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June 12, 2021, 04:40:08 pm

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Author Topic: M seeking sub(ish) F for Modern, Martial Arts-themed romp.  (Read 915 times)

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I've recently started practicing karate again, and it has since inspired me, both personally, professionally...and let's be honest, perversely. Seriously, have you SEEN fit women in a karate gi? One word for that:

You said it, Miguel. Your movie was fun, don't ever let anyone tell you different. What do critics know anyway? *A-hem*

Now, I'll admit, my interests and fetish material can be a bit...niche. Bondage and light elements of BDSM will almost certainly be included by yours truly, with tickling and elements of footplay also generously sprinkled in. I get that its not everyone's cup of tea, so I feel the need to include it from the get-go before we get into the meat of the stories itself; nothing annoys me personally more than finding a creative partner who has ideas that seem fun, interesting, exciting...only to find out that they have little to no interest (and even outright aversion) to my personal kinks. It is not a 'fault' thing, so much as a 'why didn't I check their O/O's first' thing. This paragraph is to partially save your own time. If you are unsure of the kinks for any reason but are intrigued with the ideas therein, here's what you will get if you reach out to me;  a partner willing to post at least once a day, and will keep you abreast of the situation if that changes for any reason; a paragraph to multi-paragraph partner who pays attention not only to the details; someone willing to work with you (not dictate towards or force you to take the lead) to create a story that we both enjoy.

There; the pitch. Now I wait.



Hey, you're still here! Awesome! Now let's see if the ideas themselves are worth your time. Several of the concept images are taken of famous karate practitioners and champions, including Elisa Au Fonseca and Rika Usami. These are done mostly as concept of theme images, not necessarily the race of image of the character in question unless otherwise stated. Even IF stated, it is more than open to negotiation (it's your character, after all).

Alright; below are several ideas, each in the format from the One-Shot Request thread (one of them was in fact directly lifted from there), simply because I find it elegant, simple, and to the point. The distinction 'YC' stands for 'your character', while 'MC' stands for 'my character', to indicate the roll I envisioned for you when I initially conceived of the idea.


Name: Karate Hottie

Content: Bondage, dubious consent, possible romance, and light BDSM elements with an emphasis on tickling and a bit of Footplay sprinkled in. Originally intended as a more short-term idea than the others, but can be worked into a longer plot if we both enjoy it enough.

Scenario: YC is a second-generation Asian-American, and is considered one of the foremost women karateka in the world today; three-time World Kata Champion, two-time American Full-Contact Karate Champion, one-time World Full-Contact Champion, and four-time runner-up to the very same title. She aspired to make the transition from pure karate into professional kick boxing, and possibly even MMA. Unfortunately, being a widow, a mother, and an active competitor in a combat sport was just not a combination that could be sustained. Now she works two jobs as a fitness coach and karate instructor, but neither are lucrative business models, and the bills are starting to catch up.

Enter MC.

A successful hotel tycoon, MC was one of the American Karate Association’s most generous donors, and had even helped arrange for jobs for karatekas that were unable to find employment after they fell through the cracks. He isn’t a bad man; unfortunately, he is an openly perverted man, and has made many a…pass at YC before. Yet, one ill-fated meeting at a bar later, MC made another of his perverted offers, and just as she was about to kick him from one side to the other, he said a number.

Then he kept adding zeroes.

So that is how she found herself dressed for a casual date, hired a baby-sitter for the night, and found herself forced to be subjected to MC's fantasies. She didn’t know what made her more disgusted; that she said yes…or as the night went on, she thought she was enjoying it…

Setting: Modern.

Requirements: YC is strong, confident, and not at all happy about her first. I'm looking for a more down-to-earth scenario where not only does YC have the power to set her own conditions and say 'NO' at any given time, but the physical ability to enforce her decision if necessary. However, her financial position leaves something to be desired. MC won't be looking for blackmail himself; he wants to do things with YC, but he wants HER to want it as well. So begins the odd relationship where he tries to woo a woman he is essentially paying to fullfill his oddly specific desires, and she comes to grips with the fact that MC may not be so bad, and that she is a little perverse herself. :)

Other info: Open to further discussions and elaborations on this idea.

Name: Night of the (Ninja) Movies

Content: Bondage, Consent, Non-Con, Romance, and mid-to-light BDSM elements with an emphasis on tickling and a bit of Footplay sprinkled in.

YC is luckier than most; very few people can make a full-time living as a martial artist. However, you were instructed in Shito-Ryu Karate by the famed Fumio Demura-sensei himself; the real-life inspiration and stunt double for the famous ‘Mr. Miyagi’ character. His connections into the world of theater and entertainment introduced YC to the same; now YC is a fairly successful fight choreographer, stunt-double, and unofficial security guard. Given the rise of action movies and a recent reinterest in the forgotten ‘Ninja’ genre, it looks like YC’s prospects are looking up.

