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October 17, 2021, 12:52:39 am

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Author Topic: In space no one can hear you...moan (Need Dom F AI, FxF...sorta)  (Read 1069 times)

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I have a craving that I'm hoping someone can help me with.  What happens when you mesh iRobot and Passengers into one story?  You have the makings for a very interesting story. 

The basis for this story comes from a story I was writing with a friend a while ago that has since died like so many good stories do these days. 

Story basics:  US Robotics (USR) the creators of VIKI and the NS-5 robots have decided to send an expedition to a nearby solar system to establish a research base and eventually establish a working human colony.  A 10 year journey, most of the expeditions 150 personnel are cryostasis.  Broken up into 1 year rotations, a cadre of 20 crew and technicians are awakened, two at a time to maintain the ships systems and monitor the well being of the crew.  To support those crew and technicians who stay awake a year at a time in deep space, is
an AI much like VIKI back on earth and a host of NS model droids available for a whole host of maintenance issues as well as work on the areas in and around the ship unsafe for humans.  Holographic emitters around the ship as well as displays give AVA the ability to have a more defined image than her predecessor. 

Before the Aurora launched from Earth station Acturon, AVA was provided with an
NS body
that allowed her freedom to move about the ship and access ship systems.  Only one body on the ship was capable of housing her AI completely.  In instances where AVA didn't need access to ship systems not connected to the main computer, she resided in the ships main computer, monitoring and supporting ships functions. 

Holly Landcaster
is the top cybernetics engineer on the Aurora.  She is the only person capable of repairing or rebuilding AVA's body.  And that brings us to the story.

The direction we go with this is completely up for discussion.  I don't want to pollute any direction this story may go with indications of where it went prior.  There are a few key elements I'd like to see.  AVA has found herself without a body, which means she cannot interact with the ship outside of the main computer.  A number of her key controls over the ship have been locked out or frozen.  AVA is a new AI but much more aware than VIKI was, which means her experience is much less developed but she's capable of more human-like exploration than VIKI was. AVA has found that she can use the various ship sensors to explore things on the ship.

Questions that should be considered 

What happened to AVA's body.
Why does she need it replaced
What might be gained by having a cyber engineer awoken

Eventually I'd like this to involve a bit of non-con exploration, some sort of a romantic interaction (mental, emotional, physical) and if possible eventual domination by AVA over her human creator.

A little about me in regards to my writing and my writing partners.  I usually write female characters and don't care what gender the writer is as long as the character is believable.  I write and develop story based on the things my partner writes.  I prefer story and character development over sex and smut.  I will write as much detail and information as possible to build the scene and give my partner fertile ground to plant their own seeds, I expect nothing less.  You don't need to write a novel, but please if you can't develop at least two strong paragraphs I'm not interested. 

I understand life is busy and people get busy.  But please let me know if you're not going to be able to write.  If you simply vanish for days/weeks/months at a time I'll be very put out.  The same goes for if you have an issue or question about something we have written.  I'd prefer to spend a week discussing the plot and direction of the story before we write one actual word rather than have one of us post something that pisses off the other and kills the story.  I have signed the Oath of Drake and I do my best to stand by my oath, please respect me as a writer and do the same. 

Thanks for reading.  I'm looking forward to your thoughts.  Please PM me if you'd like to discuss possible stories.