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Author Topic: Rahzilla's Ideas  (Read 3961 times)

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Rahzilla's Ideas
« on: November 20, 2012, 10:26:45 am »
Hello & welcome,

I thought it was about time for me to post an ideas thread where people can see what I’m interested in, other than my ons and offs.
Please read my Ons/Offs before replying to me. Also, please PM me instead of replying to this thread.

If you have any ideas you think I might be interested in, feel free to send me a PM with the idea, I'm open to more than just what I can come up with.

Current Cravings:
Extreme cravings in blue with * to indicate the level of craving

The Goblin King
Craving Level: *******
Genres: Modern-Fantasy, romance
Sexual Themes: Open to discussion

I’m looking for a Labyrinth story. It would be a continuation story set years after the end of the movie. After Sarah rejects Jareth’s offer and breaks the illusion by stating that he has no power over her, Sarah returns to the real world to live out her life. However, Jareth’s power may still be over Sarah...

15 years have passed and Sarah has forgotten everything that happened with the Goblin King, Jareth, or has she? Every relationship she’s had since then has failed. For reasons she didn’t realise, she had been looking for Jareth in those relationships, only pushing men away. However, she managed to find one person who wasn’t pushed away by her subconscious comparison. They had even gotten so far as to get engaged. However, after finding out that her fiancée isn’t who he says he is, but is looking for a Goblin King, even going as far as to attack her, Sarah feels torn. She vaguely remembers going to see a therapist when she was younger about delusions of a Goblin King. But she can’t remember anything about him.

Leaving the shared apartment in the city, Sarah manages to go home and see her younger brother, Toby. Having a conversation about the Goblin King makes Toby go silent. He remembers everything that happened that fateful night and tells Sarah this. Thinking that he’s in on this, she feels even more conflicted. It is in that moment that she says the magic words, summoning Jareth to her. He tells her that he’s been watching her ever since their first encounter and that he still loves her. Confused, Sarah has to get a grip on what’s happening or be swallowed by Jareth’s presence.

That’s where the story would start. I would be playing Sarah, I’m looking for someone familiar with the movie to play Jareth. I'm not looking for Canon Jareth per-say. I am looking for someone to play someone elusive and puzzling, in a sense.
I was thinking that this game could go one of two ways. Of course, there would be the fiancée who is looking for Jareth for reasons to be decided. But one way would be that Sarah joins Jareth in the labyrinth and becomes Goblin Queen. The second option would be that Jareth joins her in the human world (with his magic as he is the Goblin King) until Sarah is ready to join him in the Goblin city. I’m kind of leaning more toward the second option, just because it would be nearly impossible for the fiancée to find Sarah and Jareth if they are in the Goblin city.

From the Shadows
Craving Level: *
Genres: Historical-Fantasy, romance
Sexual Themes: Age difference, open to discussion

From birth, he had been trained to be an assassin. By the time he was twelve he was already being sent on missions by himself, and was quickly making a name for himself as one of the most deadly and talented killers there was. By the time he turned eighteen, he was at the top of his game. His identity had long-since been erased, and he never left a trace of evidence behind when he did a job.

That all changed when he was given the last job he would ever take. It seemed simple enough, kill everyone at the address he was given. The pay was extremely generous, all up front - and his rates weren't exactly cheap to begin with. He entered the large manor and dispatched of the man and woman he found there, but wasn't quite prepared for the four-year-old girl he found sleeping in her room. The sight of the girl and the thought of what he had just done to her parents made something snap inside of him. He whisked the girl away, burning the house down to cover up her escape. He found a noble family to take care of the girl, a man and woman who couldn't have children of their own.

He accepted contracts very rarely after that day, spending all of his free time watching over the girl, watching her from the shadows as she grew up and keeping her safe. But when she came of age, she began to grow more and more curious and suspicious about some of the oddities of her life; about why she didn't look much like her parents, about the figure that she occasionally glimpsed in the shadows out of the corner of her eye. About the time the men who threatened her on the street at night appeared to have dropped dead of their own accord.

The Colonial and Native
Craving Level: *
Genres: historical, fantasy (open to discussion), Romance
Sexual Themes: possible slavery, possible kidnapping, interracial

Elizabeth is a villager in a Colonial town near a native tribe. There have been scrimmages with the natives of the land for some time. Because of the fights that take place between the Native Americans and the Colonists, Elizabeth was always told to stay away from the forest surrounding the town. However, after seeing a tall, mysterious man brought into town one day, she finds herself intrigued with him. She travels into town everyday to see him but never approaches him.

