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May 13, 2021, 01:28:10 pm

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Author Topic: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)  (Read 1120 times)

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Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« on: June 04, 2017, 07:32:47 pm »
I know that there is solid fanbase for monster girls(and boys) in E thanks earlier games and also lovely picture threads. Also popular shows like Monster High, Monster Musume, Highschool DxD and Rosario+Vampire and other similar works as inspiration for this game idea of Monster Academia. A cheeky, fun, smutty but at times serious, story/game of monster students mingling with humans.

At first there was nothing; just void/mass of energy which remained inert and did nothing. But then time started, there was sense of something in the world and thus world changed. It created the world and universe as we know it and that's much as science has figured it out. But what they did not figure out, was that besides material entities on earth, other entities do excist and that there are different dimensions which were formed during the big bang as well. Time travel is not travel through time but between dimensions of posibillities. Amongst said posibillities there are alternative earts, races, beginnings and the ends.

One major cross dimensional events was event which was called in bible as The Great Fall. In bible it talks about angels falling from heaven and slaking their lusts on mortal women (and men as well albeit bible did not tell you that did it?). Then god punished wayward angels (along side of Lucifer) and send them to hell. Story did not go that way though. Matter was much more....complicated.

There is dimension where angels excist and they do not interact much with earth folk (nor have interest nor need for it). Angels basically are spirits from high advanced and magical dimension and the 'fall' was actually a invasion from said dimension to ours and taking local native inhabitants (humans) as their sex slaves all purpose for collecting matter (resources) for their home dimension! Amongst the leaders of said invasion was angel/spirit called Lucifer. Lucifer was not popular figure and was viewed as warmongrel and majority of angels were against the idea of invasion (risks and such) but Lucifer did what he did as he was spoiled prince from royal line amongst angels.

During said crisis local natural spirits fought against angels but they were outmatched by leagues in magical might, until a entity awakened which became much feared and true deific sponsor for humans; Death. Death so far had been silent, unseen and simply been function of universe as time is. However the spiritual flares and energy which slashed between angels and local nature spirits collided and gave birth to new spiritual entity and said entity did not like the chaos, so using overwhelming power death sealed 'fallen' angels into own separated dimension and because Lucifer's own father did not interfere it created feud between them which sparked the everlasting war between angels and demons (demons being former fallen angels which have been rotting in prison dimension all this millenium and seeking ways to break out and avenge upon the world which imprisoned them and seek claim souls of mortals which otherwise now default go to Death upon, well, dying). Angels felt responsible for all chaos and mess one their own did so for time they worked with human mortals (give guidance but not directly travel to earth never again like Lucifer and his soldiers did).

Another reason for angels visions was because union of angels (by Lucifer's lot) created nephilim. Nephilim were powerful hybrids of angels (sons of god) and mortal men and women. Death viewed that unlike angels, nephilim were mortal albeit with long lifespans compared to humans and thus death did not banish nephilim along with Lucifer angels. Nor did 'heaven' (dimension where angels came from) did not accept them in but they provided guidance much as they could for nephilim to help settled in as new native species. nephilim formed backbone to each and every myth related to gods and their offspring (in greek one nephilim was called Chronos who had many sons and daugthers with mortal women who worshipped him as a overgod). Chronos era example was golden era and peace, until Zeus (his son) killed him out of jealousy.

This tale of nephilim and their offsprings gave foundation to every myths and tales of gods, half-gods and other beings descended from the gods (Gilgamesh and Enkidu example). Nephilim and their direct descendants had much magical power compared to angels and demons and thus were capable creating new creatures and species (monsters). This then created scenario where humans had to struggle, battle and live with constant threats of these 'gods' and their monsters. A era of terror which lasted eons until ancient tales (and bloodlines) withered in potency in face of science.

However there is expection; there is monster which is no creation of angel, demon nor nephilim; but by Death itself. There was a man, called Vlad Dracula. He was a compassionate man who cared only well being of his kingdom, but other lands ruled by nephilim descended rulers saw him and his opinions as a threat. He was a monster which they had created and send back home once they felt he was no longer needed. But a monster which growled in discontent on news he was forced to send his own child and kingdom children to fuel other countries wars. He rebelled and he faced overwhelming odds of massive army and he was desperate. So he summoned a demon from darker realms to make pact of power with him to gain further power. Irony is the fact that Vlad himself was descended from nephilim in distant line, so demon merely awakened his lingering demonic/angel powers with the blood pact in return of favor asked later by the demon.

However, Death sensed the pact and that Vlad became powerful as the ancient angels and demons of the past! So Death cursed the pact so Vlad could indeed gain powers he sought but with a price; with cost of his humanity and craving for blood of the living humans and become vulrenable to various substances of purity. Vlad, despite resisting the dark urges, with all his power, failed to protect his kingdom, his wife, his child, against the armies and he had only damned himself to become incapable of dying (as Death denied Vlad freedom to die like most mortals did, as if his body was destroyed his spirit will haunt dark realms until finding new host). Vlad then animated few remaining surviving soldiers, serfs, maids, anyone, in his kingdom as vampires and then he and his vampire army went on rampage across europe and chased and killed down all living humans which they could find! As ultimate revenge for loss Vlad had to endure! Cursing himself and life itself! Vlad eventually died, but his legacy left various vampire clans founded by the original citizens of his ruined kingdom and as undying spirits, each vampire was reborn anew upon new host after while they died. Either dominating the host or host triumphing or merge occuring.

