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Author Topic: Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]  (Read 560 times)

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Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]
« on: May 15, 2017, 11:23:12 PM »
Tobias foraged through the derelict suburb tugging his leather jacket around his shoulders trying his best to trap what warmth he could within it. The smell of fumes filling the air as he climbed over rubble and pushed his way through the dilapidated buildings looking for anything that hadn't been picked clean by the hunters and gatherers of the local tribe. To his amazement Tobias found a store that looked relatively un-touched a grimy and damaged sign reading 'RobCo' .The robotics company had always bought up painful memories for the Ex-Vault Dweller. The robots in his vault had been supplied by the company that had partnered with the Vault-Tech company to create the shelters that were to protect the people from the eventual war that un-folded. After the bombs had dropped in 2077 it had left humanity forever changed. Normally a society would have bounced back within a certain amount of time but due to society as a whole declining into anarchy things remained stagnant.

But when it came to computer components and anything that could be considered a robot of any sort it always bought in the caps. Once Tobias had found a small component cable and that had sold for a hefty sum of caps. Which in turn fed his habit for many months to come till he had run dry he had moved on in search for more scrap to sell. So to keep feeding his habit the young man of twenty three didn't want to stoop to selling his body and 'services' to keep the itch to a minimum. Any other 'normal' (as normal as you could be) person would have wondered why a store that looked as full as it did hadn't been picked clean by scavs or any kind of raider in earshot but to Tobias, All it looked like was a bag of caps to shoot into his arm. If he had known better Tobias would have possibly known the location already had occupants and moved along towards his next mark due to how plentiful the scrap looked inside. But he was stupid enough to try and break in regardless.

His single brown eye scanned the location for any kind of trap or hidden turret, he was dumb enough to break in but wasn't as simple as to stumble in head first to an un-visited location. It looked like there were no mines around the entrance but the short junkie wasn't taking any chances. When it comes to stores there was always an entrance around back for delivery trucks and the like. Circling around the block Tobias slipped between fallen telegraph poles and made his way down towards the maintenance doorway. The lock looked simple enough but unfortunately Tobias had the lock picking kills of a gnat. Pulling out his ten millimetre pistol and gripping the mahogany handle between his dark fingers he flipped the gun in his hand and grappled the metal barrel and slammed the butt of the gun down atop the rusted padlock that hung from the door innocently. Thud after thud the door wouldn't budge. A bead of sweat rolled down Tobias' ebony coloured forehead as the young lad gasped for air from the effort he was trying to exert in unlocking the door with his gun.

"Goddamn't" He cussed under his breath flipping the gun again, pointing it directly at the lock and letting a few bullets fly through the silenced muzzle on the ten millimetre. The hot lead pierced the padlock and sent plumes of smoke into the air. Victory beamed from the young man as he used the barrel of the gun to push the smoking lock aside. It dropped to the ground granting the theif access to the store and his next 'gold mine'. Slipping through the halls of the RobCo he came face to face with a Mr Handy. Tobias froze on the spot as the hunk of rusted metal hovered in place, it's optical lenses facing the other way scanning for any sort of intruders. His hand rose to his lips to hold in the gasp that automatically tried to escape his lips. He hadn't expected the robots on the outside to still be fully functional especially since the ones he had come across had always been deactivated and in storage or destroyed prior to his arrival. He was at a loss right now, He could slowly step away and hope the machine didn't pick up his presence and just grab a few things on his way out as there was no way he could sneak and rummage at the same time.

Tobias shuffled backwards slowly as he tried to return from whence he came. It had been a good idea to invest in the silencer for his gun all those months ago, if the Mr Handy had picked up the discharge of his weapon he would have been in for a hard time.
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Re: Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]
« Reply #1 on: May 16, 2017, 02:27:10 PM »
The insides of the old RobCo store and warehouse were vacant, silent and eerie. Not even wind blowing through the boarded up windows close by or even the sound of a stray animal or radroach. Though that silence broke when hearing the faint sound of a nuclear propelled booster hovering the Mr Handy robot as it scanned around with its one good eye, the other two still damaged and cracked in its lens. At least for now it was looking the other way, scanning the hallways for a possible intruder after hearing something open close by. The machine didn't speak however, only making a few audible beeps and boops, before it turned to the right and hovered away, back down the hall to continue on its patrol. This would give Tobias with enough breathing room and time to make a quick escape or at least venture somewhere else inside the building. Perhaps an area where there weren't any of those...robots guarding the place.

