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October 28, 2021, 11:46:31 am

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Author Topic: He left rope burns on my what?  (Read 466 times)

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He left rope burns on my what?
« on: June 02, 2017, 04:52:12 pm »
Yeah. Coming up with a title wasn't easy. So I went with....that. lol. My name is AndNich123, but please call me Andy. Yes that's Andy with a y, and trust me, I'll all female. I've been writing on Bluemoon for a couple of years now. After I was approved for this site, I had a few rps, but they've all dried up. So I'm craving a bit more. My time is limited, but I do enjoy writing. So I try my best. I will say this upfront. If you're looking for someone who will reply every single day, keep looking. I work full time, and I help out my family during the week before I go to work. So yeah. I also do not like forcing a post just for the sake of posting. To me, it reads as though it was forced, and that's not giving you my best work. To me, when the muse is present, the words flow. They paint a beautiful picture and carry the rp further. That's what I want to do. So if you want a person that wants to give you everything they can in a rp, someone that writing, that the words, mean something to, then keep reading.

I do apologize that my thread isn't as flashy as some may be. You won't see pictures littering it or fancy text. It's just words that tell the plots I've collected over time. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope to hear from you.

Found Her/ Déjà vu    

This is a plot I’ve done before under the two titles above. I would like to explore it further. The basic plot is about a couple that meet in high school. At first, he’s perfect, but as time passes, he becomes abusive. He arranges for them both to go to college together, using his family’s influence. She has other plans, arranging to go to a different college. The closer it gets to the semester beginning, she convinces him it might be a good idea for him to go ahead of her two weeks and get their apartment ready. He agrees, and she takes this as her chance to get away. Running away, she starts college far away from him and his abuse. For one year she’s happy. It takes time, but she slowly begins to adjust to not living in fear and worry of being beaten. Just before school begins again in the fall, her roommate decides to throw her a birthday party. The roommate and her friends are characters I am more than happy to play. The party is set up at a local nightclub. She’s having the time of her life, but she doesn’t realize that he’s found her. He’s there and soon enough he will make his presence known. There are other details that I would be more than happy to discuss, and if you have any ideas, I would be happy to hear them and discuss those as well.

Just A Peek

This is a plot I’ve tried a couple of times as well. It too doesn’t go as far as I’d like it to go. The basic plot is one of where the girl stays overnight with a friend. During the night, she gets up for some reason or another and hears sounds coming from down the hall. Curious she investigates. Finding a cracked door, she sees her friend’s parents having sex. Though she knows she should leave, she can’t. Instead she finds herself sliding down the wall and sitting in the floor, watching them. She begins to pleasure herself as thoughts of wishing it was her run through her mind. Then it happens. He looks up and notices her. Where things go from there is up for discussion. Of course he finishes with his wife, but what he does with this knowledge, with this girl, are details that can be talked over. I already have some ideas, but I would love to hear yours’.

Summer Camp

This is a plot that I don’t know how far it would go. The plot is simple. Girl goes to summer camp for several years. Each year she lusts after one of the counselors. Finally one year she’s old enough for him to notice her and want her. They get together. From there, I’m not sure where this plot could go. Any ideas?

Accidents Happen

I started this rp, and I so loved it. My partner was incredible. Because the rp was so good, I would like to try and finish the plot to the end. Girl gets stood up on her prom night. She meets a man, a much older man. They spend the evening together. From the title of the rp, I’m sure you can guess what happens.

Weeds in The Backyard

Callie came from a wealthy family. Her father had certain expectations about her. She was taken for granted, often ignored, but there were still certain standards that she would live up to. So when he hired on a new mechanic to take care of his extensive car collection, he certainly wouldn’t approve of her spending time with him. There are some things though that can not be stopped. Callie is shy, but there is something about him that she can not deny. Coming out of her shell slowly, Callie begins to speak with him until one night she finds herself on the doorstep of the pool house, where he is staying. Callie begins to see the truth. She likes how she feels when she’s around him, and she wants to keep feeling that. As their friendship grows, perhaps she wants to feel more. An accidental brush of his hand against her own. A tight embrace. Yes. She wants to feel more. Will he want the same? Is he willing to move their friendship into a new direction? What can he show her? Of course her father would never approve, but she doesn’t care, nor does she see him as her father does. He is simply more than a weed in the backyard.


