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Author Topic: Im Back! {F for M}  (Read 1533 times)

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Im Back! {F for M}
« on: April 27, 2017, 10:32:28 pm »
Do to family and medical issues I didn't have to time to get one here (sadly) but I guess in someways it was good because it happened before I had gotten any role plays going so I didn't leave many people hanging. Anyways, I am excited to say that I am back. I did have free time and in it I created some new plots and ideas I hope you guys will find interesting.

First off though, the rules. The dreaded rules.
I will not do the things below.
FxF or MxM
Incest (step siblings and distant cousins is fine.)
F-List is in my signature.
Please check it out if you want a more in depth look at my likes and dislikes.

Below is my incomplete list of pairings. The amount of * indicates how much I crave it.


(I am really sorry, but I am really worried about doing the canon characters justice so even if I put them as an option I really dont wish to play them but us roleplaying together isnt just for my enjoyment and if you wish me to play a canon character I will. Please be patient though because it will take me longer to write up a post that I think does them justice.)

9th DoctorxOC***
10th DoctorxOC****

Tyrion LannisterxOC****
Jaime LannisterxOC***
The HoundxOC or Aria**

Arrow/The Flash
Oliver QueenxOC or Felicity Smoak
Malcolm MerlynxOC
Barry AllenxOC or Caitlin Snow

Dean WinchesterxOC***
Sam WinchesterxOC**

Harry Potter
DracoxOC or Hermione
FredxOC or Hermione
GerogexOC or Hermione

Marvel Universe
Captain AmericaxOC or Black Widow
Quick SilverxOC
VisionxOC or Scarlet Witch


Bad BoyxGood Girl
Nerd BoyxPunk Girl
Older Step BrotherxYounger Step Sister

Ect. Ect.

Fandom Plots
1) Bigger on the Inside
(Doctor Who RP: Bondage, Adventure, Long Term, CanonxOC)

It was a pretty normal day for an American Tourist traveling Europe when she saw a strange man running down the street looking quite frantic. Now, a normal sane person would probably go on their merry way but she prided herself on being nosy and decided to give chase. Of course running into a grotesque looking pig humanish thing wasnt what she was expecting but a kick in the 'No No' area had the same effect as it would on a human. When the frantic man laughed she couldnt help but smile, and when he offered her a trip through space and time she had to say yes.

2) Two is always better then one.
(Harry Potter RP: Weasly Twins, Threesomes, Blindfolded, Toys, Short Term or Long Term, CanonxOC, Bondage, DP, Rough)

When She made a deal with two of the biggest pranksters at Hogwarts to be their personal slave for a week in exchange for a humiliating prank to be done to her bully, she had been expecting them to want her to do their assignments or to act as a distraction when they were setting up their pranks. She was not, however, expecting their demands to become increasingly sexual.

3) Bow Down
(Loki RP: Bondage, Non-Con, Rough, Choking, Blind Folds,Toys, Short or Long Term, CanonxOC)

She was rather surprised when in the dead of night she was awoken to the sound of breaking glass, even more so when she ran down stairs with her fathers old shotgun in hand to find a disheveled black haired man standing in her living room who was apparently undisturbed by the gun. Of course, she wasnt really afraid until she shot at him after he refused to leave and missed because he suddenly wasnt where he had just been. Being afraid quickly morphed to terrified when he was able to yank the gun out of her hand as if she hadnt had it in a death grip, after appearing behind her. So when he told her to bow, she bowed.

4) Fallen Angel
(Supernatural RP: Cas, Virginity, Bondage, Romance, Rough, Choking, Blind Folds,Toys, Short or Long Term, CanonxOC)

It not surprising that with the amount of times the world has almost been destroyed that some 'normal' people have taken notice; She is a young college student with her majors being history and religion. When the Apocalypse(s) happened she noticed. Delving deeper into the how she starts asking far to many questions and catches the notice of Cas who sees it as his duty to put a stop to her questions, especially when he realizes that he isnt the only one to notice the pretty young girl with far to many questions. With dangers looming, can they stay safe?
Magic/Sci Fi Plots
1) Tattoo Shop
(Original RP: Virginity, Bondage, Romance, Rough, Choking, Blind Folds,Toys, Short or Long Term, Powers, Magic)

In a world much like our own, every person alive has a power that is unique to them. The powers can be placed in a spectrum that goes from 1-Meaning that they are weak or non aggressive in nature to a 5- which is the strongest and typically means the power could cause major chaos.
To keep the populas safe, the government has made registering they power and its strength necessary. A special team handles those who either dont register or are beloved to have falsified their test results.

