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Author Topic: DQ's Welcome to Dubai  (Read 1182 times)

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DQ's Welcome to Dubai
« on: April 27, 2017, 02:19:49 am »
Welcome to my idea!!!

I can do this either on the threads or on googledocs.

The basic idea:
A non-Arab woman moves to Dubai for whatever reason, and we'd just go along with her life in Dubai with all the men she meets and mingles with. There are approximately 4 men per woman in the city, which basically means that the women can pick and choose men as they like. Obviously beauty goes a long way. We can also add aspects of money and finances into the story.

Your Character:
You can pick one (or a mixture) of the following characters:
1. The woman
2. The woman's husband
3. The woman's father

Obviously you can make the character anyway you like.

My Characters:
The world and the men around the woman.

Reasons for moving to Dubai:
1. If the woman is around 16, it would make sense if that she moves with her father (or family) because the father has landed a lucrative job.
2. If she's around 18, it could be that she applied for a college in Dubai, maybe even gotten a scholarship.
3. If she's in her 20s, she could have moved because she had a good job opportunity.
4. If she's in her 30s, she could have moved because her husband got a job in Dubai.

Dubai is a city (not a country) in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is also the most liberal, meaning that it has a pretty laid back attitude to drinking, dating, and dress code.

As you can see in the picture above, two Emirati women are staring at a non-Arab blonde, it could be jealousy or annoyance, or maybe even a mix of both. The Emiratis (UAE Nationals) make up around 15% of Dubai's population, so it's pretty multicultural with various nationalities living in the city. The picture below shows a different reaction from men.

The following two images show how different people dress in the city:

The city is very modern and metropolitan, and it's economy is heavily dependent on (surprise surprise, its not oil!): Trade, Tourism, Logistics, Real Estate, and Financial Services. Due to the touristic approach of many Dubaites in the entrepreneurial sector and the high standard of living, Dubai's culture has gradually evolved towards one of luxury, opulence and lavishness with a high regard for leisure-related extravagance. It is also dubbed "A playground for the rich and famous"

What is Dubai famous for?

- Burj Al Arab, Dubai's most famous icon and the city's most luxurious hotel, some would call it a seven-star hotel (yet it's officially 5-stars), is made on an artificial island. The standard room usually costs $2,000 per night, up to $24,000 a night for the royal suite.

Burj Al Arab Pictures
Girl on the beach in front of Burj Al Arab:

Three girls at the beach in front of Burj Al Arab:

Girl having a drink in a hotel balcony with Burj Al Arab view:

Girl in the water at Burj Al Arab's beach:

Girl in bikini getting into the water at the beach in front of Burj Al Arab:

Girl posing on the pier with Burj Al Arab in the background:

Girl posing in Jumeirah Beach Hotel with Burj Al Arab view:

Girls in shorts with Burj Al Arab in the background:

Girl having a drink at Burj Al Arab beach:

Girl at Burj Al Arab's indoor pool:

Girls at the beach in front of Burj Al Arab:

Girl in Burj Al Arab's bed, taking a selfie using the mirror above the bed:

Girl with Burj Al Arab in background:

Girl taking a selfie in front of Burj Al Arab:

Girl in one of Burj Al Arab's rooms:

Girl at Burj Al Arab lobby area:

Girl with Lamborghini with Burj Al Arab in background:

Girl at sea overlooking Burj Al Arab:

Girl in pool with Burj Al Arab in background:

Girl at Madinat Jumeirah with Burj Al Arab in background:

- Madinat Jumeirah, right next to Burj Al Arab, is a large resort that is built to resemble a small traditional Arabian town. It has 4 hotels, and over 40 restaurants and bars.

Madinat Jumeirah Pictures
Girl wearing a dress at Madinat Jumeirah:

Girl at Madinat Jumeirah retail area:

Girl at one of Madinat Jumierah's hotel's balconies:

Girl at Dar Al Masyaf (one of the four hotels), Madinat Jumeirah:

Girl looking at Madinat Jumeirah from balcony:

Two girls in Madinat Jumeirah retail area:

Girl smoking shisha at Madinat Jumeirah:

Girl in black dress at Madinat Jumeirah:

- Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest building that has office space, residential space, and an Armani Hotel. It is also attached to Dubai Mall, which is among one of the world's largest shopping malls.

