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Author Topic: New Era of X-Men  (Read 2465 times)

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New Era of X-Men
« on: May 08, 2017, 12:17:41 am »
Hello, I have this idea and I would love for you guys to check it out. Obviously, its an X-Men RP (in the title) but my plot is a bit different and I hope that it interests you guys enough to join and allow us to have some fun.

The world has entered a new era of peace and acceptance, humans trust and look up to the X-Men and other mutant advocates. Charles Xavier has been busier then ever trying to open more branches of the Academy to accommodate the large influx of new students that have come out and asked for his help.

Then, spontaneously, several attacks simultaneously on the new schools. Death, destruction, and terror engulf the world as the people realize that X-Mens Alpha and Bravo teams are no where to be seen. Within the chaos emerges a new threat, he calls himself Doctor Peace and he claims that his killing spree has just begun. Until all mutants and humans alike bow down to him peace will be but a dream, with the X-Men weakened and no leader in place a new generation is tasked with the task of emerging from the ashes.

Official Game
Approved Characters

The bases of the plot is obviously a new generation of X-Men will arise while the older generation is AWOL. Obviously I wont turn down any cannon characters because they would just add to the plot but I thought that many people would appreciate being free to create their own character.

Character Sheet
Please PM me your sheet that way I can discuss anything I find confusing with you privately. Also, I prefer real pictures or digital art over Anime but I wont deny you for using an anime picture but please at least try to find a real life or realistic image first.

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=400][/img][/floatright]

[b]Power:[/b]{Please also include strengths and weaknesses of power along with personal limits due to training/how much they have used it.}

[b]Personality:[/b]{1-2 Paragraphs please, give us detail!!)

[center][img height=200][/img][img height=200][/img][/center]

[b]History:[/b]{2-3 Paragraphs preferred.}

[b]FC:[/b] {Only if name is known}



Temperance 'Screech' Mckane Played by IamQ
Lei 'Deadman' Denning Played by Sasquatch421
Fiona 'Alchemist' Walker Played by EvieFrye
Connor 'Shred' Meridies Played by Whowhatwhere
Giavanna "Ion" Travere  Played by CandyLips
Bruce 'Tempus' Sheridan Played by lights

Doctor Peace

Malcolm 'Doctor Peace' James Played by IamQ
Christopher 'Plauge' Vunk Played by IamQ


 Lord Geoffrey Marcus Wyntre, Earl of Kent 'The Emerald King' {Potential Alliance to X-Men}Played by BlackStone

Accepted Characters

So above is where  the characters alignment here will be their CS until I create the Accepted Characters board after I get a few more CS in.

Temperance 'Screech' McKane
Name: Temperance 'Screech' McKane
Age: 21
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Bisexual

Power:Temperance can create, shape and manipulate sound. She can mimic, intensify, hush, and distort, as well warp, strengthen, echo, speed up, and slow down sound, using it as a powerful physical force and high-speed movement. The easiest and most useful way for her to use her power is to scream or yell as she thinks about what she wants it to do but at great risk of exhausting herself far quicker, she can use the almost nonexistent sound that comes from a body moving there air to create a weapon of his choosing. (If she was throwing a punish she could amplify the sound in such away it would feel like the other person just got hit by a car).

Though there is no such thing as true silence, so she is never without something she can use his power on, the quieter the sound is the more power or energy it uses to amplify just like the louder a noise it the harder it is for her to quite it. At low frequencies, sound is potentially fatal to living beings by causing internal damage but Temperance can't risk harming anyone like this because though she is controlling the sound on some degree she isnt protected against it and in essence could kill herself by trying to use her power in this way.

While high frequencies cannot be heard by normal humans she can use her powers to use the high frequencies in a sonar-ish way. Allowing her to navigate well in the dark. Since sound vibrations can travel through the air, ground, water and most forms of medium, defense by using physical barriers against her is difficult because the vibrations affect at a molecular level, though she could use her powers in this way it is difficult because using her power uses alot of energy.
Allegiance: X-Men

Personality:Temperance is not just physically beautiful, her personality is amazing. Almost always happy and energetic its almost gift that she can draw even the most reluctant person to her and get them to smile and laugh at her antics which are, more often then not, vastly amusing. Match it with her compassionate behavior and the fact that she can not only see the best in everyone around her, including the thug who lives down the street, but will argue that for the cards that had been handed to them they are doing their best. She is insanely loyal to those who have proven their worth and kind to even those who haven't. Temperance has yet to meet a person she donest to like in some way. She is also very observant and is quick to recognize normal behavior and what isn't meaning she will be the first to notice if something is wrong and there is no use lying to her.

For all her good qualities she does have some bad, like that fact that she is so intelligent and so rational that sometimes its had for her to truly empathize with someone especially if their reasoning is flawed, then there is that fact that if her trust is broken in someone they will live the rest of their lives being frozen out. She wont speak to them unless necessary and will often ask others to pass on messages. Then there's the fact that she is vicious, there isn't another word for it. If not for her friends to keep her reined in, when angry she would happily see those who had made her angry burn along with their families. Now, most will never see this side of her, and those that have seen it directed at them have done something terribly and truly deserved it. Temperance, for all intents and purposes, is a good person and trys her best to be one.

At the end of the day even those that do not like her, can respect Temperance for her morals and that fact that she trys very hard to keep her anger in check even when someone deserves it. They can even respect her for how genuine she is about caring for everyone around her, often going beyond what is expected of her to help out

History:Temperance had a perfectly normal child hood, a few up and downs but all in all it was a good life. Born in an average sized city known Bakersville just a couple of hours away from the coast in the middle of comfortable warm summer to a Doctor and Historian. Her mother, the doctor, is named Meredith and her father, the historian, is named Paul. Now for all the difference in personalities no one can deny that they are in love and have been sense they meet in high school. Now Meredith might have pushed and prodded Temperance, especially about her weight, though her whole life but she did it from the point of view of not only a mother but that of a Doctor and Paul was probably to relaxed, preferring to pull his middle child into his lap during the warm and lazy afternoons and read his History texts out loud to the young girl.

Between her parents it was no surprise when she was discovered to be smarter in the average child and was able to skip fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. She was eight years old doing algebra and she was good at it. Much to her mothers disappointment though, the long days of cuddling while reading about ancient civilizations stuck with the girl and when she graduated high school at thirteen and started going to college she majored in history and restoration. Even though she was going to college and learning things way above that of other children her age her parents tried heir best to make sure she still had a normal childhood. Beach trips on long weekends, trips to the mall and movies with friends from their neighborhood, birthday parties themed in pinks and purple.

