The Lewd Adventures of a Goblin Hero (Looking for DM for solo adventure)

Started by indarkestknight, May 09, 2017, 11:52:59 PM

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This is just the rough sketch of an idea for now, but essentially I'm looking to play your typical adventure in a fantasy setting with a raunchy twist. The usual stuff, quests, slaying dragons, trolls, giants, and monsters, and so on, in addition to bedding barmaids, princesses, the tavern owner's wife, succubi, elven maidens, halflings (Damn you, Incase, and your sexy sexy halfling shortstacks), nymphs, and so on along the way. This time, though, the protagonist would a goblin (I know, the thread title spoiled that, didn't it?).

The goblin protagonist could be genuinely heroic, or could be an antihero with selfish motivations. The goblin could be a paragon of its kind, exceptionally skilled compared to the common goblin, the same way your standard protagonist is more exceptional than your standard human, or perhaps it has some special magic item or power that serves as a crutch.I'm willing to be flexible if the prospective DM has a preference on either count, though regardless he's likely to be lustful.

Could be freeform or system. Systems I'm most familiar with are D&D 3.5 and Pathfinder, if anyone is leaning in that direction.

Questions? Comments? Leave them here or shoot me a private message.