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Author Topic: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}  (Read 6220 times)

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Other Non-Forum Thread

Scroll down for the latest added pot
Please, message me with your ideas when you PM me rather than saying 'hey, I am interested!'

Also, very open to flipping the roles if someone wants to play the female, I can play the male roles instead. I am flexible.

I like a slow build up, detailed and plot driven play, and not something that involves jumping into the smut of the story right off the bat (and when it doesn't seem fitting). I play in Third person and usually post about 3 to 5 paragraphs. Plus points for creative partners who can bring in their own ideas as well as have something to add to mine.

Currently, I am looking to play in PMs and online.

Meeting your maker (MxF, Sugardaddy)

Plot: A rich man who had caught interest in a newcomer model/actress when she was still in her teenage years. He invested in her secretly, paving the road for her success. Just when she's at the top, used to the fancy and luxurious lifestyle, he figures it's time she meets her maker. The question is how will she take it? Will he be able to claim her and call her his or there will need to be more convincing. Will the girl cave in and show her gratification or defy him?

Intro post
"You know what. You are a real piece of work, Riley. You really are. God I hope he wakes up and pulls the plug on you tomorrow."

"Yeah? Fuck you too... wait, what d'ya say?"


By the time Chase Gonzales, super-agent employed by a top New York modelling agency, finished explaining his slip of tongue to Riley Hill, both of them had forgotten what made them argue in the first place. Probably something trivial compared to the Big Reveal. Ah, yes, she had asked for a few days off so she could attend her friend's charity fund-raiser and he had said no. These sort of arguments with Chase had been more and more frequent these days.

Who cares now. Riley's world has just been turned upside down and given a few shakes to boot. She sat in the meeting room chair, eyes glazed, her mind searching for outs, for holes in his 'theory'. This is just a theory, or perhaps a prank, right?

"Oh c'mon. I mean, you probably suspected something right? There are millions of 19 year-olds over the world who would die to be in your position... and you think you got here all by yourself? Come on now."

"But... I won a fan vote for the SI cover. Abercrombie chose me after I met them like 3 times..."

Chase's mouth curled into a pitiful smile. As if she had failed to grasp a simple concept: like 'Santa Claus does not exist', or 'that boy never loved you he just wanted to get in your panties'.

"You're saying... B-but, if he has that kind of pull, why have I never heard of him?"

"Oh come on princess. You think you know everything and everyone after two years in the business? At my pay grade I still have no idea about half the stuff he owns through his trusts and offshore companies and whatnot. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if he has a direct line to the White House, he prolly does..." He droned on. Agents.

Is this real? All her efforts, her 5-times-a-week work outs, diets, modeling workshops since middle school, the sacrifices she had to make... they were all for nothing if not for this mysterious gentleman who had strung her up and played her like his puppet? Riley felt a sudden hot rush in her chest, and before she knew it...

"Aw don't start crying. Well, to be fair sweetheart, he pulled a lotta strings and spent a fortune on you, but you deserve a lot of credit too. I'd give you five... I mean twenty-five percent credit for everything you achieved. You are my favorite trooper. You remember that time in the Maldives..."

"I want to meet him. I need to." She looked up and said defiantly, her vision blurry from the tears.

A beauty and Geek (A sorority task)
{Seeking male geek character for this RP to play against my female characters}
[General concept is about a girl who trying to join this sorority desperately and came this far. The last step being (Read the intro post) is the only thing that's stopping her. But while performing the task, no matter how ugly or fat the geek is, what if she falls for him in way she never imagined? What would start out just as a task where she has to sleep with him and move on...what if she keeps finding herself at his doorsteps? Apart from having a nice big and thick surprise for her, what else would draw her to him? How kinky is he? Is he a virgin? Just how big is her? Does he treat her like a princess because he knows he can never score a girl like her AND YET treat her as a whore in bed? The kins that are in contrast to his inexperience, but porn being a great education, what wicked fantasies he may have to play out with her.......]

There is so much that can be explored here....send me all of your ideas!

Intro Post
“Girls…well, little girls, I know you all want to be a part of this fine Sorority. I mean, come on, it’s why you all are still here, came this far despite being put to test. You are here because of your hard work, but you are not yet out sister!” Erin, the senior of them all spoke, the president of the Sorority Alpha Phi.

Pacing back and forth before a group of 7 girls that stood in horizontal life, “I was saying, you have one final test to pass. Mind you, it is the hardest. Hence the final test. Now, we all are bound, not you newbies, but the proud sisters of Alpha Phi have something incriminating that bonds us, into keeping our secret a secret. We all have been though these initiation ceremonies. It is stored safely and in my protection. You might be wondering why the fuck I am telling you all this!”

Erin laughed, “Well, the reason I am telling you all this is because this last step is about you doing something incriminating and with that, you will become one of us. Out of the 7 of course, only 5 will be accepted, in the order of completion of this task as well as whoever having done it the best!” 

The girls grew eager as she dragged on and on and on! “Just tell them Erin! I bet two of them will leave right about now!” Another sister said from the crowd. Erin laughed, “Well, alright then. Here goes nothing. So, hooking up with a fine handsome boy or a jock….that’s every easy. Everyone likes handsome guys, right ladies?” The girls in the sorority cheered, about a good 10 of them. And the 7 prospective ones.

“Hooking up with someone not so handsome? Or ugly, or fat? Thin? Just not your typically preferred guy? Yes, that’s difficult. What do you do? Close your eyes imagine a fine Actor?” Erin sighed as she continued, “But you see, you are going to hook up with that fat, ugly, okay looking Geek! You all will be given a list of Geeks on our campus. You can pick either one of them. You will have two weeks to complete this task. The task being is that you will have to sleep with them. That’s right! What we need as a proof is your picture, in his room so we know who the geek is, with his cum on you. Or in you. We don’t care. But your face should be clearly visible. Heck, have him take a picture of you, I am sure he won’t mind. Well, that’s it. The list is already sent to your emails. You will see them geeks in some of your classes, may even see them at parties, as they are all invited. Though they are not worth it. Now, off you go….One step away from becoming our proud sisters!”

~My lord- My Landlord~

{MxF, can be various characters if you wish, landlord, Sugardaddy, the online RP friend...have your pick}

CuteAlia22: Urghh…that was a good run of RP today! I am glad we made the time to continue our RP!
RolePlayer35: I know, right! Sorry, life has been very hectic of lately. But I am glad we got the time to catch up.
CuteAlia22: Yeah, I’ve been busy myself. The college, the part-time work….the exams! And I am already falling behind on my rent, tuitions, bills…you name it!
RolePlayer35: You know, I don’t want to push it….but the offer still stands. I mean, if you want to, we can meet in person. I can even send pictures of myself if it would help. And knowing your situation, I am willing to give you $3000 if you spend the weekend with me. All we played in RP, we can see if you can entertain it in real life. But I know you like to keep online and real life separate. But hey, if not me, you can definitely sleep with your landlord for rent! Believe me, you will be surprised how easy it would be convince him to give you a break. BIG BREAK!
CuteAlia22: Eww! Have you even seen him? He’s like that 250 to 300 pound guy. Old. Chubby. With belly! But thank you for the idea. And also the offer. I am just not ready yet. I might as well move back to my country! I just might! Don’t worry, we will still RP.
RolePlayer35: Aww, anyways, I have to get to bed. Early work day tomorrow!
CuteAlia22: Night night! Until next time. Can’t wait for our next RP session!

Intro post
And that was it for the night. The partner with whom she’d been roleplaying for a long time, such a nice guy who lives on different coast. But they make it their business to continue a good RP they’d been playing. But it wasn’t that, it’s what he said today. ‘You will be surprised how easy it would be convince him to give you a break. BIG BREAK!’

That lingered on in Alia’s head. As silly as it sounded, that night she kept on contemplating about it. It’s not like she had a boyfriend. She was single. She was not desperate for sex or love either…..but definitely was desperate for money! Being the only one her while the rest of her family is her country, she has no way out of this but to see through. She was here on student visa. She had received a scholarship that allowed her to study in the states.

