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Author Topic: Ye Olde {Twisted} Love Triangle  (Read 542 times)

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Ye Olde {Twisted} Love Triangle
« on: June 05, 2017, 05:48:25 am »
I’m looking for a partner who would like to jump into an illicit, incestuous, medieval love triangle. Can be fantasy. Can be historical. The setting can be almost anything you like.

One King. Two Princesses.

She watched him carefully, another dirty face in the crowd waiting patiently for a glimpse of him. Their King, the most exalted in society, their Kingdom hinged around him. But she, she never really thought she’d see him. People travelled to the castle for many reasons, hers was the death of her father and an argument over land. Nobody expected to see him, usually it was advisors and Lords. But there he was, sat on the high throne, beautiful and Godly. She swallowed thickly as another of them, another peasant knelt before the throne stuttering over his words, appealing to a man who seemed as bored listening as they all did waiting.

Every now and then the man standing next to him, dressed almost as exquisitely, would dip his head and whisper to His Highness, who would smirk or laugh, before muttering something generic and wave them off. Next. Sarah didn’t want to be standing here, in a palace that she felt entirely out of place in, she wanted to be at home. With her family.

This entire place felt alien. People pushed passed her and she backed further into the crowd, delaying the moment where she would have to kneel before him, those dark curls, those dark eyes, and accept that the man that they spent their time obsessing over, gossiping about, had no care that they existed. To him, they were a job. A boring task he must endure. For Sarah? It was the moment of a lifetime, a moment she would pass down to her children, the moment she knelt before the King. Somehow it would be okay in her memory, but right now? She looked down at her threadbare clothes and dirty hands and wondered whether he would even see her as a woman.

The King was in the market to be married. A perfectly eligible bachelor, and how his people enjoyed speculating over who that might be? When? They wanted a royal wedding, something beautiful and exciting. Who would capture the heart of their King?

How many times had she fallen asleep at night, remembering the story of his mother? A beautiful young woman who had caught the eye of the King, a nobody, who had become Queen. Except she hadn’t been a nobody, not really, she had been the daughter of a Lord. Not a princess for sure, no royal blood flowed through her veins. But not a nobody. Still, it was a fantasy, that he would look at her and fall deeply in love. That she would be pulled out of the mud and swill of her pig farm and live here. Like this. True love beating the odds.

As the queue got smaller and smaller, Sarah realised that she wouldn’t be able to put it off much longer. Her legs felt like jelly and she was trembling. The thought of those superior eyes, judging her, finding her wanting. Or not even looking at her enough to draw a conclusion. She was so lost in her own thoughts that when the doors at the far end of the room opened, she was one of the last ones to drop to a curtsey. Which meant she got a very good look at the beautiful auburn haired princess as she swept into the room. Her hair fell down her back, smoothly and flowed like water. Sarah’s mouth dropped open as she bent her knees and dropped down. The Princess looked nothing like her brother, and though she had seen portraits, in person she was so much more beautiful. How could Sarah hope to compete with women like that? Pale skin and a dress that begged to have fingers run along the deliciously soft fabric.

Her eyes fell to the King, but he wasn’t looking anywhere else but his sister anymore as she swept to the throne and leant close to his ear, there was no hesitation. To her he was not a King, he was her brother. It was an ease that Sarah envied. These Gods weren’t people. They couldn’t be people. Because for them to live like this, whilst she lived in squalor, it seemed unfair. They had to be better than people. Chosen by God. The King’s laugh cut through the room infectiously, Sarah would remember that laugh for the rest of her life. But it was bittersweet because shortly after it the King rose and excused himself. The friend who had been speaking with him, sat down on a stool next to the throne and took over the absent monarch’s duties. Sarah never did get to meet the King, but secretly, she preferred it that way. 

The first princess is his older sister, a secret and forbidden, unconsummated love affair, the love of his life, passionate and demanding. She's his right hand. Unfortunately, they're weighed down by many problems. The first biggest that he should marry her off for political gain, but his jealousy won't allow it. The second; that they would be burned for witchcraft if anybody found out. They're close, she's basically paraded around like a Queen. They're inseparable. His sister is cunning, wickedly clever and cynical. Not to mention spoiled. She is all too comfortable in her position at court, with her brother under her thumb. Whether they succumb to desire or not, is yet to be discovered.

The second Princess is heir to the neighbouring Kingdom. Together they would unite the Kingdom's forever and exponentially increase their political standing and power. It's too perfect an opportunity to pass up. So the marriage is arranged. Her ways are not his ways; her country is very different and very pious. But aside from her rigid sense of purpose, she is naive, noble and sweet. Fiercely loyal to her Kingdom and people. And easily manipulated by her jealousy of the King's Sister. Can she oust her rival and claim her dominance over the King?

I want the story to encompass, pretty much, him trying to juggle politics, war and these two women. He needs to marry, but he also cannot pull himself free of the forbidden lure of his sister. They're addicted to one another. But his bride-to-be is a refreshing, submissive soul who awakens something in his that he didn't know existed.

The setting, as I mentioned, is entirely fluid. Accurate historical trope? Done. Want magic? Done. Dragons? Double done! Vampires/werewolves/witches...done! I'm sure you get the idea. The characters can be thrust into whatever world your dark little imagination fancies.

As long as the Princesses are polar opposites of each other and he falls in love with them both, he needs them both. The King is walking a knife-edge of lust and scandal, one mistep away from losing everything.

Does anybody want to play?
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