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April 16, 2021, 05:22:31 pm

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Author Topic: So, I have this idea, Who wants to be my Demon?{M for F, Light, Story Driven...}  (Read 722 times)

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I wrote this little blurb a while ago...I have NO real idea where the story is going. I DO know that I am looking for a Male Demon Detective Character to play opposite my small, surly Angel Detective. No real Era...could be modern time. You can play your character anyway you wish, Nerdy Demon? Suave Demon? You're call. I don't know...I just really like the semi-idea I have here and I'm looking for someone to collaborate.

I'm not opposed to the characters getting together, but I do want to write a story. It needs to fit. I just want someone who is going to put in some effort, pay attention to detail, AND have fun with me.

Any strong men out there willing to take this on? Have a look....

The worst of the rain had passed as Agent Augustine stood under a leaky umbrella, clutching a cup of coffee as if it were the only thing keeping her alive. It’s warmth had ebbed almost as soon as it was poured and it was fairly lousy, but beggars couldn’t be choosers at four in the morning after just a few fitful hours of sleep. She rubbed the bridge of her nose and lit another cigarette stifling a yawn into the back of her hand.

When she was tired was when it was the toughest. She held the cigarette in the corner of her pale dry lips and reached under her oversized Soundgarden tee shirt tugging her harness tighter. It wasn’t the job that was hard, the sights, the questions, the sounds, the utter chaos that went along with a typical homicide. It was the concentration on herself, keeping herself in check. So much more difficult when she was tired.

She took a long crackling pull off of the smoke and held it in her throat letting it burn before puffing it out of her nose. The umbrella handle rested against her shoulder as she took the thing from her mouth flicking it to a puddle. The scuffed toe of her sopping converse sneakers still squashed it for good measure and she took another drink of what the street vendor was passing off as coffee.

“Gav! We’re ready for you!” (Gavreel: Angel of peace) an older cop, also in street clothes called out to her.

“Fucking finally….” she muttered under the din of the early morning city. Footsteps squishing as she moved making her more foul tempered. A long bone white hand ran back through her dark hair, fingers and wrists adorned with rings and bracelets and odd trinkets; all tinkling together gently in her strange grace. Gavreel ducked under the makeshift tent and dropped her umbrella behind her. There was a large body blanketed with a semi-damp sheet. Pink splotches blossomed along the length of the victim. “Oh..oh...kaaay.” she yawned covering her mouth with the back of her free hand again. “Why the hell am I here, Gary?” Her icy blue eyes slid over to the man that had called out to her as she turned only her head to look at him.

His bushy chestnut mustache bunched up as he pursed his lips glaring at her. “You’re cranky, detective.” his words jabbed at her like an older brother.

“Yeah? And you’re fat. Why did you drag me down here?” there was one last sip in the coffee cup, she took it, grimaced to swallow, and tossed the cup over her shoulder out into the rain.

Commissioner Thornwright watched the cardboard cup sail over Gavreel’s slender shoulder and bounce off of a passing beat cop who looked utterly confused. He rolled his eyes and shook his head turning back to the small woman. “Look, Gav, I wouldn’t have called you down here if it weren’t important. You know that.” he sighed running his hand over his head and crouching down. He flung back sheet and Gavreel crouched beside him.

“ that...?” her voice went soft and trailed off. A shiver skated down her spine and she pulled her open jacket tight, dug out her cigarettes, and lit another. “Shit.” she breathed inhaling and blowing out a gust of toxic smoke. 

There were few Natural Humans that knew about her and her kind and them and their kind, and all of the rest of the other worldly horrors that sat next to them on the subway or played in the parks along side their kids. Gary was one of them, he had to be. It was an odd position he was set in. He needed to know Human Law and Preternatural Law. She did not envy him and his knowledge. Ignorance truly was bliss. His voice crawled into her ear, “Afraid so, kid.” Gary plucked Gav’s cigarette from her lips and took a long drag. She lit another and hung her head. Black hair like shadows obscured her face, only the soft orange glow of her cigarette could be seen.

Friedrichia Aberdeen lay curled to one side. A thick black blood oozed from the hollow sockets of where her golden eyes once shone. Her mouth agape in silent scream showing that her tongue had been torn from her skull. Gav reached out and rested her hand on top of the woman’s soft white hair. Silently she prayed for her friend’s salvation, as her lifetimes of good works came to this torcherous end. “Someone knew….” she whispered loud enough for only Gary to hear and he nodded.

Gavreel knew Friedrichia well. She was the owner a club called Heaven and Hell. Otherwise known as Purgatory, to those in Gav’s vein of existance. It was neutral ground where otherworldly beings could mingle without being noticed too closely by the Natural Humans they co inhabited the world with. Freddie, as she went by most often, was the Gatekeeper and conductor for souls near departure. She knew everyone and everyone knew her. Gav’s head started to reel, in the eons they’d existed Freddie must have made a fair few enemies. Angelic and Demonic alike.