One day while in town, she notices that he is absent and gossip among the women is that members of the tribe came to retrieve him. Disappointed that she could no longer gaze at the mysterious man, Beth takes it upon herself to explore the forest a bit. She sees no harm in it. It isn’t as if she is going to run into the man. Or will she?

Bride to Slavery
Craving Level: *
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Sexual Themes: slavery, forced marriage, possible BDSM, Open to suggestions

Coming from a poor family, the oldest daughter is sold into slavery. Believing herself to be a servant for the rest of her life, she is surprised to find out what purpose she has in the new household. Instead of a serving girl, she is to become the Master's Bride?

Vampire's Kiss
Craving Level: **
Genres: Modern-Fantasy, historical-fantasy, fantasy, possible romance
Sexual Themes: possible BDSM, master/servant, open to suggestions

Melanie was nothing but an experiment. Told that she could be the best of society, she was taken in with one hundred other test subjects to alter the taste of blood for the vampire race that now inhabits most of the earth. Being one of only several to survive the experiments, Melanie’s blood is by far the most addictive and delicious. Because of this, she is sent out as the final result of the successful experiment to the leading investor in the experiments. Since the world is inhabited mainly by vampires, it isn't uncommon for humans to be considered lesser and to be treated like slaves. Even though they are treated lesser, there is some preciousness to them; they are the source of life for the vampire race after all.

Pajama Party
Craving Level: *
Genres: Modern, Romance
Sexual Themes: Open to discussion

Grace found a notice for a meet and greet pajama party at her college dorm. Deciding that it would be a great ice breaker to meet new people, she decided to go. Instead of wearing the norm for pajamas to a college party, Grace shows up in full length shirt and pants. Now, a wallflower, she waits for someone to approach her and it doesn't take long when a hot guy does. What is in store for their relationship as friends, or something more...

Mercenary Mission
Craving Level: ***
Genres: Historical, Fantasy, Romance
Sexual Themes: Open to discussion

She’s of royal blood, he’s a free lance mercenary. One day, she meets a mysterious man who sweeps her off her feet and gets close to her.

What I was thinking with this one was that he could possibly be paid to kill her for various reasons. But he falls in love with her while getting close enough to kill and is now conflicted with his feelings and what he’s been paid to do. But it wouldn't be instant, love at first sight. It would take time for him to fall for her.

War Torn
Craving Level: *
Genres: Sci-fi
Sexual Themes: Open to discussion

After decades of arguing, peace was finally brought to the galaxy through the Treaty Union. Peace parades took place from planet to planet. It was during a children’s march in the Quay Colonies that tragedy struck. Unknown  and foreign airships pass by and massacred all the children on the tour. No one knew who committed the heinous crime and since no one owned up to the act, the peace among the planets fell away. War broke out immediately on all fronts.

Ten years have passed and the war has shown no sign of stopping, having spread to all the corners of the galaxy.  It is during a battle between Earth soldiers and the Martians that you are shot down. Crashing to the ground, your ship and yourself are beaten up badly. You think this is the end, your eyes start to glaze over as a figure moves into your sight before blacking out.

When you wake, you are on a foreign space ship headed to a peaceful land where many species may take refuge from the war. Confused as to how you got here, it is then that you find a beautiful nurse sitting next to your bed, reading. Why you were brought here and where you are headed is unknown to you.

Elven Bride
Craving Level: *
Genres: Fantasy
Sexual Themes: forced marriage, possible BDSM, culture shock

My idea is to play an elven bride, with an unconventional marriage.

During a war, alliances were made and a deal was struck between two neighbouring countries. At the end of the war, the eldest daughter of one country would marry the oldest son of the other and form a strengthened alliance against their enemies.

The war against the dwarves and humans was fiercely fought with many casualties on both sides. However, the war has come to a successful end and now the alliance deal has come to full terms. The eldest daughter has been sent off with her dowry to the neighbouring country to become their queen and bride to a man she knows nothing about.

I would be playing the elven bride while you would be playing the orc prince and soon to be king.

Captured Innocence
Craving Level: **
Genres: Pirates, Fantasy or Historical
Sexual Themes: kidnapping, held hostage, BDSM,

Adeline is travelling across the ocean to England to be married to a man she has never met. When the ship is attacked by pirates, everything now belongs to the pirates' captain, including her. But instead of taking what he wants from her, including sex, it's more of a game for him. He wants her to want him and to desire what he wants from her, but will use force to get her to want him, if that makes sense. It’s all a game for him, he’s patient, cunning and willing to wait things out if need be.

