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November 29, 2022, 09:16:13 am

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Author Topic: Silent Hill [ F for M ] - Ultra Crave Right Now!  (Read 503 times)

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Silent Hill [ F for M ] - Ultra Crave Right Now!
« on: April 30, 2017, 10:09:06 am »
Welcome to Silent Hill

Welcome to Silent Hill

"Don't leave me!" She cried out. "Please! Please, don't-"

But he did. Eight years ago, he left her. The memory is still burned fresh into his mind, and he can still hear her crying out his name as he's sprinting as fast as he can out of that evil place. He can still smell the fog and ash, the heat from fires below licking his feet, he can still hear the gears and machines turning and conjuring into a contraption that would surely grind him into a place.

But he had to get out. He had to escape. He'd been dreaming of it since the moment he could talk.

Eight years ago, he'd left her in Silent hill.

He'd tried to forget, and he managed to, a little. . . until eight years later. It was three weeks until the anniversary that he escaped Silent Hill and managed to carve out a meager life for himself. But the nightmares always started just about then. One night, while he's asleep, he has a dream that the door swings open to his room. Ashy, quiet footsteps track into the house, black streams left on the wall as fingers trail along it.

As he's sleeping, someone stands at his bedside and waits. He wakes up, and a finger reaches over, touching his lips. He's paralyzed, as though lead weights ahve suddenly replaced the entirety of his blood.

"Shhh." She says, stroking a hand over his face. She brushes it through his hair, trails it down his neck, over his pulse, down his chest, and then to his arm.

She slips a card inside his hand and bends over, eyes piercing him. She smiles for just a second before she reaches down and kisses him, roughly seizing his hair, biting down on his lip hard enough to draw blood.

And then she disappears in a flurry of ash.

He wakes up hours later, thinking it was all a dream. But then he stretches. . . and a card crinkles in his hand. And his lip stings from rough treatment. The card is gray, stained with soot and ash, and inside is a single piece of paper.

It's a letter, penned to him, and looks as though it had been written in blood. 

'You're invited to my birthday party in Silent Hill. Come if you dare, coward.' There's a heart penned in blood, too. He looks through his house and sees the ash, the footprints that stop just at his bed.

He doesn't have a choice. He has to go back to hell. It's time for her Ascension.

[ This plot would require some discussion before hand. It's kind of a Chosen One plot. . . but your character is also a Chosen One, too! Tons of fun all around. To be honest, this one might be a bit sex-heavy. I'm okay with that, though. ]

MAY CONTAIN: Incest (plot kind of works better with it), rape, blood, gore, mind games, xenophilia, monsters, torture,

This idea is an ultra-crave for me right now and I've been trying to find a player for it for a few months now. :c

Please send me a PM if you're interested!

Basically Your Character has to go through Silent Hill to reconcile with the girl he left behind. Only issue is she's not exactly human anymore and can change Silent Hill to suit her needs. And she's pissed Your Character left her.

Your Character-senpai, that wasn't very nice. :'c

It'll be a lot of fun, a lot of running around, a lot of monsters, and I'm more than happy to incorporate tons of ideas into it.