Daphe seeks her Velma (Female for Female Request) ~Daphne for me Velma for you~

Started by Lexxy, April 30, 2017, 03:21:48 PM

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     I was surfing Pinterest and found a picture from 'Scooby Doo' and it just pushed my button's. I always thought Velma was super sexy and hot for a nerdy girl with glasses and Daphne was sorta too skinny for me to really appreciate but then I found the below pics and was like 'Jinkies'. So I just started to collect them thinking maybe I would offer them as a face claim to play at toms time but then another idea came to me.

    Why not toss up a request thread for one of the two? but as I have pics of both why not put up all the pics, (well mos of them). So below are some pics I found and choose decided Daphne for me to write and ask for someone to write Velma. Thus here is my request to see if I could get some young lady to come play with me?

Background Fred is gay, Shaggy is doing Scooby (ewwww) and also a druggie. Thus Daphne has but one option and that is her sexy near sited friend Velma.

     Velma has had the hots for Daphne forever and when Daphne starts the seduction, Velma is more then willing to jump in, the two 'switch' back and forth in a Kinky little relationship. So when not fighting ghosts or that is proving the ghosts haunting are fake. Daphne and Velma are enjoying each other as much as possible.

      Below are the links to the Pictures from my Pintrest Account + another place for a bit of inspiration. Please PM me, do not reply here, if you are interested, my idea if for a bit of Kink but not overblown and my hard No No's are Bathroom Play, Vore & Gore, Smokers, & Sadists. I am looking for woman who love woman can write erotic replies, (Oh I only write in threads/forums), willing to reply at least four times a week, and can do at least a few paragraphs when writing.

     Any questions just PM me and we can discuss things.

Hugs & Kisses Lexxy.