Then YC signed a contract for ‘Ninja Gaijin’, and the headaches began.

The movie is an absolute mess; the producers want a movie that is violent, but not too violent; the director is slash-and-burning the script, re-writing the plot almost at a whim; the actors are not very gifted, either theatrically OR physically; YC’s assigned actress in particular is an absolute nightmare. It seems the movie is absolutely doomed, with everyone who worked on it to be blacklisted form Hollywood for the foreseeable future. In the midst of this disaster, YC gets close to MC—the cinematographer, and seemingly the only other person on set with a trace of competency. A friendship strikes up between the pair; then a friendship with benefits, and finally what looks like the beginnings of a romantic relationship.

That was when the accidents start.

They started innocently enough; little snafu’s that could happen on any set. Then the snafu’s kept happening with greater frequency and escalation. Through it all, the cast and crew become more and more agitated, as YC learns of some of the nastier relationships and immoral decisions of everyone involved, and how they curiously inter-relate to each other. YC now finds herself trying to save not just the movie, but maybe the lives of terrible people, as she contends with an assassin in the dark who may have fighting skills comparable to YC’s…

Setting: Modern, though the 80’s action/ninja boom would be applicable.

Requirements: Seeking help on some of the finer details; particularly how the inter-twined relationships of the movie cast and crew relate to the person found in the spoiler below.

Other info:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
MC will of course be behind the accidents, assaults, and murders. YC will be pitted against him, and either try to make him come to his senses, or stop him once and for all.

Name: Martial Queen

Content: Bondage, Consent, Non-Con, Romance, and mid-to-light BDSM elements with an emphasis on tickling and a bit of Footplay sprinkled in.

Scenario: YC is Okinawan. There is a distinction from being Japanese, one which YC has felt even on the mainland. Mistreated, used, abused, and cast-aside; Okinawans had been treated as second-class citizens, if even that by their Japanese conquerors. YC had it luckier than most. She is the daughter of the Ryukyuan Royal Family; a branch family, but a close enough relation that she and her parents were relocated to Japan. Political necessity protected her, but now that the United States has taken over both Okinawa and Japan, all bets are off.

YC finds herself trying to be the leader and protector of a little section of the “black-market” that is populated primarily by Okinawans, and surrounded by perceived enemies; Allied soldiers, Yakuza, Korean belligerents, and above all the feared Black Dragon Society—the Illuminati-like intelligence agency and shadow government of Imperial Japan. Even as they are being hunted down by the Occupational Forces, they are trying to hide in martial communities and crime families, biding their time to make a comeback. Many would see the value of a potential Princess of the Ryukyu Kingdom, especially with rumblings from the United States to re-establish Okinawa as an independent nation. Some even believe in mad tales of how a violated Ryukyuan Princess can be sacrificed on the shores of Okinawa, allowing one to take control of an army of the dead…

YC has no time for this nonsense, either in sacrifices or being a puppet ruler to the Japanese or Americans. She is too busy looking after her community and fending off the various parties that have an interest in it, while being a surrogate mother/daughter/sister to everyone involved. The community gives her respect and keeps her identity secret, but loose lips are bound to sink the ship. Fortunately, YC is skilled in both Wado-Ryu Karate (a blending of the Okinawan Te techniques that became karate, and Japanese Jiu-Jutsu) and Okinawan Kobudo (traditional Okinawan weapons). She is a physical match for anyone and anything that can be thrown at her…hopefully.

Setting: Post-WWII Japan, with possible mystic elements.

Requirements: Some familiarity with the conditions, history, and perceived history of post-war Japan needed, even if all you’ve done is seen a period piece film or did a quick Wiki. Don’t be too worried this; I’m not a super-expert on the subject by any means…or an expert, come to think of it…

Other info: You may have noticed a complete LACK of mention of my roll. Well, that’s because this story will be a bit more involved, and require me to be fast and flexible, being a sort of GM for YC in this world. A more specific character for me can be developed, or we can embrace the GM and start looking into potential systems to run in. The story is thus left open ended enough that we can take it anywhere we want, from a crime thriller/vigilante story, to the beginnings of your character becoming a martial prodigy OR a feared villain herself, a forbidden romance (with a US Soldier or Black Dragon member) or even a mystic romp.

Name: The Blank Canvas

Content: Bondage, Consent, Non-Con, Romance, and mid-to-light BDSM elements with an emphasis on tickling and a bit of Footplay sprinkled in.

Scenario: This idea has been left purposefully blank; it is here only as a placeholder for an idea that you and I come up with together. Don’t be afraid to approach with your own idea if you have one, and would prefer it to anything that I offered!

Setting: Up to you, obviously!

Requirements: Creativity with a touch of insanity!

Other info: You’ll let me know. ;)

And there we go! I hope that these ideas tickled your fancy. If none of them did, then thank you very much for taking the time to read all the way through, and apologize that I couldn’t entice you. Happy hunting, and happy life!