Temperance's life was simple, it was comfortable, and it was loving until that fateful day only a couple of weeks after her eighteenth birthday. An opportunity of a life time had literately come knocking on her door step, an archaeologist had come in search of her father to offer him a trip to the deep forest near the Indian boarder. Now he agreed to come but only if Temperance and her long term boyfriend (Barty) could come as well and so off they went. It should have been a good trip and it would have been if not for the accident, it would have been a better trip if there hadnt been so much walking.

It was on the third day there that one of the assistants accidentally hit a switch to a trap door, plummeting Temperance down into the inky black depth of the temple that they had been exploring. She was hurt badly, her spine was broken, and two of her ribs had punctured her lungs. Temperance was dying, no way to deny it. Barty and her father were the first at her side, her father crying but Barty had this odd almost pleased exasperation on his face. When the assistant that had plunged her to her fate finally made it down, Barty discreetly gave them a pleased smile and passed them what looked to be money. It made her so mad, so mad she for got she was hurt, so mad it triggered something in Temperance.

Her power awakened with a roar, literally, she somehow found the power to scream. She screamed so loud that those around her started to bleed from their ears and eyes. So loud her father was begging her to stop, so loud that she started to bleed herself. It was only when her father smacked her that she stopped, it was only then that she realized what she had done. Temperance had almost killed several people with her scream, she begged for forgiveness from her father and he held her while she cried and slowly died. If not for the medical team managing to somehow repair some of the damage and extending her life long enough for medical attention she would have died.

It wasnt long after that she contacted Xavier looking for help and he was more then willing to do so, she was on her way to the main school to meet him when the attacks happened.

FC: Shelley Hennig

Malcolm 'Doctor Peace' James
Name: Malcolm 'Doctor Peace' James

Power:Malcolm can create, shape and manipulate darkness and shadows. By itself, darkness is mostly used to cloud everything into total darkness, but by accessing a dimension of dark energy it can be channeled to a variety of effects, both as an absence of light and a solid substance. He can also use the shadows or darkness to hide himself, create weapons, and create monsters to do his bidding.

Though Malcolm has been training with his power for years he still has limits to it and occasionally will deplete his power source by using it to much. He can only effect the shadows in places he has been within a 72 hour period of him being there, the more targets the weaker he becomes until he eats of sleeps, and he is prone to having his power go dormant when exposed to, too much light.
Allegiance:Doctor Peace

Personality:Malcolm is seemingly a good person and if not for his history he probably would have been a great guy but his past has lead him down a different path. Though loyal to a fault it takes him an extremely long time to trust someone, seeing everyone as his enemy. Once he cares for someone though they get to see the controlling but charming side of him. Malcolm wants to control every aspect of their life, he wants to be able to know that he did everything that he could to keep them safe in case something happens to them.

Now, a great part of his personality is the fact that Malcolm is persuasive and oddly moral. He can talk almost anyone around to his way of thinking, and if if he cant he can at least get them to consed that he has some good points. He has lines he wont cross when it comes to children. He will never harm a child or put them in danger, it might upset his followers but it is a hard line in the sand and if pushed he would turn on his minions to save even just one kid. Looking at the schools he targeted for his attack even attests to this fact because not a one had anyone under the age of sixteen as a student.

Malcolm is pretty well rounded and it would have been very easy for him to be a good guy or for him to become a good guy given the right motivation but as of right now he is set on the destruction of the world because of the pain it has caused him of the wrongs he believes it had forced upon him. He truly believes that the only way the world will ever become a better place is if it is recreated to his ideals.

History:Malolm's story is pretty average but for a few dark twists. He and his twin sister were born to Melton and Mary-Beth Jones on a late Winter evening. The Jones family had totaled five before the twins birth and went up to seven after. Now the Jones's were a poor family and Melton was often away from the small home in Money, NC trying to make more money to substance his rather large family. Though Melton was a hard working and loving man, Mary Beth was a cold and very sick women. Clinically depressed and Bi polar which was only aggravated by her heavy drinking.

When Malcolm and his twin Maybella were three she was diagnosed with a rare degenerative disease that would leave her permanently deaf by the time they entered their teens. The already financially burdened family just became even more so as the treatments that would prolong Malcolm's twins hearing were costly. It was about this time that Melton got an offer from his boss. Go halfway around the world and help set up the building there for five years and be able to come home as the Vice president to the North Carolina branch. Seeing as he had been stuck as a travel representative to the firm for the past eight years it was an offer he couldnt pass up. Not when his family needed every penny they could get.

Of course it was decided that the rest of the family would stay in their home, not only would it keep the older kids at their schools but it would help them save money in the long run. The prospect of a better life helped Mary-Beth sober up for awhile but then Maybella got sick which left her permanently deaf sooner rather then later, then the oldest son Thomas was hit by a drunk driver while riding his bike. Things spiraled out of control and Melton couldnt return home to help. Mary Beth started drinking again, heavier then before and Triton was the most common victim when she lashed out.

It wouldnt have been so bad had it not been for the fact that Melton had to stay an extra three years, meaning there was no one to control the abuse. The worst experience was when his mother locked him and Maybella in a chest for two days straight. At the age of seven he was already dealing with not only being bullied at school and the abuse at home but with the fact that he was noticing strange things happening around him. Melton finally returned when Malcolm was eleven and things got better ffor a time. Money wasnt as tight and they were able to move into a bigger home, Mary Beth was in treatment for her addiction. Things seemed to be getting better. Until that is Melton decided to take the twins to a specialist in Herald. It was a five hour long plane ride away but when they made it the Twins felt like the luckiest kids in the world.

At the Doctors office Maybella started acting weird, twitchy and panicky, it was only once Malcolm got her away from their father that she told him that she was worried that if the Doctor took her blood he would see that she had a super power. Malcolm didnt understand her worry because she didnt have powers, she was just imagining it, and apparently having powers was a one in a billion chance so he laughed off her fears. That was until the Doctor went to test Maybella's blood and she started screaming. Screaming so loud it melted the needle, screamed so loud that she started bleeding from her eyes, screaming so loud that Malcolm, Melton and the Doctor passed out.