But it was only for the first year. Rest of the three years, she would have to pay out of pocket. Unless she gets scholarship. Well, that was also an option, she had yet to attend the event next week, and hopefully she would land something. Like she had in her roleplay. The roleplay circled the concept of Sugardaddy and it made her think how nice it would be meet her sugardaddy at the scholarship event. Whatever…she was meek and shy girl in real. Even if such a thing would happen, she would never even say YES! Would she?

For now, the landlord had given her the last notice. She didn’t open the door but he slipped the eviction letter the day before. So she was scared out of her mind because she had nowhere to go.


After contemplating again and again, playing the scenario in her head after looking online and reading up on some of the things about rent and sex, Alia cursed herself for even entertaining the thing. What if he reports to the authorities. What if he says no? But there was no way out of it. The cash paying job at the café barely paid for groceries. The tuition….the bills. But she had to try this.

So, rather than wait for him to come by again, Alia decided to visit his apartment….at the top floor. The best of the best in this building. Heck, she’d kill to live in his apartment! The day of eviction, donning her casual outfit that she had on that day- a red top and denim jeans, she came back from her class as she had been thinking about this. What she was about to do. She went up the elevator and reached his door. Hesitantly, she knocked three time and took a step back.

Turn offs: Scats, vore, lactation, bimbofication, pregnancy.

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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f}
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2018, 02:55:01 pm »
Woman's best Friend
{Bestiality, FxM and more. Open to suggestions. Please message me with ideas for this plot and what you think of it ...}

Intro post
"I Was a valedictorian in my highschool, graduated Harvard with high honors, took a high-paying government official job, and I'm still doing chores for my parents..." James growled to himself, his amber eyes shifting to the side to eye the large, furry body that took over the passenger's seat in his car. At 27, James was currently climbing the ladder to success, working his way up the governmental hierarchy to make a big name for himself. He had everything: ambition, money, a solid reputation, a great college background, and a beautiful young woman who was to be his wife in a matter of months. Throughout his life, James prided himself on being the best he could be and letting his raw talent, intellect, and of course the financial backing his parents provided to help him excel. Still, the rising worker that he was, he was still subjected to menial tasks that his parents would ask of him on occasion.

And that's where Brutus, the large dog, came in.

James wasn't too familiar with the dog- his parents had gotten him a couple of years ago wanting a powerful, dominant guard dog. And he was exactly that- strong, muscular and with a very... particular personality. He was a joy to his mother and father- his unconditional love for them was definitely amazing, but for the others including himself, Brutus was rather aggressive, not accepting to be petted or touched unless he wanted it himself. James wasn't sure if this was a specific personality trait or if it was because of the breed- he wasn't exactly big into dogs, especially Brutus. Sighing, James wiped off the excess dog fur that happened to flutter onto his grey suit, ignoring the hairs that dropped and stuck to the floor and seat covers of his 2015 Dodge Charger.

"You better not make a mess of my house." James glared, staring harshly at the dog, as if he expected it to answer. "I'm gone quite a bit, so if I come back home and there's piss all over the floor I'm fixing you right away." Brutus seemed to huff in response, continuing to stare out the window at the passing houses.

After a few more minutes of silent driving, James finally pulled his car into his driveway, his garage door automatically opening. If there was one more thing James prided himself on, it was his home. Located in "Sunshine Estates" a little ways from the city, it was where the more upper-class citizens resided. Standing at a full two stories and complete with an outdoor pool, Jacuzzi, indoor bar, and numerous guestrooms, it was an exceptional architectural art piece. Both he and his fiance' had personally picked it out, and although he hadn't spent much time in it yet, it was rather roomy and enjoyable.

Stepping out of his car, he tugged on the leash that pulled Brutus's collar. "Come on." He frowned, attempting to command the dog to leave his car. "We're here, so get out. You'll mess up the cushions." Brutus glared and growled lightly but obeyed, his big frame stepping out of the car and landing on his paws. James was impressed he managed to get him into the vehicle in the first place...

Brushing off his suit, James doubled checked his short, combed brown hair, and black leather shoes before strutting over to the door, turning the knob and letting himself, and Brutus, enter the house. The entryway from his garage was clean, big, and smelled fresh. The floors and walls were completely spotless, as if nobody had lived there before. Brutus sniffed the air lightly, his ears flickering curiously about his head. This was a different home then he was used to- of course he didn't quite understand what was going on, but his owners would be gone for a while- hopefully not too long.

"Honey!" James called, unhooking Brutus from his leash. "I'm home!"
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f}
« Reply #2 on: May 24, 2018, 10:08:37 am »
Living double life
(luxury escort x customer, modern setting, infidelity, prostitution)

Plot: The plot revolves around a young girl who would be struggling a little keeping up with her full time classes and part time job. Her job as a bartender doesn't pay as well, needless to say she barely gets to work full 20 hours since she only gets called in should there be any call outs. Acting on impulse two weeks ago, she came across this website that offers sort of like the escort work but it's much more than just 'wam bam thank you maam'. So, something on the side where she has to work less and make more money so she can still study full time, she finally forced herself to make her own profile. And now a week later, she was convinced it was a stupid move so she logs in to delete the profile....but what happens when she logs in and sees lucrative offers, fishing though a few requests where men want to hook up for two hours she finds a few who are long term, 'wine and dine' sort of guys?

Looking for: First, I am also not opposed to playing different men if you are keen on playing the girl in this RP. Parter is required to play various characters (not all at once but in series and even repetition). It's crucial that you bring in wide variety of characters, as is crucial not to just jump into the smut of it all but explore her gradual transformation from conservative to provocative.

"Opening Post"
The girl still remembered her first day of classes here. She couldn't contain her excitement since she had worked really hard to be where she was. It was hard as it was to come to the States on a scholarship after doing so well in first year of college back in her home country. She had always been that excellent student and even though her mother had raised her single handedly, she never felt anything lacking in her upbringing. Her mother made sure that she was raised right and that their culture was made part of her no matter where she went in her life.

For now, it had brought her into the States where she’d already done a year of studying. It wasn’t as stressful as she’d thought, having to work at a bar to get some cash flowing in while the scholarship paid for her tuitions for the first semester. That was the deal, the scholarship. The counselors had told her if she kept up her good grades, she can apply and be granted some scholarship every term. Her mother had made sure that The girl wouldn’t have to worry about rent and what she earned when into paying bills and what not. She knew that her job was also taking a toll on her, but she studied just as hard because she knew that if she had a better GPA, she can get private scholarships since the college wouldn’t give her any starting next year. It would be the third year and she knew that the classes would only get harder. Not to mention, she also wanted to continue studying and get accepted into a master's program in the same prestigious college. The bartender job was the only thing she was able to find that fitted her time perfectly, evening and weekend hours. This way, she had all day, every day where she can tend to her classes.

She wanted to do this on her own, the education. The girl had always been a hard working girl and that wasn’t going to change now. Having worked hard in first year, she had a very nice GPA, making her eligible for scholarship. And it was the very first week of her second year when the scholarship event was being held. There were many people present and when her name was finally being announced, she rushed from the crowd and onto the stage only to find out she received stipend for the book expenses only. That was merely a few hundred bucks. She was planning to quit her bartending job if she’d received this scholarship, but she didn’t. And when the bar owner called to see if she wanted to pick up a shit, she had no other option but to say ‘yes’. Her bank account was barely $2000, that’s including the last pay she received a day before. However, it wasn’t much, 10 and hour, that too part time.

Being the conserved little girl in this new country, she was still getting accustomed to the lifestyle here, for the past year. Though she had natural nice curves, she wasn’t the one to show it off like other least not yet. She didn’t need to apply make up knowing she had nothing to hide. Her eyes stood out with perfectly shaped eyebrows and one of those unique beauty with exotic looks...definitely passed on from her mother's side of the family. One thing for sure, she does get hit on, a lot, at the bar. There were so many guys, all different age and all they wanted to do was get into her panties. It was disgusting. A few guys had even made some lucrative offer that made her want to throw up. However, those offers were made at a wrong time. She wasn’t as desperate as she was now. Dressed in a white loose top that showed a bit of midriff, a pair of jeans as she kept it to casuals for tonight, she looked at the clock, 4 hours down and 1 more to go. She wiped the counter as she served a glass of chilled water and took a sip from it.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f}
« Reply #3 on: July 01, 2018, 08:13:20 pm »
Currently not interested

The intro post needs editing. I decided to post first to see if it seems interesting to anyone. Editing will follow once we figure out a few details to begin with.