Molly was as plain and average as she could be. Working days in a diner and helping out her family as much as she could, she barely spent any time to herself. She knew the odds. Most people ended up being murdered. She knew that one day she could be starring into the face of her killer. The last face she would see would be a stranger. Wanting to control her own fate, she set up the website For the right price, murder me. While all the responses she got were from crackpots, there was this one guy that left her a message. She read over it a thousand times before finally replying. In taking that first step, she knew she was taking her own destiny into her own hands. She would control when she died, how she died, and who the last face she would see would be. There are some details we can discuss if you’re interested.

Lust On The Open Road

Lucy lived with her parents, but they were far from the model. Her mother was everything a mother should be. Her father, on the other hand, was a terror. Often he would beat her mother, while Lucy remained behind the closed door of her bedroom, until it became too much. On this particular night she had listened to her mother become the victim of his savage attack. No longer able to remain quiet and out of sight, she came from her bedroom, begging him to stop. He did, but only to turn his wrath on her. Her mother, being the parent she was, threw herself on her husband’s back while he mercilessly turned his anger to their daughter. He broke his attention from her and returned it to his wife. She screamed for her daughter to run. As much as she didn’t want to, Lucy knew this was her chance, and if her father continued, it would be her last chance to get away this night. She dashed from the house, after climbing from her bedroom window. Down the street she raced, until she came to biker bar. Gasping for breath, she doubled over, her hands on her knees. The bright lights drew her attention. Music flowed from inside. Lucy needed help, and though she was apprehensive about entering this place, she knew time wasn’t on her side. Anytime now her father could come down the street, roaring behind her with the car. Would he stop and throw her in? Would he run her down? Honestly she was uncertain and afraid of the answer. Heading inside, she called out, her voice shaky for someone to help her. Someone. Anyone. It happened to be him. What happens between them, how their relationship develops, is all up for discussion.

Taylor’s Unconventional Love Story

This is a slightly ambitious rp in the sense that it would require my partner to play two, possibly three, roles. Taylor adores her husband. Being married to him has been the highlight of her life. He works quite a bit though. Perhaps he is a doctor working with doctors without borders. No matter his job, it keeps him away for months at a time. The story would begin with the aftermath of his latest going away party. Taylor isn’t alone in the house. Two of her husband’s best friends are still in the house. They could be helping her with the clean up or passed out. Either way she ends up close to them. It feels good to be close to them. They would work closer to one another. It could be rapidly done, in that night, or perhaps it’s hinted about that night and picks up another night. Either way, the three will become intimate. Taylor will reveal to them how vanilla her husband. A certain day of the week, lights off, nothing considered kinky ever allowed kind of vanilla man. She wants more. She wants to explore the dark, kinky side of sex and being intimate with someone. Will these two teach her? Now the third role could possibly be introduced when the husband finds out. How that will be handled is up for discussion.

Babysitter Debauchery

I tried this rp with one other person. The plot was something I enjoyed. So I thought I’d give it another try. It’s pretty simple and straight forward from the title. In the original rp, the father would take the girl against her will, but I’m willing to change that. It could be consensual, a learning experience for the both of them even. Will he, the older, more experienced man be willing to teach her what he’s looking for in a woman? He can be married or not. I think it works better if he’s not married, but that my opinion. What’s yours?

