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Author Topic: Idea Stash - Partner Search  (Read 610 times)

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Idea Stash - Partner Search
« on: May 17, 2017, 04:02:54 PM »
Greetings and salutations.

If my ideas grab your attention I ask that you at least scan through my particulars, and that if they don't you are free to drop me a story idea into my PM box.

My interests run from Light to Extreme but the majority of my time is spent writing in NC. I'm open to modifications or entirely separate ideas, although I can only say that I will listen, my muse and interest will determine if I pick them up. If my ideas seem vague it is because they are ideas that popped into my head and seemed interesting, I'm looking for a partner to expand upon or modify the ideas to fit our collective liking.

Otherworldly Summoning

Darrell Ó Coileáin appeared to be a normal guy, with not especially outstanding about him. His looks were slightly bellow average, with an above average physique, a decent head on his shoulders, and a noticeable Irish accent that he just couldn't kick. Accent aside there was nothing outstanding or remarkable about him until he went to the mall to pick out some clothes.

For some reason just stepping into the two story building gave him a chill. It didn't matter how many people he passed, or how noisy the crowd was, something just felt distinctively off. A sudden blue glow snapped to life with an audible hiss and he looked down, seeing strangle lines shifting and morphing into odd unfamiliar shapes under his foot, and his life was changed forever. The summoning magic not only steals people from other realities, in the transfer of existence power is granted to them by benevolent beings between worlds seeking to compensate those stolen from their previous lives.

[Scenario #1] The magical circle under his feet yanks him violently out of his reality and he his tossed into a high fantasy world by one of it's great powers, seeking a hero to save them from some great plight. This will be a flexible idea. He could be sought genuinely for his help, or he could find himself under the authority of a manipulative or tyrannical power that intends to use him for entirely self centered reasons. If he sees through the schemes or goes along with them naively is up to us to decide.

[Scenario #2 The magic symbol is far larger then the previous scenario, and dozens of people are caught up in it. At the outer edge he is effected by it, but at the last second he steps away, rejecting the forceful summoning while still gaining something from it. The only one who knows anything about the sudden abduction of a massive amount of people he is put under considerable scrutiny, but with no evidence he is deemed a victim and released to his every day life, with the added benefit of power unheard of in his world.

Esper's Troubles

Romeo Achthoven had a great many problems growing up. Born as an esper. That was the name he settled on, but it could also be labeled as psychic, or telekinetic, PK, there were a few names people had come up with for the imaginary powers of the mind. The problem was he actually had them. The ones that gave him the most trouble were easily Telepathy, the ability to read minds, and what he lazily dubbed x-ray vision at a young age. It had taken him a considerable amount of time and effort to shut off these abilities, and it was only when he discovered that layers helped return his sight to normal that he started behaving at all like a normal man.

Just imagine having to focus during a test if everyone around you was thinking the answers, or dirty jokes, or about sex while you were trying to concentrate. The abilitiy he hated the most was his x-ray vision. It had started off well enough when he was in puberty, allowing him the enviable ability to see through clothes. The power eventually grew stronger, and he had to desperately seek a way to shut it off when it had grown so potent that he skipped clothes and went straight to muscles and organs.

Popularity and friends were forever out of reach. Those that approached him with an ulterior motive were seen through in an instant. Those with genuine intentions of befriending a kid who seemed to be alone all the time were met with a repulsed face, it was hard to make friends with a walking organ diagram right? He could barely keep names straight.

Nearing the end of high school he was finally under control, or had found countermeasures, but his reputation was long past redeemable.

Looking for someone to play the opposite of Romeo after he has gained control of his power. This could stay light or go to a more desperate and dark path depending on the taste of those interested.