This was not fair. Not fair at all. The girl in slightly fancy dress smiled and laughed as she snapped a picture or two with her friends before one of her best friend stayed back for another minute longer, chatting about how they need to find her a boyfriend. It was funny because out of the group of 5 girls and 4 guys, they all were in a relationship except Nina. She was hard to please but part of her reason would be not her upbringing, well, that, but most of it is because how she’s always given important to education.

From early on, she knew what she wanted and that was to attend a medical school and become a physician. Not many people manages to dream and then live it. Yes, it was tough life and lot of sacrifices, but she tells herself that it will all pay off eventually. Now, eventually is actually a long time when you are in a medical school. First, the 4 undergraduate years, then four years of medical school, then another 3 for residency. That’s when you become a physician and even then, you have loans and you work your ass off until you’re 30 something to achieve what? Nothing! A life so miserable and without a companion.

She told herself she will not stray from her path. Now, it’s not that she wasn’t open to dating. She just didn’t find anyone interesting after dating a guy or two in the first year of her school. Now that she was 22 years old and towards the end of her first year of medical school, all she sees in the past is her boring life. Yes, she was doing what she always wanted to do but at the same time, she wasn’t living her life. And she had thought about it way before her friends came along and started to tease her. For the past few years, it’s always them going places but they are with their significant other and she’s single, on the side. Tonight was no different. She was having a blast, having been staying in the city for the weekend medical conference, they traveled from Upstate New York. It was good to get away for the weekend and not worry about all the chaos of medical school.

Besides, she finished her exam week and didn’t have anything for another month so she heed her friend’s suggestion of giving her a weekend off. Dressed for party, they didn’t have to go too far to find the party. Living in the same hotel this fancy bar which is on the rooftop, they’ve spent the last two hours chit chatting and dancing. Well, Nina not so much. Now that she was a little tired and without a partner, she pushed her friend forward when her boyfriend pulled her to go dance on the corner dance floor, “You go ahead. I am fine here. I am little tired anyways,” she said and smiled as she sipped on her glass of drink before looking around the bar and then to the amazing view. Dressed in a grey cocktail dress, matching heels and accessories, she completed her look with a black fancy blazer, for it was cold up here.

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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2018, 09:20:04 pm »
FCUK Buddies- "FRangers with Benefits" - FxM, FMM, FMMM

{Seeking male or males for a happenstance fun time which can continue on to become something of a regular thing between two adults, exploring sexually and so on. }[/s]

Intro Post
Karlie had a long day at work and even though there were 2 more hours left before she could leave, she really wasn’t looking forward to it even though it was Friday evening. If it was any other Friday, she’d be excited to leave work with her friends as they always went out after work for happy hours. Apparently all of her friends had plans that evening and it was a last minute thing. It came to her knowledge during lunch hours so she really wasn’t looking to go home to a take out or to a packet of instant noodles.

She had few envelopes in her hands as she stepped out of her office to drop it off in the delivery room. She wanted to get it out of the way so it could be on transit without delay, given the last delivery leaves the office building at 5 pm. She even texted a few of her college friends, who were obviously married, to see if they wanted to go out tonight and if they would say yes, it would be awesome. And as for marriage, she was married once. Past tense. Now, she just runs away from a ‘relationship’.

Thinking about how it wasn’t just Friday but the whole weekend of boredom. It was hard to stay home and NOT do anything when you’re always busy during the week. Too much free time and she starts getting bored. The slow pace …never went well with her. She liked to keep up busy with work and having to do something to pass the time. Apparently, she didn’t have a boyfriend and she didn’t need one. She was glad that she didn’t have the baggage like some of her friends did. She couldn’t be happier.

Last few relationships, she hated them and the fact that at some point, she had to pretend to be happy when she only felt like a trapped little bird. Major reason why it didn’t work out was because she found the sex life very lame. She felt as if she was in her late 30s, which she wasn’t. She totally gave up on having a decent relationship and just last weekend, she and her friends were talking about how she needed some action in her life. Sure, like that was going to happen for a girl who is in her 20s and work oriented?

She stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for basement. That’s where the delivery room was located. She was in a nice little white top, tucked into her khaki skirt that came to her mid thighs level. One thing for sure, she liked to keep herself up to date with latest fashion trends. She also had a black knee high boots that completed her casual work outfit. She had her phone beeping back and forth as she was texting with her friends from college, inquiring about what their decision was when the elevator door opened and a guy or a few guys entered. Now, she didn’t know all the people in the company, having to always be the boss to most, but she kept her up appearances and a smile on her pretty face.

[A guy or few guys could invite her to a happy hour after work is one option. I am open to other suggestions...]
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
« Reply #5 on: March 07, 2019, 09:49:33 am »
-- Science has cummed a long way (Thanks to Dommet for the idea) --
(Male x Female - Modern Setting - Fiction - Special medical condition - Cum dependence - Master/slave)

Medicine has had many discoveries in the past few years. One of the most recent ones is that there is a rare protein that is only synthesized in a few human male testicules and released through the sperm. Its most known reliable absorption channel is via digestion, but the research still continues and there is a lot more to be found out.

Quickly after this discovery it was learned that the ingestion of said protein is currently the only reliable preventive treatment for an also rare and aggressive terminal disease....the study is in trials and not made to public, except a few people with illness who are participating in the trial willingly.

The treatment is, as disgusting as it may sound, to drink cold sperm from strangers, usually which was donated days ago. However, studies also shows that a fresh dosage is way more unless you have a partner who is a synthesizer, the only option is to participate in trials.

There has been many debates around all of those discoveries. If the protein has any other special properties; if it has other uses besides treating the disease; if it has other application methods that not digesting it; and many other questions.

The story would be about a girl who is a host of the dormant deadly genes, and a guy who is a synthesizer. There are many possibilities we can choose from there.

Maybe they are co-workers or acquaintances from somewhere. Maybe the guy is an employee and the woman is a bitchy boss. Maybe the girl simply saw a man walking out of the sperm bank and after weeks/month of having to go there on a daily basis she is tired and too disgusted to continue drinking cold and dry sperm out of a cup, so she decide engaging him and see if it goes somewhere.

The journey would be about a sick girl and a guy who takes advantage of her desperation, using this opportunity to train his new sex slave. I am also open to other options.

Thoughts and Ideas

There are many possibilities about how we could explore her medical condition. The characters could try all sorts of stuff, like topical application of sperm, absorbing it through other holes, the time between “doses”, and many more. Perhaps she might develop an actual addiction to his sperm. And now if she doesn’t have her fix regularly she starts having headaches, getting easily tired, and so on.

We could also play around with medicine that enhanced/improved his sperm production, increasing the size of the loads and/or how many times a day he could cum. The options are many.

Open to your ideas
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
« Reply #6 on: March 26, 2019, 09:06:06 pm »
~Finding Justice~

{Drugs, sex, illegal business, multiple male characters, fxf, fxm, fmm.... and more}
[Role to be played by me: the female (could be a reporter, a young detective, or a friend of some girl who died due to the drugs
Role to be filled: Men, various types, from someone working as a dealer to working up the ladder to even find rich men with deep pockets and connections]

"Initial Post"

The city newspaper were talking about a drug called DevilDust. There wasn’t much information on it but knew if she happens to gather enough information, Nikki could finally get to the bottom as to what happened to her younger sister. So far, Nikki had nothing on the drug or the dealer but knew that it was not one man’s job. She hadn’t been a detective long enough but the academy had prepared her to do her best in the real world. Therefore, she was convinced that the chain runs way higher than just silly school boys selling the drugs. That being said, Nikki also knew that if she wanted to find all who are part of the inner circle, she’s going to have to go through every single guy that’s part of the chain- including young college boys to a street dealer, supplier, distributors, and then the men who are center of all of this. Who these men were, Nikki had no idea but she sure as hell wanted to put a stop to this. Considering this new drug is fresh on the market, ‘still in the making’, she wants to destroy it while it’s still in the making, not yet distributed to other parts of the countries.

