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May 16, 2022, 01:28:46 pm

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Author Topic: [m4f] AU superman x wonder woman thing  (Read 944 times)

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[m4f] AU superman x wonder woman thing
« on: May 12, 2017, 06:11:35 pm »

This prompt feels a little "cliffs notes-y" but it's only because if you get the dynamic, you get it. I've got faith in you.

Diana: World's first "public" superhero as of six months ago. While she's called herself an "ambassador", she's clearly not interested in "negotiating" with the corruption and exploitation of Man's World. Within a couple of weeks, she's toppling third world dictators singlehandedly, and dangling pharmaceutical executives out of windows. She's very vocal about the corruption in Man's World needing to change yesterday before she changes it for them. The stock market has taken a nosedive, the economy is in freefall, the powers that be are freaking the fuck OUT.

As is tradition when a six-foot-something demigod* starts lecturing you about social justice.

Clark: The US government's silent partner. While he doesn't "work for them", he wants to give a light touch and give humanity a chance to find their own way towards enlightenment and peace. While the world isn't perfect, these kinds of things take time, and since he's not a politician, economist, or scientist, he doesn't want to cause more problems than he solves.

Not exactly the "boy scout" model Superman yet. Knows he's the strongest thing on the planet and isn't shy about it. Beneath the surface, anxious about his place in the world and what he means to society.

Setting: Clark and Diana are the only metahumans in this world. No Cyborg/Aquaman/Green Lantern/whatever. 

TLDR: Superman is a center-left liberal and Wonder Woman is a radical feminist. They flirt and argue over how much they should bigfoot human progress. Despite all the wrinkles I'm throwing in here, I'm expecting this to go like a traditional Clark/Diana relationship where they see through the burdens they have to carry and are free to be themselves as people and not as symbols and tools, etc.

I also have a handful more traditional "comic-book" plots​ in mind for them to work through, so it's not all navelgazing about how punching hard can't cure cancer. But it sort've depends on whether you want something more action-y or philosophical or D/s, so I want to hear from you first.

Also: OC's are no problem.

* Or magical clay figurine
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