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April 15, 2021, 08:40:35 pm

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Author Topic: Some of my ideas (M for F)  (Read 548 times)

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Offline CrimDragonTopic starter

Some of my ideas (M for F)
« on: June 04, 2017, 12:54:50 pm »

I decided to sum my ideas up in this thread.
Main focus is to have a fun time! 

Maybe you find something you're interested in, if so:  just send me a PM.

GoogleDocs/Email play preferred, as I can access them from work -
For my likes/dislikes: please check my o/o.

Demonic / twisted romance:

First I want to start a picture that inspired me:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Interested in this male character? Good.

What I need from you:
What I'm looking for is someone will to play an alluring and somewhat experienced succubus. Strong willed, looking for power and devious but willing to either subordinate or (maybe / depends on you)  fall even in love. We can discuss this role in detail per PM. Basically you get to decide if the story takes more a dark, light or romantic route.

What you get from me:

Two main male characters, a hopefully exciting and fascinating story, my attention (see availability further down), sexy fun with both men, separated but there's chance both will play along. Oh and maybe a bunch of NPCs you can do pretty much everything with them.

The story will take place in a fantasy(!) city. Fantasy means: In this world demons are well known and some sorcerers are sometimes even brave or stupid enough to try to summon them from the underworld.
To send them back to hell and fight for justice, freedom, light and so on, a church with the name of "Saia" made itself a name. Crusading through the lands the knights and priests of Saia look for the evil in form of demons, hellhounds, monsters, foul sovereigns and bring them down.
In this scenery the story will take place. Your character will either get caught between the lines or maybe decide early to fight for one. Anyway she will play a important role in the conflict between church and demons, which one is up to you.
If you have particular questions, don't hesitate to ask me. Of course we can develop the world together.

The men

Damian (see picture above):
Born as the first son of the devil himself and a human woman he is blessed and cursed to live in both worlds at the same time. Since he was born he's struggling with his father over the reign of the underworld, but as long he is no "full" demon he won't be able to overcome the powers of Lucifer. Usually he spends half his time in the grand palace of his father and strolls through the underworld. Gathering power, using and consuming the power of lost souls and sole demons his father left over. But lately he spends more and more time in the world of humans. Still he's bound to some rules, but no one in his father's kingdom has seen him for months.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
William de Montfort :
Born, raised and trained by the knights of Saia, he was the secret son of a influential and mighty member of their society.
Because his father broke the vow of chastity he had quite a hard time to become a member of the order. Nonetheless he managed to take the vows himself and is now one of the best and is determined to become a leader himself. But the vows are starting to take their tolls and lately he begins to understand why his father broke his.

I tried it a while ago to play through, but unfortunately didn't managed to finish it. Hopefully it will work out this time.


Based on an erotic story I recently read I'd like to RP the following situation:
During family vacation in the Caribbean, two of them decide to make a short trip with a sailing boat. They get into a heavy storm and find themselves rescued on a small, lonely island. (Quite some cliché in there I know.)

However the interesting part should be the pairing here and the growing sexual tension. I'd prefer brother/sister, but father/daughter can work as well.
Of course, if you like, there hasn't to be a blood relation between them (stepsister/brother/father), but I'd like to play with the boundaries and see how long they last to keep their hands of each other. As far as I can see the major part will be one heavy, long foreplay between the characters until the desire gets to strong.

This is just the basic setup. Any changes or variations can be discussed.

The haunted house

Your character inherits / decides to buy or sneak in this wonderful house. What she doesn't know is, that there is a whole bunch of horny ghosts and demons waiting to seduce and/or ravage her.

Quite and wide open scenario, I know. It's there to live out your kinks, tell me what you want, I will GM the story and play the different creatures.
Yes - it's mostly smut and fun.

The email affair

I got this idea running through my head for a while now. However it's quite vague and maybe someone wants to explore it with me:
The idea is to get a bit more into roleplay. The play happens via email (we can use a thread or send real mails - the choice is ours). An both play a character the other could imagine an affair/relationship with.
This can be: Two characters that met through online dating - maybe teacher/student - maybe married people looking for excitement.
The twist: we will only send emails. No actual 'storytelling' like we're used to do. In the end bot players should sit and write as the character.
- I don't know if this works, but I sure would like to give it a try. Maybe someone got an idea for an interesting pairing?

Especially based in a play via IM's
I would like to test it a bit more like a 'texting' adventure. Again it can be a rather taboo relationship or something normal / romance stuff. However the goal is to 'be' the character that is texting. Furhter details through pm's

My playstyle
Nearly everything is fine with me as you can see in my On/Offs and likes/dislikes. I try to check and answer daily. If I'm not able to do that I answer the following at the lastest.

That's them for now.
Best wishes.