Being a new detective in the city, she was given a desk job, not even a real detective task. She couldn’t help but get bored in the beginning, but it worked out in her favor. That, because she had family emergency with her sister being admitted to the hospital and till date is paraplegic. All thanks to the new drug in the market. She isn’t supposed to work on this case but one, she needed to find the culprits who are responsible for many cases as such her sister’s, and two, it’s just personal. With her free time, she started visiting the campus more often, trying to blend in like a teenager, and that she did with ease since she still looked young and able to pass as a student there. Using her younger sister’s class schedule, she began to attend all the classes in hopes to find the dealer himself or someone who would introduce her to the college life. The parties and such…what lies ahead? Who knows!
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
« Reply #7 on: March 30, 2019, 01:48:40 pm »
A Girl and Her Demon/Ritual gone wrong!
(Multiple characters, different story lines as needed, favors)

Setup: Ritual goes wrong and Demon is stuck in two worlds. Meaning he can't fully come over nor she can go to him (maybe she can- into another realm but not for long). Hence, sexual energy needs to be gathered by her to be finally able to bring him into this world- but it's not what he tells her.
Let's develop this plot further to fit our interest!

A high school girl, or a girl in college, binds a bestial demon to take care of some problems for her, from failing grades to a rival horning in on her boyfriend. Its price? Sexual congress, of progressive intimacy. Contrasting her stellar/pristine/popular exterior life and the savagery she is undertaking in private, which she is coming to truly enjoy. Opportunities for farce (hiding aspects of the ritual in her bedroom!) to exploring her relationship with the lupine dark spirit as the years pass and they come to love and depend on each other in a decidedly unusual way.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Letting go of the past/Embracing the future

For this plot, I will let the picture do the talking. May it be a few men the girl meets or just one, we can play by ear or discuss before starting the RP. For the character, I am thinking of a woman who have liven a past where she didn't have much of a chance to explore or even date various men. Maybe she is divorced now, or out of long term relationship, wanting to finally get into dating world and see where things go...
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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But I'm not an escort….

A young girl in initial years of college who is having best years of her life. Coming from a small town where she dated few guys in high school. Raised in middle class family and instill with family values, she was perfect little innocent doll. Since first year in college, she’s been dating this jock and now it’s almost a year. Sure the relationship has its ups and down, mainly he can’t stop flirting with other girls and his girlfriend doesn’t bother to tell him to stop because she actually believes in this relationship and thinks it’s going somewhere. On their anniversary night, they decided to go out to a club where he continually did what he did best, FLIRT. She gets heated up and leaves the club. Waiting outside of the club knowing he will come to make things right like he always did, apologizing. He didn’t and she starts walking down the streets thinking about stuff. What happens when a nice stretch limo rolls to her side and inside is a businessman of some sort looking for a company of a female to acquaint him to a dinner and maybe something more later? Not just that, what if he assumes she is some sort of a high class escort seeing how nicely she is dressed and the area of the downtown she is in? Will he be able to convince her to go with him and what price? {Do note that she isn’t an escort but going to assume the role of one just to see what her real worth is?}

Intro post

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Dee was having a blast tonight. She was super excited because they were out celebrating their second year anniversary of their relationship. She knew they were growing stronger and finding the right person in each other was the best thing that could have happened to her. They met when she was in her second year of college and fell head over heels for him. She is pretty sure he did too and that’s the reason they lasted this long with few ups and downs. But then again, which relationship didn’t have its ups and downs!

Dee wanted tonight to be something special so she was just wearing a dress she picked out of the celebration tonight. It wasn’t anything slutty but a bit less reserved than the usual outfit she usually wears. Well, tonight was the first time she ever showed her legs as much, and in it, she actually felt slutty. But all trying to woo her boyfriend and no one else. It was a red dress, with sleeves as she also complimented her outfit with creamish 3 inches heels. Once again, her usual choice of foot wear is less than two inches. But a special night calls for a special kind of dressing style.

The fabric hugged her body tightly, accentuating all of her curves and ended at her mid thighs exposing those slender long legs. She’s more of a simple, innocent type of a girl rather than ones who act like sluts. Regardless, she likes to keep up-to-date with fashion. Though, tonight’s dress may speak otherwise. She was so happy that she already had few shots with him, drinking their night away, though she was no way near tipsy just yet. She was dancing with her boyfriend, looking up at him as she asked if he was happy and he replied, “Yes I am. Happy Anniversary baby...” She raised herself on her tiptoes to kiss him.

There were whole bunch of other people there that they went to college with, and one of them was his Ex-girlfriend, Sarah. Dee turned her face to where his gaze was locked onto the corner where Sarah was talking to some guy. She pulled his face to grab his attention and then some strange girl passed by to whom he had to reply. One thing she didn’t like about him was that he still couldn’t stop himself from flirting with other girls despite having a beautiful girl such as her as his girlfriend. Suddenly they were interrupted from few of his college buddies. She smiled and nodded as he introduced her to them and then carried on with their own conversation. Feeling felt left out, she pated his shoulder, “I’m just going to be at the bar. Need a drink. It was nice meeting you guys!” She said in her chirpy tone and headed over to the bar. She shouted at the bartender for reasons she didn’t know, finding herself furious for an odd reason

Fast-forward the story and she finds her boyfriend making out with his ex-girlfriend later that evening. Furiously, after confronting him, Dee walks out of there, hoping he will come after her to console to her and explain everything. But after a few minutes, she didn't even feel like waiting, deciding to walk down the empty streets. Her heels clacked as she was lost in her thoughts, just walking about, with no real direction in her mind.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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BEING BAD (FxM, FMM, FMMM….and so on. Quicker posting frequency)

Content: Rough, kinky, NC, CON, Substance Abuse, Dark, Extreme, D/s and whatever dirty you can bring. Open to collaboration, age gap.

Intro post
First, her mother passed away about a year ago, on this exact day (her birthday) and a few weeks ago, a break up with the guy with whom she had been in a relationship with for the last three years. The pain was excruciating and if she wasn’t broken up due to a loss of a parent, she was definitely broken after the break up with her boyfriend. He was her only support system and that was now gone as well. A few weeks had passed by already and she just couldn’t believe that it’s come to this. Being a sophomore in college, away from home and a father who was always busy, she found herself alone in this world and after having done some weeds, the way she felt while being high, she wanted to do it again. It's that or something stronger...

After inquiring from a few party people, she got an address to a place where a supplier lives. Carrying some cash, she hoped to get something to make it worth her time.

Now, she did come from a good family. Very well off and to be doing this, it didn’t feel right BUT it was what she needed in that moment. She hoping to come across someone who would sell her the needed stuff. Whatever…she’ll take it.

Various options: Who will it be? A guy, two friends, a group of guys? Truthfully, this RP has a lot of potential. It can be some geek or a guy who can't get a girl to like him. What sort of ideas he may have when he sees her. It’s all downhill from this point onwards.

Requirements: A male partner (gender unimportant) who is willing to take this idea and make it their own. Own it. They should be willing to write about 2 paragraphs per post or more. This is smut based but it’s also plotty and I wouldn’t have one over the other. I want smut to make sense.

Other info: PM me with your ideas. If you don’t want to discuss the details, that’s fine. Throw a starter at me and let’s dive in, see how it pans out. Surprise me…(in rp). Open to play this on threads or PMs.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Corporate world

{Led by female boss, involves a female employee and many other escapades!}

Seeking someone to play the female role. My role would be that of the female boss as well as other potential client to whom the female employee gets lent by. Long term, detailed partners wants for this RP as this is not about smut only.