When he came too Malcolm was alone in a strange room and he could barely hear voices through the door, getting close to it he could hear his father yelling about how they have no right to take his daughter and someone else yelling back at him that it was for the safety of everyone else. It took him years to realize what had happened, years to understand that she was born with powers. It wasnt to much later that he finally accepted the fact that he could seemingly control shadows and darkness.

It was many, many years later that Malcolm started planning his revenge on everyone that had harmed him of his family in some  way, he was going to destroy the world and have it be reborn as his own personal paradise in memory of his twin that was used as some sort of lab rat in a secret location.

Truthfully, with his history it isnt surprising that Malcolm has tendencies serial killer.

FC: Robert Downy Jr.

Lei 'Deadman' Denning
Name: Lei Denning Aka Deadman
Age: 22
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Hemokinesis: Lei’s main power is the ability to control and manipulate blood inside his own body, as well as outside his body with varying degrees of success. His own blood can always be manipulated, but Lei needs open wounds to access it. Any blood outside his body can also be freely manipulated as long as it is not inside another human body. Blood that is A+ like Lei’s is easiest for him to control followed by other types.

   Blood in other human bodies have been most difficult, almost impossible for Lei to control. The best he is able to do is inducing pain in others by influencing their blood.

   When using his powers, Lei’s face takes on the corpse paint look he wore while in his band.

   While his powers are mostly used for offense he can sometimes up his defense by hardening his blood.

   These are his current techniques:

      Blood Shot: This is one of his lesser used attacks and it comes in a pair of different styles. The first is a single shot that varies in speed and power due to the effort, Lei puts into the shot. The second is a scatter shot style attack that acts more as a shotgun blast. The blood shot attacks uses up his own blood supply and can overtask the rate he can regenerate it.

      Blood Crystallization: This is Lei’s most commonly used power in which he solidifies his own blood turning it into various bladed weaponry. When it’s his own blood he commonly uses a scythe styled blades coming from his forearms. Though if there’s enough usable blood on the outside or he decides to use more blood, he makes a full scythe complete with staff.

  He has also used this ability to create throw able knives, other styles of blades and even a spear at one point. Lei has also started to think up new ways of using solid blood such as hardening it over his fists to increase striking power. However these also fall into the parts where he can over task his healing ability.

      Blood Marionette: This power is only usable on Lei’s own body. If for whatever reason any part of his body is rendered unmovable he can use his powers to influence the blood running through that body part to keep using it.

   Regenerative Healing Factor: Unlike the healing abilities that other Mutants might have, Lei’s is a bit different. While wounds inflicted on him by outside forces might heal slightly faster then a regular human, his healing ability is primarily for self inflicted injuries. It also replenishes the blood that Lei might use during fights at an accelerated rate.

   Weaknesses: The majority of Lei’s powers require him to open wounds on his own body. This exposes him to the treat of exsanguinations if he out paces his healing factor. The act of cutting himself has also left him with a high pain tolerance which at times doesn’t let him realize how hurt he is.

Allegiance: X-Men

Personality: Lei is a good natured person who at times gets a bad rap because of his powers and looks. Many people mistake him as masochistic due to the fact that he must cut himself to use his powers. He looks out for his friends and believes that everyone deserves a chance to prove themselves. Once one earns Lei’s respect, they will have it for life. Lei also has a tendency to look out for the underdog….

   He is also a quick learner and is an accomplished martial artist, guitarist, song writer and has a decent singing voice as well.

History: Long ago in a galaxy far, far away…. Well ok maybe not that long ago just about 24 years and really not in a galaxy far, far away. His father was from a suburb of Boston and his mother the daughter of a martial arts master in Shanghai. Perhaps to some China might be considered a galaxy far, far away, but oh well right?

   Anyways Lei’s father Ryan Denning met his future wife Sun Yang Mi while on a business trip and after a whirlwind romance the two were married gaining Ryan one pissed father in law… A couple of short years later Lei was born and was named after his grandpa, which earned Ryan some brownie points. As Lei’s father traveled between the Chinese and American branches of the office, Lei lived in China with his grandparents and mother until the age of 13 at the school that housed multiple styles. It was also during this time where he learned Wing Chun from his Grandfather, and from the others in the school he studied Shaolin Kung Fu and Muay Thai.

   Moving with his parents back to the U.S. to finish schooling there, his mother took over his training. From her Lei learned Jeet Kune Do which gave birth to his curiosity about Bruce Lee and caused him to collect the books that was written by the famous actor. It also gave birth to him enjoying the movies as well…

   While he was finishing school Lei’s path split from where his parents wanted him to go as he started a band with some friends. They had intended the group to just be a fun side project as their lives moved on. However the right person heard them playing at a party and “A Murder of Crows” got themselves a record deal. They would never be as big as some bands, but they had a pretty good sized following.

   Over the years Lei might have partied up his fair share, but he also knew that it wouldn’t last forever so he saved as well. During one night he made a discovery about himself… One night he had locked himself away writing for the new album when, Lei ended up cutting himself while slicing up some food. He didn’t want to bleed everywhere and make a mess, and was surprised as his blood followed his wishes and just hung there in midair. Even more amazing was the fact that his self inflicted wound healed in minutes. Lei knew about mutants of course and had even snuck in some references into some of their songs, but he had never dreamed he might have been one. Over the years Lei had healed a little quicker then others, but never thought about it.

   After that the time he had locked himself away was divided… Some of the time was devoted to writing the songs and coming up with blazing new riffs. The other amount of time was to gain as much control over his Hemokinesis as he could. All Lei wanted was to make his music in peace, but he would be ready to use those same powers to defend himself if need be.

   His band mates jokingly called him Deadman after the people in an anime series called Deadman Wonderland and the name stuck. Lei also left the band seeking someone to further train him in the use of his powers. It was then he met Charles Xavier and went to continue his schooling while learning more about his gifts.

   Lei has also fallen back on creating rings, and he has been writing again possibly contemplating a solo career. The rings he creates do double duty to draw the blood he needs for his powers.

FC: Brandon Lee

Fiona 'Alchemist' Walker
Name:Fiona "Alchemist" Walker

Power:Fiona has telekinetic powers. But unlike Jean Grey, they are not all powerful. She can lift things a bit at most. She can manipulate the elements, fire, water, earth, these she can manipulate to a molecular level. Which means she can disperse fire, not create it, can freeze or melt water.

She can't, as mentioned, lift heavy things with her powers, or lift them to high. She can't creat the elements, and while she can move the earth, shape it, she can't do the same with rocks. She can't create more water from a small amount, same with fire. She also can not affect the wind as there are no molecules there involved. This is why she is called Alchemist.