Eventually reign of terror was put on end with aid of angels (who were disgusted the way how vampires displayed their ancient lineage), natural spirits who found undying spirits as bane of the world and naturally then humans who learned how to fight and battle the harmful monsters. One most renown as Van Helsing who later on had three sons and two daugthers and each one founding a clan of monster hunters with their own focus and specialities and were banes for monster exchistence since then.

However, times change. Since end of World War II the monster hunters and monsters have started negotiate and talk more lasting peace between humans and monsters and as result of such agreement they created a alternative dimension where they builded academy which serves as place to educate monsters to blend in to human society. Not blend in as means to hunt humans, but rather live alongside them while keeping their own excistence as a secret (for now as centuries people have believed ancient myths as mere fairy tails than tale disguised facts of the past). Monsters who do not prey humans face discrimination and killing as well and dark middle ages made humans who tapped into world of magic (humans who studied secrets taught by nephilim) dangerous subject to study thanks witch hunts as well.

So welcome to Monster Academia! Place of new dream and beginning for humans and monsters alike!

Sorry for lenghty 'fluff' history in above but it makes sense (it relates to system which could be used if players want use it but if most want this game to be freeform then we go by it). Overall there are monsters of various shapes and sizes and there are different monsters based on origin (natural spirits, demon/angel/nephalim and then vampire/undead). There are humans who have nephalim ancestry (but no powers and such), but those humans are more 'awake' and aware of supernatural world or overall more spiritually sensitive. All humans from the five monster hunter clans are 'aware' humans. But there can be others outside that.

Anyways besides monsters there are invited humans from monster hunter clans attending the school as well (as form relationship between once two hostile factions on fresh clean table) and also 'duped' awakened regular humans (humans who are 'aware' while not knowing it and are tricked to join monster academia which dimension they cannot leave until school year is over). Long run idea of the program is to research best possible angles for humans x monsters to interact, mend bridges and also find way perhaps someday introduce monsters publicly back to society.

Now system which I hinted on title I have thought to use Monte Cook's World of Darkness, basically World of Darkness stuff in d20 format. Link leads to place where buy it but if broke you can probably find PDF somewhere on internet :P. Anyways book provides chargen for awakened humans, magi, werewolves, vampires and demons.

Now, idea is that werewolves present natural spirits but demons chargen and overall 'flavor' is very loose so much that it could be used to any shapeshifting spirit template (natural or demonic in origin). Just any cants (powers) need reflavored fitting for each given monster. Or use werewolf template (if given monster would fit more as werewolf than demon based chargen) but for different animal or give other gifts (powers) to them based by needs given monsters fluff.

For ease on interaction all monsters can shapeshift (expect undead/vampires who look human enough to pass anyway). But as mentioned system is not must have and this first post will be updated later date on char gen if people thumbs up and want use system.

So first question as you write reply, is that do you want the story/setting as freeform or use system? As note reason for system is for sake of balance mostly (what abilities each given monster has and have seen in past if students fight it can lead to unrealistic feeling scenarios in power scale wise and with system everyone is on same page). Also story can involve monster clans who did not agreed for peace treaty and monster terrorist groups who seek sabotage program or seek harm students one way or other.

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Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2017, 09:47:26 am »
How did I go two days without realizing this was a thing? I love monsterpeople, but my only fault is being system-illiterate. >.< So if this becomes freeform, then cool beans, i'd definitely be game. Though if it swings to system based, i'll probably have to keep out. x_x

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #2 on: June 06, 2017, 10:41:42 am »
Ok, so one vote for freeform so far and thank you for interest :).

Offline ChaoticSky

Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #3 on: June 06, 2017, 10:58:38 am »
Out of curiosity; if you were interested in sing a D20 system anyway, why not just use Pathfinder's race/monster creation system? It seems like it would work better and provide a much wider variety, rather than trying to pound the variety of existing monsters into a couple categories?

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #4 on: June 06, 2017, 11:17:46 am »
Pathfinder could also work, if we set RP scale limit for base races and such. But it works only if humans by default accept the disadvantage that they will not be compensated anyway. With the Monte Cook's D20 version of world of darkness awakened humans and the monsters are roughly equal (humans not combat monsters but bringing tons of skill utilities and outmatching monsters with sheer skills alone).

So you would vote yes for system if using pathfinder?

Offline Kokaine

Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #5 on: June 06, 2017, 01:32:51 pm »
I would be interested if this was freeform.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Monster Academia (Interest/Recruit, potential system)
« Reply #6 on: June 06, 2017, 01:47:21 pm »
2 for freeform and 1 for pathfinder system based in votes wise.