Your Character is one such task force and has been sent to rent the room above a little tattoo shop in the art district of town, your boss believes the Owner of the shop falsified her test results and that she is stronger then she let on. Your character is to determine if she lied and if her powers could be considered dangerous.

2) New Type of Hero
(Original RP: Bondage, Romance, Rough, Choking, Blind Folds, Forced, Height difference, Short or Long Term, Powers)

Being a super hero is a big responsibility that not many can handle. To help teach the growing number of people with powers the government has opened small schools all over the country, Your Character is a new recruit who is placed in a school ran by My Characters father. You dont want to be here, refuse to go to the classes, and try desperately to escape only to be stopped by the powered guards. Hoping to earn some freedom you set out to seduce my character by any means necessary.
Slice Of Life Plots
1) New Girl
(Original RP: Bondage, Romance, Rough,High School, Bad Boy/Good Girl, Short or Long Term, Slow or Fast Paced)

Shes the new girl, she is tiny and small and has already gotten a lot of attention for being far smarter than everyone else. He is the bad boy, dangerous and mean, he has been watching her from afar because he gets a vibe that something just isn’t right. He knows she lives next door, he knows she has an older sister in college and her parents are both Doctors but the overly smart girl, there is something wrong with her.

She is afraid, afraid everyone will find out, so when they do… Well she does the only thing she believes can fix it. She jumps off the nearby bridge into the semi frozen lake. She didn’t know he saw, she didn’t know he cared, but he did so it was a no brainier when he jumped in after her and pulled her out. With her family out of town, he knows he cant take her there. So to his home they went, where he keeps her on lock down to prevent her from trying to kill herself again. Because, really, her secret isn’t that bad.

2) Coffee Girl
(Original RP: One Night, One Shot, Rough, Consensual, Toys, MxF, Strangers

He was a reagular at a near by coffee shop, nothing special about it really. The décor is simple; warm rih browns mixed with cream and some copper accents. The workers are pleasant, always willing chat if they have the time. The coffee and pastries and above average and always delivered quickly, but none of that is why he always went to the coffee shop. He went because of her.

She was always there from noon to one, drinking her iced white mocha and eating an artisan sandwich, always with her dainty little nose in a book and her hair pulled up into a bun that she always undid before she left. She was a freshmen and a nearby college, he knew that because of the emblem on her book bag. He had always watched her from a far until the day she was late, with no where else to sit she asked to sit across from him. Of course he gave his consent, which turned into a conversation, which turned into flirting, which turned into her inviting him over for dinner. Walking away at one after giving him her address and a time to come over, she smiled in a pleased way. As if she had known he had been watching her all that time even though she had never indicated she had known before.

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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 02:20:28 am »

Fairy Tale
1) Beauty and the Beast
Image/Plot 1

YC works for a well known elven family, as the body guard for the eldest son you found yourself away from your family when the youngest Elven Princess came of age. The capitol was very beautiful but it was lacking in comparison to the youngest child to the King. Though she treated her as if she was made of glass she had to be the strongest young lady in all the realm because she trained with the soldiers in the guise of a boy every morning. Your boss, he is a greedy man and cant except that the princess refuses his suit and in an attempt to woo her by showing her how strong he is he turns you into a Beast. Based on the stories of the being the elves call Nightmares you are now 8-10 feet tall, have a beast like face, leather like skin, large wings, glowing eyes, a tail, and huge protruding horns.

YC was angry and hurt that your Master would do this to you, there is no counter curse, you would forever be a man shackled in the body of a monster. Escaping the Castel and keep was a lot harder then you thought with your greedy master trying to control you and the youngest daughter in full battle armor giving chase to protect the citizens.  Taking flight YC manages to escape but the princess to refuses to live knowing a Nightmare is out there, the greedy noble still attempted to court the princess but she refused him once again and snuck out of the Keep alone one night to hunt the Nightmare and prove to her family that she isn’t the fragile little girl they think she is.