Personality: Fiona is brave, in the fact she will she will jump in to help anyone who needs help. If someone needs help but won't ask for it, or say they don't need it, she will still try since she is stubborn as well. She won't let topics go if she feels they need to be talked about or dealt with.

Aside from that, she is quite smart and curious as she likes to test and experiment with not only her own powers, but others. Testing limits, and the like. Some may find her a bit pushy as she likes to ask people about their powers. When she isn't on a mission, and spending time at the mansion, and not 'interrogating' new students, she can often be found in the library as reading is her biggest hobby.

She feels horrible guilt as she feels she could have done something to save those at the Canadian branch of the X-men school.

History:Fiona grew up in Canada, her parents worked, and she didn't have any siblings. When her powers developed at age 10, she was playing in the rain, and not wanting to get wet, her powers moved the rain away from her. She didn't tell anyone about what she could do, not because she was scared, but because she never saw any reason to do. Bit by bit she found out she could manipulate other elements.

She was eventually found out a few years later when she was fooling around in the back yard and was caught by her parents. They sent her to the school to learn, never saying wither they didn't mind she was a mutant or not. They never mentioned it again, even when talking to her on holidays, they never mentioned the topic of the school, or her school work.

After graduating, she left the school to do her own thing, wanting to find her own path. She kept ties with it, helping when called upon, but otherwise, she likes to do her own thing. When the attack happened at the school, she had not been there, she should have been, as she was asked to come in and sub for one of the teachers who was away visiting another school, she never made it as she had lost track of time.

FC:Natalie Portman (add blue eyes)

Connor 'Shred' Meridies
Name: Connor 'Shred' Meridies
Age: 30
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Power: Connor has control of the intermolecular force (Van Der Waals force) in and around his body. He can strengthen or loosen each molecule's connection to

the next one, giving him a myriad of results. He primarily uses it to disintegrate a material, turning (for example) and iron door into a pile of iron dust. He can

also strengthen bonds, making a material harder. He can do this to the air around him, giving him a cushion of 'strengthened' air as a shield. He can break down

molecular material into its elemental components, such as creating hydrogen and oxygen out of water. With deep concentration, he can strengthen the bonds of the air to

his an object (even his body) from above, giving him a limited form of levitation, of himself or objects.

The closer an object is to his body, the easier it is for him to manipulate. His range has not been recently tested, but it is considered to be line-of-sight. He has

not trained intensely with his power in combat, but he has had this ability since his teenage years, so he is familiar with how to use it. In addition, he received a

college degree in chemistry, to know more about the physical structures of materials. His power does not work on noble gases: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon,

radon, and oganesson. They are too 'stable' (ie, no intermolecular forces) to manipulate.

Allegiance: X-men

Personality: Connor's face is carved in stone, but underneath lies an extremely dry wit. His joke delivery is so interspersed with his regular speech, and he

has no qualms with letting a joke slide by unnoticed. Otherwise, Connor is a calm, soft-spoken man without much emotional range.

He's a good listener, and not just because he talks all the time. He takes the time to empathically listen to people, seemingly caring for their problems. He considers

himself without many huge problems, a very blessed man in the world, and will altruistically help others often. He often volunteers for homeless shelters and soup

kitchens. He is sometimes seen wearing a cross necklace, though he seems very comfortable in flirtatious or sexual settings - a vice he allows himself.

His taste in music is suave - jazz, light rock, ambient. He seems to know about movies even though he never is seen going to one. He only seems to watch educational or

news TV shows. He enjoys sitting in sidewalk cafes and people-watching, often zoning out for hours at a time. And yes, he works out. He seems to be very good at

soccer, and will readily join any physical group activity.

History: Connor was easily found by Professor Xavier upon his mutant power's arrival. His control over a fundamental force of nature lit his aura up like a

beacon. With training, the X-Men thought, Connor could become as powerful a mutant as Magneto. He trained his power for a few of his teenage years, though his combat

training was minimal for such a young age.

After a few years, Connor decided to leave the school. He felt like the school was cloistered and out of touch with humanity. Of course, other mutants who could not

mingle with normal humans did have the luxury of leaving, but Connor was too young to consider anyone other than himself at the moment. He kept in touch with the

school, offering himself up as a reserve member, but preferred to try and live a normal life otherwise. He attended a normal university, where he obtained a degree in

chemistry with a C- average. Without the stern guidance of Professor Xavier, Connor had become an underachiever. After graduating, he worked at a research lab, where

he was underpaid and underused. He even took to petty thieving for some extra cash, though after a few times, he stopped out of fear of being caught.

His mutant power was relegated to a few tricks he was comfortable with. His world would have to be shaken up for him to return to bettering his mutant power again...

FC: Leandro Maeder

Giavanna "Ion" Travere
Name: Giavanna "Gia" Travere  AKA  Ion
Age: 22
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Heterosexual


Electricity Generation: Gia's body is constantly generating electricity. Her body often emits a static shock to anyone she touches and requires that she use a good amount of it up so she doesn't cause herself or anyone around her any harm. In the past, she's gone to bed without purging some of the electricity from her body and has woken up to the smell of burning bedsheets and a tightness in her chest.

Electric Bolt: She is able to project electricity from her entire body, but her more focused attacks come from her hands. These electric bolts are able to stun, burn, injure, and even stab her enemy, but she currently does not have enough training to control the intensity of it and when it is at its full-power, she has trouble controling her aim. She currently can only control them enough to keep a semi-straight shot and is unable to hit anyone who is in full-cover/hiding behind something/someone.

Electrified Surface: Gia is able to electrify most surfaces as long as she has physical contact with it. This causes damage to anyone who is also touching that surface. Unfortunately, when she stores too much electricity, this also means that she may hurt people that she doesn't intend to hurt. Due to this, she always showers alone and rarely ever goes swimming.

Living Battery: Gia is able to recharge electrical devices. She never has to use a wall charger for her phone or iPod and can restart dead car batteries.

Weaknesses: Strong magnetic forces are able to redirect her electric bolts. She cannot affect rubber or any other non-conductive matter. As she uses up her supply, Gia's energy level will decrease. If she uses up all of it, she will pass out and won't be able to wake up until she generates enough to fuel her body, which typically takes at least 3 hours.