Burj Khalifa Pictures
Paris Hilton with Burj Khalifa in background:

Girl in a hotel with Burj Khalifa view:

Girl in balcony overlooking Burj Khalifa:

Girl looking out from inside Burj Khalifa:

Girl looking out from Burj Khalifa lounge:

Couple at Burj Khalifa:

Girl sitting on swing in Burj Park:

Girl by the fountain next to Burj Khalifa at night:

Girl posing in front of a Bentley with Burj Khalifa in the background:

Girl in Helicopter, Burj Khalifa in background:

Girl at Dubai Fountain with Burj Khalifa in background:

Girl at At.Mosphere lounge on the 123rd floor of Burj Khalifa:

Girl on zip-line with Burj Khalifa in the background:

-Dubai International Airport, home of Emirates Airlines and the world's busiest international airport.

Dubai International Airport Pictures
Girl outside Terminal 2:

Two girls sitting on their bags at the airport:

Girl in Emirates Airlines first class seat:

Girl at Emirates A380 plane lounge:

Girls at Emirates Airlines Training Center:

Girl having a meal at Emirates Airlines first class suite:

Girl at Emirates Airlines business class:

Girl inside Terminal 3:

Two girls standing beside Emirates Airlines first class suites:

Girl outside Terminal 3:

- Shopping, the city is also dubbed as "The shopping capital of the Middle East". Dubai Mall is the world's largest shopping mall by total area with almost 1,200 shops, it is also attached to Burj Khalifa, and Souq Al Bahar which is a traditionally themed modern retail area. Mall of the Emirates is the second largest shopping mall in the city, and has an indoor ski-slope in the world's largest indoor snow park.

Shopping Pictures
Kim Kardashian at Dubai Mall's aquarium:

Girl in Dubai Mall helped by porter carry bags:

Girl with Harvey Nichols shopping bag:

Girl with Louise Vuitton shopping bag:

Girl at Dubai Fountain from the Dubai Mall side with Burj Khalifa in the background:

Girl shopping in Dubai Mall:

Girl walking around Dubai Mall:

Girl at Dubai Mall:

Girl poses while shopping:

Girl outside Dubai Mall in shorts:

Girls shopping:

Girl at Mall of the Emirates top floor:

Girl at Cartier Dubai Mall:

Girl next to Dubai Mall's indoor fountain:

Girl looking across the fountain and bridge from the Dubai Mall side towards Souq Al Bahar:

Girl with Souq Al Bahar in background:

Couple kissing with Dubai Mall in background:

- Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city with a beach. Residential buildings and shopping areas dominate this part of the city. The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residences hosts stylish boutiques, al fresco dining or simply a leisurely promenade along the waterfront. The Beach offers urban experiences including a mall and restaurants by the sea, including a designated area for swimming.

Dubai Marina Pictures
Celebrities at Dubai Marina:

Demi Rose Mawby on Yacht at Dubai Marina:

Viki Odintcova at Dubai Marina:

Alena Shishkova at Dubai Marina:

Girl at Dubai Marina rooftop gym:

Girl wearing yoga pants in Dubai Marina:

Girl at The Beach:

Girl having a meal at The Beach:

Girl with her mom at Jumeirah Beach Residences:

Couple kissing in Dubai Marina pool:

Girl at Dubai Marina at night:

Girl at Dubai Marina's The Walk:

Girl posing next to Dubai Marina directions sign:

Girl at Dubai Marina balcony at night:

Girl smoking shisha at The Beach:

Girl wearing red at night in Dubai Marina:

Girl at Sea in front of Dubai Marina:

Girl in jeans at The Walk:

Girl on yacht going out of Dubai Marina:

Girl blowing kiss at Dubai Marina:

Girl sitting at one of Dubai Marina's cafes:

Girls posing at Dubai Marina hotel's balcony:

Girl at The Walk:

