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May 13, 2021, 01:15:46 am

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Author Topic: One and Many- A Sense8 Group Game (Seeking M and F, Non-American Characters)  (Read 3834 times)

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Re: One and Many- A Sense8 Group Game
« Reply #75 on: May 11, 2017, 09:33:57 am »
If that is good  I will post IC today or tmrw

Offline VioletPandaTopic starter

Re: One and Many- A Sense8 Group Game
« Reply #76 on: May 11, 2017, 12:50:39 pm »
In case you guys didn't notice, I have the OOC already up. If you could all move your sheets into there under spoiler tags, I'll put links to them in the first post of the IC.
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Offline AribethAmkiir

As much as I loved sense8 (totally just binge-watched the first two seasons), I'm going to have to pull my interest.  I don't know enough about other countries to do them justice.

Hope this is a great game and you all have a lot of fun.

Offline Ashena

Hello all, So I am super interested in this. I have seen season one. I think I saw season two? Cant remember cause I binged watched it. I will check later and watch a few episodes to make sure or to catch up depending.

That being said, I see yo have a Doctor, a street rat (excise the words cant think of a better term right now and just watched Aladin so...XD) and a person good with math? 

I was thinking of making a soldier. More specifically a Combat medic with the 82nd airborn. Its not a non-american so if your in need of me to change that I can look up Brittish soldiers and become a brit? 

Offline VioletPandaTopic starter

That sounds like a great idea! There's a little overlap with the medical, but I don't see it being too big of a deal.

Offline Ashena

That sounds like a great idea! There's a little overlap with the medical, but I don't see it being too big of a deal.

Another idea instead would be to be a swat officer that could be fun to. We would have access to police files ad help get out of sticky situations

Offline VioletPandaTopic starter

We have an MMA fighter and FeveredDreams' character also knows has fighting skills. The tactics used by the police would be helpful, I think? And many countries have a Swat type division.
  I think I remember seeing things about... Shoot was it Ireland's or Germany's urban division- they're some of the best in Europe.

I also have a monk I'm still making. Sorry it'd taking so long. There's a lot of variations between countries on Buddhist monks. Like, in South Korea, it's considered a lifelong commitment, but I  Thailand, once you become a monk, you can be one for as little or as long as you want with no hard feelings or dishonor attatched.

Offline Ashena

I was thinking a swat officer more for knowing how to use weapons and having the ability to get any of the charicters out of jail or away from a sticky situation with law enforcement? Idk or if you have another idea? I could do the soldier with a diff job. Im not sure whats still needed

Offline VioletPandaTopic starter

A soldier might have that kind of training too, even if he couldn't use his authority to get people out of jail. If you wanted to go the swat route for the weapons, I think infantry would have similar skills? Both will work, I think.

Offline Ashena

Name: Kira Depalo

Age: 27

Sexuality: Bi-Sexual

Relationship Status: Single

Starting location: London, England

Background: Kira grew up in London, her mother had been killed early on in a robbery gone wrong. It was then Kira wanted to become an officer. She wanted to put a stop to criminals that would hurt others. After going to high school Kira moved on to college where she studied law and criminology. Kira graduated and was in the police academy the next year. Kira excelled through the academy graduating by the age of twenty three and was offered a job with the London Police force.

Kira served on the police force for two years putting in extra hours and doing her best to give back to her community. One night she was approached by her commander to join on with the SCO19 It was the British Special forces other wise known as Swat in America. Kira took up the challenge and and was given a chance on the squad. After receiving high marks for marksmanship she took up the rifleman squad, her unit was deployed for high risk situations involving gunman or hostage situations. Every year the squad goes to america to train with the US Swat teams. They would have games that would test the strengths and weaknesses of each and they would swap stories that they had seen during the years.

Personality: Fun loving but knows how and when to be serious. She is a hard worker and had to fight stereotypical tropes as she moved up in the ranks as a police officer. Kira is a great and loyal to those she calls friends as few of those she has, with work there is little time for socializing and hanging out.

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