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November 27, 2020, 05:34:20 PM

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Author Topic: A Different Sort of Ending (Cinderella AU/Arranged Marriage/F/M/M)  (Read 669 times)

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 A Different Sort of Ending

Everyone knows how the fairy tale ends. The Prince marries his poor but virtuous love and they live happily ever after. Tatiana was that maid from the scullery, abused by her step-family whom through many trials and tribulations won the heart of her handsome prince. All she knew was that she was overflowing with love and adoration every time she looks at him. She just assumes that this love will conquer any obstacle and they will live out their days in peace and harmony.

The court, not quite so blinded by love, will not allow the Prince to marry a penniless nobody. There are things to consider, treaties to be made and heirs to produce. He almost abdicates in protest. He loves her and if he can't have her, there is no point in sitting on the throne. His father in a fit of wild rage almost exiles him and brings in his cousin to rule. Something the Prince agrees would be a grievous injustice to his people.

His grandmother ever practical has a better idea. Keep the little hussy, she tells him, make her a royal mistress. She says love is one of the greatest forces on the planet and thus must be kept in check. She may be a royal mistress, the one closest to his heart, the one he loves but she may not be the royal mistress. That honor will go to a noblewoman, a star of the court to honor her house. As for a wife, his wife will be of noble blood and from a great house across the sea.

He puts duty before love and agrees. Though she is deeply wounded, Tatiana refuses to give up on her Prince and would have nowhere to go if she didn't. However, what he tells her next almost has her running to a nunnery or even her awful kin. They can't have an unmarried woman about the place. It's just not proper. She must be married, and due to the love the Prince has for her, she will be married well.

Sir Darius is a well-connected man, ambitious and cold and when an opportunity to have the princes favor emerges he jumps at the chance. He has no need of a wife, so why not marry this pretty empty-headed thing and wave his wedding ring whenever he needs a royal favor. They wed on a cold November morning in a private ceremony. She spends her wedding night with her Prince and her husband sails for an extended trading mission.

Everything is right with the heavens for two years. There is no couple as much in love as Tatiana and her Prince. Her love for him shields her from the harsh whispers of the court and the cold shoulder people of quality give her. She doesn't realize how alone she really is until news comes that the Princes Princess will finally be arriving at court and she is slated to be sent away.

As soon as everything settles, her Prince whispers into her hair as lie in bed together, I will bring you back.

In the meantime, she is sent to live at her husband's estate in the country. A haunting structure of rude rock and imposing battlements. Still, she intends to make the most of it. It will only be for a few weeks.

But the weeks turn into months. The winter celebrations are rapidly approaching, as is the husband that she hasn't seen in two years.
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