Allegiance: X-Men

Personality: Gia is a friendly person with a good soul, despite the way her powers may make her seem. She dislikes fighting, which is why she doesn't have the best of control over her attacks. She tends to dislike using her powers for more than to drain her supply. She enjoys meditation and yoga when her supply is low, but when the amount of electricity in her body is higher, she has bursts of energy that she likes to wear down with dancing and even just jumping around.

She enjoys spending time with friends, singing, dancing, and making circlets (mostly out of metal). Gia does her best to be there for her friends whenever they need her and is a good listener. She tends to not judge a book by its cover and assumes that everyone is a good person until proven otherwise.

History: Gia had a wonderful childhood with loving parents, but no siblings. It was a miracle that her mother was able to have her, having had several miscarriages prior to her being born. Her mother saw her as perfect and decided that she didn't need to keep trying for that big family she had always wanted. It was love at first sight. Her father was a good man who worked from home as a writer. He was always around to help little Gia whenever she scraped her knee or even just wanted attention. They were a happy family.

When she was eleven years old, Giavanna's powers emerged. It was slow to build up. It started with just shocking everyone with little static shocks anytime they touched and eventually grew to the point that she caused electrical surges by simply plugging something into the outlet. It was at this point that her parents knew their little miracle was a mutant. And though they loved her dearly, they knew they had to send her away to make sure she got the attention she needed.

Her parents call her all the time and send her gifts, but it's not the same. Deep down, she is a lonely soul just looking for someone to fill the whole where her family used to reside. And in the back of her mind, she worries how destructive she may become if things get out of hand.

Bruce 'Tempus' Sheridan
Name: Bruce Sheridan

Codename: Bruce was finally given the codename Tempus by Professor Hank McCoy after being refused the potential codenames Bill, Ted, Wyld Stallyn, The Doctor, Tardis, McFly & Delorean. 

Age: 23

Race: Mutant/Human

Sexuality: Hetrosexual

Power: Localised time control:

Manifesting at puberty the X-Gene bestowed Bruce with the ability to consciously control the flow of time and its effects upon himself and all things within a small radius of him (Professor Hank McCoy confirmed this range of influence to be limited to a complete sphere of a 2 metre radius, though his detailed and conclusive explanation of the chronal particle effect which produced this ability was halted by Professor Logan under the threat of violence). 

Due to his mutant ability Bruce is able to effectively speed up, slow down or hold within stasis anything around him. However he must be consciously aware of whatever he wishes to effect (Professor Logan remains unapologetic for rendering Bruce unconscious with a blow to the back of the head whilst confirming this hypothesis). The greater the number of objects he tries to effect the more taxing this ability is for Bruce and the greater chance of it leaving him suffering from harm and exhaustion, or even leaving him unable to use his power until after he has rested. The size and mass of objects effected can cause similar adverse effect to him as well, though he has been shown to be able to effect very large and heavy objects in training exercises. Though the effort has left him tired.

Additionally, whilst increasing speed may seem to have obvious advantages as an X-Man (as frequently pointed out visiting lecturer Jean-Paul Beaubier) it is not a viable option for Bruce to use his powers in the manner of a speedster. A fact Bruce became aware of after breaking his hand attempting an accelerated speed punch. Indeed, Bruce lacks any increased resistance to forces generated at speed as well as the durability to resist damage caused to him by high speed impact. He is however able to react in time to rival any notable speedster.   
Allegiance: X-Men (Despite what he might have told multiple women in several bars to varying degrees of success he is not currently a member of the Avengers. Nor is he close personal friends with Captain America).

Personality: Light hearted, friendly, though vaguely arrogant and with a disposition to either not take things seriously, or to accept situations with ironic humour. According to notes taken by Professor Emma Frost, Bruce edges slightly towards the typical speedster pattern of finding normal events tiresome or slow and thus becoming impatient or arrogant. Further notes by Miss Frost indicate a tendency towards immaturity and a lack of ready commitment towards groups or relationships. She also recoded that she found his preocuppation with films of the 1980's/1990's to be extremely irritating.

Despite Miss Frost's assessments he has been shown to act responsibly during his time at the Xavier Institute. He studied diligently and gained a degree in contract law, though manipulating the literal time he spends studying rather than any natural aptitude for the subject, is believed to be the reason for his success. He has been at the institute for close to four years and has performed well in training exercises, but has not been sent on active missions. He is currently employed as assistant legal council for the Insititute.   
History: Born to parents David and Lucy Sheridan, Bruce is the youngest child in his family with a brother four years his elder. He was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, attending local schools and living a fairly unremarkable life until his mutant powers manifested during puberty. They did so subtly and were often dismissed as freak occurrences without him being seen as the cause. Hence Bruce had a normal social life, gained and lost girlfriends, went to class and tried to avoid class and lived essentially as any other teenager. However by the time he was eighteen his powers started to become stronger and more obvious, frequently effecting his friends, family and people around him to the point that any dismissal of his abilities or his ability to claim innocence or anonymity had become impossible.

Eventually Bruce agreed somewhat reluctantly to attend the Xavier Institute instead of a traditional colege and initially found it hard to adjust to the environment and time away from his family. However learning to control his feelings, and in turn his ability has left him stronger and much more confident on his own, though during his first year at the institute he would return home whenever possible to spend time with his family, especially enjoying weekend fishing trips with his brother and father.  However after developing relationships with some of the women living in both the Institute and in Westchester itself, his desire to return home rapidly diminished.

During his time at the Institute, in additional to social interaction and attending training provided in use of mutant abilities, Bruce studied law and after passing all relevant test and examinations spent some time at firms in Westchester before being employed by the Institute itself in a legal capacity.

Christopher 'Plauge' Vunk
Name: Christopher 'Plague' Vunk
Age: 24
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Bisexual

Power: Christopher has a power that in its simplest term, control diseases. Basically this means that he can inflict a sickness upon someone at will. He could also heal them from it but what would be the point of inflicting them with it in the first place if he was just going to turn around and heal them?

He can control the organisms that spread diseases, including germs, bacteria, virus or other pathogen on a cellular level, including bacteriophages, microorganisms (microscopic organisms), retroviruses, cells that abnormally grow to make cancerous tumors and cysts, and pathogens that produce genetic mutations. Which, in smaller words means he can make people sick, give them genetic disorders, or in some rare cases activate someones Mutation.

Touching someone makes infecting them easier but he can do it without touch, but at the risk of draining all his energy. Christopher is immune to all types of diseases and sense his mutation/power activated has never even had food poisoning much less a fever.