This can go multiple different ways, sense it is based on a fairy tale I would like to see romance and a relationship being built but that inst necessary. You want to play as the angry beast who is falling into madness and rapes and keeps the princess captive, go ahead. Want to play this out based on the original story or Disney version where they fall in love and love breaks the curse. Also cool, wanna play as the Greedy vengeful Nobel who decides to track down the Princess and uses his magic to control the beast and after watching her get raped by the monster drags her back home and demands her hand in marriage sense he ‘saved’ her? Ok, Want to just free ball it and see how it goes? Also cool. I want this to be ‘OUR’ game not ‘MY’ game.
Image/Plot 2



Elves hate Dragons and Dragons hate Elves, that has just always been the way of it. Maybe its because Dragons and shift between human and beast form and control the size of their beast form, in essences tricking humans and Elves alike, or maybe its because Elves are the only creatures whos magic can control a Dragon. Either way, there is no love between the two races and they tend to avoid each other at all costs.

One dark and stormy day mid Winters day, a young Halfling girl was kicked out of her community for going against Elven ways and refusing to curtsey to a Nobel who is known for getting into servants and Halfling skirts because they have no rights. Giving nothing but a blanket, two days worth of food, and thin summer dress, the girl was shoved into the freezing world with no protection. Somehow the young girl survived a week in the old before finding a natural cave that was much warmer then the outside world, bundling up in her damp blanket she awaited death. She had no food, no way to start a fire, no way to dry out her blanket so death was a certainty. Until YC showed up at least, angry at the invasion of his cave YC shifts into his human form to confront her only to realize that though of elven blood she isn’t pure and that she had been banished. Deciding it was for the best to keep her alive until Spring when she could head to one of the Halfling communities, YC  gets a fire going ad starts cooking dinner until the smell of it awakens the young Halfling girl.

Explaining to her that in exchange for cooking their meals, cleaning the cave and their clothes, and not touching YC’s things, she could stay until spring. YC never tells her that he is a dragon and instead walks away from the bubbling pot, leaving her to deal with the rest of dinner. It doesn’t take long for a routine to form and for them to get close, they become friends and he soon cant help but reveal what he is. Instead of being afraid she exclaims that it must be nice to fly. Their relationship continues getting deeper and the duo start to realize that they might have problem. Whether or not she can leave, and whether of not he will let her.

Again, this can go many different ways and if you have an idea for it please let me know. The two different was i can see this going pretty easily (not saying that there arent any other options of course.) Are she decides to stay and he lets her and thats the end of the RP (after a super steamy scene) or she decides to leave and he refuses, locking her in the cave and keeping her hostage and as a glorified sex toy. The third is she decides to stay and he says no, not really sure what would happen. Probably crying an bargaining before she attempts to seduce him? The fourth is pretty obvious at this point, she decides to leave and he lets her, this of course would end the RP. I really like working on plots and ideas with my partners and figure out what works best for US and we ant discover that if you don’t suggest ideas of changes to the plot.


In a land much different than ours, Dragons existed peacefully alongside humans. Dragons were unique creatures that could change their form, considered Gods by some but often just respected from a distance. The only problem the humans had with their Dragon neighbors was that they were long lived and often had bouts of loneliness and would demand that the humans give them a child to raise and care for to remove the loneliness and boredom the Dragon was suffering from.

YC is a dragon that inherited a human, the Dragon who save you took over after their death had one such human child in their care but that child had sense become a lovely young woman who, much like her only known parent, is extremely territorial of her cave. It takes awhile to explain to her that her Dragon parent had been so depressed that not even raising her could rise its spirits and it killed itself. As the finder of the Dead Dragon you get to take possession of the deceased Dragons things. The girl of course starts crying at the new of her only known parents death and the fact she would have to leave the only home she has ever known. Not wanting to hurt the girl anymore YC suggests that she stays as YC’s companion for awhile. Life with YC is much different for the girl then it was with her original Dragon, you train her to be a warrior and insist on her staying close to you at all times. This leads to weird situations that quickly form into a sexual relationship, one that she doesn’t have much of a say in sense you are being kind enough to let her stay in the only home she has ever known.

Like the two other Beauty and the Beast RP ideas, this one can be played out many different ways. A full on Non-Con Rp to a slow building relationship that she might not want at first but soon accepts, its up to you honestly.

The reason I put both these plots and images in the same spoiler is because the plots can be exchanged with the pictures (so plot two can be used with Picture one as reference to the girl/dragon and vice versa. Of course, all the pictures can be exchanged for others but the plots were formed after I saw these pictures which is why they are connected.

