Girls are studs, boys are sluts (M seeking F)

Started by chyooster, May 10, 2017, 02:14:13 PM

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Girls that have a lot of sex are considered studs. Boys who have a lot of sex are considered sluts. Just want to roleplay what this simple change in sexual attitude would mean.

Girls want to sleep around and have as much sex as possible. Boys want to have few partners so they don't get a reputation.

How do you think things would change? What type of girl would you be? What type of boys would you go for, the easy ones or the shy virgins?

Message me to discuss ideas.


(Possible scene)

It's the start of another day at school. I walk in the main door past a group of girls checking me out as I walk by.

I head to my locker. A couple of girls nearby are discussing their weekend. One of them is recounting to the other about a boy she gave a handjob to. She's boasting about pulling down his pants and how far she made him shoot.

Hearing how girls talk, I'm glad I've been good and remained a virgin. I don't want to be just another notch on their bedpost.


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