Opening post

The room was dark save for the monitor in front of Rachel Taylor, CEO of Innovative Inc. The monitor displayed one of her employees, a new hire, very cute according to Rachel, and another man. They were in the newly hired employee's apartment which was owned by the corporation. The particular video playing on the monitor was from a recent visit from the employee's fling at the time. The man was on his back on the bed while the employee was on top of him swaying her hips back and forth as she ground her pussy against him. Rachel saw the man's cock, he was only average, but the woman seemed to be getting into it as the moans rose in a crescendo. Rachel was also getting into it, not because of the man and his physical aptitude, but her employee who was really putting on a show. She felt her loins stir underneath her grey pencil skirt. She was tempted to curve her hand underneath it and indulge in some intimate pleasure, but she refused. Even with her legs under the desk, no one would be able to see what she was doing.

The video ended with both the man and woman panting heavily. The woman collapsed on top of him and they cuddled for a brief period and then the screen went dark. Rachel leaned back in her soft leather chair and turned her attention to the same employee who was sitting in front of her. A slow curl of her lips implied that she had the woman right where she wanted. It was not Rachel's first blackmail, nor would it be her last. The last young thing to be used as the corporate plaything was shipped off somewhere. Where was it? Somewhere in South Africa? She couldn't remember, nor did it matter. That pretty girl had long since overstayed her usefulness and so she was discarded, allowing for the position to open up and a new hire to come in. The woman in front of her was quite the catch too, from India nonetheless, here in the states through a working visa. The woman had little to gain and everything to lose by being here, which made her the perfect candidate for what Rachel needed.

" you know my little secret, and I know yours," she said coolly to her employee. The small camera had been embedded inside the ceiling since the apartment's creation. It wasn't the only one, but it was the most convenient one as the bedroom was usually where intimate encounters were to be had. The corporation kept a tight grip on all its employees and the newest one in front of her was no exception. There was something more Rachel wanted from her, something she would get, or else her little employee would be fired and then blacklisted so no other company would dare look at her. Then she would be shipped back to wherever she came from and a disgrace to her family.

Rachel's cold eyes focused on the woman in front of her as she began to talk. "Let's talk about your new position here at Innovative Inc. I have interests in other companies, but sometimes they have little interest in us. Your job, is going to be to make sure they have in interest in you, and therefore the company. Sometimes, said person's of interest need a little push from us, like I did with you. You are to, as the saying goes, put on a good show. Give me something I can use." Rachel paused to give her new hire some time to process, but then added, "Oh and you may be thinking that Innovative, Inc. is really the worst company out there and how can we do this and all that. Believe me when I say, we are not the worst out there. If you think the other big corporations play nice and fair you have not seen the world I have seen. If you leave, no one will take you, and if they did, you would end up in the same position I'm offering now, or worse. The choice is yours, but make it quick for I am a busy woman."
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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A mystery to solve by a Reporter
{FxM, multiple character to be played one at a time, depending how you see the RP play out. Drugs, sex, getting around the mystery of disappearance of a cousin}

Taylor Hill…that was a name no one knew in the world of reporters and journals. Why would they? She really was no one at the moment. She yet had to make a name for herself. Having moved to the big city such as this, she knew this is where her dreams would be fulfilled.

She did recently graduate with a bachelors but she still wanted to get that Masters under her belt, so why not! Besides, with another higher degree in, she would have a better job and she’d get a better pay. In other words, she can dictate her own terms if it came to that. Besides, she was still young and she wanted to get studying done and out of the way. If she took a break from it, it might get hard to get back into. That was the whole reason why she moved here, to join a college that had a very reputed Master’s program.

Taylor had written a few articles, for sure. One of which actually made big and so was the reason why she ended up at the famous ‘The Herald’ after getting noticed. It was the highlight of her resume. The Herald was no place for a newbie and since she was one, she knew better to do something extraordinary to be able to stand out to her superiors.

Whilst she was getting acquainted with the new city she was now living in, she did catch up with old friends. One of which was her cousin who ended up dead. She was just getting to know her well when this unfortunate thing happened. The reports said she committed some suicide after taking some drugs but Taylor knew how jolly her cousin was. Only a few years younger than her, she had found a younger sister in her cousin.

With her reporter skills and contacts, she was able to retrieve the same report the police had on her. Those were some of the perks of having contacts in the right place. She did her own homework after that and it led her to the college campus where her cousin must have acquired the drugs. She also managed to scroll through her cousin's phone she was able to get her hands on. The first message read, <Is this Rogue Operative?> It was a silly name to keep considering he was a dealer. Or just a distributor. Or some kid in college trying to make money. Well, whatever the case, the rest of the messages were just meeting place and time after her cousin concluded she needed some stuff before going to the party. Apparently, the address Taylor followed led her to some apartment building off campus.

Hence, Taylor posed as a girl who would probably be attending the college. Good thing she looked younger than her age. Arriving at the apartment building, she managed to get inside past the locked door, entering after someone exited. Moving up the floors to the apartment where her cousin may have come to a few months ago, Taylor wondered if she should knock or wait and observe from far to see who goes in and out. For all that's worth, this could be the distribution center, and the drug ring would go up to people who would have deep pockets. Not just one person but a few. Perhaps people who are respectable in the community but are running illegal businesses. Whatever the case, the reporter inside her wanted more answers!
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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A date/blind date
The idea here is for the characters to dip their toes in water and see where things lead to. Female character in question is recentle divorced and now moved to another city for like a start over. It could simply start out vanilla and turn a little more risque or could start out as such, how well they mesh that one thing leads to another. Male character can be flirty, seductive, bold, forceful and pin her to walls or the bed. He can be whatever you think would be most interesting. Also, making this interracial could add a different element to this as well as FxF.

I'd love to hear your ideas and discuss OR surprise me with a post. I roll both ways :)

Intro post
Jessica was going through a rough patch. Knowing it was a long time coming did ease her a little. What really helped was how her husband and she agreed to do this without a fight. Well, her ex-husband now, and the change was still new to her, she was looking forward to carrying her old name again. In the early years of their marriage, she really thought they were made for each other. She met him in her undergraduate years and since they bonded well, they continued to achieve the next stage in their relationship in a very short period of time. Then, they dated for a few years before he decided to propose to her and that was it. The year she graduated from college was when they got married. Of course with the blessings from both of their families because she would not do anything without them. Having instilled in her the culture and values by her parents, she was proud to be who she was. Though she was discouraged by a few restrictions her culture puts on her, she is simply who she is because of it. That's why, even though divorce is looked down upon in her culture, she decided it was time to split up even though her parents didn't approve it. Good thing that she was an adult and able to make her own decisions. As always.

Now that she was 30 years old and having lived a married life, she was in no rush to get into another relationship anytime soon. That's why, when her job offered a new position at a different location in another state, she decided to do the big move. It's been almost one year since her divorce and she needed to change the scenery around her. Speaking of divorce, the couple did settle on properties just last week and she got a nice little house on the outskirts of a fine city in her share. When they were married, they often came down here but now that she was single, she figured living there wouldn't be so bad since her work was only 40 minutes in commute to the city.

One thing she learned a month ago was about a dating app which she soon downloaded around the time she moved to the new town. With no one around to judge her, she was just another stranger in a new city/town. So, the dating app was interesting in where you add every little thing about you...physical aspects. But never upload a picture. Along with that, you answer a few questions and write something that describes you. If a person likes it, they could send you a request to chat. Texting back and forth for almost three weeks with some guy, he finally suggested they meet for real. It was then, she felt weird to meet some stranger she'd been talking to. However, the taboo of it all was enticing enough for Jessica to agree and say yes. That's when she asked if they should exchange pictures now, if now would be a good time. It was agreed that it's best if they wouldn't see the picture and meet in person. However, a promise was made: they would see each other when they meet for their date,give each other good 5 minutes into the conversation before deciding if they want to continue with their date or pull the plug. They wouldn't need to give areason either, as it could be the way they look and they didn't like it, or just their personality in-person was different than online.