No Title

Yeah. This plot doesn't have a title. It's one I worked on in email with an old partner. YC formerly worked for an organization involved in human trafficking. His job was to kidnap the girls and begin their training. He was skilled at his job. Breaking them down, sexually training them both brought him happiness. Only one thing could bring him more happiness. He won the lottery. Suddenly money was no object. Wanting to see the world, he invested in a luxury RV. Now he could stay at hotels. That can be changed. At first, he's quite happy, but then old inclinations begin to tug at him. He longs for the thrill of kidnapping a woman, breaking her in, and hearing her screams. So one day he gives in. He swipes a girl and has his fun. When he's finished with her, he moves on. He can kill her or leave her to die, but her surviving is not an option. Now it could be changed to where he sells her. The next girl he swipes turns out to be more than he bargains for. Somehow, it can be discussed how, he finds out she's his daughter. Now the stakes are different. He still delights in hurting her. She wants him to love her, but she also wants him to not hurt her. So she offers to help him find new girls. She will be his partner in crime. She will do anything to keep him from hurting her. In fact, she finds she enjoys hurting these girls as much as he does. Now there is a reason this rp was done in email the first time. If you're interested, if you have any ideas that you think would spice this rp up, pm me. I'll be more than happy to discuss it.

The Ride

Now this plot is based on reality, my reality in fact. Everyday as I go to work I pass this apartment complex. In the parking lot is this little red sportscar. It's okay as far as sportscars go, but I began to fantasize about the person that drives it. The strange part is, is that I'm pretty sure a woman drives it. I've never seen the owner though. Being attracted to women isn't me. I've never been with a woman, though I have rped women who have. My idea for the rp was, was what if this went a step further. What if one day the character actually stops in the parking lot, stays in her car, and sees the owner come out? They could speak, sure, but what would happen after that? Would they fall for each other? Would it be sweet and tender, or would MC discover that she, or he, had a darker side?

The Penpal

She's been writing to him for some time now. Perhaps he served in the service or worked as a doctor in the doctor without borders program. He's been home for a while now, and he wants to meet her. It will require some traveling, but she's all for it. Upon meeting him, she finds he's attractive and charismatic. He's everything she would want in a man. So what's the catch? Somehow, it can be discussed how, she finds out he's a serial killer. Everybody has their dirty little secrets. She doesn't run. Oh she wants to. She's terrified. Maybe she's thinking about turning him in. Perhaps she's afraid he'll come after her. Somehow, again it can be discussed, they end up in the same room again. He talks to her and convinces her to come with him. This man, her penpal, leads her to where he's keeping his next victim. With his silver tongue, he convinces her to stay. Maybe she has a desire to hear the cries of human suffering. Maybe she wants to smell the blood. Whatever the reasons, she's curious, curious enough to stay....and watch. What surprises her is how aroused she becomes. Her fingers touch the spilled blood of his most recent victim, and she's hooked. Now one becomes two. That could actually be a good title for this rp. One Becomes Two. Hmmm. I know this is a lot like the rp I have going on now titled The Name on the Mailbox Reads Jones, but this one has the slight change that she's taken off guard.

The Virgin Learns A Lesson

A tale of a girl who has a very close relationship with her father. Things heat up when he returns home from work only to find his daughter upset. The cause of her distress is a certain friend at school. This girl holds her virginity in high regard, and because my character, along with all the other girls in their group, have given it up already, she looks down her nose at them. After some harsh words, my character has had all she can take of it. So after losing her temper, she confides in her father about what has been going on. It’s okay. Daddy is going to make it all better.

A Different Kind of Girl
Everyone had their kinks, their fetishes, but you were different. The more objectification, the more humiliation, the filthier, and the more degradation the more you relished the experience. Your friend might have thought it was kinky to get on her knees and suck a guy’s cock, but you wanted to suck a guys cock after it had been buried deep in your ass, then to kneel there as he pissed on you, your mouth wide open hoping you got to drink some down. Your friend told you how sexy it was to swallow a guy’s load, but you thought it would be even sexier if her boyfriend fucked you in the ass, and she sucked that same load out of your ass, now that would be sexy. She told you about her fantasy to have two guys at once, and you thought why not the whole well hung basketball team. All of these fantasy had been buried so deep, and then one day your dad’s depraved friend came along and you found your sick soul mate. Is daddy's little girl ready to get nasty?

Now I do have an F-list. If you have any questions about any of the plots or any of my kinks, please feel free to message me. If you're curious about my work, I do have two rp for public viewing here, and my work can also be found on Bluemoon. Thank you for your time.