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August 12, 2022, 10:26:12 pm

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Author Topic: Her Vampire Lover {F for very dominant male character, non-con very possible}  (Read 1046 times)

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FYI: This is just a summary, my actual posting is a lot better than this.

Marina St.Claire lives way out in the practically abandoned country parts of Montana, with only a couple farms here and there for neighbors, it was quiet and peaceful... except with the idiot farm boys down the road go to try to torment innocent animals, their pop did his best to punish them and discourage this... for all the lack of good it did. She felt awful for the old farmer, he really did try.

So, it was on one pleasantly temperature feeling evening, that Marina slipped her can of mace (a precautionary thing) into her pocket for a nice walk along the twilight soaked road... and what does she find? The moronic idiots kicking around an injured bat... and is that an airsoft gun in one of their hands?! What is the world were they doing to that poor creature?!

Fishing her mace from her pocket, Marina demanded they surrender the injured animal to her and get their asses on home or she was going to give them both face fulls of pepper spray and take the animal regardless... they just had the option of surrendering it without burning eyeballs.
The young men grumbled and called her unpleasant things under their breaths, but surrendered the animal anyway, knowing what their pop would do to them if he caught wind of them doing anything nefarious or violent to a woman.

Untying her thin spring jacket from around her waist, Marina wrapped the poor dear up and took him back to her house, cleaning his wing where he'd been shot by the airsoft pellet and lightly bandaging it with a little bit of gauze. She made him a nice little bed in a laundry basket on her sofa with some fluffy towels to lay on before she herself went on to bed, she'd offer him some berries and stuff tomorrow, otherwise she'd drive on down to the pet store to get him some kind of insect... she wasn't sure what this particular bat would eat, but he certainly was going to need to if he was to regain his strength.

When she got up in the morning, what she found sitting on her sofa instead of a cute black bat... was naked, pale skinned man with black hair and crimson red eyes.... with blood dribbling down his chin and... was that one of her good 'special occasion' goblets in his hand?

It was when she looked down and finally noticed the body laying by his feet... it was one of the farm boys that had been assaulting the bat... with his throat torn open...

She fainted. Hard.