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January 20, 2021, 07:53:23 AM

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Author Topic: Dark Magic (m//m,futa,tg,nb,etc.smut-centric fantasy plot)  (Read 736 times)

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Offline ShadoTopic starter

Hi potential adventuring partner! I am Shado. Gonna try to keep this short and simple, and you can PM me if you're interested. I will edit or reply and tell you if I can't handle any more rp's, but so far I have not yet found anyone who wants to follow thru with this one plot that I have been REALLY wanting to RP.

First, let me say what I don't want:
No bathroom stuff, no underage stuff, no ex gore or ex grossness. Not a fan of mpreg, or pregnancy and babies even.
I also am not looking for a partner who only plays submissive. I am also not going to be the one doing all the work.
My preference is M/M or M/futa,tg,nb,whatever. I can be convinced to play as or against a female, but it usually takes a lot to hold my interest.

Ok? Ok. On to the fun parts.
Here's my attempt to get the general idea across. This can be medieval or modern fantasy/sci-fi. See below for Fandom examples.

MC is one of a few people left that is infused with magic, making them a battery of magical energy that others can feed off of, or store power into. Something that YC either seeks or finds out in order to keep MC for their powers. The quickest way to get the right amount of magical charge to pass from one to the other happens to be the act of sex to completion.
The characters meeting can be coincidental or arranged, and played out or glossed over. This can become a bigger plot from there, such as our characters getting to know each other, and working out who's in charge, my character could make an escape attempt, or our characters could travel together. MC could learn more about their ability, and turn it towards their own favor. Just for examples. Or we can go into it with the assumption that it's a short scene or collectionary of scenes.
Mainly, I am wanting to try a rivalry-to-romance kinda thing.. or just straightforward rivalry with sex included. The characters as they start are not friends and have some moments where they clash until they reach some kind of critical point where there's an understanding (or maybe there isn't). I would like this to involve some dub-con and/or non-con, or at the the very least a lot of sexual tension. Someone that wants to explore the possibility of a back-and-forth dynamic and power struggle would be ideal.

I do have ideas for adapting the plot to other Fandom settings, such as:
Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Fairy Tail, Supernatural, Marvel CU/DCU.
Most cannon characters are ok by me, let me know which.

I think that is about it. PM me if you want to play ;3
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Offline ShadoTopic starter

Re: Dark Magic (m//m,futa,tg,nb,etc.smut-centric fantasy plot)
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Still have room for more!