She's a little feisty, and unwilling to give in while trying to negotiate with a man who is better at the game than her.

I can explain more if I need to...

School Girl Crush
Craving Level: **
Genres: Modern
Sexual Themes: BDSM, multiple partner scenes, 'on display', 'interactive lessons'

Gwen is a lucky girl. A rich boarding school of just boys, has finally started to accept girls into the school ranks. Being one of only twenty girls accepted, this is a dream come true. Coming from a middle income family, there is no better way to improve her applications but with the school’s name. But what will happen in a school of mainly boys? What troubles might she face? And what happens when the gym and health teacher takes interest in her? Will she accept his terms to help teach the health class?

Fallen Star
Craving Level: *
Genres: Fantasy, Adventure
Sexual Themes: Open to discussion

Irene was once known as a prominent entity in the world. one day, she is struck down from the sky where she lived peacefully for many millennia. Falling to Earth, Irene now faces many challenges in this strange world. Unknown to her, a conspiracy to bring down a star for witch's and warlock's evil aspirations. With no way of returning to her home, she must learn to live again. However, there are dangers awaiting her, for it is said that by eating a fallen star's heart, one can gain immortality.

Based loosely on Neil Gaiman's Stardust.

Inspirational Images:
Some have basic ideas in the spoiler tags, most are just pictures.

Held Captive

Her Protector

The innocent

As far as plot goes for this idea, I'm going to leave it fairly open. He is a demon that has tempted/found my character. He is remorseful and wishes that he could return her to the human world. However, he knows that since she has crossed realms, she can never return.

Of course, this could take a darker turn. Maybe he has kidnapped her and plans to keep her for his desires. He'd seen her before and had to have her no matter what the cost.

Again, leaving this very open for plotting :)

Long Ways Away

They’re engaged to be married when war breaks out across the country. Being a knight, it is his duty to serve his country and must leave his soon-to-be bride in the hopes that he will return one day.

I imagine a regular styled roleplay, with 3rd person roleplay, however, when he leaves, I was thinking that instead of roleplaying their lives without each other or skipping the time that they’re apart, we would post in the form of letters to one another. The letters would only be for when he’s away, off at war though, and when he returns, things would go back to 3rd person roleplay.

My Lord

In His Eyes

Futuristic Gunslinger



Tender Kisses


Calling You

Finer Things
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Re: Rahzilla's Ideas
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2012, 11:12:58 am »
Current Stories:

               Title                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Co-Authors                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Description                                                                                                            
               Captivated by Natives     [kakihara]     —Elizabeth was a normal colonial woman who just so happened to have a fated encounter. While in town one day, she sees a native of the area and finds herself captivated. Believing that he must have caused this, she enters the forest in hopes of finding him. If only she had known that by doing so, she would become a piece in an intricate battle between an evil trickster and a society trying to stop him. It is a race to save her life as well as defeat the evil trickster. On a dangerous path of discovery and enlightenment, Beth might find more than what she expected upon first entering the forest that day.     
               First time Slave, First time Owner     [Blackstone]     —Being sold to the highest bidder wasn't something Cassie intended to have happen to her. Taken off the streets, she is sold at auction to the most unlikely of people. Having a history with her new 'owner', Cassie has to put aside her hatred for this man and pretend to submit to him. That is, she'll need his trust if she plans to escape.     
               In Dire Straits     [Aleph]     —Sarah wasn't the most fortunate of people. Her family had prospered once upon a time, but that was all gone. Now, with a large, ever-growing debt, the collectors have come around looking for her mother or her. While on the run, she runs into an unsuspecting man at the train station. Pleading for his help, he obliges, stating that she is his wife. Taking up the offer, she now lives in a mansion with a man she knows very little about.     
               Synthetic Bonding     [ErisxFrost]     —Benjamin was a normal person. He did normal things and lived a relatively normal life. The idea that there are beings in the world that shouldn't exist, never occurred to him. It isn't until he is abducted by men in lab coats carrying chloroform that the sudden realization that the world isn't as it seems, comes to him. Placed in a ring with a man who shifts into a wolf, Ben is shocked to find that he is no longer in control of his body or mind. What awaits these two men as they manage to escape the laboratory? How can they live their lives knowing that they are on the run? The true question, can the natural shifter accept the synthetic one?     
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Re: Rahzilla's Ideas
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Updated: current stories, added Labyrinth idea, formatted thread

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Re: Rahzilla's Ideas
« Reply #3 on: May 02, 2017, 08:18:21 am »
Update: added/removed ideas, changed layout, added theme/craving level/genre rating system