Also, they would meet in public and see where it goes. No limitations or expectations. Feeling the flow. She'd never done something like this so she was a hell of nervous. However, she did make her way to the spot where they were supposed to meet that evening. It was still some light in the day at it was only 7 pm so they decided to meet at the park where people frequented. Having taken a picture of the bench, she texted him, "I am sitting on the bench here," For tonight, she opted for a simple look yet exotically beautiful. A white dress with a sling bag and open toe heels. A look that she could keep so simple yet always manages to look her best, that was a quality other woman did not have. She didn't even apply unneeded makeup, just an eyeliner, light red lipstick, earring that were hidden amidst her hair that was kept to her sides, and that's all. Deep down, she was scared because of this untravelled waters.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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The Undercover Detective
Thank to Evolution- allowing me to better explain my original idea

The general overview of this one is a young female detective in her 20s is trying to make a name for herself.  Just like any detective she has her own sources, some are cops, some are criminals, etc.  She gets a reliable lead that there is a big organization that is trafficking women in the city that's connected to the case she's working on of a missing/dead girl. (Could be a real city like New York, Chicago, LA, or some fictional city set somewhere in the states.)  The stakes are high and obviously there are some very powerful and dangerous people involved, however if she can bring the organization down it'd mean she can pretty much write her own ticket when it comes to where her career goes.

There would be this one strip club in particular that seems to hire young and attractive women, only to have SOME of them disappear not too long after.  She figures that's her in.  I can see the roleplay starting relatively slow, build up a cast of characters, I'm thinking that the reporter would maybe apply for a job as a waitress or a bartender at the club to get close to someone that may either get her the info she needs or the owner himself, not really wanting to get on stage but having enough access to where she can snoop around.  Things of course escalate, maybe she gets a little bit of information/evidence, but it's not even close to what she wants.  She realizes soon enough that if she wants the names of the higher ups who are involved, she'll have to go deeper under cover, realizing there is a group of 5 or 6 men who are at the top of this, all a well-known identity in the community and having NO real connection to dirty business. How do you take them down?

The specifics of this plot will vary depending on what my partner is into.  I can easily see themes of non/con, drug use, prostitution, gangbangs, as well as various other kinks.

"Intro Post"

An FBI detective was working the case that recently came forth. Matter of fact, it was in her destiny to have landed in this city after getting promoted and now, a homicide case of her own to work on. She was excited for it. Perhaps, the detective's a newbie and the fact that no one else wanted to take up this case so the head of the department had put her on the case, all by herself!

So far, she had a clean record, working by the books and not making silly mistakes like many people did. She was clean as a slate meaning she never took a bribe from anyone and always rooted for justice to triumph. A young girl, 19 years old, college student was murdered and dumped in an alley. A messed up way to die and get dumped at such a place.

After working the case, going over the information that was there and inquiring her friends' testimony, she learned that she didn't have a job but mentioned that she may have taken up something recently that paid cash. A whole lot of cash from what they'd found in her apartment. They said it was as if she had gotten involved with some rich men who showered her with cash and presents. The girl didn't want her parents to find out about this and so it may have been a job that paid cash. Digging deeper, a flyer from the place was found in her apartment and an address to the club. The cell phone records indicated that she last visited the very club and then a convenient store near the area where her body was found, before the cellphone was destroyed and the signal went dead. The postmortem indicated needle sticks on her arm and drugs in her system.

Whatever the case, the detective had to solve this mystery and had no idea where this would lead to. If the information was correct, she knew she had to check out the club, Den of Iniquity. If she went in flashing her badge and with her guns blazing, she knew that no one would talk. No one. And she needed answers. It was about 10 pm on a Friday night and she decided to leave her badge that she was holding in her hands, debating to whether go undercover or actually go like a casual customer would. She tossed her gun and the badge in the glove compartment before she stepped out of her car and walked towards the door where two tall, hunky looking men didn't bother collecting cover fee, said the girls go in for free.

The club sure looked fancy and this was the first time she was ever going into a strip club. Once she entered, she made her way to towards the bar, hoping to find someone who would spill some beans, some secrets about the club. Perhaps a patron, a bartender or whoever. The club wasn't cheesy but very much posh. Not your usual strip club from the hoods but the place sure had an image to maintain. Priyanka was dressed in a light blue ripped jeans and a white top, completing her outfit with a black blazer and the heels that she'd put on just recently since she had an extra pair in her car. She needed to blend it for now and so she tried to play her part as she moved towards the bar, hoping one of the patrons or the bartenders would spill some beans and guide her in the right direction.

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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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[FxM, MFM or more]​

So, inspired by obviously the porn series called BLACKED (BlackedRAW specifically). The series of events are as follow, though I do want to start with the girl meeting the guy at the club. So, the girl in question (Jen for now) is taking a trip far away (for a few days) from home after having had a break up with her boyfriend/fiance/husband (or she still could be married). Finds herself at a club where a black man (men) shower her with the attention. And I mean not the 'ghetto' type but sophisticated types. They dance, try to woo her, but is tough to crack, so nothing happens that night other than number is given to her in case she change her mind. But what is said to her, what is felt by her, what promises are made that it leaves her thinking for the next 24 hours and she ends up giving in, finally using the phone number of the guy. And what it leads to for the days to come?

As you can see, the RP will begin with the club first night and continue from there on. I would prefer it to be plot as well as smut so there's not moving to sex in second post but to enjoy this whole dynamic of interracial. I always push for non-traditional interracial, so something that's not black and blondes. But that's up for debate.

I can be convinced to play the male character as that option is also available.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Sugarmama (revered idea of sugardaddy)

Seeking: Only serious partners. Someone to play a strong male, not just physically but also mentally, but also later be okay to allow her to be sort of own him. Be at her beck and call while he gets paid to be her personal toy. Please, I am not looking for some weak or sissy boys but grown men in 20s. Also to show her what he can do when his collar comes simply ravage her. More to be discussed and all ideas welcomed!

Intro post
Alexa Carson had been very fortunate in her 20s to start a successful financial investment firm. Over the course of the next 15 years her company had grown very profitable allowing her to live a life of luxury. Her marriage lasted all of 7 years when she was in her 20s before the couple felt it was not working. He said she was too career focused and maybe she was. She tried his way, becoming more of a housewife but it just never worked. It was as if she was lieing to her self and suppressing her true potential. So they pulled the plug on their marriage.

As such she was available all of her late 20s, then her 30s and into her early 40s. The only sort of men that she found attractive were men in their 20s. Preferably mid to late 20s. She could tell what she liked and needed from the way she lived her life after her divorce. She always kept business separate from pleasure but long stretches of not physical contact was playing tricks on her. She felt as if she needed someone in her life….but without any strings attached. Most importantly, her husband found her too controlling and the fact that she was, a partner who would allow her to control them would be suitable partners for her. That didn’t mean she wanted someone weak with wimpy personality. No, she wanted someone who was headstrong, physically strong, at bay when she needed him but also when collars come off, she wanted him to be the beast that he is or could be. It was indeed hard to find men with such qualities, for they had man ego.

Speaking men, there was a young guy in her company that used to intern…once upon a time. A couple years back. But he had left to continue his schooling. She had been sort of interested in him which had been unusual for her. Especially since he was much younger and also worked for her. She could tell he was not of weak personality but head strong, so the question was if she could tame him?

That was two years ago, and recently she had been feeling very down so she hired an investigator to see what the young man was up to. When she learned he was still going to school for his masters now and working at a bar to pay rent, she was thrilled. She remembered how hard working he was. The investigator had told her he was struggling to an extent to make ends meet and did not seem to be getting any money from scholarships or family.

So she decided to try and see if he would be interested in an arrangement that would help him pay for school. She had been nervous all day and waited until an hour before the bar closed, most of the people had already left as she exited her car and moved inside. She saw him instantly behind the bar and it brought a smile to her face as she walked over and took a seat at the bar. He was facing the other direction as she watched him serve other customers before he’d come her way. She wondered if he would remember her, given she was the CEO, an owner, and not having to deal with interns, but they did have Friday meetings where everyone in the company was supposed to attend. It’s how she knew him and caught her eyes.

