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March 04, 2021, 12:11:23 am

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Author Topic: Mort's secret garden [M for F]  (Read 707 times)

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Offline MortarusTopic starter

Mort's secret garden [M for F]
« on: April 28, 2017, 04:16:13 am »
Got you hyped with that title? Too bad, my post ain't really as good.

Anyway, hi everyone it's been a while! I've joined E a couple of years ago but did a looooong pause. I'm back now and ready for action! ;)

I've been looking around for a couple of days, seeking a partner(s) in solo/group or even non-forum but didn't find much to my liking.

So I decided that maybe it was time for me to make my second ever RP request.

I even went as far as read my old one. It was awful and childish, now I see why it didn't work back then. xD

Back to the main topic, I'm not really the kind of guy who comes up with a precise setup beforehand and asks people to stick to it. I think see what we do here as writing a story in duo or in group. I also think that the improvisation factor is as important as the preparation. I prefer to put myself in the shoes of my characters and try to think like them to figure what to type next.

If you're still here, thanks, next is the important part ;)

- I'm a big fan of Fantasy & Sci-Fi so if you have anything in mind that fits this just ask.

- I usually play Dom, but like to be Sub once in a while. The thing I prefer most is a Sub girl that turns temporarily Dom out of lust. Grawr ;)

- I write about 2-3 paragraphs, I can probably push for 4 maaaaybe 5 if you really want too, but most of the times I've run out of things to write way before that.

- Part of explanation for my last point, English is my second language. I clearly don't have as much vocabulary as others, same goes for idioms and such. So sometimes my syntax might sound weird 'cause it's too close to my mother tongue instead of english. If you would be kind enough to tell me when I do, that helps me a lot. Also, my punctuation might suck, like, a lot. It's my weak point in any language I use.

- I haven't written RP in a while. I might be rusty, but my english in general improved a lot since the last time I was here.

- Other then that, I just updated my O/Os if you wanna check that out. Those aren't definitive and final, we can always talk it out. Always depends tho :you can talk me into playing a Vamp but not into Vore.

That being said, we can't just start writing out of thin air can we? So here are some pairings/plots I had in mind :

New Neighbor
She's a new young mom that just moved in with her little family next to his house. Her husband works away and she works from home to stay with the kid. While she's not watching he goes around outside and breaks something on his side of the fence. He asks that she replaces it but it's something she can't afford. He then give her the alternative to pay with her body.

At this point this could go any way you want it :

- She refuses but he takes her by force, Non-Con all the way
- Same but she ends up liking it after a while since her husband never does it with her, Non-Con until that point
- She simply accepts for whatever reason.
- Whatever other way you fit.

Milf Neighbor/Young Adult
Teacher/Student (can be played both ways)

or any other classics, I don't really have anything more specific in mind.

So yep that's about it, if you have any other ideas I'm more then open! I've been waiting for my holiday for a while now, getting myself hyped over coming back here so I hope I'll get some people interested! :)

*I might add some more pairings tomorrow but right now my mind just wants to sleep x_x*