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June 29, 2022, 06:20:06 pm

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Author Topic: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun ... And This Guy Does Too! (M for F)  (Read 860 times)

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Before saying anything else, I want to let you ladies know that if you're looking for an RP closer to what I usually write with a partner - a more complex plot, a theme with some elements on the darker side, or accurate details and a fair amount of research - send me a PM and we'll work something out.  This particular thread, though, is not targeted at those types of stories.

Some of you know I had a serious medical issue last December and I'm just now starting up again here on Elliquiy.  To ease back into role playing, I thought it might be a good idea to take on one or two one-shot stories that were intentionally short.  With those underway, I'm happy to say that I'm enjoying them a great deal and my partners appear to be having fun with them as well.  In fact, I'm enjoying them so much as a change of pace that I'd like to do one or two more in the same vein.  Thus the thread title ... I just want to have fun writing with you and a short, one-shot story with no large commitment of time and effort is what I'm really craving at the moment.

Now, that doesn't mean I expect you to treat these role plays in a cavalier manner.  You have to write good and use a word look-up book or automatic spel checker like I always do when I down't know a werd.  Stuff like that is still important.

None of these include much detail as far as character background or motivations and that was intentional.  Write from the hip and surprise me.  Let your creative side show and go for a plot twist you've always wanted to try but never had the chance (or guts?) to toss out there.  If it breaks the story, so what?  It's not like we've invested weeks of planning on it.  Just relax and know that I'm not in the mood to get upset at anything you write.  I'm more in the mood to think "Hm.  How the hell do I handle that and keep the story moving?  Oo!  Oo!  I know ... "

So on to the ideas for short, fun-packed stories!

1.  Being Right

They'd gone to school together since kindergarten and were both smart, but he'd admit she's just a little bit smarter than he is.  That still means there were a lot of occasions where he was correct and she wasn't, but she'd never admit that.  She invariably devised a convoluted series of points that apparently demonstrated her correctness when she was just plain wrong.  It used to bother him a lot and he'd get angry and stomp off while she seemed pleased with her victory.  The past five years though, he's learned that needing to be right is often counterproductive while she still clings to her old ways.

Despite the head-butting, they've been good friends for as long as they can remember and they've even dated off and on, although nothing serious.  Now they're both Sophomores in college at different, but arch-rival schools.  Each of them has joined their school's Quiz Bowl Team and they have a tournament tomorrow (Saturday) morning.  He's arrived with his teammates on Friday night and the two of them have arranged to go on a sort of date, although it's more of a catch-up-on-our-lives dinner and conversation than anything else.

"How about a small wager on who wins tomorrow?  I go back on Sunday morning, so lets agree to spend the rest of tomorrow after the tournament together.  Whoever wins tomorrow morning gets to choose what we do with no arguments from the loser.  Are you in?"

Who wins?  Does he get to rub her loss in her face?  Will she take advantage of the bet and dream up something ridiculous and humiliating for him to do?  Running naked through the main campus quad with a sign on his head saying "LOSER" sounds pretty awful.  And making her stand in that same main quad during its busiest time to read aloud a long, detailed account of how she gave wrong answers and caused her team to lose the match would put a smile on his face.  Are they going to make up later in the evening even if one is humiliated by activities the other chose?

2.  Second Chance Date?

He's 22 years old, very handsome, an athlete having been a member of the crew team for four years, and he's never dated a girl.  Never even kissed one.  He can't think of anything more embarrassing than graduating from the University having never even kissed a girl.

He see's her almost every day since she's worked as a student aide for the Applied Physics Department, his department, for almost three years now.  She's quite attractive, at least to him, and a friend has assured him that she has no steady boyfriend right now.

It's Friday morning and he gives himself a pep talk, then heads into the office only to find the place crowded with other students and faculty.  He's walked up to the service counter so he can't just turn away without looking foolish - but the situation has his brain locked up with anxiety.  The only thing he can think of is what he came in here for, so he asks if she'd like to see a movie tonight with a mouth and throat so dry he could clean up the Exxon Valdez oil spill without missing a drop.