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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
« Reply #17 on: November 08, 2019, 10:21:56 pm »
The REAL estate agent (FxM, Seeking male partners)

Inspired by porn series: PropertySex…but also having my own ideas and having a liking for long term, drawn out, in depth plots, I figured I’d take the concept and turn it into a plot that may prove to be more than just smut scenes. Please don’t jump on conclusions but read this first. Most importantly, it’s not just about smut with this plot (actually all of my plots), so bring in your own ideas as well.

Also, this would revolve around all sorts of men, buyers, age wise, status wise, married? So I hope we can make this more interesting. So, I am seeking a partner who can play different characters (always repeated as they’d get into some contract) throughout the plot.

Plot: A newbie, young girl (could be single, engaged, married) recently made an entry into real estate business when failing at her career and after having switched plenty jobs, she finally succeeded at gaining a license only to be hired by a well known Real estate agency. But she’s also on ticking time as she’s on probation for the first three month, two months having passed and she yet had to sell a property. If she doesn’t in the next few weeks, she might be facing yet another wrong career choice on top of her financial hardships.

The plot is not fully thought out like the other ones but it’s a start. It’s where you come in…so please message me if you are interested but also bring your ideas. And please, I don’t expect for them to just get into smut scenes but more like come to some sort of agreements and pro quid quo settings.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Before they were famous
[FxM...multiple characters...and more]​

The life of a pornstar before they got into the adult industry! How were these people in school/college, or during another job? Were they already as sexually active as now, or did they take it easier? This could involve incest as well, perhaps they were a bit too close with their family back in the days...Yes, this is more of a smut based, but try to think of long term, slow burn as we would explore her life from before she joined the Adult industry. So, please, I am not trying to avoid all smut ideas but I am wanting to start with what all happened that led to a career in porn! I am thinking Tori Black for the character but I am open to other suggestions. (Please, only petite ladies as I am not into playing anything else)

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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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The Babysitter!
Multi-characters x F

There was this movie a few years back called The Babysitters, where the stereotypical thing happens, where the husband and the babysitter hook up because he's not feeling loved/feels old/blah blah blah.  Well, he gives her a huge tip when he ends up blabbering on about his marriage to the sitter, given she's a good listener. Every encounter brings them closer. However, this is not just a typical one on one babysitter x daddy plot but more like a realistic setting where the young girl is actually taking up more babysitting gigs, becoming that perfect partner to many men. When and if things leads to more physical, it leads to her starting a prostitution ring.

Basically what I'm looking for is someone to play different men against my babysitter. I must add that this is not your typical smut plot but things lead to more when characters bond emotionally, so there's a lot plot to it to begin with. Men could be well off but with problems of their own (example: one may feel his marriage is at a loss after his wife doesn't show much interest, another man is unsatisfied with the wife not being sexual as active after their child, another could be a widower, a thought of cheating wife, a guy who is reminded of his first love from the past, a dad who sees a wife in the sitter....unlimited possibilities. It’s a long term plot. (A simple first time scenario: They talk as he drives her home and maybe she's wearing a low cut shirt and she notices that he's staring at her breasts.  Liking the attention, she encourages him and that first night nothing much happens but next time she is sitting for him, on their drive back home to drop her off, they make out a bit, maybe he feels her up a bit.  He immediately is flustered and cuts it off, giving her the aforementioned big tip.  The idea of making money for college/a car/whatever takes birth and she becomes more open to this whole thing.

[This RP requires the partner to play different male characters, so please consider that before messaging me.]

I am open to collaboration and look forward to hearing from everyone!

Possible Faceclaims:

Selena Gomez
Nina Dobrev
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Name: The other Sister

Content: Light-dark, consensual, age gap

Scenario: A successful, corporate young woman in her 20s bumps into her younger sister's boyfriend at some bar, club or an event. Supposedly, the young man hits on her and when he comes over to ask her out, they both realize they know one another. He's changed quite a bit from his high school years (when he dated her younger sister). All this older sister had heard were stories about her sister's sexual escapades from her sister. Few of them were about this size, how fiesty and rough he is in bed, his stamina, and constant daily need for sex. The reason for their breakup was also that he broke it off with her younger sister, for she could not keep up with him. But all that is in the past, and obvious he does not know that she knows the reason he had broken up with her sister a decade ago. But....what if he now bumps into her, asks her...and does not give up or take no for an answer until she says yes. Could a date be granted by her, thinking one time date is the way to get him off her back? And if so, where would it all lead to?

Setting: Modern

Requirements: Someone to play the male. Collaborate or drop in surprises, I am open to it all. Potential possibility for long-term if it goes well. Exploring all sorts of kinks as they get into a relationship.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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A Genetic Experiment Gone Wrong (Beastiality, F x Wolf/Dog)

(Seeking someone to play either of the role: of a loving female doctor or the beast)

Visuals are important to me, so be ready to add visuals of the characters in the RP (not anime). And come with ideas of your own for this plot.


Location: Calliope Genetics Research Campus, Grizzly Flats, CA

His cage, his kennel, was a scant 8 feet, by 6 feet, barely enough room to even turn around. He probably had that coming, after escaping into the Sierra foothills, and evading recapture for nearly six months. He was an experiment, of course, a hybridized, genetically manipulated, and mutated, wolf-dog-? abomination. Well, at least according to some of the Institute's employees. Short gray and black fur, large, to the tune of 250 pounds, yellow eyes. Possessed of keen senses, sight, (color, not black and white like other canids), hearing, a sense of smell that rivaled the best blood-hounds on the planet, and an intellect that was equal to that of some of his smarter handlers. There was even a not insignificant component of human DNA in his genetic makeup. He was smart. He was large, and powerful, with nearly three inch canine fangs, and he was doing his absolute best to appear docile, and tame.

His continued existence depended entirely on convincing his handlers he was little more than a somewhat bright, and very friendly "Dog". He wagged his tail as they passed his cage. He 'Woofed' when they commanded him to speak. Sat when he was told to. Offered up a massive paw when ordered to 'shake hands'. It was humiliating. It was degrading, but he sat there on his haunches, panting away, tongue lolling out wetly from between fanged jaws, pretending he didn't understand every word spoken near him. No, and no...reveal that, and he would be on a dissecting table within a day's time.

Names...he had several, they tended to change frequently. He was Cesar one day. Then Thor. Even 'Kitten' once, for some humorous reason he was not privy to. 23 hours of each 24 were spent in his cage, with one hour being 'walked' in the exercise pen, which consisted entirely of.......dirt. That was unless his handlers needed to poke and prod, and test him. And lately, even that had stopped. The humans that passed his cage turned away from him, pretending to study the papers in their hands, or even the walls opposite his cage. Almost as if some decision had been made, almost as if they didn't want to get to close to the experiment that would'nt be with them much longer. Not all...there were a couple of the humans that still interacted with him. One young woman in particular, so very lovely. She seemed interested in him, she always paused to talk to him.

He knew quite a bit about her. Mostly through scent. He knew what she liked to eat. He knew there was a male in her life....infrequently, for reasons he didn't know. But he knew when he had been with her, he knew when they'd had sex. He knew when she was on her period. He knew she lived nearby, and was confident he could easily find her house, if only he wasn't locked in his cage. And at that particular moment, he knew she was close by.

It was just after 8 in the morning, just that part of the day when a tray of dry, rock hard, and flavorless kibble was slid into his cage. Horrid stuff, and he ignored it. There was something going on, something he was sure he wasn't going to like. Was he being moved again? He didn't think that was it, as the humans would discuss something like that in front of him. He whined anxiously, and did the only thing he could....wait. And ignore the horrid kibble in his bowl.
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Content: F/F - Interracial, Kink level negotiable, somewhere between light and bon

Scenario: Our characters have been roommates since the start of the semester. They come from different lifestyles, different backgrounds that ordinarily would have kept them separate but necessity created a situation in which they decided to share a two bedroom apartment off campus. For the most part they have been cordial to one another but they really don't interact much except for a few awkward exchanges here and there. Things continue on this way until they both end up staying at school over winter break and end up spending more time with each other. Now the curiosity and the temptation have had time to blossom and the result is something neither ever planned on.