Girl with Maserati in front of Jumeirah Beach Residence:

Girl on camel in front of Jumeirah Beach Residence:

Girls on Yacht in front of Dubai Marina:

Girl posing in boat in front of Dubai Marina:

Girl in shorts posing in front of Dubai Marina:

Girl in Dubai Marina balcony:

Girl poising at Dubai Marina:

Girl in Dubai Marina rooftop pool:

Girl in Dubai Marina balcony with JBR in the background:

Girl at The Beach with The Palm in the background:

- The Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island that looks like a palm tree, with residential buildings on the palm's trunk, villas in the fronds, and hotels on the crescent surrounding the island. Atlantis the Palm is one of the largest hotels on this island.

The Palm Jumeirah Pictures
Paris Hilton at Atlantis beach:

Kim Kardashian on camel at Atlantis:

Demi Rose Mawby at the Palm's Golden Mile:

Girl on boat behind Atlantis the Palm:

Girl in the crescent overlooking the Palm:

Girl on one of the Palm's fronds overlooking the Crescent and Atlantis:

Girl by the pool at One & Only the Palm:

Girl posing in front of Ferrari at the Palm:

Girl at Zabeel Saray, another hotel at the Palm:

Girl getting into a Ferrari at Atlantis:

Girl getting into the beach from the Palm overlooking Dubai Marina:

Girls at one of the Palm's hotels by the pool:

Girl on a terrace at the Palm overlooking Dubai Marina:

Girl at Dubai Marina with the Palm Island in the background:

Girl by Zabeel Saray's pool:

Girl at Kempinski The Palm:

Girl by the pool at Atlantis:

- Dubai Police Cars, luxury and high end police cars that include Lamborghini, Ferrari, Bentley, Aston Martin, Bugatti, and McLaren.

Dubai Police Cars
Girl posing in front of Dubai Police Lamborghini Aventador:

Girl posing with Dubai Police Car at Dubai Mall:

- Desert, a place for dune bashing and desert safaris, a popular place for both tourists and residents.

Desert Pictures
Kim Kardashian driving a G-Class in the desert:

Girl on quad bike with a guy:

Girl in the desert:

Girl with Range Rover in the desert:

Girl sitting on sand:

-Dubai Miracle Garden, a garden spread over 72,000 square meters making it the world's largest natural flower garden featuring over 109 million flowers planted.

Miracle Garden Pictures
Girl sitting on Miracle Garden bench:

Girl posing in Miracle Garden with flower plane in the background:

-Meydan Racecourse's grandstand is the longest single structure in the world, and can accommodate over 60,000 spectators. It is home to the Dubai World Cup, an annual Thoroughbred horse race. The racecourse is also attached to a five-star hotel, and a nine-hole golf course.

Meydan Pictures
Nancy Ajram at Dubai World Cup:

Girl in white dress at Meydan Racecourse:

Two Girls with an Arab Guy:

Girl in white hat at Dubai World Cup:

Girl wearing white at Meydan:

Two girls in black at Meydan Racecourse:

Girl wearing black hat at Dubai World Cup:

Girls at the Meydan Hotel pool:

Girl in red dress and umbrella at Dubai World Cup:

- Duba International Financial Center, the DIFC houses hundreds of financial institutions, including wealth funds, and private investors, although it also hosts multinationals, retail outlets, cafes, restaurants, residential space, public green spaces, hotels and art galleries. The restaurants at DIFC are among the city's best and include Zuma, Gaucho, and La Petite Maison.

DIFC Pictures
Girl at DIFC main entrance:

Girl at DIFC green area:

Girls explaining to Arab guys about art gallery inside DIFC:

Balet Girl at DIFC center:

Girl by DIFC fountain:

PM me if interested to discuss further  :-)

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Re: DQ's Welcome to Dubai
« Reply #1 on: May 01, 2017, 07:10:56 am »
If you want to see a glimpse of Dubai life there's a movie called City of Life, it's about 3 different people living in Dubai and how they're connected. A privileged young Emirati male, an Indian taxi driver, and a Romanian flight attendant, here is the trailer:

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