Now this is all good, but someone with Vitakineses (healing ability) could easily undermine him and using his power uses alot of energy, much more then he should truthfully. He can also unknowingly cause the death of those he cares about, if he doesnt pay close attention to his power it can 'leak' out and infect those around him and after a certain point there is nothing he can do to save them. He also is a carrier of a deadly genetic diseases, it is completely unknown to the scientific community and if he ever has kids they will suffer from it.
Allegiance: Doctor Peace

Personality: There is no easy way to say this, Christopher is a jerk and probably a psycopath. He enjoys seeing others suffer and takes great joy in making them suffer more or making them suffer longer. He is also almost scary loyal, once he decides that someone is worth his loyalty there is no getting him to turn his back on them. This is just coupled with the fact that he is very intelligent and is seemingly normal, holding well spoken conversations and even going out of his way to connect with the people he is speaking to on a personal level.

Christopher is manipulative, getting people to lie for him, steal for him, risk their lives for him, and to do things they wouldnt other wise do all for the sake of saying that he got them to do it and laugh when this idolized image of him gets ripped away from his victims.

Now, he is a bad man and there is no way around that, but he has a sweet side that those few people he truly ares about has seen. Christopher is protective, loving, and kind to those few and goes out of his way, even making a fool of himself, to prove it to them if they ever question it. The people he loves always come first a for most, the only thing is, he loves very few people and they are just as sick as he is.

History: It was a old winters night when little Abagail Gray gave birth to her son in the middle of a forest, at twenty she was small and deliate looking on top of being malnurished. After giving birth she was to weak to move and was later found by her captor and the father of her child, she had died but the child had managed to survive. Richard Vunk was cruel man and mentally sick, far to many mental illnesses to list but he was certifiable. He enjoyed kidnapping people and doing truly evil things to them and when Christopher was ten he was forced to join in on his fathers fun where he learned that he enjoyed it was well.

Now it was only three years later that discovered his power, hristopher had a lot of fun making his father squirm in revenge for all the years of mental and physical abuse he had suffered at his fathers hands. When his father finally passed away, he walked to the nearest cabin and called the police telling them that he was scared and that his dad had died. Being put into foster care was probably the best thing for the little boy, because once there he found out what kindness and love felt like. He became really close to his Foster sister Layla and her twin Lucas, lose enough that they had 'fun' together a couple of times while they were maturing and lose enough that he could honestly say he loved them.

The only problem with the love the three of them felt was the fat that they were just as sick as Christopher, Both Layla and Lucas started bringing Christopher people to use as practice dummies and encouraged him to make them last longer and to make them suffer more.

Then they turned eighteen and were released from foster care they moved into a little house together, this was when Christopher accidentally caused them to become sick and they didnt notice until they were already dying.Now, Christopher treats them everyday to try and keep them alive but is fighting a losing battle. It was about this time that he met Malcolm, Malcolm's ideals really connected with Christopher and together they started planning how they would take over the world.

So far, everything is going according to plan.

FC: Jack Falahee

Lord Geoffrey Marcus Wyntre, Earl of Kent 'The Emerald King'
Name: Lord Geoffrey Marcus Wyntre, Earl of Kent
Age: 36
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Air Manipulation: The Emerald King can manipulate the movement of air about him to perform a number of stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date due to the experience he has with his abilities.
  • With concentration and enough space he can lift and hold aloft in the air mass equaling to one ton in weight.  The heavier the object, the more space he needs to create a wind stream to lift.  For the full ton of weight he would need an area roughly twenty meters cubed in open space.  To generate a wind stream  to hold hold a person of average weight and height aloft, about one meter cubed area of space is all he needs.
  • If he has at least one meter cubed of space about him, Geoffrey can generate a wind stream that can grant him the power of flight.   How fast he can go depends on how much space he has about him.  In the crowded confines of a city, speeds of up to 150 mph are possible.  Up in open air where the wind stream exists, Tempest has been able to push himself to 450 mph unassisted, faster if he gets a tail wind behind him.   Flight is not a quiet or stealth like ability for Emerald King.  When he is using it, it generates as much sound and noise as a class one tornado does, and the wake the follows behind him is the same speed, so flying 150 mph down an alleyway will stir up its fair share of garbage and debris behind him.
  • Force Bolts in the form of spheres of extremely dense and low pressure air that can hit with enough force to knock an average sized man back twenty yards.  Non-lethal in most cases but can hit with enough force to dent reinforced steel up to two inches thick.  The force spheres have a range of 200 yards with no obstruction.
  • It is possible for the Emerald King to increase his speed and reaction time by a factor of twenty.  This does not mean his body is immune to the consequences of his increased speed.   Striking a person as this speed would likely shatter the bones in his hand unless some precautions were made.  Tempest is extremely cautious when using this power, especially when he is unable to channel another elemental spirit to offset the consequences of his actions while moving at such an accelerated speed.
  • If a person is in line of sight, it is possible for the Emerald King to draw all air from their body.  If he tries to do this, it is stunt of his powers which require his full concentration and he cannot use any other power.   It is limited to line of sight range so if a person manages to break line of sight, the effect on them ends.  It takes about two minutes to suffocate a normal human, longer for people more physically fit.   It is possible to revive these individuals if medical aid is given to them within the minute of their collapse.

Earth Manipulation: The Emerald King can manipulate the movement of earth about him and more importantly, draw from the strength of the very bones of the earth about him.  From his interaction and channeling the spirits of the earth, he is able to perform a number of stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date.    Note the Emerald King must be in contact with the Earth in some form to be able to draw upon these powers.  While he can use them say on the 35th floor of a tall building, their effect would be diminished as a result.   He us unable to use his earth manipulation when not in contact with the ground at all, such as if he were flying.  Also it is only in this dimension he can manipulate earth.  If he were in another dimension, like Asgard or Limbo, he would not be able to use these abilities.
  • Geoffrey can cause an area up to twenty meters cube of earth to shift and move.  He has used this ability to pull boulders from under the earth and fling them at enemies or constructs up to twenty meters away.  This is a fair disruptive and destructive power, and is picked up as a 2.5 seismic event on the Richter scale and as such rarely employs this within the confines of a city unless a person's life is at stake.
  • The Emerald King can draw upon the strength of the world to change his body to be able to withstand the stress that comes with having superhuman strength, and can lift up to ten tons when he draws upon the earth.
  • The Emerald King can draw upon the earth to enhance the tensile strength of his skin, or the costume he wears.  He can either confine this to small areas, say hands and feet, or his limbs, or his torso, or to his full body.  Note that his natural flexibility goes down the more he draws upon it.  He can make his body as dense and hard as granite blocks, but he would be immobile and unable to move if he did so.

