Non Con and Bondage

Started by shadowy, December 28, 2008, 07:30:25 PM

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I'm into fairly straightforward roleplays. I don't need a plot with many twists and turns, and I'm not trying to write an e-novel around an entirely new world. Mostly what I'm looking for is a female partner who finds non-con and bondage exciting, and who I can establish a decent chemistry with. Here are some things I had in mind, these are just guidelines:

1) House prisoner: This involves a stalker who makes a woman prisoner in her own home or apartment over a long weekend, and proceeds to use her at will for several days. A one-shot, one-scene type of scenario.

2) Servant-slut: A woman has to serve a mafia don or medieval lord for a specified amount of time to work off debt or to ensure a transgression is forgiven. Bondage themes come to mind with the possibility of a bit of romance as well.

3) Monster:  This would revolve around an exotic creature paired with a human or fay. Perhaps a fairy needs to submit to an ogre so that he won't eat her clan. Or a dragon seizes "right-of-way" in the skies with those who can fly but are far weaker than he.

I'm fine with most styles, but my style is invariably the same, usually between three and five short paragraphs per post. It's a holdover from my journalism days. Shoot me a PM if any of this, or similar themes, interest you. I'd love to discuss our options.


i like the house prisoner one, but, id be interested in a longer time limit for it,longer than a long weekend.


Interested in the Monster one here. Let me know if you feel like giving it a try with me.
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I have PMed you both. Thanks for the interest. :)