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Author Topic: Rebel Gems. (SU RP, Need GMs/Players)  (Read 808 times)

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Rebel Gems. (SU RP, Need GMs/Players)
« on: May 11, 2017, 01:24:30 PM »
"We, are the Rebel Gems. Here to save the world, and if the Diamonds come you can be sure you won’t have to fight them Alone!

When evil's near please don't be scared
we're here for you and we're prepared to go the distance.
All I ask is to just believe in us
I promise you there's no need to cause a fuss.

We, are the Rebel Gems, saving the world day by day.
We'll fight for what's right, so you can all still play.
That's why I'm asking you to just believe in.
The Crystal Gems!

If you could only imagine how we all got here.
We arrived on this planet, we heard you with our ears.
We are proud to say that you guys really rock.
This is why we strive to protect your entire flock.
We'll protect your flock, and we will protect you! So no more tears.

Fighting for what is right and where we're all free, Living together in unified harmony!
Lighting up what is bright in the name of Rose Quartz and wanting no one to feel remorse!
I will fight for the world we live in because that's all we've ever known.
We will fight to be everything we see in ourselves when we're grown.
The odds are against us and it won't be easy but we're not going to do it alone.

We, are the Crystal Gems, saving the world day by day.
We'll fight for what's right so you can all still play.
That's why we're asking you to just believe in.
The Crystal Gems!


Gems, a crystalline, humanoid, race whose bodies were made out of hard light has existed since before man crawled out of the primordial soup. Their empire stretches to several hundred worlds that they have mined dry before moving on to the next. Their technology was light years ahead of Earth(which at the time had not even thought up the concept of pyramids yet) and was so advanced it was as Magic, even into the modern age. To the tribal humans when the Gems arrived on Earth, the Gems were almost as gods to them and the aliens used it to their advantage in their bid to expand their empire across the Milky Way. The humans saw the Gems as beings od a divine nature, bowing down and worshipping them on sight, even obeying their orders on occasion. Some of the Gems were fascinated intellectually by these short lived organic beings that populated the Earth en masse, others admired their will to survive with no technology or natural strength that kept them alive when everything else on the planet seemed determined to kill them off. While others still looked upon the humans as nothing more than toys and prey to be hunted and killed for the sole purpose of enjoyment.

This split in ideology led to many heated discussions. Tension and anger had been building in the Empire for centuries, but now it seemed that all those problems were coming to a head thanks to the Human dilemma. This idea of what to do with the world and the sentients upon it would inevitably lead to a terrible war. It was the final straw that broke the camel's back that would ignite a powder keg and lead to open rebellion. This would come when the Diamond Authority, who were well known for their endless cruelty and lack of compassion towards all things, ordered the extermination of all organic life on Earth, especially humans.

The gem civil war, a terrible conflict of independence that nearly split the Gem Empire apart, lasted for many centuries and cost many lives. It raged not only on Earth but within parts of Gem controlled space. As Rose Quartz and the other Gems of her army battled for the independence of Earth and all the Humans and Gems on it, there were many other rebel gems raising hell in her name behind the lines. Be they slaves who rebelled against their masters, officers who could not follow their orders to wipe out the Humans, or Gems who didn’t want to die because they were now considered ‘Obsolete’ by the Diamond Authority or wanted more out of life than what the cruel caste system dictated. They fought on valiantly, forcing the Diamonds to handle dozens of smaller insurrections all throughout their empire, preventing them from truly using their full might against the rebels on Earth.

Even after the war ended on Earth, there were still many rebels keeping Homeworld busy as Rose and her remaining Crystal Gems settled down for peace. Even though the rebels were tenacious and driven, the Empire was massive and this rag tag bunch didn’t really accomplish much more than being an occasional annoyance. A stolen or destroyed ship here, a small guerilla attack there. They were small fry to the Diamond Authority now that the main fight was over on Earth. The prideful Diamonds were far more concerned in playing the great game with one another, especially now that Yellow Diamond was increasing in power over all others.  Despite the rebels best efforts and a few victories, it was a constant losing battle. The Diamond Authority could afford to wait the rebels out until they were no longer a problem. The longer it went on, the more rebels would disappear, either from dying in battle or just deserting their comrades in hopes of escaping into the depths of space for safety or being accepted and given mercy by their former masters.

But some didn't want to give up the fight without one last, big, middle finger to the Authority.

A small band of rebels decided that if they were going to stop fighting the Authority, then they would do so by having one last job to set themselves up for a while in their retirement. They planned for weeks on a final score and how to pull it off. Their plan was to raid a small prison ship that was taking several captured or suspected rebels off to execution. (No trials of course.) Either they would leave with a brand new ship and sail away to new lands with new friends, or they would die trying to rescue their bretheren. Whichever came, they were committed to the task. And slowly put their plan into action, with some of their specialists managing to hack into the registry for the ship and have it take on extra supplies that it didn't really need.

