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September 15, 2019, 01:26:47 AM

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Author Topic: MILF-based scenarios (M seeking Female (Mature))  (Read 492 times)

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Offline strossaTopic starter

MILF-based scenarios (M seeking Female (Mature))
« on: June 06, 2017, 01:01:04 AM »
I am looking for MILF scenes with a younger man. With a preference for (mostly) vanilla sex scenes, I want to explore the sexuality within the mature, married lady that is allowed to flourish in the presence of a younger man. Partly, the attraction of the roleplay is that she succumbs to her sexuality and engages in the act.

My kinks are typical properties associated with traditional wives (opposite of sluts) like big white panties, pantyhose, long dresses, curves, asses (although a curvy lady is not necessary, if you can play a sophisticated thin lady that will also work), pubic hair, baking, hands to the side, etc.

The core of the idea is that I get to bask in all of these properties. As attention is extended, it is welcomed. If the character looks, stares, it is met with understanding and school nurse language.  I want the smiling, warm kind that for some reason (we need to be creative to credibly establish this) allows the young man to explore his desires.  So the intellectual challenge here is to create a female character that has some underlying reason to welcome this kind of sexual attention, but is not overly sexual (bimbo/nympho type).  I do not like the porn aesthetic.  She is also not dominant towards him, but she is smarter and more experienced and "understands" what he wants.  Elements like coming out of the shower, needing advice on what underwear to put on, pulling up pantyhose, and more such softcore episodes really turn me on here.  When it culminates in sex, however, the young man is full of desire and youth and quite intense.  So not submissive.

My limits are the extreme stuff because that ruins that illusion of believability I like with RP. So no blood, scat, gore and violence. Perhaps, more importantly, I don't like more men in the scenes. So no gangbangs (I know lots of women like this - not judging), although I do like the cheating dynamic, which means other men can be involved in some form.
I'm OK with posting in threads asynchronically, but also enjoy the intensity of direct chat, and possibly voice. (Important: No ambitions of RL intrusion, I just like the added flavor).

It's just my fantasy, it's hard to do and perhaps strange to many, but I would love doing it with a partner that finds it interesting. I like realism (RP can't be fully realistic, as it's not real but I like scenes where I buy into the illusion, enabling me to experience this fantasy of mine).  Some example characters that could work (but I would love developing them with a partner after all this dynamic is what makes RP so fun):

1) Divorcée - the divorced woman who has been through some rough patches. Not too extreme, but she has had so many things to think about that her sexuality was put on hold. Now, she discovers that she has been watched by this young man in her neighborhood. She has noticed the long looks and has felt increasingly ticklish about it. As summer approaches, she starts feeling ticklish about it. Suddenly, he is at the door and rings the doorbell. She is confused! But excited.
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2) Office wife - she is a co-worker in a shared office space. In the middle of her 40s, she feels a stronger sex drive as ever. We share the same lunchroom but have offices on separate floors. Next to the lunchroom, there is a photocopier she has the key too. The coworker (played by me) needs to ask her to open it, and in the little hallway leading to the room he "accidentally" touches her butt as she stops by the door. Her ass is quite large, yet in perfect proportion to the rest of her body. Definitely, she has noticed that he looks at it, as this accidental touch happens every time. Will something else happen? What would trigger it?

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3) Church Lady - a woman, possibly even married, that volunteers in church and is overly generous, always looking to help others meet their needs. When faced with a young man that is brought to the brink out of overwork and nervousness about an exam, she goes to lengths unimaginable to help him cope with his worries.
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