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Author Topic: Looking for stories, M/F, Some are NC, Extreme, others more Dub/con or Light  (Read 961 times)

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Offline LucentTopic starter

         I love to really explore the darkness of sentient beings (not just humans as I really enjoy the fantastical worlds.) I enjoy being able to see into the minds of people put to the utmost limits of their endurance, both physically, mentally, and emotionally. I also enjoy being able to peek into the minds of people who are putting another to these tests.. what makes them want to do this to another.. what is their motivation? How would they over come obstacles to their plans..

The Prince and the Pauper (Light and Fluffy)
This is more Light and fluffy but with a little spice in it. YC is a prince, in fact set to take over the kingdom any time. Unfortunately this means your parents are getting  abit pushy on you finding a proper wife to give you heirs. They don't really care who she is, only that she comes with a bit of breeding to preserve royal bloodlines. The problem is YC isn't exactly attracted to most of the Lords and Ladies daughters that are presented to him.

However there is one princess from a neighboring kingdom that is presented.. now she is a down right brute.. rude and spoiled.. though she is exquisitely schooled so politically she knows how to play the game.. but her servants -and likely her future husband- get the brunt of her rudeness.

MC is a slave to the princess, brought with her to see to her every need. MC is meek but witty and a bit sarcastic thought tries hard to hide that. She takes the brunt of the Princess' abuse (think spoiled celebrity and their assistants) but finds herself attracted to the prince who is suppose to be wooing her mistress.

How does YC and MC resolve this? A tryst? Do they fight for each other.. does the Prince marry the Princess but keep the slave as a mistress? How does this story play out?

Darkest Of Hearts (Consensual, but involves pain play)
Okay I prefer to play the female in this story but I CAN play the male  if you prefer. In this story the male patron is actually an emotion eater, a sort of vampyre that instead of feeding on human blood.. he feeds on human emotions. Pain is his favorite.. it tastes the sweetest.. but in his 1500 years he has found that he much prefers the willing vessel rather then forcing it on people. He can survive on hurting others just for the sake of it.. but fear makes the meal.. bitter and he much prefers the willing.

He has a wife, who is also an emotion eater, but she wasn't always one.. she is new.. and still.. hard to control. She was his pain vessel but he fell in love with her and turned her.. so now he can no longer feed off her.. and is looking for a new one. (I will play the wife AND either the emotion eater or the new willing vessel). I envision her very much like Morticia Adams in mannerisms... They are very very much in love. And will share the affections of the vessel.

Now the Vessel, I am thinking she is either a stripper or a prostitute. Young, about 18 (no younger please!) and has a very abused past that she is running away from. She either works in a very seedy strip joint whose owner basically pimps the dancers out with or without their approval.. or she is a prostitute who is 'owned' by a very bad pimp. Either way she ends up 'rented' for the night by the Patron and his Wife.. who feed off her emotional turmoil on how crap her life is.. and decide to offer her a better life....

The life of course is as the pain vessel. It can go many ways and is up for discussion. Ultimately she will be willing.. but will it become a love between the three? Or will she eventually be cut free once they have dragged as much from her as possibl?

I don't care about the Gender you are, as long as you write well enough. Feel free to PM me if any of these strikes your fancy. I also have Skype (though I only forum RP)  for real time plotting.
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Offline LucentTopic starter

Took off a taken story, The Prince and Pauper ended up getting one post and then dying so its back up for grabs..

Offline King Kull

I might be interested in the prince / slave, who would play the pauper? It could develop in to darker things like plotting to murder the princess after marrying her to get you, secretly replace her with YC wearing a mask while the princess is in a dungeon? Or what possible developments where you imagining? Do you want sex in the story or just romance/love? You have RP ideas that you have crossed over, I guess that mean they are not active?


Offline LucentTopic starter

Yes the crossed out requests have been taken. I am at work atm on my phone so forgive typos lol.

 I am not sure wearing a mask is going to fool anyone that the slave is the princess so the characters wil have to probably find a different way to work around social construct. I am definitely looking for a situation that is not resolved by clapping their hands and poof it's fixed. To be able to be with the slave openly he will have to play political games, pacify the princess etc. I would pay both princess and slave. Murdering the queen (one your character is married he will gain the kingdom so his wide would be queen) could be discussed but yc would need to expect rammifications if he is suspected... Like war between his country and her country

I am looking for a large focus on plot but I expect sex to come into play in the story yes.

Offline King Kull

Sounds interesting, I want the plot to continue even if our characters have sex, so it's not like; fine they got each other now it's all done.

Offline LucentTopic starter

Absolutely I would prefer to finish the story, be they end up ultimately forsaking his crown for her, murdering the princess/queen and dealing with the problems of that, or settling for a secret tryst... Or saying that honor demands they forsake their love

Offline King Kull

The last conclusion sounds depressing  :-(   

Offline LucentTopic starter

Indeed it does. It doesn't need to go that route lol just saying the possibilities

Offline King Kull

There could be jealousy as well if the prince marries the princess and have to do his marital duties while courting the slave.

Offline LucentTopic starter

Indeed there will be.