Water Manipulation: The Emerald King can manipulate the movement of water about him and more importantly.  His extensive experience with using this power has enabled him to come up and perform a number of power stunts.  These are the stunts and abilities he has managed to perform to date.  Note that Tempest must be within 100 meters of a body of water or significant water sources in order to channel the spirits of water, and their effect or intensity is diminished when confronted with effects that would cause water to dissipate at an unnatural rate, such as extreme heat.  Also the volume of water is important, and he would need a source at least one meter cubed in volume to have water of any significant amount to affect and manipulate.
  • Move and manipulate into shapes or physical constructs of water up to twenty meters cubed in volume.  Also this gives him the ability to move up to speeds of one hundred and twenty mph, if there was enough open water before him.  Tempest has been able to use this ability to stop freighter sized ships in their tracks and stave in their hulls.  Military ships up to the size of a Destroyer class are vulnerable in the open water.  The maximum range the Emerald King can manipulate water and the constructs is 200 yards.
  • With at least one meter cubed volume of water present, he can form objects that have a solid tensile strength in his hands.  He normally forms some form of martial arts weapon, such as a weighted chain, nunchucks, or katana blade.  The more water present, the stronger he can make these items.  He can make weapons that have up to a three meter reach if he so desires.  This is one of The Emerald King's more deadlier abilities due to his skill with martial arts weaponry.
  • Since the human body is mostly water, Geoffrey, with a sufficient source of clean water, can heal even life threatening injuries.   Without water he can seal minor wounds and cuts, but it does test his endurance to do so and does much better when water is present.  He is unable to regenerate new limbs or tissue on a large scale, he can however reattach severed limbs with the skill of a combat surgeon, enough to save the limb and stabilize the patient till he can see more advanced medical treatment.  Prolonged use of this ability will tax his strength and leave him unable to call upon other spirits till he had had sufficient time to recover, four to six hours of sleep.
  • With concentration and effort, the Emerald King can pull from objects or lifeforms the water which is in makeup, causing harm to them, even drowning them in the middle of the air as a result.  It requires off of his concentration to use this ability and it is limited by line of sight so if anyone can get out of line of sight, they can break the effect this ability was having upon them.  Unless some form of hydration is in effect to keep the victim alive, the Emerald King can kill a normal human within one minute of using this ability.  The Emerald King cannot be using any other ability.

Limitations and Weaknesses: 
  • Other than what has already been stated in his powers, to date Geoff can only channel his powers for two hours of continuous use, four if the use is only off and on in duration.  After that he needs at least four hours of rest to recover.  Pushing himself can lead to issues as extremely painful migraine headaches, partial blindness, and unconsciousness for several hours if he pushes himself, as well as the loss of his ability to channel elemental energy for a full twenty-four hours.
  • Geoff is unable to channel fire elemental energy at all and are the bane to his abilities and can reduce the amount of Air and Water elemental energy he can call upon if he is in close proximity to fire.
  • Geoff needs at least one meter cubed of space to be able gather enough elemental energy to manipulate.  As such if he were in a confined space of less than one meter cubed of air, he could not channel air elemental energy enough to use his abilities with that spirit, just as if he did not have a solid connection to at least one meter cubed of earth he could not manipulate the earth.
  • Geoff can only manipulate elemental energy which is present, he cannot generate any new elemental energy.  If there is no air, earth, or water in excess of one meter cubed available, then he cannot manipulate the energy at all.

Talents and Skills
  • Highly skilled martial artist with first degree black belt in traditional Karate and Jujitsu
  • Marksman with traditional military firearms and rifles
  • Highly skilled with Martial Arts weapons
  • Highly skilled with Katana
  • Highly knowledgeable in Mechanical Engineering
  • Highly knowledgeable with Business Marketing
  • Highly knowledgeable with Program Management

Allegiance: The London Hellfire Club, unaligned

Personality: Geoffrey is much like the typically reserved of British found in high society.  He does have a very dry and sharp wit he uses to as he says "keep people on their toes and in their place."  Despite his own ego being significant, he cannot stand large ego in others, especially in those he believes are unintelligent and incompetent.  He does not suffer fools and will choose to eliminate them from whatever position they are working.   As a business owner and chairman of a board, he does give praise to his people who are decent at their assigned tasks, or use their initiative and go above and beyond.  It has made him very sought after by many high end businesses as he is the man who gets results, and has turned more than one failed industry and revitalized it.  It has been said much of the recovery of the British economy is due to the efforts of the Earl of Kent. 

As the Emerald King, he is a patient man and his stratagems are designed to have incremental gains yet at the same time success of failure of any one aspect of a stratagem not have significant impact on the plan as a whole.  He is a firm believer the world is lost without his leadership and direction, but because he is mutant much of the world would not follow him as a result.  So he took over the London Hellfire Club and bent their considerable will to his vision and uses them to work and manipulate issues from the shadows to see all of Europe rise up again to be the world power they once were.

History: Geoffrey's life started fairly much like many born into old British rank and position.  He traveled along the same path as his forefathers before him, attending the right finishing schools, University at Oxford, and as well the pressure to serve and be a benefit to Britain.  Geoffrey's father had been in the Special Air Service, his grandfather before him in the British Navy, and his great grandfather was Lord Admiral Caden
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Re: New Era of X-Men
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2017, 12:36:17 am »
Placing down a flag of interest.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I'll try to get you a character sheet in the next few days.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I'm also gonna put down a flag of interest an work on a character sheet in the next few days. It is a pleasure to meet you all.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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On a separate note do you have any issue with players having multiple characters and/or playing characters of differing genders?

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I have tentative interest!

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Place marker here for the unalligned.  Making up the Emerald King of the London Hellfire club, Lord Geoffrey Marcus Wintre, the Earl of Kent, control of primal elements save fire.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I'll be sending you a character sheet sometime tomorrow Q.

Lol, Q and all those words beginning with S, I sound like an RPG Sean Connery James Bond.

Quick question, if we're playing on team X-Men, would our characters be at max no more than fairly decent with their powers? Since they wouldn't be good enough to have been on one of the main teams that went missing?
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Ya know I'm still in! I have an idea and might have him to ya in a day or possibly tonight!

