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April 23, 2021, 03:28:46 am

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Author Topic: Interest Check ~ Mass Effect: the Two Shepard's ~ A remake of the Trilogy  (Read 845 times)

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Offline EvieFryeTopic starter

This is exactly what the title says. I thought of having the trilogy done, but with both a male and female Shepard. They don't have to be twins like in Andromeda. Their military background could be different, as are their views, but pre-miliatry would be the same and be agreed on. And with this, the whole story will be different. I plan on having the main quests for each game, and some of the more interesting DLC. Side missions are something we may or may not do.

That said, I plan on playing the female/sister Shepard and I'm looking for anyone to play not only the male/brother Shepard, but the rest of the cast. Now I know some people die off, and others join later, so I'm open to people playing multiple characters, and with that, we can also change fates of those who would die in cannon. Maybe Thane doesn't die, Mordin is able to escape the tower, and so on. NPC's (canon or not) for small scenes, or extra history are fine as well.

I do have one rule, if you play a canon character, you must STAY IN CHARACTER. By this I mean have them act how they would if this was canon. I do not accept characters acting OOC.

There will be romance, and any sexuality is fine. So if you want to have FxF/MxF/MxM that is all fine. Just arrange who will be with who before you start it in the story so both parties agree.

Offline Zahard

To clarify, are we starting with the same premise as the canon, and evolving the story on our own with similar plot beats (in the vein of "Let's Rewrite X"), or are we sticking generally to the story as-written with us changing the number of characters and also how the interact?

I'd definitely be interested in the former, and if it's cool I'd like to take Male Shepard. If someone would especially prefer Male Shepard, I can do an OC or one of the canon characters like Kaidan or something. If it's the latter, we'll have to do some kind of edits to make sure it works out in similar fashion for sure -- I guess we'd have to talk plans?

Offline EvieFryeTopic starter

We are following the trilogy, the main plot points will not change. For example, in the first game there will be Feros, Novaria, Vimire, getting Liara, and so one. For covering the second game, collecting the team mates, Horizon and all that.

However, as I said, we will be handleing it in our own way. Not following the script per say. If there was a reaction you wanted to have,we can do that. Want to have more then just the two team mates. The main plot points that are canon are there, just how we handle it will change, especially if there are two Shepard's. I hope that answers your question.

That said, as you are the first to express an interest, you can be male Shepard. Though I am not sure if this will happen as I would need more people to sign on to make it more worth while.

Offline Kadigan

So does that mean characters won't be introduced until they were in the games? I'd be interested in Miranda, but curious about that point

Offline EvieFryeTopic starter

Maybe, maybe not. It depends on who the character is. Its also one reason why I said people can play more then one character if they want. In the case of Miranda, it would be tricky if we brought her in earlier. Though we could always work her in, but not reveal who she is yet.