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Author Topic: Into the Garden (F for Dom Any) (Open)  (Read 3452 times)

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Into the Garden (F for Dom Any) (Open)
« on: April 23, 2017, 07:47:28 pm »
You can try to tame me but I'll always be wild
Hello fellow creatures! Welcome to my revamped request thread!
My name is Iso, pleasure to meet you
A little about me, I'm 24, I've been writing online for six years in the adult genre, most of that in residence here on E! or discord). I mostly play female-leaning characters/anatomically unless otherwise stated.
 (If we have played together in the past and you’re interested in starting a new story or rebooting an old one always feel free to hit me up, I’m hoping to do the rounds of checking in soon)
My availability tends to be in the evening (MST), I am in school to be an illustrator/animator for the next five months and I devote about as much time as a 9-5 job from home. That is all to say that I might get one response minimum/ day-3 days per role-play depending on partner speed and the needs associated with our story.

Anything that belongs in the bathroom should stay there
Incest (just turns me off, so please don’t ask)
There’s probably more but these are my absolute “no way in hell” limits. If you have an idea or kink you want to explore, just run it past me first, I’m usually happy to try something once. If you are planning to message me include the word "Dragonfruit" in your subject line to indicate you got this far.


I almost never play dominant, I’m rather awkward at it and it never goes far. That’s not to say I’m just going to take a back seat in plotting and throwing curveballs, I love being complicit in the story-telling. My characters usually fall into the feisty submissive category which basically means if your character takes her on she’s not just going to take it lying down. Looking for a partner whose character enjoys a challenge.
My characters tend to morph over the years as welll as my cravings, I have a sweet tooth but I’m also a bit of a sadomasochist and like seeing my characters suffer a little bit to get to where they need to go in the plot, or suffer a lot... depending on the story.

(Not everything has to be implemented, just listing them so you get an idea of what I like)
Dominant partners
medical/lab play
sadistic characters
sadomasochistic characters
love/hate relationship
slow burn
cruelty (from antagonist or otherwise usually not played by me unless its part of the next kink)
Putting my characters in uncomfortable situations
I love working together to manipulate the shit out of our characters. We are either gods or less than dust on the nose of the gods, there is no in between.
(I'll add more when I think of them, in the meantime don't hesitate to run ideas by me, I don't bite - hard)

Settings I like
Supernatural (in different settings)*
Alternate history**
Viking ***

(character I'd prefer to play on the left, yours on the right)
Captive x Captor
Slave x Master (craving) (anything from established relationship to playing through training)
Werewolf x Werewolf
Werewolf x Vampire
Vampire x Werewolf
Human x Vampire
Maiden x Pirate
Princess x Assassin
Kidnapped x Kidnapper (craving)
Captive x Viking
Viking maiden x Viking
Princess x Knight
Star-crossed lovers
Reunited lovers
Love/hate relationships
(Not an exhaustive list but hopefully this gives you an idea of what I'm looking for)

What I would like to see from my partner:
One post a day to every other day is preferred.
One paragraph at minimum only if absolutely necessary because you need a response to proceed with an action. That said, for the sake of having something to work with I'm happy to let you make some assumptions about my character's reaction if it's discussed.
You must be ready for some sort of challenge, be it story elements that our characters face or character on character conflict. My characters are usually stubborn bitches in some aspect or other and if you can't handle that I'm probably not the right partner for you.
Communication out of character. I want to hear your ideas, your critiques, your suggestions! Please don't leave me in the dark especially if you are not happy with the direction we are taking.
Must be willing to play at least a switch, preference to dominant partners with or without a cruel streak when it comes to putting characters into difficult situations.

Now! On to some story seeds!

Setting: Kingdom of Parallai
Who: lots of options, royal family, villagers, soldiers, endless combinations
My character (s) : some options to help with the process
Character 1: Lady Moira is a ladies maid for the sitting Queen, she attends court and all of the meetings the queen does, confidante. Personality: charismatic, tactful and diplomatic, committed to service at a young age she’s worked her way up the social ladder from “mere peasant” to landed gentry
Character 2: Kira just arrived in Parallai, having faced many perils on the sea she is faced with a decision to stay here or return to the sea with the crew of pirates who “acquired” her. Personality: Ambitious, a little bit rough, she has enough power to take down one or two men before being captured, will likely look for more combat training if she has the choice to
Plot: Your character has met an incredible woman, put them on their ass at least once either with Moira’s wit or Kira’s strength. Now your character has a choice of whether or not to pursue. What challenges will they face together and against each other as the fighting pits of fate roar.
Interested parties can include PARALLAI POMOGRANATES as a keyword in PM. I am looking forward to hearing from you

(Some older ones in case you’re interested)
Puncture Wounds
She was left for dead as bait for the purpose of drawing in vampires. Her body bleeding and broken.
The next time she wakes up, her body is healed and for the first time in her life she's in a warm bed. The catch, she's now the ward of a vampire. This can go in a few directions, it might be a copesthetic relationship, she gives him her blood, he protects and takes care of her. OR it could take on a less friendly, forceful relationship.

Love Don't Die
Our characters are both immortal and have been together on and off through millenia. They have had other partners, usually mortals but always find each other again eventually. They recently rekindled their relationship and the sparks between them have become flames of burning passion.
However, their love is being threatened by hunters that are after the blood that runs through their veins. Will they lose each other once again or fight to survive?

Fight or Die
Set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world where orcs, elves, humans, wizards all used to live in relative harmony until factions began fighting for water and resources (including food and slaves.) A young human woman with magic running through her veins is forced to fight to survive as she is enslaved by a faction of dark elves who look to exploit her power. Will she find allies or fight on alone?
This one is not super put together yet, room for many ideas

Master x Slave One, Slave One  x Slave Two
I'd love to revisit an old concept that I've played before. Basically there's three main characters, a Master and two slaves who are in love. I'm willing to take part of playing the Master some of the time if playing two opposing characters is a problem. The way the story went in my previous rp was that two slaves have been purchased by one Master, their friendship grows slowly as the woman(my character) takes solace in her friend (slave 2) in the rare times they see each other. Initially the second slave might be more of a in and out character while Master focusses on the new slave. This plot is very open for the setting and pretty flexible. I hope to hear your input!

Closing Remarks:

If you're interested in any thing you've found in this thread don't hesitate to PM  me your ideas. Please don't comment here, I may not find it and even if I do I'd much rather discuss ideas in private message.Please give me details of what you have in mind in your message and not just ask if I want to roleplay. I want your ideas! I want to tell a story with you! If you have a pairing or plot you want to do that's not listed here I still want to hear it. I do reserve the right to say no if it's not my cup of tea but overall I'm pretty open.
I hope to hear from you
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Re: Into the Garden (F for Dom Any) (Open)
« Reply #14 on: November 06, 2020, 09:40:52 am »
BUMP? I might do a clean slate next time I’m looking but for now I’ve updated the requests!