Setting: Modern - Apartment near a college campus during the winter months. Can also be a setting where they decide to take a trip together to make the best of their break since parents are going on their own little getaway and going home is worthless.

Requirements: This plot is largely smut driven, likely to start out with them agreeing to watch a movie or play a game while trying not to be bummed about the holidays or whatever. I'd still like there to be some character development going on. for example, one character will be a typical blonde/brunette/African-American female who has never actually considered getting involved sexually or romantically outside her race so this would be new for her and exciting and possibly make nervous about crossing that line, etc. The other character may be any race other than the other character.

I have no mandatory post length though I prefer at least two paragraphs or a bit more. I try to give at least as much as I get. If you have other kinks you'd like to explore it's possible they could be worked in at least to some degree though I'm not looking for heavy bdsm here.

Other Info: I will take up your suggestions on face claims, however, I reserve the right to ultimately choose my own image. Speaking of faceclaims, visuals are a must. I think they add more to the RP! So, let's hash out all of the options!
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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~At Crossroads~

{MxF, can be various characters if you wish to play them: landlord, Sugardaddy, the online RP friend or even a gloryhole, prostitution...have your pick}
Seeking: long term setting, invested RP partners who write in third person and give at least 3 or more para per be played on Discord.
Turn offs: Scats, vore, lactation, bimbofication, pregnancy, latex, strict BDSM, tickling.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
CuteAlia20: Urghh…that was a good run of RP today! I am glad we made the time to continue our RP!

Roleplayer54: I know, right! Sorry, life has been very hectic of lately. But I am glad we got the time to catch up. And the blowjob scene you wrote, gosh, you made me cum with your words. Though I am surprised you said you've only been with only two guys in the past.

CuteAlia20: Yeah, I’ve been busy myself. The college, the part-time work….the exams! And I am already falling behind on my rent, tuitions, bills…you name it! As for the blowjob scene, it is true I've only been with two guys, but I was also afraid of sex back then and I resorted a lot to giving handjobs and blowjobs to my ex-boyfriends.

Roleplayer54: You know, I don’t want to push it….but the offer still stands. I mean, if you want to, we can meet in person. I can even send pictures of myself if it would help. And knowing your situation, I am willing to give you $3000 if you spend the weekend with me. All we played in RP, we can see if you can entertain it in real life. But I know you like to keep online and real life separate. But hey, if not me, you can definitely sleep with your landlord for rent! Believe me, you will be surprised how easy it would be convince him to give you a break. BIG BREAK! Besides, you've still got a few years in USA as a student here, but you will eventually have to go back to your home country. You might as well live life here!

CuteAlia20: Eww! Have you even seen him? He’s like that 250 to 300 pound guy. Old. Chubby. With belly! But thank you for the idea. And also the offer. I am just not ready yet. I might as well move back to my country! I just might! Don’t worry, we will still RP.

Roleplayer54: Aww, of you can marry me, and legally, you will have a green card. After you get it, we go separate ways!

CuteAlia20: That might just work! I will think about it...OR NOT! lol

Roleplayer54: By the way, if not that, I found this website where they list the places of all the adult stores that actually host the Gloryhole. The list keeps changing but I found this on Craigslist and it might benefit you. You said you're good with your mouth. Might as well get paid for it? If anything...check out the rates. Here is the link....see if it's near you. A few hours drive would be a good one, so no one would know you.

CuteAlia20: Oh...thank you. I will take a look at it later. Gotta go for now!
It was later that night, she had logged back in only to find the link in last the last message from her online RP partner. Though she'd taken it as a joke, she couldn't help but wonder just how much such a thing would pay. Though she'd also considered his suggestion of sleeping with her landlord, she wasn't really sure about it. Nor she was considering seeing the man behind screen, the English_Pounder. He was friendly for sure....but he'd be the last viable option, when she really have no choice but to go to him. At least it would help her financially if she went with him, and she'd be set for the time she's living in the states, studying. The worst was to come here on a student visa, and then not being able to work!

That night, she sat in her bed, exploring the website and read through how gloryholes worked. She couldn't understand a whole lot except that it was like some club membership. Once the day and hour is decided after the girl gets approved, pending her profile, the members informed and they can come to the Adult store, hang in the lounge only to take turns. The transaction is made through the Adult store, paid in cash to the girl at the end of the job. It was as real as it could get. Best thing was that these men have to keep a clean track record, submit proofs they are disease free. That's because there's sex and the girl gets paid more should she agrees not to use condom.

Though it wasn't all too clear and how much you'd make wasn't even there. So Alia closed the website and went about her night. Studying.

And that was it for the night. The partner with whom she’d been roleplaying for a long time, such a nice guy who lives on different coast. But they make it their business to continue a good RP they’d been playing, which had everything- romance, plot, smut, kinks, even BDSM. But it wasn’t that, it’s what he said ...the options he gave to her, even though wicked. Her landlord. The gloryhole. Even just to spend a weekend with him...there was money to be earned. And for a girl who had no support, she'd have to make money on her own. If not the hard way, an easy way.

That lingered on in Alia’s head. As silly as it sounded, that night she kept on contemplating about it. It’s not like she had a boyfriend. She was single. She was not desperate for sex or love either…..but definitely was desperate for money! Being the only one her while the rest of her family is her home country, she has no way out of this but to see through. She was here on student visa. She had received a scholarship that allowed her to study in the states.

But it was only for the first year. Rest of the three years, she would have to pay out of pocket. Unless she gets scholarship. Well, that was also an option, but she hadn't landed any scholarship. Sometimes she wonders if she could just go up to one of them older donors and propose a sugardaddy idea to them. Like she had in her roleplay with another partner. The roleplay circled the concept of Sugardaddy and it made her think how nice it would be meet her sugardaddy at the scholarship event. Whatever…she was meek and shy girl in real. Even if such a thing would happen, she would never even say YES! Would she? It's why she roleplays.

For now, the landlord had given her the last notice. She didn’t open the door but he slipped the eviction letter the day before. So she was scared out of her mind because she had nowhere to go.


After contemplating again and again, playing the scenario in her head after looking online and reading up on some of the gloryhole ideas, Alia cursed herself for even entertaining the thing. It was only then, she consoled herself that she was only gathering information. She went on the website and clicked on the email link. An email message popped up in her outlook with a funny email. On the site, it said to send first name, age, and a few pictures. If they find the girl is pretty enough, they will respond back. She'd also done her research and someone wrote you can bargain what you can make at the gloryhole. Whether it's a simple handjob, blowjob, or actually sex. There were different things, including condom or no condom, cumming outside or inside. Wasting a cumshot and you only get paid half for that job. So many exceptions but also many more ways to leave the adult store with as close to five grand!

Well, she wrote up and email....and then hovered over the send button before hitting send! And now, it was a waiting game. Not saying yes but just checking it out. Her mind also wandered over to the immediate issue as she looked at her eviction notice, and wondered if she should strike a deal with her landlord! Urgh....Should I?- she asked herself, debating what it would be like to get into pro quid quo situation with these men!
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Re: White's little playground {seeking m and f, and something more!}
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Chemistry Project

[FxM, Geek x popular girl (Highschool setting), coercion, manipulation, using his authority over her to get something in return]​

This idea is still in construction. I want to play a girl where she is partnered with a geek in her class. He happens to be the smartest and geekest of all. As their first project ends, he offers her help in case if she ever needs any. At first she avoids him after they were done with their assignment but seeing they aced the project…in the class she was struggling in, she figured a little bit of help from him won’t hurt at all. At first she treats him with nice gifts out of appreciation and they start meeting at places to work on different assignment (her room, his place) she needs help with. She wants good grades and she found a sucker to help her. He starts demanding different things from her in repayment after realizing she'd be willing to pay cash as well as much more. Kind of like asking her to wear certain clothes for him at school and etc. She will eventually start liking this, his boldness and dominant demeanor and it gradually turns bit sexual. This is a slow, long term plot. Again….this is still in construction and would love partner’s input in this.
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