Supernatural: Hunters

As the world keeps grinding ever forward the majority of the world troubled only with keeping their families fed and happy, ignorant that they should still be afraid of the dark. Monsters, magic, demons, angels, all of them are real. The mundane police force cleans up after the mess unwittingly, filing victims off as missing, searching for killers they can never find. There are sometimes survivors, someone who was overlooked, perhaps barely survived their injuries, or found their loved ones killed in strange inexplicable way, and sometimes they are consumed with the need for revenge.
  • Born and raised a hunter a woman does her best to retire, running away from her family she got herself an ordinary job, found a boyfriend to love, and was happy. Only hunters never retire, something always goes bump in the night, and an old threat has tracked her down. Not only has a supernatural threat emerged, decimating her retirement, her boyfriend was dragged into the fight.
  • Hunters never travel in packs for long. Unless a large threat has been found hunters like to travel alone with the rare exception for siblings, couples, and people who have grown weary of hacking their way through monsters by themselves.

I'm open to many scenarios but I would like to say I would prefer writing original characters rather than anything canon. I wouldn't mind taking character archetypes and using them, but I'm always more comfortable writing my own characters rather then something already established.

Currently Taken
Best Friends

Friends from birth is a rare thing, but less so when their parents live in the same neighborhood and both got pregnant within a few months of each other. Their parents got very close during the course of pregnancy and after they were born they became easy friends. They grew swiftly and stayed close. Even when they hit puberty they didn't drift apart as gender gaps started to form between their other friends, but how long would that last?

[Scenario #1] The girl has dated other guys despite being unusually close to her best friend, and every time something bad happens she is comforted by him. Never realizing that the foundation for her mental well being and joy stems from his wisdom and strength, until it's casually mentioned by his mother that he's going to leave for a week to tour college campuses, the longest stretch of time she's ever really been unable to see or speak to him.

[Scenario #2] The girl has dated numerous guys, usually getting in trouble because of their bad influence, and every time he would be sent out by her parents to bring her home. It wasn't a task he disliked, and he was good at it, but every time he found her in worse trouble, and the guys she dated kept being worst type. He could see the pattern was leading her to a dismal future.

These are just two paths it could take, but I'm looking to play a protective and dominant presence. I've played with the idea once before and I enjoyed it. They were naturally close, cuddled frequently, their parents were comfortable with them being alone together even in high school. Finally she picked the worst guy possible who used her highly sexual nature against her, injected her with drugs, and shared her with a bunch of sadistic punks for a weekend. He went looking for her two days into that and dealt with it. I liked the idea and would like to do something like that again, but that and the above scenarios are on the table.

The One Hundred

It's been one hundred years since the nuclear apocalypse devastated the earth. The only "known" remnants of humanity spent their entire lives on a space station, where the best and brightest fled and bred. The second generation did not share their education or lofty goals. Resources dwindle as the station slowly breaks down. A desperate plan has been put into place. One hundred of the stations juvenile delinquents are to be sent to earth, some stay as scouts, others say as guinea pigs. Is the planet livable? They can only discover this by sending people down. What dangers aside from radiation could they face?

Upon landing the group discovers that the earth has been transformed into a place far more savage and brutal then their parents fairy tales had lead them to believe. Mutated animals, vicious wildlife that no longer feared humanity, harsh climate, and what if there is something worse then all that?

The people sent down were all minor criminals. The angry, disenfranchised, thieves, general trouble markers, they are what make up the community they can depend on to keep them alive, but who can lead such a group and how?

Stranded On The Island

How they got there was unimportant, they couldn't think of that long because they only washed up on shore with the clothes on their backs and nothing else. Only one of them knew how to survive, but how long would he put up with providing, and who is he providing for? What's stopping him from simply going off on his own and leaving the other(s) on their own?

This idea is the vague because I can envision a lot of different scenarios. As you may expect I'd prefer the pairings to be antagonistic and unlikely before whatever accident led them to be stranded. Two people that hate each other, a taboo that can only be excused by being alone and expecting to never see civilization again, people who never would have met otherwise, that sort of thing.

