Seeking aggressive romance

Started by Cataclysmic Archangel, May 02, 2017, 12:09:26 PM

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Cataclysmic Archangel

So let me start by saying this might ramble a little.  I apologize in advance.

Some people my have seen my posts before, usually looking for something rough and tumble; I'm big on conflict, non-consent, scenes that start with powerful women ending up as mewling over-fucked victims.  Good times.

But while I have some great scenes on that front, I find myself looking for something else, an itch that is just as intense as wild, rage-filled passion.  I'm looking for some sort of 'spark', where that wild and crazy sex isn't the only thing between them.  Where the two of them develop feelings.  Maybe they refuse to acknowledge it.  Maybe they hate the idea of it, but one way or another, they're drawn together. 

Now, this doesn't mean my tastes have really changed, and that's where this gets tricky.  I'm still a fairly dominant lover.  I still don't like 'soft' or vanilla.  I like scenarios that has them shoving stuff off a desk, or slamming up against any flat surface they can find.  Kinky stuff, dirty talking.  Hatefucking.  Passion, rage, fire, etc.  A little softness amidst a raging sea of wild emotion.

Now with all of that said... I don't really have a story in mind, and would much rather work with a partner towards that end.  I love fantasy (D&D or Lord of the Rings style 'classical' fantasy), Sci-Fi of the dark and gritty variety (Star Wars, Babylon 5, even Mass Effect), modern with a twist (spies, supernatural, crazy action-movie-worthy-plots).  I love scenes where the characters are forced to work together, or even start off as opponents.  Boy meets girl and 'slice of life' are nice and all, but I like action, adventure, something that throws the characters into conflict and/or shenanigans.

Now, if any of that actually appeals to you... please send me a PM, and we can work out some details.  If people are wondering about some ideas from other sources, the Dark Hunter series by Sherillyn Kenyon is a great place to start... although admittedly I find the sex pretty tame, but the idea of crazy antagonistic characters is a great touch.  A little bit cliche, but...

Thanks for reading!