When the time finally came, the mission went underway and despite some casualties, the rebel crew eventually managed to take control of the ship and quickly plotted a course through a warp point, with an Authority ship in hot pursuit. With no other choice after one of their engines is hit, the ship's pilot hit in some familiar coordinates that hadn't been used in a long time, but one that they knew the authority wouldn't follow them through. And soon they found themselves falling down to Earth after so many centuries away, coming through the warp on the moon and being pulled in by Earth's Gravity.

They hit land in some random island in the Caribbean, miraculously not getting killed in the process. While surveying the damage, the sun had begun setting, and the Rebel Gems learned that their landing spot carries with it something special. A Bioluminecent bay. One of the rarest things on Earth, where the bacteria glow with a neon hue as bright as the stars above. Never before had they seen such a sight, nothing of this beauty existed on any Gem controlled planet, and soon the rebel gems began to see why Rose Quartz loved the Earth so much. With little debate they decided that this would be their new home and they would keep it safe, even at the cost of their own lives.

First order of business though, was to figure out just where they were.

I have lately really craved to try this old RP once again, but I don't want to make the mistake of GMing it again. So I will instead take on the role as a CO-GM if someone will handle the main heavy lifting for me. I have copied the intro post from my previous attempt and will likely put a few more details in the posts to come to help fill in anyone who is interested.

OOC: If you want to join but are unfamiliar with the setting just ask and I will give you a summary and quick Q/A to help out.

In this rp we will be going on adventures to recover Gem War Artifacts, fighting Homeworld Mercenaries, taking down Corrupted Gems and wacky and fun adventures. Male Gems will be allowed though we can say that they were phased out by the Diamond Authority, considered obsolete now that they could mass produce other Gems in massive numbers.

Since its been established that Gems are mass produced I will allow players to have Gems that have appeared in the show. On the stipulation that they are a double and not the one we have seen in the show. They need to look different and not be a carbon copy of their show counterpart.

For Example: Jasper with her hair shorter and a shawl over her shoulders.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

This is good enough for her to be A Jasper but not The Japser from the show, thus she is able to be used if one so wishes. Just kindly run your character by the GM for approval and such. This applies to all gems save for Rose. There can only be one. Try to give them a different personality as well but that's up to you.

I understand that finding an appropriate image can be difficult so pictures for your characters are not mandatory, if you happen to find one that you think works well enough then feel free to toss it in. My only other stipulation is to be sure not to include an overpowered Mary Sue and aside from that have fun!

Below is my own character and hopefully it will help you plan out your own.

Name/Nickname: Topaz/ "Paz"

Class: Engineer/medic. (Though not a very good medic)

Status: Rebel/obsolete.

Weapons: Wrist blaster (stolen from a Peridot) and a shield.

Eye/hair color: Brown, usually kept slicked back with a small ponytail like addition.

Equipment: Having existed before the creation of Peridots, and the new more modern Mark 2 Topaz, Topaz had very limited gear. Beyond her built in shield she only really had a sword that was eventually removed from her arsenal when Topaz's were being phased out to be replaced by the superior Peridots and their less intelligent replacements. She now carries her shield and a blaster, as well as a few spare bits o equipment, be it a grenade, or that she has come to carry on her person.
Gem location: On her back. Topaz’s were never designed to retreat from battle, this was just another way to motivate them.

Thing she loves about earth: Music, this fascinating human concept of sounds that can be pleasurable. What a novel concept! Aside from the lovely melodies produced by the Humans, she also enjoys the idea of surfing but mostly for how fast it is. Paz can be seen speeding around the island on a small modified hover board. Why humans haven't invented a hoverboard yet is beyond her. They don't know what they are missing! Surfboards are so last century.

Personality: Topaz doesn't like to kill, but it was her lot in life. Being used to conquer worlds and for the petty infighting between the rulers of the Diamond Authority council as they tried to expand their powerbase with the constant infighting between them all. She witnessed many of her sisters dying before her eyes, their gems permanently cracked or crushed into dust. All because some DA wanted to have more voting power among the council, which planted the seed of rebellion in her heart. To this day she still cant believe she was once proud to have held the banner of a Diamond high in the sky during a battle when its previous holder was killed.

When her kind were being phased out to be replaced by the more advanced, and cost effective, Peridots she fully embraced the teachings of Rose Quartz and joined many others in the Earth Rebellion, despite only seeing it once from the moon and hearing about it from reports, she still thought similarly that it was a beautiful place that needed to be protected. Especially if it went against the Authority's wishes.

Despite her past actions Topaz is fun loving and likes to see the brighter side of things, though she has been known to panic when things get tough, no longer able to rely upon her sisters for strength. Topaz has a few neurotic tendencies in preferring to work with machines herself, hating when others touch her projects and being terrified of having to take over medic duties. Since the most of her knowledge in that field is applying medigel to the cracks in a gem and ensuring bedrest. Anything else is beyond her abilities.

