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July 16, 2018, 04:05:02 AM

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Author Topic: Adventures in Andromeda (M/F F/F Futa/F M/Trap etc) Mass Effect plots  (Read 568 times)

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Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Hey there everyone, thanks for stopping by!
First I would like to say, I'm sorry this page will not look as spectacular as some other request threads. I admittedly am not adept at making pretty pages, I just write stories.
So if you have gotten this far and are not concerned with how bright and shiny this request thread isn't, then let's write a story together!

Now for those who didn't figure it out from the thread title, I want to write a story based on Mass Effect: Andromeda.
Obviously I am playing it, a lot, and that's part of why I am more interested in playing a game taking place in Andromeda, versus another ME plot. Also because I'm not really familiar with the original trilogy, the game mechanics didn't grab me, blah, blah, blah...
Also the fact that the Andromeda galaxy is so new we can pretty much go any direction we want with this game. Also it can begin in any point of the storyline we like. Also I have some ideas for pairings already, but we'll get to that soon.

In a writing partner I'm looking for: someone who will be able to post multiple times a week because I will put in the same level of commitment.
Someone who has no problem averaging 3-5 good paragraphs a post, that's usually what I do. Of course there are times when only one good paragraph is necessary to get the story to a certain point, but in those situations it will feel right for the story and shouldn't be a regular thing. (Feel free to check out my previous posts if you want an idea what my writing style is and what my general post length looks like)
Most of all, I want someone who brings their own ideas to the table. Not just to suggest things, but also with a desire to help drive the story, drop in subplots, throw in twists! If I have to lead everything myself the whole way I am going to get bored really fast.

As far as pairings, I don't care about the gender of the person behind the computer, and I have a pretty wide array of types of pairings I will do: (mine will be first...)

Also completely open to stories opposite just about any of the alien species, along with playing them. Just bring it up to me and let's talk it out.

Well that's the main stuff, in the next posts I will put up pairings I had in mind, but feel free to message me with any ideas you may have!

Thanks for reading, and keep looking out for more details!
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Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Re: Adventures in Andromeda (M/F F/F Futa/F M/Trap etc)
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 03:57:00 PM »
Like I said, I will put up some possibilities for pairings on this page. These will range from very general to very specific. Normally I don't like playing established characters, but given how everyone is constantly developing along with this new galaxy, I'm ok with going against that this time.

Mind you these lists are just what has gone through my head thus far, by no means are things limited to that. If something I haven't thought of occurs to you, let me know!

Pairings involving Ryder (Ryder can be any gender when I play them, if I am going to play opposite them I would prefer Ryder being F or Futa)

I'll also use a star system (* to *****) to show my personal level of interest in that pairing or plot. The more stars, the more I will already have to bring to the table.

Ryder/Peebee ****
Ryder/Cora **
Ryder/Sloane *****
Sloane/Ryder *****
Ryder/Avela ***
Ryder/Lexi **
Ryder/OC ***
OC/Ryder ***
Ryder/Keri ****
More to come...

Other pairings:

Kalinda/Peebee *****
Cora/Peebee ****
Sloane/Peebee ****
Sloane/Cora ***
Sloan/OC ****
OC/OC *****
Sarissa/Cora (I would play either roll in this encounter) *****
More to come, and opened to suggestions...

The next post will be specific plots...

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Offline BlueEyedBardTopic starter

Bitch in Charge
Sloane v anyone
Kadara port is not a place for the weak... or anyone really. It's not suprising to see someone getting beaten in the streets, or thrown into the slums by Sloane's goons. Of course they are the lucky ones. The not so lucky ones get to deal with Sloane herself, which is not a good thing. Even less so if you work with the Nexus initiative, like the members of the Tempest crew. So the last thing they needed was for one of them to personally get on the boss' bad side, because that's the best way to find out just how hard Kadara port could be.

In this story, firing one reason or another, a member of the Tempest crew (or an OC), do something to upset Sloane causing her to have then arrested and brought to her to be made into her personal bitch. From there it could go several different ways: while out on a Kett run whomever it is can prove to the woman how useful they are to have around for Kett killing and then they could grow closer and go down a more romantic road.
Or Sloane cab use YC to continually mock and torment the Tempest crew by showing them what she does to their teammate while they are working on trying to save them.

First Hand Reporting
Ryder v Keri
A romance that is possible in the game, but I think could go further. What if, say mid interview, Ryder did convince Keri to join them and actually get a first hand look at these new planets. After all, what pathfinder doesn't want a cute Asari to fool around with on all the new world's they are colonizing? Of course a bit of danger can get thrown in if the lovely, young, reporter ended up being captured by the Kett, or the Resistance, or the exiles, or scavengers, and Ryder has to save the damsel in distress!
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