However as Tobias would begin to make a few steps backwards instead he felt something press into his back. Something hard and cold, the click of a safety being released, and what felt like two barrels pressing right up against his spine. Then a voice spoke out behind him, sounding rather...young actually. "Now what do we have here? A little shit-head who thinks he can sneak into my house and steal my stuff eh? Now we can't have that now can we?" he asked in a rather mocking and chuckling tone, the kid's voice sounding maybe around 10 years old, maybe a little older.

"Drop the piece, otherwise 'Mr. Boomstick' here is going to get very acquainted with your insides."

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Re: Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]
« Reply #2 on: May 16, 2017, 04:33:59 PM »
When the handy unit floated in the other direction he had thought to be home free. As his feet shuffled backwards he felt the cold metal of a double barrelled gun press into his back. At the shotguns touch every muscle in the man's body seized up all but his arms that instantly shot up into surrender so he could keep his insides.

”H-Hey now… not to be too hasty, brotha. But I ain't no thief… I ain't here to steal ya stuff” The junkie lied through his teeth. He was great at bluffing but when it came to being called on his bluff everything would fall apart in spectacular fashion. ”I came in’ere because I saw someone else snooping around…” the young man cleared his throat and tried to get a good look over his shoulder at the owner of the voice behind him.

Slowly his head turned and he was met with the sight of a small ten year old boy. His brown eye narrowed at the boy holding the shotty that was bigger than he was and scoffed lightly. ”Ya gotta believe me kid, he looked suspicious so I thought I'd see what he was up to”

Tobias hoped his lies would work on the boys young mind. He thought back to when he was that age and how easily he was manipulated into doing what someone else said because they were older.

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Re: Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]
« Reply #3 on: May 17, 2017, 12:51:18 PM »
Despite the lad trying his best to lie to the kid, that didn't seem to phase past him at all, still pressing the double barreled shotgun into his back, just smirking as if believing him. "Oh sure, and you were trying to find us and let me know where the thief was like the good little Samaritan you are!" he spoke in a strong sarcastic tone. He just laughed at that though, shaking his head a bit. "Right, and how does that explain that you're snooping around avoiding the guard bots and carrying around that 'piece with a silencer?"

It didn't seem to phase past him, reaching his left hand over and grabbing Tobias' pistol, pushing it aside but not before unloading the magazine and pocketing it. Fat chance he was going to leave the gun loaded for anyone to use.

"Now then...why don't we head into the warehouse and talk with my older brother. I'm sure we'll work something out. And trust me, he's a lot more lenient than I would be. If it were up to me, I'd just blast you and be done with it" He accented his point by pushing the barrels into his back with a nudging shove, trying to get the boy up to his feet. "Now move. Take a right at the end of the hall and out the door. Try anything and I won't fuckin' hesitate, got it?"

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Re: Wonderful Guy [AlexieD & IrishBAMF88]
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2017, 03:00:54 AM »
Tobias grunted as the double barrels pressed into his back again. It seemed the younger lad wasn't taking to his made up story and the fact he still had his ten millimetre in sight didn't help. His shoulders drooped for a second as the precious gun that had saved him countless times was taken abruptly from his grips. He tried not to piss the kid off too much in hopes his insides would stay where they were.

”H-Heh… guess holding a piece doesn't look so good does it” Tobias muttered as he hears the bullets being dropped from the guns barrel. After the tinkling of the ten millimetre casings stopped and the barrel of the shotgun was once again thrust into his back Tobias started the slow walk down the musty hallway of the Robco.

”Well… to answer your question, I already told you, kid. There was another guy… I'm always running with a silencer it's the fucking fallout, who doesn't want to get the jump on someone who'll blow your head off in one trigger pull?” Tobias’ feet scuffed through the dust on the floor as he tried his best to delay the inevitable. ”Like you're even gonna give a brother a chance anyway” he sighed rounding the corner.

”So… older brother huh? Must be nice to have someone to look out for you” Tobias asked peering back over his shoulder.