Being made to be a soldier for the entierty of her existence, Topaz still has some of those tendencies and doesn't always catch herself when she salutes those she sees as her superior and using terms such as "Sir" or "ma'am" even when she is on a first name basis with these gems.
Her hobbies include exploring the island, watching the Bioluminescent bay, racing around on a hoverboard and other fun activities that don't include killing. She values Earth and the Humans upon it, though mostly because she sees it as the biggest middle finger to the Diamond Authority and partially because of the greatest human invention ever, music.

Bio: Topaz, like her sister Gems, was part of an experimental model that at one point was meant to be the bulk of the Gem Army. A massive sisterhood of Gems with shields to create a phalanx and push their way through any enemy. But they were phased out rather quickly when newer and better models were designed that took up less resources. Despite their meritorious service in the name of 'Silver Diamond, they were thrown away as trash, and sent on their way to be decommissioned. Which for Gems, means death. Having their gems crushed into nothing more than dust.

Pretty soon talk of rebellion began spreading among the ranks and soon action replaced words. With the Topaz's attacking the guards. But not all were so willing to betray their masters and Paz was forced to fight and kill some of her own sisters. Some of which called her a traitor with their last words. Still the day ended with the Topaz corps. earning their freedom. They joined up with Rose Quartz's army and proved their strength as a frontline fighting force, their rectangular, golden shields providing cover for countless Crystal Gems and being like a mighty wall against the enemy.

When the rebellion officially ended many didn't want the fighting to stop and Paz was one such Gem, joining up with the rebels in Empire space and raising hell for centuries to come. One day on a raid of a facility she encountered several Peridots in the control room of a mining station. Peridots, the gems that had rendered her and her sisters obsolete. Paz isn't proud of what she did, but she killed all but three of them. They drew their blasters on her and she cut them down, Peridots were designated as non combatants and to be given quarter, but Paz had lost control and didn't regain it until one of them fell to her knees, sobbing and pleading for mercy. Screaming and crying at the top of her lungs that she didn't want to die, it made Paz feel so disgusted and ashamed of herself that she let the peridot escape. Afterwards Paz threw away her sword, ashamed of the thing and instead now carries around a blaster/hand similar to a PEridot model's in order to stun enemies, only killing when she has no choice in the matter. This refusal to kill gave Paz a lot of time to learn another trade to still be of use to the rebellion, Engineering.

When the rebellion faded to memory she joined up with a rebel group offering up a last score, since she was familiar with some of those in the 20+ group and had grown tired of all the fighting. While that number would be greatly reduced during the raid, she knew they would have rather died in a blaze of glory as they did and was happy to help them gain such an end. Arriving upon Earth she has learned that in a local dialect, her nickname 'Paz' sounds similar to the word for 'Peace" and she now likes her name much more for it now.

These are actually the perfect videos to explain some of the basic concepts of the show.

What are Gems?

How are Gems Made?


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Re: Rebel Gems. (SU RP, Need GMs/Players)
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2017, 01:29:36 PM »
some character concepts for free.

Spinel: Former gladiator/duelist. She usually was brought out to entertain with duels against other Gems when one of the Diamond Authority was having a party and needed entertainment. Its a good living, though a risky one. All it takes is one bad performance or failing to impress a Diamond when they are placing their bets. Sadly spinel didn't go down when her employer had bet she would and now she finds herself being imprisoned without having even committed a crime.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Sugilite: Hes big, rough and as tough as they come. When they made him they literally broke the mold, and while most gems would have been killed on site for such a thing, Sugilite was lucky. Those running the harvesting operation at his Kinder Garden had seen potential in him. For the rest of his life Sugilite spent every day fighting in Arena after Arena. Killing rival competitors as a gladiator for the entertainment for the masses. But constant victories can get boring after a while, and Sugilite found himself being told to take a dive for once. He told them where they could shove it and the rest is history.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Larimar: Once a loyal member of Homeworld Security, Larimar arrested many rebels and suspected rebels in his time. While It hurt him that none of them could get trials anymore he had a job to do and did it with pride. Problem was this devotion would lead him to speak out against the Diamond Authority when they began to order executions to be done on the spot, which proved to be too much for Larimar to handle, who turned himself in, for openly preaching rebellion.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Jasper: Former Homeworld commander who served with distinction but was stripped of rank, and honors, solely on the suspicion that she might have ideas that didn't coincide with the policies of the DA and forced onto a prison ship for execution. The government she had served with all her heart for her life had betrayed her, on just the suspicion of rebellion. She may not have been a rebel before, but she sure as hell was one now.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Centipeetle (no idea what her real gem is): Shes so cute <3
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Onyx:Former soldier working under Pink Diamond, Onyx joined the rebels after being given orders to kill deserters who didn't want to fight in the civil war. With her two arm blasters she works as a heavy hitter and even helps the rebels with repairs and building since she can control the intensity of her blasters to help with welding and sealing up holes in ships. Though one could also go with he idea of her being a Miner who used her blasters to dig up minerals or melt things down.

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Re: Rebel Gems. (SU RP, Need GMs/Players)
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2017, 02:56:10 AM »
I would be interested in this ^_^