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Started by InquisitiveDelight, April 23, 2017, 09:52:43 PM

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Inquisitive Musings

Lets Get Started

This thread will be constantly updated as new ideas strike me!

Below are some plot threads that have wandered free of my muse, leading back to the heart of the beast itself. Grab one, if you dare, and lets see where it leads! (Please respond only through PM, O's and A's are in my signature)

An Elegant Savage

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In Victorian England, social status is everything, and at the height of it all are the vampires. Merciless overlords of the humans who exist around them, they have controlled the monarchy since Europe left the dark ages. Those who oppose them are slaughtered, supernatural powers being far beyond the conventions of the age. Opposition is not even the most deadly sin to commit, as the elegant balls hosted by the creatures of the night are considered the height of social status. The humans who attend bargaining with monsters for the sake of their people. But now vampires are turning up slain, for the first time in nearly a century. This throws the courts into a state of upheaval, creating tension and mystery amidst the monsters as well as the humans beneath them.

Summary: I would be open to playing the human slayer, or as a Vampire Lord. This time period would be full of intrigue, multiple characters with shifting aims, betrayal, possible non-con and play between vampires and humans. I see this as developing rapidly into a near witch hunt as the humans become increasingly targeted by the vampires.

The White Creek Pack
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The werewolves of White Creek are a legendary pack, their leader a fearless alpha of unmatched size and power. As a new group of initiates are brought into the pack, the un-blooded must stick together just to survive the trials leading to their initiation. Which they aren't guaranteed to survive. Omega, Alpha, Beta...the possibilities are endless. None know what may lie within, revealed only by the moon above. The pack's various wars and daily tribulations make the lives of the initiates even more complicated, as the wolves live up to their name. What an Alpha Alpha Takes.

The focal characters would be two intiates attempting to join the White Creek pack. This process is ended by the "Blooding" which is a ritual ending with the human's inner werewolf being revealed. But, only if they can survive the process. Assuming of course that they survive the rites of initation. This would focus on the story of two humans brought together by their desire to be something more and dealing with the outside forces effecting the pack as well as the overlording presence of the pack structure.

The Intern

As the CEO of New York's leading law firm, Damian Blackwood holds the respect of the business world. Known as a professional of the up-most caliber, he leads a private life that refuses to be dragged into daylight despite the efforts of the news networks and papers. His wife is beautiful, his kids are beautiful, and he is in fact beautiful. Yet still something is missing...

The man is soon captivated by a young woman working in the upper offices, a intern. Something about her draws his eye, holding him captive to her wiles even though she is the epitome of innocence. Taking her under his wing to get closer to the young woman, it is merely the start of a relationship full of high tension affairs, sneaky meetings, and fear of being found out that could lead to all of their lives being ruined.


Updated 5/5/2017 with taken plot bunnies.