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Thank you so much for all of your interest. In the next couple of minutes I will be responding to PMs and will be posting my finished characters so you guys all have an idea of what im looking for.

On a separate note do you have any issue with players having multiple characters and/or playing characters of differing genders?
Personally I am playing two characters of differing genders so I dont mind at all, I dont even mind if you play two of the same gender.

I'll be sending you a character sheet sometime tomorrow Q.

Lol, Q and all those words beginning with S, I sound like an RPG Sean Connery James Bond.

Quick question, if we're playing on team X-Men, would our characters be at max no more than fairly decent with their powers? Since they wouldn't be good enough to have been on one of the main teams that went missing?
My RL name starts with Q, my friends and family call me Q, so... I am Q lol

Yes and no, you could be proficient with your power but had decided not to be apart of the team for whatever reason or had already left the school to work at 'normal' jobs and only now come back to the fold of the mutant community because of the attacks.

You could also have a character that just never practiced alot with their power outside of control over it so it wasnt accidently used in emotional situations or whatever.

Or because the opening of more then one school is a new development for the most part, you spent your whole childhood and teenage years hiding it from others so you havent had time to practice.

I have a character who is a late bloomer of sorts, a devastating accident caused hers to surface to heal herself and lash out at those who caused her near death...

Basically, have fun, get creative, hell you can even claim that you should have been apart of the main team but after a fight with some of the others you were demoted to leader of one of the lesser groups and call it babysitting duty because they are so weak. IDK....

I hope I helped.
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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Also, until we get more interest/completed characters in the approved characters are posted in their own spoiler in the original post.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I'd like to post some interest here. I do like the x-men comics and so would enjoy something like this.

I'd like to know if there are any restrictions on the powers our characters can have? Apart from taking other characters powers of course.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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YAY!! We have enough to start I think though I would like to see two or three characters in the Doctor Peace alignment and a couple in Unaligned... Im going to start working on the OOC and Approved Character threads along with the IC thread here shortly, hopefully by Saturday we will have a few characters in those alignments.

I am so excited for this!!

I'd like to post some interest here. I do like the x-men comics and so would enjoy something like this.

I'd like to know if there are any restrictions on the powers our characters can have? Apart from taking other characters powers of course.

Well, outside of the obvious (no 'god' powers or being invincible, no 'perfect' characters, or having a character/power that has no weaknesses.) I am giving you guys free reign on creating your characters.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Links to the OOC and the Approved Character thread is up. I will start work on the IC thread probably tomorrow or later today.

The threads are placed in extreme just so we have our bases covered.

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Are you still looking for more players? Would someone aligned with Doctor Peace be acceptable?

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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PM sent for concept.  Cause I am evil, gives people a slight peek

Name: Lord Geoffrey Marcus Wyntre, Earl of Kent, The Emerald King of the London Hellfire Club
Age: 36
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Are you still looking for more players? Would someone aligned with Doctor Peace be acceptable?
We don't have many for Doctor Peace, so that would be awesome!

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Are you still looking for more players? Would someone aligned with Doctor Peace be acceptable?

Yes we still need characters and having another character for Doctor Peace's side would be awesome!!!

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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Need us some bad guys!

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I will have something submitted this weekend when I am off work.

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Sounds awesome, I plan on us starting Saturday even though we need more bad guys but Im going to keep us open for new characters.

BTW, I dont care if we get more good guys if someone wants to join but really doesnt want to be a bad guy but we really need us some bad guys...

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I hope eveyone is doing good. I'm really looking forward to this starting. And I wouldn't worry too much about bad guys, I mean I'm just guessing but depending on how things start it'll probably take a while for our characters to get beyond "What's happened? Where are all the real X-Men?".

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Re: New Era of X-Men
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I will start it tonight, a last minute birthday party for my Uncle happed yesterday and I cant be on much today because we have Mother Day traditions to start. (We plant flowers, why we do I have no idea because no one in my family can keep them alive longer then a week but its fun lol.)

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Woo! Can't wait to start! ^_^

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Is it too late for a last minute member?
Name:  Imeri Nasque (Nightshade)
Age:  22
Race: Mutant
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Natural Poisons.  Imeri secretes a variety of natural poisons from specific pars of her body.
Skin - Batrachotoxin-  Immediate paralysis, then death.
Finger Nails- Tetrodotoxin- Slow (20 min - 8hr), agonizing death
Fangs- Inland Taipan Venom- agonizing death if untreated.  (Death can occur in as little as 30 min)
Imeri's body constantly produces a large excess of blood.  The more she eats, the more blood she can produce.  And the more she feels nervous or threatened, the faster she produces blood.  Her blood has the ability to change into poisons.  She can choose what poison to produce and when to produce it.  The drawback is that she has to periodically discharge either her blood or poison, multiple times a day.
If she is uses up her blood supply too fast, she goes into a 3-day coma.  For research and defensive reasons, Imeri has conditioned her body to produce a moderate amount of poison at scheduled intervals.  If her skin comes in contact with anyone else's, between producing poisons and showering, they will die. 

Allegiance:  X-Men

Due to her mutation, Imeri must be careful with her friends.  She limits her friends for fear of killing them.  Once you're her friend though, she'll do almost anything to keep you safe, even some things south of the moral compass.  She is very apathetic to strangers, but on very rare occasions, usually involving children, she can be empathetic.  She detests fighting, but will if someone she cares for is attacked.

Imeri's dream job was to be a Toxicologist.  Her parents bought her a miniature laboratory set when she was 9.  She taught herself everything, starting with anatomy, physiology and toxicology.  Then she memorized the periodic table. She continued to study different fields that could be applied to her desired field.  Her mutation presented itself at a young age when she accidentally came into contact with deadly nightshade, in the woods behind her parents house.  two years later, she saw a picture of nightshade in a nature safety class.  Curiously, she went searching for the plant again, found it, and tested it against blood samples from her mother, father, and sister.  The nightshade prematurely killed the cells in all three samples.  When she tested her own blood, her suspicions were confirmed.  Her passion for science only grew.  She studied her immunity to poisons and compared the molecular make-up to other local poisons.  Wanting to use her mutation as a gift, she reached out to Hank McCoy and presented her research to him.  Two weeks after she contacted Dr. McCoy, he offered her a full scholarship, granted that she did well on the practice exams.   two years after passing the exams and moving to the institute, her increased blood production began.  Three months later, she began producing poisons.   She has been studying under Dr. McCoy and they have since publicized their discovery of a number of antidotes.