Parallel Apocalypse

A mysterious and decrepit looking building, no different then the others that went unused due to a shift in the economy. A building that looked as though it had stood up to the nuclear blast better then the others, spawning horror stories for miles around and a superstition that it was a den of supernatural evil. An odd and unnatural structure that no one had seen the likes of in their lives, the locals thinking it was a sign that the gods had descended to visit miracles or horrors upon them. The structure looks different depending on it's surroundings but it is always intact, looking abandoned, and is filled to the brim with incomprehensible graffiti.

[Scenario #1] A survivor of the nuclear apocalypse takes shelter for the night in the most structurally sound looking building around. He has lived with small groups, traveled through trading posts that survived by theft and brutality, and was finally surviving on his own. He fought and evaded marauders, bandits, the feral, the evil of the world going through a dark age. He woke to the sounds of horns and thought for a long time he was hallucinating. Running from the building, thinking something inside was effecting his mind, only to find he was in the midst of a city that was untouched by the bomb, it's fallout, or the EMP that followed to ensure the country ended. No ID, no money, no idea if he was going to be pulled back, he did what came naturally to him. He stole food, ammunition, and on his way back to the building that had brought him to the treasure trove he also took a woman.

[Scenario #1] They had just been drinking and were heading home when they spotted the odd building, and a series of dares lead to them entering the building. Inside was weird graffiti, scents they couldn't identify, paper with equally odd messages strewn around. The building began shaking like there was an earthquake and those dared ran out as fast as possible, but when they burst through the doors the sights and sounds were entirely alien. The landscape was covered in moss, trees, heavy uncut grass, vines snaked in and out of windows, and a stiff wind howling it's way through the suddenly aged buildings was the only sound. Where were they, and would they ever get back?

This is open for a lot of different angles, but I expect that nice places are going to be rare, adventure, dangers, survival. How will they survive, what will they have to do to stay fed, who will they interact with, will they see people they recognize? In a universe where travel between dimensions seems to be as simple as stepping into the wrong building anything is possible, but it always gravitates toward words with a great number of similarities. Start in an apocalypse and one will likely happen soon, paranoia is healthy when there is no guarantee the building will return to shelter you from a nuclear bomb or a zombie outbreak.

Bucket List

He lead his life as well as he could. Grew up on the streets, built himself up a sizable amount of money and finally was comfortable with his life while keeping his nose clean. All that despite having grown up with people who went on to be career criminals. Hell his best friend was a member of the Bratva, a Russian criminal 'brotherhood' he had been born into. It would have been easy and way better money to work with his family.

It all changed when the other shoe dropped. He got off the streets but his future was still bleak. Diagnosed with an incurable disease and given an expiration date changed his whole mindset as his future shrank. If he was going to die he would stop doing the good and lawful things. He would delve into his dark baser desires and get what he wanted. As long as he was willing to go through with it he could get whoever he wanted. A mother and daughter at the same time, twins, a celebrity, hell a whole cheer leading squad wouldn't be beyond him if he worked at it and cared a whole lot less what happened after. Angry, scared, and riding on a lifetime of pent up desires he finally explodes and starts working on his bucket list.

Currently Taken
Names subject to change.

  • Just Once
Devon (My Character) and Chris YC have known each other since grade school, living in the same densely populated city meant they interacted with each other daily even if they didn't intend to.

Growing up he had consistently been a foot taller than most everyone until high school and was picked on, without ever realizing he could stop it at any time simply by using what made him stand out. Devon  would usually have to step in. Devon was always nice and never looked down on him for anything, so using the weight of his charisma and popularity he solved most issues before they got too far. It kept him popular with the girls who had him pegged for a protective sweet guy who was safe to be around.

Devon is a bit on the thick side and despite a masculine athletic build he has never gained popularity with the opposite sex. Even when it came to friends he only had Chris, and a few sparse acquaintances he'd play sports with.