2) Sleeping Beauty
Image/Plot 1

The world is much different than our own, steam powers everything and fashion is more of a modern twist on the Victorian era. Gears, clogs, steam engines, cyborgs, and androids are realities and normal in this world. Due to an virus that targeted women between the ages of twenty and forty, the population declined and scientists had to find away to save humanity. The cured the virus and cloned the surviving women, changing a few strands of DNA here and there to create new women to repopulate the earth.

In their tubes they had information about their world pumped into their brains so they were educated and not innocent, lost little lambs that would be abused. All except a handful were released into the world shortly after they reached maturity, those not sent into the world were used as surrogates to help bring fourth children to once again fill schools and for the citizens to once again hear and see happy kids running around. Only one of the designed women was left in her tube untouched and forgotten, due to the fashion at the time she was to plump. Her hips to wide, her nose to upturned, her hands and feet to small, and her stomach a little to soft, her breasts were to full as were her cheeks and her hair was the oddest shade of white. Hidden away in a back room the scientists left her to left in her tank to live forever preserved at twenty two never knowing what the air really smelt like, or chocolate tasted like, how the sun felt on her pale skin or ever experiencing the love of a man.

That is until YC comes along, for whatever reason you were in that old dusty storage room and found her floating, nude and forgotten. Deciding against all reason that it wasn’t right to leave her alone in that room you found an old system to open the tank and release the young woman, worried when she didn’t wake up right away you checked that she was breathing and then bundled her up in blankets before sneaking her out of the building using service corridors. Only once you had her back at your place did you try and wake her, once she woke you were greeted to a beautiful smile and the most startling purple eyes.

That’s all I got, lol, This I think can easily be played many different ways and because of that im not going to list all of the possibilities. If interested in this idea please message me so we can disuses what you were thinking.

Non-Con Image Idea's No Plots Yet

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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2017, 12:15:42 pm »
As a few people I have reached out to try and plot with in the hopes of playing together have pointed out, i'm new and don't really have any proof of my style as a RPer. My plots are pretty half assed because I want to be able to grow them with my potential partner so I've decided to try and fix this conundrum by giving you a glimpse of my writing style below. Its just part of a short story I wrote a couple months ago for a friend who had just gotten out of an abusive relationship, coincidentally I had just finished Harley Quinn #25 so I loaned her what I owned of the series and wrote this.

I know that I probably didn't do her justice, Harley Quinn is a truly complicated character, but I tried and honestly why im putting it up here is so my potential partners know what I am capable of when writing and know my style.

Harley Quinn Short Story/Writing Style

In the small but soothing room the young woman shivered, the AC was down to low for her current outfit but HE had always insisted she always look her best. Trying to keep her face neutral the older woman with mouse brown hair just stared at the young blonde haired girl with warm, understanding brown eyes that made the girls chin quiver and her blue eyes well up with tears that one they started she couldn't stop. "Its funny, it really is...Only a couple of years ago I was on my way to being you. Successful, young, pretty, strong, a bit naive but in the end it would have worked out for me. I would have married and had kids, I would have been someone. Someone that little girls could look up to but I messed up. Puddin'... I mean... Joker. He was smarter, No don't interrupt he was smarter. He twisted me around his fingers and broke my mind and my soul and I became so dependent on him I didn't even try and get away. No, he would get locked up and I would break him out! I should have been smarter, I could have stopped him, instead...Instead I did his dirty work." The younger woman half cried half hysterically laughed.

The psychologist didnt say a word and after awhile the girl calmed down enough to look up, when their eyes meet once again the older woman reached down and passed her client a bag. The girl opened the bag and found clean gray slacks, a conservative bright red turtle neck sleeveless top, a blazer that was black with small gray stripes and simple black heels. That sent her into another round of bitter, self hating giggles as her big blue eyes filled with tears. "Harley... Harley! Thats enough. No, don't give me that look. I am one of the many women in the world that know exactly what you are feeling right now." The psychologist said softly but sternly enough to get Harley's attention, the warm brown eyes were sad and angry but also earnest so the blonde haired young woman nodded her head. "You are thinking, 'He wont like me wearing this.' Aren't you? Well, you are probably right. But HE doesn't matter anymore because you left him, do you hear me Harley? YOU LEFT HIM." She continued on and her words seem to have clicked in Harley's head because almost as soon as the words left her psychologists mouth she was up and behind a dressing screen, when she reemerged the young woman were a look of uncertainty mixed with pride. She looked respectable and she felt good about herself.