He's dismayed when she rather quickly says no without an explanation.  While the other students don't laugh out loud, there is a distinct increase in the murmuring and he hears a few snickers.  The rest of his day is about as awful as it gets with one professor who had been in the office going so far as to pose a statistics problem in terms of the likelihood of getting a date and then calling on him to give the answer - which was zero probability.

His last class ended at 3:50 pm and as he gathered his things and headed toward the classroom door and a long, wet bike ride home in the rain, there she is in the doorway looking straight at him.  There's really nothing for him to say so he tries to smile and fails, then steps to one side so he can leave.  She, however, speaks to him before he can get past her.  "If you're still available, I'd like to go to that movie tonight."

Why did she change her mind?  Does he accept or decline?  Accepting now might leave the other students thinking that she felt sorry for him and this was a mercy date.  All he wants is to kiss a girl for the first time - is she going to let him lock lips with her?  Or does she have something else on her mind?

3.  Her Hero

At 6'4" and 230 lbs, he's never met a swimmer he couldn't wrangle to shore no matter how frantic or big they were.  In excellent shape, he considered himself very capable although he honestly didn't have an ego problem.  He was a regular guy who had the incredible job of sitting where all the girls could ogle him and quite a few felt inspired enough to get to know him.

It had been a quiet afternoon but as usual, someone got in trouble without any warning.  She was flailing and calling out some fifty meters from the shore to his right.  It was almost four meters deep there - no chance for her to stand with her face out of the water.  Pressing the emergency button next to his chair he vaulted from the tower and hit the sand running in a beeline toward her.  Others on the beach heard the warning siren and scrambled out of his way as he launched his impressively muscled body into the surf and used long, powerful strokes to eat up the distance between him and the drowning woman.

Reaching her, he immediately maneuvered her into the lifesaving position where her flailing would not injure him and he could use his free arm and legs to drive them toward shore in powerful, short bursts while keeping her face out of the water so she could breathe.  The moment he could stand he gathered her into his arms and strode to the dry sand, placing her on her back and holding her shoulders down gently but firmly.  "Calm down miss.  Are you injured?  Were you attacked?"  His efforts to rescue and calm her as well as his concern for her safety and health were met with an icy stare and furious expression.  "Just what the hell do you think you're doing you moron.  I was playing a game with my friends and you just ruined it with your macho antics.  Let me go you Neanderthal."

When he let her up, the sting of her hand on his cheek almost made him yelp.  He'd have red marks on the freshly shaved skin there for a while he supposed, but she strode off without another word.

The rest of the afternoon was again quiet and he'd almost forgotten about how she'd made him feel by dinner time.  There was a small, unassuming diner up the beach that served the best seafood in the area and he often ate there after a shift.  Tonight he didn't have a date, so Sam, the waiter, showed him to a table he liked because of the view of the ocean.  Dropping his napkin, he bent down to pick it up only to find a beautiful young woman standing next to him when he returned to a seated position.  "Hello there.  Can I help you?"

She flashed him a dazzling smile, then spoke in a Southern accent that made his knees weak.  "You're that lovely young man who keeps us all safe while we swim and sunbathe aren't you?  I knew it was you when I saw how tall y'all were and how well you take care of yourself.  When I saw you sitting alone, I just couldn't resist inviting you to dine with me ... oh, and my friend.  Would you do us the honor of joining us?"  She seemed genuinely nice and certainly was attractive, so what the hell.  Following her to another table, it was only as he finished holding her chair for her that he recognized her friend as the young lady who'd slapped him for rescuing her that afternoon.

So which of the ladies, if either is interested in him?  Did the friend invite him only to annoy the "drowning" girl?  Is the "drowning" girl going to ask him to leave?  Will she herself leave instead?  Are the two girls going to compete for his attention?  Or will the "drowning" girl want nothing to do with him until her friend begins to get a little too friendly, then decide maybe he wasn't such a Neanderthal after all and she would like to have him herself?
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