Chris never got the height or muscle that his larger friend had. Instead he had  aslim build and it never bothered him. With the popularity he garnered and a young childish face he made himself the center of attention with cute fashion and a keen eye on trends. Girlfriends were frequent, and never stayed long after they realized there was a hungry wolf under his cute persona, one who gave them a lot of pleasure, but was hard to keep up with. Despite always enjoying themselves they all eventually drifted away as they couldn't reconcile the public and private faces he wore.

During the final year of high school Devon began to feel desperate. He had made only one friend his whole life, never managed to snag a girlfriend, and college was just around the corner. Desperate to make lasting memories he called Chris to the rooftop of the school and did something his smaller friend looked at as absurd. "Please go out with me!"

Unfortunately the only thing stronger then Devon's body was his stubbornness. "That's right, this guy's an idiot, he won't let up for a year at this rate." While Devon kept ranting about why he wanted to date, and how they had always gotten along well, Chris was ignoring him while thinking. "Well I can kind of understand. Girls look cutest when they're getting fucked. Mm. I wonder how they feel when they look like that?"

"Just, let me do you once, just that!" Devon blurted out, fists clenched in obvious desperation as he stared at Chris with eyes of an abandoned puppy. With slight curiosity and an abundance of pity for his longtime virgin friend he gave him. "No kissing, no blowjob, if it hurts for a second I'll kill you."

  • Confidence Booster
Chris (My Character) met Jackie (Your Character) in high school. A year younger and on the shy side he never really did well with crowds, always feeling like he was just going to fade into the background. Chris met Jackie because they were both on the swim team, and the older student had a natural warmth to him, pulling Chris into conversations and coaching the newcomer well.

So naturally when he had problems he would bring them to Jackie for advice, he was older, mature, kind, and trustworthy. "I'm really bothered that I still haven't made a girlfriend! I like someone, but I can't even ask her out. I think I've only spoken a few sentences to her since spring."

Taking it a little too lightly Jackie gave the obvious advice. "You don't have to start with asking her out, just talk to her a little. You just need some self confidence!" He gave this advice with a smile.

"That doesn't help at all! I get tongue tied, I can barely think, it gets harder to breathe!" Looking troubled Chris looked down and sighed. "I guess not even you can help."

Jackie was someone who really wanted to look out for and help the people around him. Almost having a motherly nature he had spoiled his younger siblings, and was always too much of an airhead for his own good, going with the flow worked for him and hadn't gotten him in trouble yet, but his confident declaration was about to send him down an unexpected path. "Don't worry, I'm your upperclassmen, I can definitely help you get confident, no I promise I will make you confident!"

"You say that so easily. I haven't even had a girlfriend in my life you know?" Chris said dejectedly.

"Hm, maybe to start, you need to try something easier, a hangout, or date, or..." Jackie trailed off in thought.

Chris had come to an absurd conclusion though. "Then, be my girlfriend!" If he could practice with his kind upperclassmen then everything would work out, just like all the other things he had learned, all the swimming techniques and homework he had gotten help on.

Jackie of course didn't go along with this immediately. "Hold on a minute, I'm a man you know, I mean I promised I'd help you but," He trailed off, looking embarrassed.

Chris looked hurt blurted out. "You promised to help, are you going back on your world? What kind of man does that."

"That's right, I did." Thinking it over the natural airhead couldn't work his way out of the promise to help. "Only for a month, and because it would be embarrassing not at school. We'll act normally here and we'll work on the training after school."

As you can see both ideas end up in similar places. There is another idea I haven't fully fleshed out yet that would happen in college, an unpopular type who offers booze and gets frisky, gradually corrupting his friend over a few nights.

If any of these ideas seem appealing please PM me. Names and ideas are up for negotiation.
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Re: Idea Stash - Partner Search
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June 5, 2017

Hid occupied ideas under spoiler tag.

Expanded on Supernatural request.