"I... I have alot to learn about being myself again. Im willing to try though, I an't be connected to him any longer because...He would end up killing me and laughing the whole time." Harley admits while pulling her blonde hair up into a tight bun, effectively hiding the blue and pink tips of her hair. "I know I have no right... But what happened to you Dr. Winter?" Harley asks her psychologist meekly, the way her body was tensed, her eyes set on the floor and the biting of her lip showed that she knew that the question wasnt appropriate. Taking a deep breath Dr. Winters could smell the roses siting on her desk and the sweet smell of Harley's lotion. Her face was a cold mask as she looked at the girl whos body langue told the older woman that she was scared.

Smiling gently she made a clicking noise with her tongue that brought the girls head up, "I was younger then you were when I meet him, he was sweet, kind, and intelligent. He was occasionally verbally abusive until after the birth of our first kid five years later. Then he started hitting me, isolating me, and raping me. It didnt mater what I did, it was never good enough and I tried so hard to be perfect. Ten years later and two more kids I finally said enough, but that was only after he had threatened my oldest. I was thirty five years old when I left with my three kids, I was thirty five years old when I went back to school, forty five when I finally got my degree and fifty one when my practice was finally established enough to not have to worry about food, bills, or gas. Now, I didn't go into details but know that it was hard. It was really hard, he didn't chase after me until three years after I had left and when he found me he broke three of my ribs, he walked right through the restraining order two years after that and broke my arm, tried several times to take my kids out of school. It was hard and he kept reappearing until 'I' did something about it.
The next time he showed up I maced him, pushed him into the balcony railing and handcuffed him their until the police arrived. Haven't seen him sense."
She explained, Dr. Winter's eyes had gone dead while she spoke about of the the hardest periods of her life but had lit up when she mentioned the ending, what she considered her most defining moment.

Nodding Harley kicked off her knew shoes and pulled them into her hair with her, "See, at first Joker made me feel like I was running things. Twisting his words so it sounded like he was asking for permission, giving advise then apologizing for being so forward. Somehow he slowly changed without me noticing, went from 'asking' to telling, from apologizing to calling me stupid for not following his 'advice', over ruling my ideas, setting up plans that would likely end in my death. Then came the torture as he 'perfected' his art, his blatant disregard for my health and safety. Somehow he had twisted my mind to the point that I accepted it, I was willing... It wasn't until I lost the baby... Yeah, I was pregnant no one knew yet but me, it was when I lost her because of one of his 'games' that I realized that he didn't care about me. It was then that I started planning how to run, how to escape him. It took so long though, so long with my eyes open and I couldn't let him know I no longer adored him but even when I was escaping it was hard for me to not turn around  because part of me still believed he loved me, part of me still believes he loves me."  Harley whimpered before bursting into tears, but there was no self hate in her statement this time which is always a good sign. She was rubbing her hands over her shins in a soothing manner, the feeling of the long pants and the pull of the slighting too small blazer made Harley feel slightly better because the first time in years she was wearing what she wanted, not what she picked out for Him, but what she really wanted to wear and what made her feel good about herself.

A beeping noise filled the air, startling both women, checking the time Dr. Winter sighed. "Our time is up for today, but I would really like it if you would make another appointment for Wednesday. This is going to be a long hard battle for you Harley, im not going to lie. But, I truly believe that you can do it but until YOU feel you can do it I believe we shouldn't have more then two days between appointments. If you agree, I'm thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays. Is that OK with you?" She spoke in a firm but kind and soothing voice. Harley nodded her agreement, she couldn't do this alone and she would need as many appointments as possible to reinforce the idea that she would be ok without the Joker.

Smiling at Dr. Winter, Harley nodded her goodbye and slipped on her shoes and left. She didn't grab her 'Joker Approved' outfit, deciding that leaving it behind was to be her second step in finding herself. In loving herself again.

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Re: Im Back! {F for M}
« Reply #3 on: May 05, 2017, 04:44:34 pm »
In Slice Of Life New Girl
In Craving: Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast 1 and Sleeping Beauty

In Slice of Life Coffee Girl
In Craving: Fairy Tale Beauty and the Beast 2
In Craving: Non-Con Three pictures, no plots.