“Then there was this….” Gary’s calm but terrified voice brought Gav back to the waterlogged streets of downtown. She shook her head taking a hit from her cigarette and tucking her hair behind her ears. He put on a fresh glove and lifted the dead woman’s wrist. In her arm the words, “Nether Storm” were roughly gouged into her flesh. “Remember those guys a couple weeks back that we found like this?” he asked her.

“Yeah...kind of just chalked it up to a new turf thing, we were waiting to see what happen. Those guys know…” she shrugged and looked around at the perimeter cops. Gavreel stood to her full 5’5” and whistled obnoxiously. “Hey! Beats! Take five.” she commanded. The officers jumped at her sudden sharp voice. They all stared at her blankly until the Commissioner rose beside her and nodded with approval. Grumbling they ambled off into the rain and left the two higher ranking officers alone. She flicked her near end cigarette out after them and turned back to the body. “They were demons. It didn’t really matter.” she muttered. “But...I need their eyes. I can’t see if there are no eyes and I can’t talk to them if the tongue is gone.” Her teeth ground and she jammed her hands into the pockets of her jacket. This was personal and an echo of her thoughts soon followed.

“That’s why I called you, Gavreel. I think someone is calling you out.” his voice was soaked in concern the way her shoes were heavy with water. Gary’s hand, heavy and warm landed on the back of her neck. “I’m assigning the case to Michael.”

“WHAT? Why? If someone is looking for me I’m not going to just lay down and hide. I can take care of myself, Gary. Michael can’t do this, I’m a way better investigator than he is. His temper gets in the way. Don’t.” she pleaded, the eerie blue of her eyes begging her friend to let her start putting the pieces together. “Gary, the Gatekeeper is dead. This is a big problem. Her second will have to stand in, but I don’t know how much he’ll be able to take. He’s going to be rusty at best. We need a quick end.” she went on babbling, trying to convince him that it was clearly her fight and she needed to stand up.

He sighed and shook his head. “You’re tired. Freddie was your friend. This is shocking. I just needed you to know to keep an eye out. Go get some rest, we can discuss this further, later once we’ve all gotten some sleep.” he clapped her on the back and motioned for the M.E. to come in and remove the body.

“I...fine.” she nodded and turned out into the rain leaving her umbrella behind. Maybe he was right. A little rest may go a long way. Gav shuffled along the streets to her apartment building some seven blocks away. Her head was buzzing already trying to piece together the two Demons that had been attacked like this, what they had to do with Miss Aberdeen, and who was behind the ‘Nether Storm’.

She ambled wearily up the stairs to the doors and punched in the code. The door opened and she rubbed her eyes climbing the three flights of stairs to the door. Once inside she began stripping off wet articles of clothing. Shoes, socks, jeans, hoodie, tee shirt...just leaving a sopping wet trail from the living room to the bedroom.

Once she was in the dark of her familiar bedroom she unclipped the nylon harness she wore under her clothes. A bright gold light blazed along her pale back and enormous tawny wings burst forth from the glow throwing her off balance. Gav ruffled her wings and climbed into bed. “I’m gonna find ‘em Freddie.” she muttered to herself. “The balance must be upheld.”


The next morning Gavreel woke to the sun beaming in the window brighter than usual and her mobile phone ringing. With all of her heavenly grace she fell out of bed and crawled to the living room rummaging around in the pockets of her partially dry jeans. “Hello?” she croaked rubbing her eyes and laying on the floor covering herself with the downy soft wings she’d soon have to tuck away.

“It’s almost noon, Gav, are you coming down to the precinct?” Gary asked, he sounded distracted and she could hear the murmur of someone else in his office and paper shuffling.

“Yeah…” she sighed sitting up and looking around her living room. One eye closed to the sun. “I’ll be down as soon as I’m dressed. Tell Michael he is wasting his time prepping...I got this.” and she hung up him dropping the phone to the floor.

It didn’t take long for her to stow her wings, get up, and get moving. She dug out a nice black tailored suit, she only had fourteen of them, and pared it with a blue silk camisol. She slipped into the the skirt and jacket, pulled her hair back into a clip, and stepped into a pair of heels that made her a respectable 5’9”. Staring at herself in the mirror she frowned. “Nah, you don’t look nearly as rough as you feel.”

Before she knew it she was walking in the front  of the station and heading to Gary’s office. Officers made way for her and didn’t dare make eye contact. Gav was dressed the part and moved with a subtle ferocity they didn’t often see, but when they did….

Knowing she was about to go up against Michael for the case hardened her. He’d been doing this a lot longer than her. He was probably the person for the job; but she took those deaths to heart now, even the Demons. Someone was looking for her.

She whipped Gary’s door open ready to protest and stand her ground but to her shock it was just Gary, behind his desk, reading the paper. “Good morning, Detective Augustine. Won’t you come in?” he said not looking at her but focusing on news at hand. Gav cleared her throat and lifted her chin stepping in. She closed the door gently and stood in front of his desk. “Have a seat, kid.” he said and so she did.

***This is where she finds out that she is being teamed up with a Demonic Partner since whomever the "Nether Storm" are - are attacking both sides of the spectrum. Someone please help me with this. PLEASE***
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