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August 19, 2022, 05:13:15 am

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Author Topic: [f/f] sassy princess and spooky lady knight, being FIERCE  (Read 707 times)

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Offline NostalgiaTopic starter

[f/f] sassy princess and spooky lady knight, being FIERCE
« on: June 03, 2017, 10:18:57 pm »

Your father just died, and you're in charge now. The problem is, it might not be for long. You are surrounded by hangers on, rivals, "friends of the family" that want to snatch everything you have from you. And you aren't sure if some of them are responsible for the death in the first place. A few days later, you get a sealed note, in his handwriting, expressing his faith in you. Upon his death, he arranged to send for MC to assist you. And he insists that you don't trust anyone but MC.

You're expecting an old man, some friend from the war to act as a surrogate father. You kind of resent it. But the person that arrives is the literal opposite of what you expect.


Depending on your tastes, you can either inherit something and actually be in charge, or be passed up for your gender and have to push ahead of your (jackass) brother.

We could also do a setup where I'm in prison and you have me pardoned or released and everyone's scandalized. Don't get too hung up on how they get together... there's ideas.

I also had a concept where the two of us were sent to be wardens of a lawless or recently conquered city.

There's a ruling council and reports of... human trafficking, let's say. We show up in town and it's off to the races. Kick one of them out of the big suite overlooking the city, stop paying taxes to the old guys  that do magic. We could ruffle a lot of feathers quickly. And maybe one of them is on the take etc etc.


Cliches like this will be explored with only 15% irony:

- MC bullying / threatening / beating up guys while YC smirks approvingly
- YC being unbearably rude to "reasonable" male characters while MC smirks approvingly
- your character probably owns a pet tiger and/or is a wizard or something
- "but it's FORBIDDEN to be a lesbian!" "i don't care!" (mmmaybe)
- speeches about believing in each other
- whispering nighttime arguments that end in "b-but i don't want lose you"
- kissing in front of some dude that is either jealous or scandalized or both

My character concept (and this may change some based on input) : verrry tall, wide eyes, maybe half shaved? One permanently bloodshot eye (vision is fine), shoulder scarring, cuts and bruises. A very experienced/menacing soldier who has 1 (one) soft spot for you.


Short term or long term. Also open to doing relaxed/abbreviated posting style to fit into your busy schedule.

If you're interested in this girls rule boys drool lesbian medieval princess tumblr trash kerfuffle send me a PM for more options and details. yeah~!
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