needs.
V2- Your younger sister is starting to go out on dates and you realize that it makes you angry. No boy is good enough for her! Won't give her what she needs like you could. You've always been close with her, and that protectiveness has turned into possessiveness. You need to show her that she needs a real man like you.

Made for it?- Growing up with just your father you've heard a lot of drunken ramblings at night about knocking young fat bitches up, and how they were made for it. That became just as normal as playing sports in your family and thanksgiving dinners at you uncles. So it came as a surprise that in senior year, being team captain and dating the hottest girl in school that you started to picture knocking up the new girl. The new fat girl. What started as a fleeting thought turned quickly into a dangerous obsession.

The kinks listed after an idea are suggestions for that idea.